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					                          Gift Vouchers
Gift vouchers* can be made to order with your choice of amount and
         goods or services for which voucher can be redeemed.
           To order a gift voucher: Fill in your contact details.
                        Fill in gift voucher details.
 Make payment. Email or post this form. Your voucher will be emailed
       or posted back to you promptly when payment is cleared.
Do you want your gift voucher:            Emailed                 Yes / No
                                         Posted (add A$1)         Yes / No
 (circle preferred option. If extra $1 not included the voucher will be
      emailed) Cost is value of voucher + $1 if voucher is posted.
       Post to: 520 Pennyroyal Valley Rd, Deans Marsh, Vic. 3235
Make Payment:                          Bendigo Bank: BSB 633-000
Direct deposit preferred               Acc.:118702737 Name: Gentle Annie Berry Gardens

Your name________________________________________________________

Your address______________________________________________________

                                                                             Value of Gift
Your email:                            Your Telephone No.:                   Voucher:

____________________________           ____________________________          A$____________

What name would you like on voucher?__________________________________________
What would you like it to be for?
e.g “a berry nice day out” :afternoon tea & preserves” “PYO berries to the value of__”

(Only fill in the following section if you want us to post the voucher to the recipient.)
Send voucher to - Name:____________________________________________________


        *Vouchers are not redeemable for cash. They are valid for 12 months from date of issue.

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