ENERGY – reducing emissions from generation and use by taoyni




   1. Energy Efficiency - Council

What LBE is currently doing                      What LBE has planned for near future               What other councils are doing
The Council has commissioned the Carbon          Establish the Council’s carbon footprint.          Approximately 90% of 23 London borough
Trust to undertake carbon surveys of three                                                          councils (no information for 10 councils) have
buildings: Perceval House, Carmelita House       Establish a 2007/08 baseline of CO2                undertaken energy audits across it civic
and Ealing Town Hall. The output will be a       emissions from all the Council’s operations        buildings.
report on the current situation of these         (will cover stationery sources, transport and
buildings with recommendations on how to         housing stock).                                    These councils have had their audit
reduce CO2 emissions of these buildings.                                                            performed by the Carbon Trust or by
LBE are waiting on the report to determine its   Once baseline established, inefficient             permanent internal energy teams.
situation.                                       buildings will be identified and prioritised for
                                                 improvements when energy saving measures           15 London borough councils have taken part
                                                 will be investigated.                              in the Carbon Trust’s Local Authority Carbon
                                                                                                    Management Programme. Two have
                                                 Greater central management of council              indicated that they will be involved in phase 6
                                                 buildings by Property Services.                    over 2008/09.
                                                 Changing how Ealing Town Hall is powered
                                                 and ensuring it is energy efficient as part of     Energy efficiency measures in place across
                                                 the Annexe redevelopment.                          London boroughs include:
                                                                                                    - Energy and water saving equipment (H&F,
                                                 Changing Greenford Resource Centre into               Harrow)
                                                 office space and upgrade of electrical             - Tremble sensors (H&F)
                                                 services to smooth load on Depot.                  - Waterless urinals (H&F, K&C)
                                                                                                    - Timers for lighting (Hillingdon)
                                                  Identify duty holders/responsible officers for   -   Occupancy sensor lighting (K&C)
                                                  management of Council buildings to provide       -   Remote metering (K&C)
                                                  training on proper management of their           -   Photovoltaic panels on Town Hall roof
                                                  building. Training would include health and          (H&F, Lambeth)
                                                  safety, Legionella, asbestos and good            - Solar panels on top of canteen roof at
                                                  building and maintenance management.                 Civic Centre (Harrow)
                                                                                                   - Micro-turbines on roof of Civic Centre
                                                                                                   - Solar PV (Redbridge)
                                                                                                   - Solar thermal (Redbridge)
                                                                                                   - Ground source heat pump (Redbridge)
                                                                                                   - CHP (Redbridge)
                                                                                                   - Rainwater harvesting (Redbridge)
                                                                                                   - Green roofs (Redbridge)
The Council is investigating moving to TEAM       Change how Ealing Town Hall is powered as        A number of London borough councils use the
system to validate energy bills for council       part of the Annexe development and how that      TEAM system, such as Camden, Sutton and
buildings.                                        can be made more efficient.                      Kensington and Chelsea. Please note this
                                                                                                   information is not readily available therefore
The Council is investigating ‘green’ energy                                                        actual number is not known.
                                                                                                   Some London borough councils procure
PowerPerfector voltage optimisation systems                                                        green energy (this information is not readily
are being investigated for larger council                                                          available therefore actual number is not
buildings.                                                                                         known). For example, Lewisham procures
                                                                                                   green energy and the savings are used to
                                                                                                   fund the work of the Sustainable Energy Unit.
A night watchman programme is operational         The lighting of Perceval House is ongoing        No information readily available.
in Perceval House. The night watchman will        work for the council.
turn off lights in Perceval House through
control system if can tell that there is no one
in an area.
Technical Services is organising for lighting
control in Perceval House to be enhanced.
The Council is investigating the development     This is ongoing work.                        The Mayor for London announced on 6 March
of an Energy Services Company (ESCo) in                                                       2006 that with EDF Energy it was setting up
Ealing.                                                                                       an ESCo. The London Borough of Waltham
                                                                                              Forest, Woking Borough Council and
                                                                                              Southampton City Council have an ESCO
                                                                                              present in their areas. The City of Leicester
                                                                                              want to develop of an ESCO to deliver the
                                                                                              development of a community heating network
                                                                                              based upon Combined Heat and Power.

                                                                                              The London Borough of Southwark, they are
                                                                                              in the final procurement stage of establishing
                                                                                              a "Multi utility service company" (MUSCo).
                                                                                              This is being specifically established to
                                                                                              design, build, finance and operate sustainable
                                                                                              energy services for our regeneration of the
                                                                                              Elephant & Castle (23 hectare new build).

