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GP'09 2009 Photo Competition Introduction Are you a GP, registrar


GP'09 2009 Photo Competition Introduction Are you a GP, registrar ...

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									                                          GP’09 2009 Photo Competition

Are you a GP, registrar, medical student, practice manager or practice staff? Do you have an interest in
photography? If so, this is an ideal opportunity to showcase your talents.

We are excited to announce that at this year’s GP’09 - The Conference for General Practice 2009 in Perth from 1-4
October, there will be a photo competition encouraging you to share your photos reflecting the ‘seasons’.

The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners invites conference delegates, members and members’ direct
families, medical students, practice staff and practice managers to participate in the RACGP 2009 Photo

The theme of the competition is ‘Seasons: Summer, Autumn, Winter & Spring’

Entry to this competition is free and entrants are invited to submit an entry that focuses on the environment in which
you find yourself. The only limit are your imagination and interpretation of our theme and categories.

Please click here to download the entry form

Before entering the competition, please make sure you read and accept the terms and conditions and the
competition guidelines.

Photographs can be submitted under 4 categories:

1. Summer
2. Autumn
3. Winter
4. Spring

Entry Requirements
There are a number of requirements which MUST be fulfilled for entry including:
    1. Unsuitable photograph entries will not be included (at the discretion of organisers)
    2. Obscene, sexist or racist images, sexually suggestive or explicit photographs and photographs that depict
        unsafe activity or violence WILL NOT be accepted. The photo must be suitable for audience of members,
        colleagues and families.
    3. Maximum of two entries per category will be accepted from each entrant.
    4. Each entry must have a separate entry form. Entries without a fully completed entry form will not be eligible
        for judging.
    5. Competition organisers will take care, but will not accept responsibility for loss or damage to any entry.
    6. Entries should be suitable for public viewing and should not be in breach of copyright laws.
    7. Permission must be obtained from the parent/guardian of individuals recognised in the photo who are
        under the age of 18 years of age.
    8. Entries may only be accepted from conference delegates, RACGP members, their partners or children,
        practice managers and staff.
    9. All entries MUST be submitted by 5pm (AEST) on Sunday 20 September 2009. Under no circumstances
        will entries be accepted after this time.
    10. All competition entrants are responsible for their own registration and travel to the conference.

All entries MUST include information including:
     • Title of the photograph
     • Entrant name
     • Category of entry
This information will be used to identify your work during the judging process.

How to enter
   1. Complete the competition entry form. Please read the terms and conditions. Your signature on the
       declaration means you have accepted the terms and condition of the competition.
   2. Up to two (2) entries for each category (summer/autumn/winter/spring) will be accepted per photographer;
       however EACH entry MUST be submitted on a separate entry form.
   3. Entries without fully completed entry forms will not be accepted.
    4. Submitted photographs will not be returned.
    5. Attach the entry form firmly to your photo entry if submitting by mail. Ensure both the entry form and
       photograph are attached if submitting via email
    6. Ensure back-up copies of your photograph are available. In unforeseen circumstances competition
       organisers will notify you if required

You can submit your entry electronically in a format to:

Electronic File Guidelines
**All photos are to be no larger than 6MG and are to be jpeg format with a minimum of 300dpi.

**Please ensure the subject line states: “RACGP 2008 Photo Competition” and that your entry form and photo are

Or post a CD to:

RACGP 2009 Photo Competition
C/O RACGP Western Australia Faculty
PO Box 737
Claremont WA, Australia 6910

For entrants using photographic film, please contact the Western Australia Faculty directly.

Competition Format
Entries must be submitted in electronic format to the conference organisers to ensure that the photograph meets
the specified entry requirements. Please refer to the electronic file guidelines for more information. If you are using
photographic film or wish to process your own photos, please contact the Western Australia Faculty for

The top 10 finalists in each category will be used for display. The photographs that are displayed will be at the
discretion of the organisers. Only photographs on display will be eligible for awards.

The photographs will be displayed in the Exhibition Hall for the duration of the conference. The winners of the
competition will be announced on Saturday 3 October 2009 at the Conference.

All photographs that are chosen for display will be printed on the standard size 20.5cm x 25.5cm. For those
entrants using photographic film, the competition organisers will liaise with you on an individual basis.

All finalists will be informed that their photographs will be on display.

A pre-determined location will be reserved for entries in the competition display area.

Electronic copies of the photographs will be submitted to the RACGP Electronic Library.

Photograph Format
Entries can be in a range of formats:
    • colour
    • black and white
    • portrait orientation
    • landscape orientation.

Entries will be judged on:
    • clarity of image in relation to theme (theme must be acknowledged with entry submission)
    • representation of general practice in the context of the theme of ’Seasons’
    • originality.

Entries will be judged by representatives from:
    • The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners
    • Seconded photographic specialist

Entries must be submitted by 5pm Sunday 20 September 2009. NO LATE ENTRIES WILL BE ACCEPTED
Category                      Award
Summer                        Winner
Summer                        Runner-up
Autumn                        Winner
Autumn                        Runner-up
Winter                        Winner
Winter                        Runner-up
Spring                        Winner
Spring                        Runner-up

If you have any question regarding the competition email or contact the RACGP Western
Australia Faculty on +61 8 9489 9555

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