Concepts by taoyni


									 ID    Type                                                 Brief Description
1001 Skill   Practical activities like: agriculture, carpentry, raising chickens & cooking
1002 Concept Politics
1003 Concept Cognitive Bias -- how we trick ourselves when we try to think see
1004 Skill   Troubleshooting
1005 Concept We are obliged to develop our individual talents & skills and use them for the good of humanity.
1006 Concept Harmony of science and religion
1007 Concept Forgiveness – not just a favor to others but as a vehicle to move on
1008 Concept The impermanent nature of ―things‖ as in the theater, the sets are destroyed, the actors move, the heart of the
             message lives on in the audience
1009 Concept Citizenship (includes law, participation, community...)
1010 Concept social sciences
1011 Concept The Recency Effect
1012 Concept Algorithm theory, Lambda calculus, etc
1013 Concept Learn to not to see God through the eyes of man, rather learn to see man through the eyes of God
1014 Skill   Personal time management skills
1015 Concept How calculating machines (and processes) work and the limits of what is calculable
1016 Concept Learn to love genuinely
1017 Concept The investigation into and understanding of the concept of "ways of knowing"
1018 Concept Elimination of extremes of poverty and wealth
1019 Concept Community
1020 Concept The concept that the formation of Culture is required to carry out God's Plan.
1021 Concept Show up for your life!
1022 Concept The diversity of life
1023 Concept Our place in time/space
1024 Skill   Basic calculus -- how to use infinity (large and small) when we think
1025 Concept God is Unknowable - an old and ancient idea. This relates to how we perceive who and what we are. It informs
             our understanding of language and its evolution. It informs our understanding of understanding.
1026 Concept There is intelligence in every living thing – animals etc
1027 Concept Probability and Statistics -- how to reason about the whole from a sample, Bayesian reasoning
1028 Concept Spiritual reality of man, including man's basic need to serve
1029 Concept Cognition and Emotion - Rationality as we know does not exist. Only by understanding, and being actively in
             touch with our emotional state, can we accurately have a correct "theory of mind" for others not to mention our
             own personal future selves.
1030 Concept Knowledge comes from not only from the thoughts and precepts of others - but from our own heart or our soul as
1031 Concept The magnitude of the universe
1032 Concept We have the power to choose, moment by moment, who and how we want to be in the world.
1033 Concept Learn to not to see ourselves as the center of the universe with everything in our orbit
1034 Concept Everyone has different gifts. Do not compare yours with anyone else’s. You may be an artist and another is a
             mathematician. In math class, you might feel the artist may feel inferior, in art class the mathematician might.
             Both have equal value.
1035 Concept Acquiring a true understanding of peace — especially as it is more than an end to war (local, regional or global)

1036 Concept The 80/20 rule
1037 Concept Economics -- how groups of people establish and agree on value
1038 Concept Evolution - independent of Primates and God. Any Evolutionary system, has a fitness test, and is iterative in
             nature. This is why the term "evolution" has been used above. The science of bridge building, is an evolved
             system (Tacoma Narrows). The science of pyramid building is an evolved system . All computer programs are
             evolved solutions.
1039 Skill   Information management
1040 Concept Consultation/decision-making processes
1041 Concept Technical Drawing -- formal non-verbal communication
1042 Skill   Computer programming
1043 Concept When it comes to the brain chatter in your brain, observe and don't engage.
1044 Concept Evolutionary Theory -- broadly, what happens when you throw stuff against the wall to see what sticks, provided
             that the individuals are slightly and randomly varied over time and inherit traits
1045 Concept Aesthetics, balance etc through photography
1046 Concept Good citizenship requires participation in decision-makes processes and stewardship of our common resources.