   2. Energy efficiency – Housing

What LBE is currently doing                      What LBE has planned for near future         What other councils are doing
Housing – Council stock                          EH are currently developing an Energy        Other London boroughs are also complying
                                                 Efficiency Strategy.                         with Decent Homes standards for their council
Ealing Homes (EH) manages council housing                                                     stock.
residents on behalf of Ealing Council.           EH plans to use TEAM to:
                                                 - determine baseline of energy consumption   For example, the London Borough of
Ealing Homes has been using the programme        - set targets                                Southwark has installed voltage optimisation
TEAM, to validate energy bills (gas, water and   - calculate how CO2 emissions                units and variable speed drives in centralised
electricity) since November 2007. This is used   - identify the big energy consumers and      estate boiler rooms.
in conjunction with their Business                       install energy efficiency measures
Management System, which monitors sites
and can be used to respond reactively to              Lighting on some sites is going to be
resident reports. For example it can be used          converted to photovoltaic lighting.
to turn up or turn off heating on sites.
As there is no policy on heating for council
stock, EH have developed their own
guidelines that it uses to manage the heating
of sites.

EH does what it can to ensure properties
comply with the Decent Homes standards.
Housing – private sector                              The Council will be getting an energy           Around 92% of London borough councils (no
                                                      database of all properties that will contain    information available for 7 councils) have
Warm Front is a national government scheme            CO2 emissions, SAP ratings and fuel poverty     energy efficiency programmes and/or grants
to install cavity wall and loft insulation, double-   data. The aim of having the database will be    and funding available to residents.
glazing and heating upgrades in private sector        to increase SAP ratings and will be used to
stock. This scheme targets owner-occupiers            report on the new national indicator, 187:      Energy efficiency programmes include:
and tenants in privately rented properties that       Tackling Fuel Poverty.                          - Wall and loft insulation
meet certain criteria. 476 measures have                                                              - Low energy lighting
been installed in the borough under this              An Affordable Warmth Strategy will be           - Condensing boilers
scheme.                                               developed to address the issues of fuel         - Double glazing
                                                      poverty.                                        - Provision of energy advice
In 2004 through to 2006, in conjunction with
the energy firm Powergen, the council                 Infrared mapping of the borough is being        Examples of grants and funding initiatives
provided 3,500 properties in private sector           considered to determine areas most at risk of   currently in place in London borough councils
stock with free or heavily discounted                 inadequate heating.                             include:
insulation and heating improvements under                                                             - Warm Zones
the Heatstreets programme.                            Promotion of energy efficiency and affordable   - Low Carbon Building scheme
The insulations were free for anyone aged 70          warmth:                                         - Coldbusters
or more, or people aged 60-69 with income of          - Event and small workshop on 25 February       - Solar for London (grants of £500 to
less than £100 a week on top of their state           - DVD                                               residents to go towards costs of solar
pension, whilst all other homeowners were       -   Leaflets for residents to go on energy           water heating system)
also eligible for a discount.                       efficiency section of the website            -   Sun Rise scheme
                                                -   Links on energy efficiency section of the    -   EnergySmart
Warm Zones is a West London Partnership             website                                      -   Discounted energy efficiency measures
project that offers free or discounted cavity                                                        for residents that do not meet eligibility
wall and loft insulations, heating upgrades     The Council is investigating energy savers for       criteria of grant programmes
and new heating systems. The aim of this        residents.
project is to increase SAP ratings of private                                                    The London Borough of Harrow has
stock.                                                                                           contributed £25,000 to run a pilot scheme to
                                                                                                 install 5 solar thermal systems in properties,
Promotion of these programmes includes:                                                          to demonstrate the council’s commitment to
- Marketing campaign for Warm Zones                                                              Nottingham Declaration and HECA.
- Mail-out to clients
- Leaflets                                                                                       Numerous London boroughs have access to a
- Regular promotion in the press                                                                 local energy advice centre where residents
- Seminars                                                                                       can go for free, unbiased advice.
- Work with schools and faith groups
- Cotton bags with energy advice phone
   number printed on them handed out on

On the Council’s website, there are energy
efficiency web pages. These pages have
information on how to save energy,
information on discounts, grants and offers
available and links for energy advice.

The Energy Efficiency Advice Centre provides
free and independent energy advice to Ealing
residents and small businesses.

The council offers four energy saving light
bulbs to residents on benefits.

