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					         Mixed Media Adventure
               in Tuscany
                            with Artist/Instructor
                              Cathy Taylor
                   Cortona, Italy          June 5-12, 2010

   Start with some watercolor, add a touch of collage and a
  pinch of print making and you have the perfect recipe for a
                  mixed media masterpiece!

Join Cathy Taylor, award winning mixed media artist and member of the National
     Collage Society and International Society of Experimental Artists, for an
              exploration into the limitless world of mixed media.

        Mixed Media Adventure offers enormous opportunity for creative
   expression...easy and non-intimidating for the beginner and expansive and
 challenging for the advanced artist. Topics include found paper collage, collage
 with mixed media, transfer techniques, found object collage, and monoprinting,
                       along with other exciting techniques.

*A special segment will be presented on Cathy’s award winning Anthology Series
              which was featured in Cloth Paper Scissors magazine.

     Expect a lively, fun filled workshop. Beginners who need a jump start or
advanced artists who are stuck or stagnant will enjoy the wide variety of ideas and
information designed to allow each person to find their own artistic voice. Loosen
                             up, have fun, and learn lots!

Each session will begin with exciting, entertaining demonstrations followed by lots
 of time to create. Bring a spirit open to endless possibilities, some glue, and lots
                             and lots of stuff and junk!
                                 Read more below...
                                     Picture Yourself...
  among the sights and sounds of beautiful and romantic Tuscany: olive groves,
 vineyards, centuries-old buildings, winding streets, texture and vibrant sunlight.
                                        Feel Yourself...
 in the warm ambiance of Cortona, overlooking Lake Trasimeno and the Val di
Chiana, originally fortified by the Umbrians, claimed by the Etruscans, touched by
    the Renaissance, almost unchanged for centuries, one of Tuscany's jewels.
 the joy of painting en plein air in a relaxed and inspiring atmosphere with the
expert instruction of a nationally know artist and instructor and the camaraderie
                           of a small group of learners.
great Italian food, delightful wines, new friends, breath-taking vistas, history and
                      the hospitality of the people of Cortona.

                  All-inclusive* workshop includes:
                         Escorted group travel
                 Rome to Cortona June 5, 2010****
            Instruction in the classroom and on location
                    Seven nights accommodations
            in historic Cortona** (Private room & bath)
            Local Etruscan Museum & Museo Diocesano
                             All meals***
                (Italian breakfast, lunch and dinner)
                   Daily wine tasting opportunities
                   Day trip to Arezzo Antiques Fair
                Visit to the Camucia open-air market
                    A farewell wine tasting dinner
                          **Included with "Casa Betania" plans only. See details.
                          ***Included with "Group Meal Plan" only. See details.
                             ****Specific departure time only; to be announced
                *All-inclusive plans are Hotel plans A, C, E, G and Hostel plans I & K only.
   Air travel and ground transportation to/from Cortona is not included and is the responsibility of each
                     Special Casa Betania* Plan...
                 All-inclusive w/ private room/bath &
                Group Meal Plan...$2849.00 per person!
                $2749.00 per person double occupancy
                         w/Group Meal Plan!
                    Special Non-participant rates!

About this workshop...
Saturday June 5th
Arrival and check in. The adventure begins. Wine please!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday June 6th
AM The one with the most stuff wins! It’s a treasure hunt at the Arezzo Antique Fair, the
oldest and largest in Italy with over 500 stalls brimming with artistic goodies. We will start
our day with a train trip to the market to browse for collage able collectibles…old books,
vintage papers, antique photographs and more. Collect the sights and sounds for inspiration
in creating our mixed media masterpieces!

PM Using our old papers, maps, book pages, we will create several interesting and textural
backgrounds for our collage creations tomorrow morning. We will use scumbling, color
tinting, paper peeling and other fun and messy techniques guaranteed to require little thought
or experience. We will work quickly and intuitively, just having fun with the process!

Monday, June 7th
AM We will start our day with a entertaining demo featuring image transfer. Then it’s off
to the races as we add images, ephemera, and memorabilia to our collage backgrounds. We
will discover the elements of design that go together to create a truly beautiful piece of

PM Time for some more prep work! We will spend the afternoon creating our own beautiful
archival papers. Using plain white tissue, watercolors, gum erasers, and foam produce trays,
we will dye, stamp, marble, and layer papers to our heart’s content. These papers will have
all night to dry while we enjoy an evening of wine and fine food and new friends!

Tuesday June 8th
AM Your day, Your way. Enjoy the sights and sounds of Cortona in the morning. Take
some photos, sketch the surroundings, go for a stroll or join me in the studio for more
creative time. After all, Cortona is a Tuscan gem to be enjoyed! Inspirational! (Studio open
for those who wish to create!)
PM    Afternoon session TBA

Wednesday, June 9th
AM Layered tissue paper collage will be artistic adventure of the day. Using those gorgeous
papers that we created and the inspiration of our fabulous surroundings, we will collage
scenes or images from our Tuscan experience. Or create an abstract evoking your Italian art
experience. No drawing skills required!