1047 Concept We are, individually and collectively, stewards of our resources (includes our goy, our planet, etc...).
1048 Concept The more you give, the more you get (hording is the opposite)
1049 Concept Systems Theory / Black Box Reasoning -- how to reason about stuff which we do not understand, both by taking it
             apart into subsystems and by not bothering -- only looking at inputs and outputs
1050 Concept Do what you love to do with your life, not what others think you should do.
1051 Concept Synergy
1052 Concept Work as service
1053 Concept The "golden rule": do unto others as you would have them do unto you.
1054 Concept Communication
1055 Concept Equilibrium – nearest thing to perfection is living in equilibrium
1056 Concept Older people have wisdom - listen to them, respect them and ask them questions
1057 Concept Creativity & critical thinking are both important and their development should be encouraged in our education and
1058 Concept Restructuring political, economic, business, banking, industry, delivery of social service programs so that these
             affirm as well as elevate the human condition worldwide
1059 Concept The concept that the formation of Capital is required to carry out God's Plan.
1060 Concept Basic Engineering -- Water flows downhill, wheel combined with inclined plane makes gear which can be reasoned
             about as if it was a lever (torque), stuff like that
1061 Concept Stewardship (health/hygiene; sustainability; moderation)
1062 Concept Zero -- we didn't use zero for most of recorded history, which made positional notation for numbers impossible.
             Decimal point is a side effect of having a zero.
1063 Concept Representational math - abstraction of problems. Understanding that we reason via homologous analogy, is then
             understood using mathematics as a concrete example. The restrictions of mathematics informs the student on
             how to be disciplined in their use of reason, and make sure that their conclusions are not producing cognitive
1064 Concept Pruning and grafting plants and spiritual parallels
1065 Concept Learn to not to use our natural resources like there is no tomorrow
1066 Concept Language Evolution, and relevance to cognition. An understanding of the basic nature of Cognition and Emotion,
             and the complete absence of the Greek notion of Rationality, is fundamental to execution of "enlightened self-
             interest". Languages have evolved to address certain conditions at certain times. As those conditions changed
             the languages changed to reflect them. (Allows for a foundation for understanding progressive revelation)

1067 Concept Clear and honest communication is critical for a peaceful society.
1068 Concept math
1069 Concept physical sciences
1070 Concept The concept of reconciling Heaven and Earth is the path in fulfilling God's Plan.
1071 Skill   Writing skills
1072 Concept Kingdom of Names - I.E. plane of distinction - and Not Real - also an old idea. That we live in the arena of the
             kingdom of names, and that we have evolved         under conditions where certain distinctions have life and death
             consequences, allows us to understand the nature of our past, and how that very nature does not help us to
             address the problems that humanity is facing in this day. (Unity of Mankind being one of the answers)