   3. Energy efficiency – Schools

What LBE is currently doing                       What LBE has planned for near future             What other councils are doing
New school developments are meeting the           This is ongoing work.                            No information available.
planning guidelines of incorporating
equipment for renewable power generation to
provide at least 10% of their predicted energy
requirements. This is usually in the form of
ground source heat pumps.
Energy use is measured in kilowatts not CO2
tonnes per kilogram.
The Building Schools for the Future               10 schools have been identified in Ealing.       14 other London boroughs (including Ealing)
programme aims to rebuild or renew nearly         One of these schools will be rebuilt while the   have been announced to take part in the
every secondary school in England over a 10       rest will be refurbished.                        programme.
to 15-year period, beginning in 2005-06.
                                                                                                   The London boroughs of Lewisham and
Rebuilds will be carbon neutral with                                                               Greenwich were part of the Pathfinder
renewable energy installed and carbon                                                              authorities for the programme.
Ealing is one of 23 local authorities that have   Ealing Council will receive £6.5 million in      The 23 authorities selected are:
been chosen as pathfinder projects to pilot the   grants towards rebuilding John Perryn            Barnet, Birmingham, Bradford, Cornwall,
new Primary Capital Programme.                    Primary School in East Acton.                    Darlington, Ealing, Essex, Hampshire,
                                                                                                   Hertfordshire, Kent, Knowsley, Manchester,
Across the country, the Primary Capital                                                            Newham, North Tyneside, Nottingham City,
Programme will rebuild, revamp and remodel                                                         Rotherham, Sheffield, Solihull, Somerset,
8,000 of the country’s 18,000 primary schools.                                                     Swindon, Torbay, Waltham Forest, Wigan.
The aim is to raise standards and improve
learning opportunities by creating purpose-
built, high-tech and eco-friendly spaces.
The aim is to reduce the carbon footprint of
schools by 40% of 2003 benchmark through
major refurbishment or rebuild.
21 schools are registered in the borough in       These schools will be progressing through the   All London boroughs have eco-schools. Four
the Eco-Schools programme.                        step process to achieve the next award level.   London boroughs have less than 10 eco-
Eco-Schools is an international award                                                             schools; the remainder have between 11 and
programme that guides schools on their                                                            46 schools.
sustainable journey, providing a framework to
help embed these principles into the heart of
school life. Once registered, schools follow a
simple seven-step process which helps them
to address a variety of environmental themes,
ranging from litter and waste to healthy living
and biodiversity.

   4. Renewable Energy

What LBE is currently doing                       What LBE has planned for near future            What other councils are doing
The Council has not undertaken any                This will be considered further during the      Approximately 71% of London borough
renewable energy projects within its own          development of the climate change action        councils (no data for 8 councils) have
building stock. However, some schools in          plan.                                           implemented renewable energy projects
Ealing have renewable technology installed                                                        within its own building stock.
for demonstration purposes. One high school       Wind turbines are to be installed in a few
has solar panels.                                 schools for demonstration purposes.             Of these councils, places where renewable
                                                                                                  energy projects have been installed are:
                                                                                                  - Leisure centres
                                                                                                  - Schools
                                                                                                  - Sports centres
                                                                                                  - Town halls
                                                                                                  - Civic buildings
                                                                                                  -   Council housing

                                                                                                  Examples of renewable energy projects
                                                                                                  currently in place in London borough councils
                                                                                                  - Solar panels on Town Halls
                                                                                                  - Wind turbine trial at new Spitalfields
                                                                                                  - Photovoltaic (PV) systems
                                                                                                  - Solar heating of water in schools and
                                                                                                      tenant’s homes
                                                                                                  - Micro-turbines on London Borough of
                                                                                                      Merton’s Civic Centre roof
                                                                                                  - CHP plants in housing estates

                                                                                                  The exact number of London boroughs where
                                                                                                  renewable energy projects have taken place
                                                                                                  in schools is not known. Examples of projects
                                                                                                  in schools include, micro-generation, solar
                                                                                                  heating of water, biomass generation and PV
The Council is not aware of any renewable        Renewable energy case study houses are           The only example found is at the London
energy projects that have been permitted and     being investigated to be built in the borough.   Borough of Greenwich, which has converted
completed within the borough.                                                                     an empty residential property to optimum
                                                                                                  EcoHomes standard to be used as a
No Ealing residents have taken up renewable                                                       demonstration house.

Renewable energy has not been installed on
sites that Ealing Homes manages.
In regards to renewable energy, the Council’s    Ongoing promotion on website.                    16 London boroughs (Ealing not one) are
website provides information for residents on:                                                    partners of the Creative Environmental
-   Transferring to a green tariff and draws    Network, a not-for-profit organisation working
    attention to energy suppliers offering      in the field of renewable energy, works closely
    grants for installing energy efficiency     with businesses, local government and
    measures, including renewable energy.       community groups to deliver on regional
-   The Low Carbon Buildings Programme,         strategies and policies.
    which is a Department of Trade and
    Industry initiative providing grants for    The Green Energy Centre has been
    householders, community organisations,      established to help everybody make use of
    schools, the public sector and businesses   renewable energy technologies.
    to install microgeneration technologies.
                                                There are a few grant programmes for
                                                householders and communities for renewable
                                                energy available. For example, Sun Rise Sun
                                                Rise is a bulk discount scheme for the
                                                installation of solar water heating.

