Introducing SunPass Mini by chenshu


									                                                                        Introducing SunPass Mini.
                        .                                               Pay $4.99. Get $4.99 back in
               Su nPass                                                 toll credits when you register.
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RECEIVE $4.99 IN NON-REFUNDABLE                                         SunPass Portable                  SunPass Mini
TOLL CREDITS.                                                           $
                                                                         25.00                            $
SunPass is a prepaid toll program.
Your SunPass Mini sticker has no funds and                              No toll credit                    Register and receive $4.99
will not work unless you activate it either online,                                                       in non-refundable toll credits
at, or by phone at
1-888-TOLL-FLA (1-888-865-5352). The minimum                            Save 25% at most toll plazas      Save 25% at most toll plazas
starting balance is $10. Please have the
following information ready when you call:
                                                                        Sticks with suction cups          Must be adhered to windshield
1. ID number (located on the SunPass Mini)
2. Your driver’s license number                                         Can be moved from car to car      Will NOT work if removed
3. The license plate number of the vehicle you                                                            from windshield
   will drive when using the SunPass Mini
4. Following activation, $4.99 in non-refundable                        Does NOT beep when                Does NOT beep when
   toll credits will be added to your starting balance.                 toll is paid                      toll is paid
   Offer expires 30 days from date of purchase.
                                                                        4” x 5” x 1”                      2.5” x 3”, and as thin
EASY PAY                                                                                                  as a credit card
Most SunPass customers choose the convenience
of SunPass Easy Pay automatic replenishment,                            Works on all Florida toll roads   Works on all Florida toll roads
using a major credit card. With Easy Pay, money                         and most bridges                  and most bridges
is put into your account whenever it reaches a
low balance of $5.00 We add whatever amount                             Works on all vehicles             Only works on vehicles with
you choose. You just keep driving!                                                                        glass windshields.

HOW SOON CAN YOU USE                                                    Minimum starting                  Minimum starting
YOUR SUNPASS MINI?                                                      balance of $10                    balance of $10
If you use a credit card and open your prepaid
account before noon, your SunPass Mini will                             No batteries necessary            No batteries necessary
typically be ready to use after 4 p.m. If you open
your account after noon, your SunPass Mini will                         Available at Publix,              Available at Publix,
typically be activated by 6 a.m. the next morning.                      CVS/pharmacy, Navarro,            CVS/pharmacy, Navarro,
                                                                        gas stations & gift shops         gas stations & gift shops
Once opened, you can check your balance anytime                         at Turnpike service plazas        at Turnpike service plazas
by visiting                                            and online at         and online at

SunPass Mini cannot be hand-held or moved                               Money on account                  Money on account
from car to car. It must be permanently mounted                         never expires                     never expires
to the windshield or it won’t work, because the
windshield acts as an antenna. Once removed,                            SunPass Plus Airport Parking      SunPass Plus Airport Parking
the Mini will no longer function and cannot be
                                                                        Click Here for Details            Click Here for Details
reattached to the windshield.

                                 NOTE: The SunPass Mini Sticker
 Transponder                      transponder will only operate
 Mounting                          when affixed to glass windshields.
               Rearview Mirror     They are not designed for use on

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