Heat, kids and cars… a lethal mix

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					                  23 January 2006

                  Heat, kids and cars… a lethal mix.
                  Ambulance is today urging the community NOT to leave children in a car
                  unattended – even for a short time.

                  The warning comes after Ambulance Officers have today attended to two
                  incidents of children becoming locked in a car.

                  Shortly before 11am Ambulance responded to an address at Russell Lea
                  and assessed an 8-month old child who had been in a car in the sun for
                  some time. Luckily the child did not suffer any major illness.

                  Shortly afterwards, around noon, Ambulance Officers were called to a
                  car park in West Market Street at Richmond, where a 22-month old child
                  had reportedly been locked in a car for almost an hour. The Officers
                  treated the patient for dehydration and heat exposure.

                  The temperature inside a car can soar to over 50 degrees within a few
                  minutes. Any person subjected to this heat – particularly the elderly and
                  very young – can suffer serious illness or even die as a result.

                  So, no matter how quick you think you will be, NEVER leave children
                  unattended in the car. Always take your child with you.

                  Ambulance offers the following extra tips for staying safe in the Summer

                  •   drink plenty of water and carry a water bottle with you when you go
                  •   try to stay out of the sun. This is particularly important for the elderly
                      and the very young
                  •   “Slip, slop, slap and wrap”. Be sure to wear clothing that protects you
                      from the sun
                  •   avoid outdoor exercise or strenuous physical activity, especially in
                      the middle of the day

                  In case of a medical emergency, call 000 and ask for Ambulance.


                  For further information or local media opportunities please contact the
                  Ambulance Media Unit on (02) 9320 7796.

Ambulance Service of New South Wales Media Unit
Phone: 02 9320 7796
Fax: 02 9320 7804

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