    1. Waste minimisation and recycling in the council

What LBE is currently doing                           What LBE has planned for near future                What other councils are doing
At the start of February 2008, the recycling          Mobile phone recycling will be introduced into      No information available.
programme within Perceval House, Westgate             Council buildings.
House and Carmelita House was expanded.
Recycling will also be expanded in Acton              Plastic recycling is being investigated.
Town Hall, Ealing Town Hall and 301 Ruislip
Road by the end of February 2008.
The Council now recycles all paper (including
coloured paper, magazines and newspapers),
aluminium cans, glass and cardboard.
A default print lock trial is currently being         If the trial is successful, it will be rolled out   No information available.
conducted in Perceval House. This is hoped            across the Council.
to reduce the amount of unclaimed printing
that occurs.

    2. Waste minimisation and recycling in LBE

What LBE is currently doing                           What LBE has planned for near future                What other councils are doing
The Council has in place a Waste Collection           The Council will be implementing various            Other London borough councils have similar
Strategy for Ealing 2003 – 2013. This has targets     initiatives to reach the targets in the strategy.   waste strategies.
to reduce waste growth and increase recycling and
composting across the borough.
Associated with this is a Waste Minimisation
There are three re-use and recycling centres in the   LBE is investigating developing a food waste        All London boroughs have access to re-use
borough.                                              processing plant at Greenford Depot.                and recycling centres.
A wide range of materials and household waste
can be recycled at these centres.
Over 92% of the borough's households already           The flats (in blocks) recycling collection          All London boroughs offer recycling to
have direct access to recycling collection services.   service will continue to be introduced, in direct   residents. Some Councils have compulsory
The vast majority of those households without          consultation with all affected households, as       recycling
access to doorstep recycling will be flats in blocks   part of a rolling programme in 2007/8.
and flats above shops.
                                                                                                           Basic door step recycling in other London
An innovative six month 'mixed recycling' trial        Service expansion to the ‘mixed recycling’          boroughs includes a range of items:
collection trial from 1000 properties (flats above     collection from flats above shops will be           - Paper
shops) commenced on 19 November 2007.                  considered if the trial is successful.              - Glass bottles and jars
                                                                                                           - Food and drink tins
All residents eligible for the green box
collection service are already able to recycle                                                             More advanced door step recycling includes:
cardboard, glass and mixed plastics from                                                                   - Clothes and textiles
home (as well as mixed paper, telephone                                                                    - Shoes
directories, cans, aerosols, aluminium foil,                                                               - Batteries
textiles, shoes, car/household batteries and                                                               - Engine oils
vegetable/motor oil).                                                                                      - Aluminium foil
                                                                                                           - Plastic
Wooden material is instead accepted for recycling                                                          - Cardboard
at our three Re-use & Recycling Centres.                                                                   - Aerosols

From August 2007 residents could recycle                                                                   For waste and recycling collection, other
drink and food cartons using special new bins                                                              councils offer:
located in five sites across the borough.                                                                  - Re-usable boxes
                                                                                                           - Bags
                                                                                                           - Wheelie bins

                                                                                                           Collection varies from every weekly to

                                                                                                           Estate recycling usually includes mixed paper,
                                                                                                           cans and tins and glass.
Garden waste is collected weekly across the     Ongoing.                                       Other London boroughs councils offer garden
borough and recycled using re-usable sacks.                                                    waste recycling or resources to compost at
The Council promotes composting through
working in partnership with the government’s                                                   Some boroughs offer all year round garden
RecycleNow campaign, which offers residents                                                    waste collection while others offer it certain
reduced prices on compost bins.                                                                times of the year.

Greenford reuse and recycling centre offers a
discount on the normal rate per tonne for
loads comprising 100% garden waste only.
Recycling is taking place in a number of        Ongoing.                                       Recycling is offered to schools by other
schools across the borough.                                                                    London borough councils.
Things being recycled in schools include:
paper, cardboard, drinking cans, and cooking
Compost bins for fruit and vegetable peelings
are available upon request.
Waste minimisation, recycling and compost       There will be ongoing substantial multi-       All London borough councils have extensive
information is available to residents on the    facetted communications around the recent      information on their websites about waste and
internet and the Welcome Guide for new          introduction of waste and recycling            recycling.
residents to Ealing.                            improvements, including the employment of
                                                three full time Waste Education Officers to
The new waste and recycling improvements        conduct targeted door stepping throughout
were implemented in November 2007.              the borough/visits to schools and community
Extensive consultation and promotion has        groups to promote the benefits of recycling.
taken place:
Over October to January 2006/07, a two-part,
borough-wide public consultation on options
for waste and recycling services.

