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									Call For Papers
Multiconference on Innovations in Science, Technology, Engineering and Management
The Ninth International Conference on Intelligent Technologies
MISTEM InTech’08                                          Venue: Samui, Thailand
                                                          October 7 – 9, 2008
          Organized by: Assumption University, Thailand

       Honorary General Hung T Nguyen (USA),                       International Program     Jirapun Daengdej (Thailand),
             Co-Chairs: Supavadee Nontakao (Thailand)              Committee Co-Chairs:      Vladik Kreinovich (USA)
         General Chair: Pratit Santiprabhob (Thailand)                    Publicity Chair:   Suparwat Charoenvikrom (Thailand)

   International Program Bernadette Bouchon-Meunier             Wen-Tao Huang (Taiwan),              Dan Ralescu (USA),
              Committee: (France),                              Kun-Huang Huarng (Taiwan),           Michio Sugeno (Japan),
                         Hepu Deng (Australia),                 Peter Klement (Austria),             Thitipong Tanprasert (Thailand)
                         Sompomg Dhompongsa (Thailand),         Kuldeep Kumar (Australia),           Tang Van To (Thailand)
                         Liya Ding (Macau),                     Claude Langrand (France),            Nipon Theera-Umpon (Thailand),
                         Antonio Dinola (Italy),                Shoumei Li (China),                  Carol Walker (USA),
                         Maria Angeles Gill (Spain),            Fong-Tze Lin (Taiwan),               Elbert Walker (USA),
                         Michel Grabisch (France),              Baoding Liu (China),                 Tonghui Wang (USA),
                         Fred Hadaegh (USA),                    Hsing Luh (Taiwan),                  Junzo Watada (Japan),
                         Quang Ha (Australia),                  Sohrab Mobasser (USA),               Berlin Wu (Taiwan),
                         Kaoru Hirota (Japan),                  Vilem Novak (Czech Republic),        Bing Xu (China),
                         Deng Yuan Huang (Taiwan),              Yahya Rahmat-Samii (USA),            Ron Yager (USA),
                                                                                                     Yeung Yam (Hong Kong)
InTech'08 Program                                                         Topics of InTech'08 include but not limited to:
InTech'08 will consist of plenary sessions, oral and poster                        Mathematical Foundations of Intelligent
presentations, exhibitions and excursions. The events will be                       Technologies
open to all participants. The main objectives of the conference                    Traditional Artificial Intelligent Techniques
are:                                                                               Uncertainty Processing and Methods of
      Bring together researchers and practitioners in order                        Soft Computing
        to exchange their ideas and discuss issues occurred                        Learning/Adaptive Systems/Data Mining
        when implementing intelligent and fuzzy technologies                       Applications of Intelligent Technologies
        in real-world environment.                                                 Intelligent Data Analysis
      Provide a forum for discussion of new research areas,                       Control and Decision Science
        results and issues.                                                        Robotics
      Encourage international research in intelligent and                         Natural Language Processing
        fuzzy technologies.

Proceedings:                                                              Paper Submissions:
Proceedings will be distributed to participants during the                Papers related to both theoretical issues and real-
conference. Selected, extended and revised papers from                    world applications in the areas listed above are
InTech'08 will be published in the International Journal of               welcome. The maximum number of pages is 10
Intelligent Technologies and Applied Statistics.                          pages including all tables, figures and references.
                                                                          Over-length and late submission papers will be
                                                                          rejected without review.

Conference Fees:                                                         Important Dates:
                      By Aug. 11, 2008          After Aug. 11, 2008      Full paper submission deadline         May 26, 2008
                      Early-bird Registration   Regular Registration     Acceptance notification                July 14, 2008
General Participant 350 USD                     450 USD                  Camera-ready deadline                  August 11, 2008
Student             250 USD                     300 USD                  Early-bird registration deadline       August 11, 2008

Contact Address:
Faculty of Science & Technology, Assumption University                    URL:
Ramkamhaeng Soi 24 Huamak Bangkapi Bangkok                                E-mail:
Thailand 10240
Tel: +66 2 3004543 ext. 3681, Fax: +66 2 7191639

Samui Overview:
Samui Island is located in the Gulf of Thailand, approximately            Travelers to the island can enjoy a double blessing
700 kilometers south of Bangkok. Known as the Coconut                     of vibrant day- and nightlife alongside with
Island, Samui is one of the most famous and popular                       tranquility which can easily be found across
attractions of Thailand. Despite the fast pace of development,            different parts of Samui – as the archipelago is a
Samui has been able to maintain its charm as a classical                  peaceful home for fishermen and a natural den for
image of a tropical beach resort fringed by coconut trees.                seagulls and rare birds.

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