PM Capture special little scenes and images using line and wash and create a mini
masterpiece. I will demonstrate the simple, lovely technique of combining colorful
watercolor washes with a little pen and ink to create small painterly memories. We will work
from photos, sketches, or just your imagination. Add colored papers or ephemera if

Thursday, June 10th
AM Field Trip! We will enjoy our morning at the Camucia market where you will find fresh
farmer produce, kitchen delights….something for everyone. Bring your camera and sketch
pad and enjoy!

PM Anthologies! My collage invention using old books! Rather than altering and
decorating a book, we will use old "rescue" books, vintage photos, ephemera, memorabilia,
and other pieces of the past, to create fine art frame able collages. These expressive, textural
collages are the perfect way to showcase your photos and postcards, trip tickets and
brochures, menus and maps etc., while rescuing unwanted books from the junk pile. Feature
collectibles from your trip!

Friday June 11th
AM Let’s add some printmaking to the mix! Using a photo, brochure, magazine image, or
print from our Italian experience, we will create a layered, painterly print in an easy step by
step process. Even if you are a “new” artist, you will be able to create a realistic rendering!

PM Can’t draw a straight line? Not a problem with this monoprint technique. Using a black
and white copy of a photograph, we will create an amazing realistic drawing. Draw portraits,
street scenes, animals…pick something from your week in Tuscany! These “Drawings” may
be color tinted to add interest. I will bring the special ink needed!!!

Saturday June 12th
Group hug! Exchange art goods with new friends, take more photos, and have a safe return
trip home!
                                   About Cortona...
 Cortona is one of the true jewels of the Tuscan “hill towns.” Cortona, which is
   often called the “City of Art,” has its origin as an Etruscan city that pre-dates
Roman times with sections of its walls dating back some 2500 years. As is typical
 of Tuscan hill-towns, Cortona is a walled city that, for purposes of defense, was
built atop a prominent geographical point. The stone buildings and streets not only
 have the romance, style, and charm that are particular to Tuscany, but also speak
  of the lives and times Cortona has witnessed. An encounter with Cortona is an
encounter with music & art, with history and with spirituality. Getting to know this
   timeless city is a real rediscovery of our past. Cortona offers testimony to its
      history as well as an enchanting view of the landscape enclosed by Lake
                       Trasimeno and the Apennine mountains.

                             Note: Itinerary subject to change

Saturday – Arrival in Cortona
-Arrival and Check-in in Cortona
-6:45p Taxi to Piazza Garibaldi
-7:00p Welcome to Cortona wine and chocolate tasting at La Saletta.
-8:00p Evening dinner in Cortona at La Loccanda nel Loggiatto

Sunday - Cortona
-9:00a-1:00p Morning visit to Arezzo Antiques Fair
-1:00p Lunch
-3:00-6:00p Afternoon Session
-7:30p Wine tasting
-8:00p Evening dinner in Cortona

Monday - Cortona
-9:00-1:00p Morning Session
-1:00p Lunch
-3:00-6:00p Afternoon Session
-7:30p Wine tasting
-8:00p Evening dinner in Cortona

Tuesday - Florence
-Free morning
-7:30p Wine at TBA
-8:00p Dinner in Cortona

Wednesday - Cortona
-9:00-12:00p Morning Session
-12:00p Lunch
-2:00-5:00p Afternoon Session
-5:45p Taxi to Tuscan cooking class & dinner

Thursday - Cortona
-9:00-12:00p Morning visit to Camucia Market
-1:00p Lunch
-3:00-6:00p Afternoon Session
-7:30p Wine tasting
-8:00p Dinner in Cortona

Friday - Cortona
-9:00-1:00p Morning Session
-1:00p Lunch
-3:00-6:00p Afternoon Session
-8:00p Farewell Wine Tasting Dinner in Cortona

Saturday – Cortona
-Morning Check-out and departure from Cortona or we can help you plan an extended stay!
-Each guest must make taxi/travel requests through the Hotel Oasi front desk.

Note: Toscana Americana reserves the right to alter this itinerary. All times are approximate

                                    What to Bring...

Watercolor brushes – several various sizes
Watercolor pigment in tubes – primary colors plus your favorites
Watercolor paper – one pad of 140lb. (at least 25 sheets) 11x14 or larger if it will fit in your
Scissors and Xacto knife
Plain white tissue, 1 pkt.
Acrylic matte GEL medium 8 oz jar
White glue
Plexiglas sheet 8x10”
Waxed paper
Palette knife…cheap plastic is fine
Sharpie, Pigma or Micron pen, black fine point
Gum Erasers – 2
Foam produce tray – 2
Black and white copies of some images
Ephemera (much we will collect in our travels)
Old books…one plus a couple book covers
Water container

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