1073   Concept   biography
1074   Concept   language
1075   Concept   Mentoring – you can only be what you can picture / visualize
1076   Concept   We are the life force power of the 50 trillion molecular geniuses that make up our form.
1077   Concept   Sustainable economy
1078   Concept   The law of universality is under pinned by all of the above.
1079   Concept   history
1080   Concept   Role of education in shaping the world
1081   Concept   Habit – the powerful force of habit
1082   Concept   Do not use the planet only for your personal satisfaction and needs more resources will not necessarily make
                 themselves available in time
1083 Concept     Teach the real truth, not someone’s perceived version of the truth
1084 Concept     Equal opportunity
1085 Concept     All things evolve. Setting aside the origin of humans and the universe, it is a fact that all things evolve. Biological
                 organisms and systems evolve, spirituality evolves and society evolves. Everything is in a state of growth or decay
                 and many things may do both.
1086   Concept   The concept that realizing one's own unique, God given essence is the path in fulfilling God's Plan.
1087   Concept   Geometry, algebra, basic arithmetic -- how primitive should these concepts be?
1088   Concept   Power and use of imagination (negative and positive) and link to habits
1089   Concept   Philosophical understand of morals, ethics and spirituality is needful across the human community
1090   Concept   Complimentary colors
1091   Concept   Learn to be vulnerable and "real"
1092   Concept   The concept of envisioning ideals is the path to fulfilling God's Plan.
1093   Concept   life sciences
1094   Concept   That mankind must change or we will destroy ourselves - We must stop the growth of the worlds population.
                 (Ideally reverse the growth.)
1095   Concept   Detachment
1096   Concept   Interrelatedness of the natural world
1097   Concept   Consultation (process and results (results is part of synergy)
1098   Concept   If you step out and be different you will be blessed, fulfilled and encouraged
1099   Concept   It only takes 90 seconds for any emotional circuitry to be triggered, surge through you and flush completely out of
                 your bloodstream.
1100   Concept   Learn to not to force ones own beliefs on others
1101   Concept   Spiritual law
1102   Concept   art
1103   Concept   Love is more than just a concept of something between a man and a woman
1104   Concept   The laws of physics and chemistry
1105   Concept   Genetics - Genetic issues: cloning etc
1106   Concept   psychology
1107   Concept   There is a perception that we are weak and at the mercy of the strong, wealthy and powerful. Though there may
                 be truth in this, we should not be a victim of our circumstances.
1108 Concept     Personal responsibility
1109 Concept Understanding that we grow, we are dynamic not static – the only constant is change
1110 Concept The concept that there is a Universal Order that when consciously followed produces harmony in pursuit of God's
1111 Concept History of mankind and the short period of our existence
1112 Concept The concept that the Earth's resources can be developed to advance mankind in the fulfillment of God's Plan
1113 Concept Success is not measured by others but by yourself.
1114 Concept All things are interrelated. A person sneezes it effects the weather in the immediate area around the person. This
             effects (to a lesser degree) the weather in the general area. Eventually this effects spreads to the whole world
             and to the universe. Again this has spiritual and sociological equivalents. A spouse wakes up without enough
             sleep. Something unkind is said to the partner. The partner goes to work angry and this effects those that they
             work with. The effect can be a negative or positive effect.
1115 Concept Justice
1116 Skill   Understanding failure – failing fast and moving on
1117 Concept Health & hygiene
1118 Concept deleted by submitter
1119 Concept Human spirituality is linked to the divine Manifestations of God
1120 Concept language as art
1121 Concept History is relative to the perspective of the historian
1122 Skill   Communication (includes language skills, consultation)
1123 Concept Success is not measured by things but by fulfillment and contentment.
1124 Concept Balancing beauty & practicality (form & function)
1125 Concept Obligation to learn/teach (education, research...)
1126 Concept Learn to live fully and to live and love like there is no tomorrow
1127 Concept Religion and science must partner to achieve holistic solutions to human and environmental challenges
1128 Concept The importance of community, ie creating, living social – local focus
1129 Concept PI - fundamental, and across many, many disciplines. The value of Pi, is a constant only in Euclidean Geometry.
             All of the different ways of calculating Pi, informs us about the value of trying to "Know the Unknowable".

1130 Concept Small is Beautiful – more is not always better
1131 Skill   Computer skills
1132 Concept Accept others as they are, even if there is not something "in it for you" (as long as your acceptance of them does
             not impede your goals)
1133 Concept Priority must be given the farmer (on land, those who harvest the seas and oceans, etc)
1134 Concept Golden rule
1135 Concept Critical thinking
1136 Concept The concept that humans are here to fulfill God's Plan
1137 Concept Those who have been defeated and humiliated in a war have long memories
1138 Concept Action - reaction is a principle known to physicists but it has a spiritual equivalent. Often referred to as Karma.

1139 Concept Poverty is a state of mind, not necessarily an economic state
1140 Concept Transformation of racism, sexism, nationalism, ageism, etc, into their higher opposites that can be summed in
             each person internalizing the oneness and wholeness of the human race
1141 Concept We are neurocircuitry.
1142 Concept Learn to see man through the eyes of God as apposed to seeing God through the eyes of man
1143 Concept Fundamental unity of mankind
1144 Concept Research & education
1145 Concept Observer Dependence - The act of "observing" or "testing" makes a difference. This is intimately related to
             "evolution", Cognition and Emotion, Kingdom of Names, and Evolution, not to mention "Progressive Revelation".
             It applies to child psychology (Hopi child rearing practices), adult interactions (no back biting), ... ad nauseum.