In June-September 07, a food waste 'door
stepping' campaign took place. All households
eligible for service were visited to promote the
food waste collection service it's benefits in
terms of sustainability (diversion of
biodegradable waste from landfill reduces
Ealing's impact on climate change), to
promote home composting (including
provision of subsidised compost bins) and
other recycling services in the borough, and to
gain feedback from residents on the council's

In September 07, a flats recycling 'door
stepping' campaign took place. All households
in blocks of flats (both private and Ealing
Homes-managed) were visited to promote the
benefits of recycling in general and the flats
recycling service.
The Council’s waste and recycling team is          Ongoing.                                         Other London borough councils do provide
educating residents and schools on recycling.                                                       education in schools regarding recycling.
The Council offers schools the opportunity for
the recycling team to come out and visit to                                                         One council offers a programme to promote
talk to about recycling.                                                                            recycling in the school and at home by pupils.
Schools can order from the Council recycling                                                        Pupils have to keep a diary of what they
posters and a CD-ROM on glass recycling.                                                            recycle at home.
Southall businesses have been approached           After a successful pilot programme, waste oil    Only the London boroughs of Richmond Upon
to join a pilot scheme to have their waste oil     collection will be going borough wide. A mail-   the Thames and Bromley have conducted
taken away for free by Proper Oils Ltd. The oil    out to all businesses, care homes and schools    similar trials.
is then turned into an environmentally friendly    will be conducted in the next couple of
fuel. Once the oil is collected it is sent to      months.
either Kent or North London for processing to
become biodiesel.

The pilot scheme is being supported by the
Ealing Business Environmental Support and
Training initiative (BEST), a partnership
launched by the Council with Groundwork
West London and Envirowise.
215 litres of used cooking oil collected in the
first month (390 litres in total from Ealing).

What LBE is currently doing                       What LBE has planned for near future              What other councils are doing
The current policies around sustainable travel    The current LIP for transport is undergoing a     LIPs are statutory documents required by the
are currently in place:                           review by Cabinet in April 2008.                  Greater London Authority Act 1999. They are to be
 Local Implementation Plan (LIP) – the                                                             produced by each of the London Boroughs and will
                                                                                                    set out how individual boroughs will implement the
    impact of transport on the environment is
                                                                                                    Mayor's Transport Strategy in their area.
    not a priority area and therefore there are
    no targets for CO2 emissions. Alternate
                                                                                                    Other area strategies are:
    forms of travel are covered to ease travel
                                                                                                    South East London Transport Strategy
 West London Transport Strategy – this
    strategy’s vision makes reference to air
Alternate transport measures in place:            A travel plan for Council staff is currently      Approximately 93% of 29 of London boroughs
- Travel plans for schools and businesses in      being developed. It is proposed that a travel     (includes Ealing but do not have data for four
    the borough                                   coordinator will be employed to develop an        councils) have alternate transport measures
- 3 faith sites in Ealing have been identified    action plan.                                      in place in their borough to stimulate the take-
    as part of West London pilot for                                                                up of cleaner vehicles for travel.
    destination travel plans (TfL and             An electric vehicle and recharging point for
    Westtrans)                                    one Department is expected late 2008.             These measures include:
- Car clubs (one available exclusively to                                                           - Council staff travel plans
    staff of LBE for work travel)                 Currently investigating options to install        - School travel plans
- 93 electric cars are registered in Ealing       electric vehicle charging points in council car   - Travel plans for businesses
                                                  parks across the borough.                         - Travel plan for shopping centre
The BEST initiative has detailed opportunities                                                      - Travel plans for major developments
available to businesses regarding Workplace                                                         - Travel plan advisors
Travel Initiatives and Green Fleet Reviews                                                          - Free parking for electric vehicles
(from EST).                                                                                         - Charging points for electric vehicles
                                                                                                    - Discounted resident parking permits for
                                                                                                       ‘green’ vehicles
                                                                                                    - Car clubs
                                                                                                 -   Information on their websites regarding
                                                                                                     alternate fuels and travel methods
                                                                                                 -   Some councils offer pool bicycles, electric
                                                                                                     cars and Oyster cards for its staff

                                                                                                 Other initiatives that have been
                                                                                                 implemented/promoted by select councils
                                                                                                 - Green Travel Festival
                                                                                                 - Residents pledge
                                                                                                 - Traffic free zones
                                                                                                 - imovelondon pledge
                                                                                                 - CO2 charging (central London)
The Council monitors air quality in the          Proposed Air Quality Policy, which will be      Each council has responsibility for measuring
borough (this does not include CO2               consulted on from February 2008 for two         the quality of ambient air to ensure that it
emissions) and implements projects to            months. This will inform the development of a   meets required standards in relation to the
improve air quality in line with Ealing’s Air    new Air Quality Strategy and Action Plan for    concentration of a defined range of pollutants.
Quality Action Plan.                             Ealing, which will aim to reduce the
                                                 concentration of air pollutants.                Air Quality Action Plans are in place across all
There is an internal Air Quality Working Group                                                   London boroughs. Some have strategies
chaired by Environmental Quality.                                                                accompanying them.
Ealing Council is opposed to the expansion at    This is ongoing work.                           The Mayor for London and other councils
Heathrow Airport. The council is currently                                                       have expressed their opposition to the
preparing a response to the consultation on                                                      Heathrow Airport expansion.
the expansion.

