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GOVERNMENT OF KERALA Kerala Government Kerala State Kerala


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SC/ST Development Department- Guidelines for Creamy Layer-Interim report of
Justice Shri R.Rajendra Babu Commission -Accepted-Orders issued.
G.O.(P) 46/2007/SCSTDD	Dated, Thiruvananthapuram, 25.08.2007
Read : (1) G.O (P) 36/2000/SCSTDD dated 27.05.2000.
(2)	G.O (Ms) 33/07/SCSTDD dated 07.06.2007.
(3)	Circular No. 5699/F3/07/SCSTDD dated 19.07.2007.
As per G.O read as 1st paper above guidelines were issued for cream\
layer accepting the report of Narendran Commission (one man commission). But
the Hon'bte Supreme Court in its Judgment in WP(C) No.598 of 2000 dated 23rd
February 2007 has set aside this report and directed the State of Kerala to appoint
a fresh Commission to go into all the aspects of Creamy Layer and submit its
report. Accordingly Government have appointed a Three Men Commission
with. Justice Shri R.Rajendra Babu retired Judge of the High Court of Kerala as
As per G.O.read as second paper above the terms of reference were settled
and the Commission was directed to file an interim Report within two months
from the date of notification. The Commission filed its interim report on
07.08.2007 with the following recommendations: -	'
1.	The annual income under category VI may be fixed as Rs.2.5 lakhs
as an interim arrangement till the final report is filed and
2.	The State Government may modify the annual income under
Category VI to Rs.2.5 lakhs by an amendment to Notification of the
earlier G.O read as lsl paper above as an interim arrangement and
3. Government may extend the period of Circular read as third paper
above till the Commission files the final report	'
4. The income from Agriculture may not be clubbed with the income
from salary in fixing the income under Category VI.
Government have examined the matter in detail and decided to accept the
above recommendations in the interim report filed by the Commission and orders
issued accordingly.	.
(By Order of the Governor)
The Secretary, Kerala Public Service Commission,
Pattom, Thiruvananthapuram.
The Accountant General A & E/Audit, Thiruvananthapuram.
The Registrar, Kerala State Commission for Backward Classes.
Pattom, Thiruvananthapuram.
Justice Sri.R. Rajendra Babu (Retd) (with C/L)
General Administration (SC) Department
AITHeacfs oVuepanment.'
The Director, SC/ST Development Department.
^Ff{e Director of Public Relations, Thiruvananthapuram.
The Finance Department.
The Revenue Department.
P.S to Chief Minister.
P.S to Min. (S & BC & E).
P.S. to Opposition Leader.
C.A. to Principal Secretary, SCSTDD.
C.A to Joint Secretary, SCSTDD.
Stock file/Office copy.
Forwarded/By Order

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