1146   Concept   Learn to create world "systems" that are fulfilling and work well
1147   Concept   Holistic engineering thinking, compared with short term selfish thinking
1148   Concept   how human communities are organized
1149   Concept   Borrowing from Thabo, the forgiveness theme and overlaying on the lives of Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King,
                 Gandhi and efforts like the truth and reconciliation commission in South Africa, efforts in Rwanda etc
1150   Concept   Learn to be different and unique because the status quo may not bring true satisfaction
1151   Concept   Oneness of humanity is a reality, not an objective or "ideal".
1152   Concept   You can't break spiritual law; you can only break yourself against it.
1153   Concept   Value and nature of the Placebo. That something appears to work by the criteria of the tests being executed, does
                 not mean that it is actually working. Applies to Evolution, and Cognition and Emotion. See also observer
                 dependence. Also applies to computer programming .
1154 Concept     Observer Effect. Often the act of creating an experiment to measure some resultant effects the outcome itself.

1155 Concept Science in context of all else (language, cultures, history etc)
1156 Concept Existence of universal law
1157 Concept Inter-related Value Proposition – the calculus of your sacrifice and my gain. If I ask your help and it takes you 5
             minutes and saves me 8 hours, then I should ask, but if it takes you 4 hours and saves me 4 hours, I should not
             ask. This feels like an extension of the law of universality. (phone number principle)
1158 Concept Trustworthiness is vital to all aspects of our personal, professional and environmental interactions.
1159 Concept The concept that working together is the most energy effective way of fulfilling God's Plan.
1160 Concept Education of women and the Girl-Child globally
1161 Concept Oneness of humanity (includes racial/gender equality)
1162 Concept religion/spirituality
1163 Concept economics
1164 Concept Learn to know the heart of God
1165 Concept Family
1166 Concept Love (includes physical laws of attraction)
1167 Concept Inertia – again a principle in physics which state that what is at rest tends to remain at rest and what is in motion
             tends to stay in motion. Again this has a scientific basis and a spiritual / psychological equivalent.
1168 Concept Money can not buy you happiness
1169 Concept Empowered thinking
1170 Concept Clustering / Swarming in animals and humans (community)
1171 Concept Learn to not to be selfish because we think we are more important than anyone else
1172 Skill   Computational skills
1173 Concept Creativity
1174 Concept There is no free lunch. Energy may change forms, but there is nothing without cost. There is no such thing as a
             perpetual motion machine. Some energy generation or transformation may be more efficient but all have a cost.
             For example solar cells may gather energy from the sun and may do little to produce side effects, but they still
             take energy to produce and energy to store. On the spiritual plane, this is sacrifice. For every wonderful spiritual
             or artistic achievement sacrifice of some sort is needed. It may be sweat it may be money but some sacrifice is
1175 Skill   Reading skills
1176 Concept Step out and don't be afraid to be yourself
1177 Concept Language, both as communication and as Word
1178 Concept The concept that the formation of Knowledge is required to carry out God's Plan.
1179 Concept Recognition that religious revelations are progressive and not static.
1180 Concept Love makes the world go 'round.
1181 Concept Every life is contextual – its truths in relation to culture, lineage, economic circumstances, tastes, formal education
             and more
1182 Concept Measurement/measurable Matters (verb) and matters (noun). Only what is measured, makes a difference. How
             we measure is more important than what is measured. What we measure drives the evolution of the system.

1183 Concept Music and dance as a bridge and universal language that all cultures recognize and utilize to accent, memorialize
             & proselytize their emotional and intuitive knowledge of what it means to be alive.
1184 Concept Placeholder for "perceived realities that we sense and feel in our lives"
1185 Concept Placeholder for "Chi"
             ADD: The importance of sleep on human functioning. Note: could be listed under critical thinking skills or under
             thinking in general.
             ADD: General to specific, specific to general
             ADD: categories and categorization the benefit, the fallacy

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