What LBE is currently doing                       What LBE has planned for near future                What other councils are doing
The current adopted Unitary Development           Planning policy is examining changing               A few London borough councils have climate
Plan (UDP; 2004) includes policies dealing        indicators to CO2 emissions due to a directive      change policies (i.e. policies with direct
with energy.                                      through the Mayor of London’s policy.               reference to climate change) already in place
                                                                                                      within the UDP. These are around renewable
The UDP has a chapter on Environmental                                                                energy and sustainable design and
Resources and Wastes. Under this chapter:                                                             construction.
- Buildings will be created to energy
   efficiency standards, and                                                                          Many boroughs are still at the draft stage of
- All major developments are required to                                                              their LDFs. They have all indicated (do not
   incorporate equipment for renewable                                                                have information for 6 councils) that climate
   power generation to provide at least 10%                                                           change policies (i.e. policies with direct
   of their predicted energy requirements.                                                            reference to climate change) will be
                                                                                                      incorporated into the Core Strategy of their
The new issues and Options paper for the                                                              borough’s LDF.
emerging Local Development Framework
(LDF), identified options relating to renewable
energy generation, sustainable design and
construction, tackling traffic congestion and
air pollution. The LDF seeks to encourage a
cleaner, greener environment through careful
use of energy and resources.
It is a Government requirement for a              This is ongoing work.                               No information available.
sustainability appraisal of planning
The Council is currently undertaking a            Investigation will be conducted into                No information available.
Strategic Flood Assessment to identify areas      engineering work required for developments
of the borough that are at risk of flooding and   that are already in an identified flood risk area
to what level they are at risk.                   to ensure that the development can withstand
No zero carbon development/s have been            The ‘New Issues and Options Paper’ for the       Only two London boroughs (Harrow and
completed or identified yet.                      Council’s Local Development Framework            Tower Hamlets) have undertaken or facilitated
                                                  includes the option of identifying Zero Carbon   any zero carbon developments.
                                                  sites within the Council’s Development Plan
                                                  Documents.                                       Four London borough councils have zero
                                                                                                   carbon developments going through planning
                                                                                                   stages or are almost completed.

                                                                                                   The majority of the remaining councils (do not
                                                                                                   have information for six councils) are looking
                                                                                                   into a zero carbon development for their
The Council has not assessed or considered        Adaptation will be considered as part of the     Only about 20% of 23 London borough
adaptation to climate change for its buildings.   Partnership for Ealing Climate Change            councils (no information for 9 councils) have
                                                  Strategy and Action Plan.                        assessed its infrastructure and buildings with
                                                                                                   regards to adapting to the effects of climate
                                                                                                   change. Majority of these have carried out an
                                                                                                   assessment and further work is required.

                                                                                                   Adaptation measures implemented include:
                                                                                                   - Green roofs
                                                                                                   - Passive cooling
                                                                                                   - Rain water harvesting

                                                                                                   The majority of councils who have not
                                                                                                   undertaken an assessment plan to include
                                                                                                   adaptation as part of their climate change

What LBE is currently doing                         What LBE has planned for near future          What other councils are doing
The Council is signed up to the Mayor for           The Sustainable Procurement Strategy is due   Approximately 70% of London boroughs have
London’s Green Procurement Code.                    to go to Corporate Board in April 2008.       strategies, policies, guides or toolkits in place
                                                                                                  around green procurement.
The Council is currently developing a                                                             These are either called Environmental
Sustainable Procurement Strategy.                                                                 Procurement policies, Sustainable
                                                                                                  Procurement Strategies or Purchasing
                                                                                                  Some councils offer training to staff on green
                                                                                                  Some councils insert sustainability criteria into
Meetings have been held to review changing          No further meetings have been scheduled. It   Approximately 87% (no information for eight
the council’s current fleet over to green           is hoped that the Climate Change Strategy     councils) of London borough councils have
alternatives. These meetings have had poor          and Action Plan will lead to a Green Fleet    introduced the use of renewable/alternate
attendance by the relevant stakeholders.            Review.                                       fuels into its vehicle fleet.

Environmental Quality worked with Street                                                          Such alternatives include, electric and hybrid
Care to transfer Graffiti Solutions to fleet over                                                 cars, LPG and bio-diesel. Most use 5% bio-
to LPG.                                                                                           diesel although about 5 councils are aiming to
                                                                                                  increase the mix of bio-diesel above 5%.

