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   May 8, 2008

   Man pleads guilty to smashing officer's windshield
   By Lisa Roose-Church

   A Hamburg Township man pleaded guilty Wednesday as charged in connection to jumping on the
   hood of a Hamburg Township police officer's car and kicking the windshield.

   Shannon Duran Moody entered the plea in Livingston County Circuit Court to malicious destruction of
   property in exchange for having the judge take his plea under advisement, which means if Moody
   does not like the sentence the judge imposes, he can withdraw his plea. He faces up to four years in
   prison. Sentencing is June 19.

   In a separate case, Moody rejected an undisclosed plea offer regarding a misdemeanor charge of
   receiving and concealing stolen property for allegedly having at his home property stolen from
   the Michigan Department of Transportation. Jury selection is set for June 6 in that case.

   Prosecutors said Moody had been fired March 7 for "aggressive behavior toward co-workers and
   supervisors" at MDOT.

   Police say Moody had apparently been drinking later that evening at the Hamburg Pub.

   When he left, he was caught on an in-car surveillance video getting out of his truck, jumping on the
   hood of the police car, and kicking the windshield.

   Police said Moody apparently indicated to a female friend
   that he did not like Hamburg Township Police Department Sgt. Jim Sanderson going into the bar at
   10668 Hamburg Road for a routine check.

   "If he was doing his job, he wouldn't be at the bar," Moody reportedly told the unidentified woman,
   police said.

   Sanderson was conducting a routine weekly bar check, part
   of the department's community policing program.

   The camera in the car was in "sleep mode," but it was still recording at two frames per second and
   captured Moody's action.

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