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									Meet Iconic
Greens Senator
Bob Brown
and support the Greens in the
lead up to this year’s federal

                 Friday 30th March
                       From 7pm
              Adelaide Pavilion Restaurant,
                     Veale Gardens,
          cnr South Tce & Peacock Rd, Adelaide
     $110 per person (incl GST) – drinks extra

    Live music by Mary & Vicki from Adelaide’s
       renowned band, Standard Deviations

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Call 8212 4888 with enquiries
                                Meet Iconic
                Greens Senator
                   Bob Brown
About Bob Brown:
Senator Bob Brown was a driving force in
forming the Australian Greens, and has
represented them in the Australian parliament
since 1996 where he has been an extremely
effective voice for the environment and
social justice, campaigning on issues such
as mandatory sentencing, forest protection,
global warming and asylum seekers.
His time as a senator has contributed to
what was already an impressive life-long
commitment to environmental causes for
which he is widely respected.

About the Greens in South Australia:
The Australian Greens SA have quickly grown
in membership and voter support since
forming in 1995. The partly has cemented
a place in South Australian politics by being
a strong voice for a sustainable ecological,
economic and humane future. At the recent
state election the first Green member, Mark
Parnell, was elected to the South Australian
parliament and in 2007 there is an opportunity
for Sarah Hanson-Young to become the first
Greens senator from South Australia.

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