                                                                                                  Some councils offer pool bicycles, electric
                                                                                                  cars and Oyster cards for its staff.
Energy is currently supplies by numerous            The Council are currently investigating       No information available.
suppliers.                                          purchasing ‘greener’ energy.
Other procurement initiatives:                    Considering printing Around Ealing on
Reusable plastic mugs made out of recycled        recycled paper.
material are available to staff free of charge.

   1. Raising awareness of climate change – Ealing Council staff

What LBE is currently doing                    What LBE has planned for near future              What other councils are doing
Ealing Council signed the Nottingham           Ealing’s LSP are developing a climate change      There are 288 signatories to the Nottingham
Declaration on 16 May 2007.                    strategy and action plan.                         Declaration (according to website). Of these,
                                                                                                 24 are London borough councils.

                                                                                                 Councils have climate change strategies or
                                                                                                 environmental strategies or energy strategies
                                                                                                 or a combination. Approximately 12 (no
                                                                                                 information available on 8) are currently
                                                                                                 developing a climate change strategy.

                                                                                                 Of our West London neighbours 4 are signed
                                                                                                 up to the Nottingham Declaration. None of our
                                                                                                 neighbouring councils have a climate change
                                                                                                 strategy. Hammersmith and Fulham,
                                                                                                 Hillingdon and Harrow are currently
                                                                                                 developing strategies with the later two due
                                                                                                 for completion in 2008.
The Council has developed a Climate Change     Climate change and energy awareness               About 80% of London borough councils (no
Champions Scheme for staff.                    training are being explored to include            information on six councils) have staff
                                               induction for new starters at the Council.        awareness building and training around
An article calling for volunteers for the                                                        climate change in place.
scheme was in the February edition of Frank.   Further awareness raising campaigns for
                                               Council staff will be considered as part of the   Other London borough councils have
A news story and information on intranet       LSP and the Council’s climate change action       schemes such as, Green Champions, Energy
accompanied the article.                       plans.                                            Champions, Environment Champions, Waste
                                                                                                 Minimisation Champions and Recycling
The Council does not currently have               Information on climate change, the Climate        About 80% of London borough councils (no
information on the intranet on climate change.    Change Champions scheme and the                   information on 6 councils) have staff
                                                  ‘Greening Your Office’ guide will be uploaded     awareness building and training around
A ‘Greening Your Office’ guide for the intranet   on to the intranet in early March 2008.           climate change in place.
has been developed but it has not been
uploaded onto the intranet.                                                                         A few councils have green office guides in
                                                                                                    place for staff.
The staff survey does not currently cover how     A travel plan for Council staff is currently      Numerous other London borough councils
staff of the Council travel to and from work.     being developed.                                  have staff travel plans in place.

                                                  An electric car and recharging point for one      Some initiatives include:
                                                  Department is expected late 2008.                 The London Borough of Barking and
                                                                                                    Dagenham have a Bicycle Users Group for
                                                                                                    staff to promote cycling and support staff who
                                                                                                    cycle to work or as part of their job.
                                                                                                    The London boroughs of Camden and
                                                                                                    Southwark also have a pool of bicycles for
A proposal has been put forward to include a      This is ongoing work.                             No information available.
sustainability impact section in Cabinet
In September 2006 a sustainability event for      Further awareness raising campaigns for           Awareness raising activities for staff in other
Council staff was held in Perceval House.         Council staff will be considered as part of the   London borough councils include:
This event was held as part of Good Going         LSP and Council climate change action plans.      - Providing information on energy
Week – a London wide Campaign to promote                                                               consumption
sustainable transport and travel awareness                                                          - Screening of Al Gore’s film
initiatives in London.                                                                              - Environmental and sustainability training
                                                                                                    - Energy awareness campaigns
As part of this event there was information                                                         - Regular audits of waster, recycling and
available on climate change, carbon                                                                    energy use
management and energy efficiency.                                                                   - Implementation of energy saving
                                                                                                  - Lunchtime sessions
                                                                                                  - Information on intranet
                                                                                                  - Pledge for staff
A Sustainability Network (SUN) exists within   A formalised officer network around climate        No information available.
the Council. SUN acts as a sustainability      change has been proposed and will be looked
knowledge exchange and programme driver.       into over the next couple of months.

   2. Raising awareness of climate change – LSP organisations, Residents and Local Businesses

What LBE is currently doing                    What LBE has planned for near future               What other councils are doing
The Council and the Environment and Climate    An action plan for the LSP will be developed       The only councils found to have LSP climate
Change Board are developing a climate          as part of the climate change strategy. This       change strategies are, Birmingham City
change strategy for the whole LSP.             will outline actions for the LSP to collectively   Council, Warwickshire County Council,
                                               reduce its CO2 emissions.                          Worcestershire County Council, Southampton
                                                                                                  County Council and Cumbria County Council
                                               The Council is in the process of joining the       (currently draft out for consultation).
                                               Green 500 service to help produce its own
                                               action plan to reduce the CO2 of its               Approximately 65% of 23 London borough
                                               operations. LSP partners will be encouraged        councils (no information for 9 councils) have
                                               to develop their own organisation action           formally entered into partnerships or
                                               plans.                                             arrangements with local businesses or other
                                                                                                  groups in the community to take forward
                                                                                                  climate change related initiatives.

                                                                                                  For example:

                                                                                                  The London Borough of Barnet has:
                                                                                                  - An Environmental Forum, which
                                                                                                     comprises of 6 largest LSP partners in
                                                                                                     borough. They share good practice on a
                                                                                                     range of environmental issues, which
                                                                                                   relate heavily to climate change.
                                                                                               -   An Environmental Charter, which
                                                                                                   encourages local businesses of any size
                                                                                                   to sign up. The charter includes
                                                                                                   committing them to take action to reduce
                                                                                                   energy consumption and CO2 emissions.

                                                                                               The London Borough of Camden has:
                                                                                               -   Camden Climate Action Network, a group set
                                                                                                   up by local residents and is supported by the
                                                                                               -   A partnership arrangement with Camden
                                                                                                   Green Fair.

                                                                                               The London boroughs of Harrow, Kensington
                                                                                               and Chelsea, Redbridge, Richmond Upon the
                                                                                               Thames, Southwark and Waltham Forest
                                                                                               have working partnerships with LSP partners
                                                                                               that address climate change.

                                                                                               The London Borough of Lewisham has an
                                                                                               Energy Action Zone team provides advice to
                                                                                               householders on a ward-by-ward basis.
A communication plan for the Climate Change    A communication strategy as part of the LSP     A majority of London borough councils will be
Strategy.                                      Climate Change Action Plan will be              developing communication and publicity plans
                                               considered.                                     to set out actions to raise awareness of
                                                                                               climate change amongst residents (and to a
                                                                                               lesser extent staff).
There is currently no information on climate   ‘Green Pages’ is currently being developed to   London borough council websites either have
change on the Council’s website.               inform LSP organisations/residents about how    climate change specific pages or general
                                               they can ‘green’ their lifestyles.              pages on greening their borough.
However, there are air quality and energy
efficiency pages on the website.                Specific climate change information pages will   The London Borough of Wandsworth has a
                                                include promotion of the signing of the          ‘Green Pledge’ – residents can pledge to
                                                Nottingham Declaration, what climate change      reduce their environmental impact online.
                                                is, what causes climate change, how will it
                                                effect London, and what residents can do to
                                                tackle climate change.
In September 2006, Ealing Council in            Awareness raising on climate change for          The only London boroughs found to have
partnership with Groundwork West London         businesses will be considered as part of the     similar schemes are:
and Envirowise launched the Business            LSP Climate Change Action Plan.                  The London Borough of Camden has a
Environmental Support and Training (BEST)                                                        business support programme, Better Climate
initiative. BEST aims to support local                                                           for Camden, which provides advice and
businesses to become more environmentally                                                        support to businesses on how they can
responsible whilst improving their processes,                                                    reduce their contribution to climate change.
profitability and competitiveness.
                                                                                                 Small businesses based in Wandsworth have
                                                                                                 access to support and information from
                                                                                        to become more sustainable
                                                                                                 and save money.
Awareness raising with residents, businesses    Awareness raising on climate change for          Approximately 68% of London borough
and schools currently occurs around:            residents will be considered as part of the      councils (no information for 6 councils) are
- Energy efficiency                             LSP Climate Change Action Plan.                  undertaking some sort of communication with
- Recycling and waste minimisation                                                               residents regarding climate change.

However, this information does not relate                                                        Awareness raising activities for residents in
specifically to climate change.                                                                  other London borough councils include:
                                                                                                 - Information/articles in council residents
This occurs through the following                                                                   magazines
mechanisms:                                                                                      - Leaflets
- The Welcome Guide for New Residents                                                            - Video
- Publicity campaigns for private housing                                                        - Green Fairs/ Green Travel Fair/ Climate
   energy efficiency grants and funding                                                             Change Conference
   initiatives                                                                                   - Recycling campaigns
-   Internet                                                                                   -  Education in schools
                                                                                               -  Resident ‘eco-teams’/ resident climate
                                                                                                  change groups
                                                                                               - Information on council website
                                                                                               - Information stalls at community events
                                                                                               - Presentations at resident associations
                                                                                               - Events during Sustainability Week, Energy
                                                                                                  Efficiency Week, World Environment Day
                                                                                               - Residents pledge
                                                                                               - Resident champions
                                                                                               - Viewing of Al Gore’s film
The Council has been involved in tree              No tree planting activities are currently   No information available.
planting activities in the borough. For            planned for the near future.
example, the Council supported the Brent
River Park Tree Planting Project and Council
staff teamed up with residents late last year to
plant trees in Perivale Park.

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