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									Jan/Feb 2008
                                             Newsletter                                                               www.davidlawrencefitness.com.au

Issue 2

                         Star Effort!
                   Rosemary Spreadborough!

                  Great work this month!
                     Keep up the hard

Inside this issue:

                                        DLFS “Pilot Program” a huge success!
Meet our Team                     2

Meet our Mates                    2
                                                                                weeks of boxing, running ses-
                                         The “Pilot Program” came to a
                                                                                sions, strength training, pool        “Working out has always been a
Cool Fuel                         2      close on Fri 21 Dec 07 with a fun
                                                                                circuits and a dash of Combat         chore for me. Something I had to
                                         session in the new Studio at
                                                                                Fitness Training all were very        do but never enjoyed. Since start-
                                         Abeya St.
                                                                                pleased with the results at the       ing training with David at DLFS
 David Lawrence                                                                 final Fitness Test.                   I have never worked so hard,
                                         The program was a huge success
 Fitness Studio                          with all participants improving
                                                                                It was a pleasure to train such an
                                                                                                                      laughed so much and actually
                                                                                                                      looked forward to my work-
                                         their fitness levels greatly.
                                                                                awesome group of people and the       outs!!”   Nicole
(Saminic Pty Ltd                                                                sessions were always fun and
ATF Vella Family Trust                   At the first “Fitness Test” on Day
                                                                                never short of one liners thanks to   “Thanks David! After 6 weeks I
ABN 76 770 816 460)                      1 some were doubting whether
                                                                                Pete and Craig.                       feel more toned, I have heaps
12 Abeya Street                          they would even make it through
                                                                                                                      more energy, I sleep better. I’ll be
Thornlands QLD 4164                      the 6 weeks alive. But after six
                                                                                Below are a couple of quotes from     back.”    Kathy
Phone: 07 3820 8127                                                             some of the participants.
Fax: 07 3820 8704

                                        Gift Vouchers are now Available at DLFS

We’re on the Web!                        Looking for a great way to start       Vouchers are available for any        Please see the office for pricing
                                         someone on their fitness journey?      amount and are valid for all ses-     etc.
                                         Then a David Lawrence Fitness          sions.
                                         Studio Gift Voucher is the way to                                            We hope everyone is enjoying the
IT’S PERSONAL                            go!                                    On a separate note…...                refreshments after training and as
                                                                                                                      always if you have any ideas on
                                         For many people taking the first       For those clients who have been       how we can further improve your
                                         step is often the hardest. Giving a    enquiring about getting DLFS          training we’re all ears!!!!
                                         gift voucher can be a great way to     shirts, they are on the way and we
  Samuel & Dominic                                                              hope to have them for sale in the
                                         get someone you love on the road
                                         to a fitter and healthier life.        coming weeks. We also have tow-
                                                                                els, caps and socks on sale now.

                                        Training prices
                                        Personal Training:             Group Training:             Mum’s Club:                Group Training
                                                                                                                              Lump sum payments:
                                        1 on 1 Training : $60.00       1 class per week :          Mum’s club : $30.00 per
                                                                       $15.00                      person                  3 classes per week for
                                        2 on 1 or Buddy Training :                                                         48 weeks : $1,440.00
                                        $40.00 per person              2 classes per week :        Minimum 4 mums,
                                                                       $28.00                      maximum 6 mums per      2 classes per week for
                                        3 on 1 Training :                                          session                 48 weeks : $ 1,150.00
                                        $30.00 per person              3 classes per week :
                                                                       $39.00                      A Select Menu of light     These can be made in
    Our Inspiration                     4-6 on 1 Training:                                         refreshments will be       3 x monthly payments
                                        $25.00 per person              30 Book :                   served after every ses-
                                                                       $420.00 upfront             sion.
Page 2                                  www.davidlawrencefitness.com.au                                                                 Issue 2

                                  Meet Our Team—Rebecca
                                  Rebecca is David's other half, but     Rebecca is able to assist with any
                                                                                                               special friends who are making the
                                  unlike David has never had a           account enquires, and she is the
                                                                                                               trek to raise money for a Chil-
                                  huge passion for sport, health and     “cook” and the “cleaner” so any
                                                                                                               dren's Charity. Any clients who are
                                  fitness. While in her younger days     complaints or compliments can
                                                                                                               interested in making the trek also,
                                  she enjoyed Netball, Cricket and       be directed her way! She is also in
                                                                                                               can contact her for more informa-
                                  other team sports, she never           charge of “Cool Fuel”, so if you
                                                                                                               tion. Her thought for the month:
                                  looked at health and fitness in        have any recipe ideas for up-and-
                                  quite the same way as David!           coming newsletters please
                                  However, after having two very         forward them on the her.
                                  active boys, she has learnt to ap-     Her focus in her life is on
                                  preciate the “down time” of train-     her two children, and her
Rebecca Vella & her two beauti-   ing on her own, and the mental         goal this year is complete           “Grant me the serenity to
ful sons, Dominic & Samuel        benefits that come with training       the 9km Sydney Harbor                accept the things I cannot
                                  have been beneficial in her very       Fun Run in September,               change; courage to change
                                  busy life.                             with David and some
                                                                                                           the things I can; and wisdom
                                                                                                                 to know the difference”

                                  Meet our Mates—Sandra M                                                  What she says about DLFS:

                                   Sandy has been training with         fully recovered and is back on     ...“I have been coming David’s Studio
                                   DLFS since its inauguration and      track with her training.           for about 4 months now, and what I
                                   has certainly never had any prob-    Sandy is definitely one of those   have found is the service has been
             “Dave genuinely       lems with motivation.                people who achieves success in     above any fitness centre/studio I have
            cares about your       Sandy is married to the lovely       anything she puts her mind to.     ever been too. Right from the begin-
       health and fitness and      Leon and has a beautiful nearly 2-   Sandy is currently training two    ning I have felt comfortable with Dave
                                   year-old son Angus, who is obvi-     days per week and also walks in
         for me this is what I                                                                             and Rebecca, Dave genuinely cares
                                   ously the apple of her eye. Late     her own time.                      about your health and fitness and for
           have been looking       last year Sandy was thwarted by a    Sandy has always been a great      me this is what I have been looking for.
                          for”     back injury, but with the help       success for me personally with     What I have really noticed, is when
                                   from her Massage Therapist,          her rehab and I look forward to    having a workout Dave is ensuring
                                   Physiotherapist, Chiropractor,       continuing her lifelong fitness    you are performing the exercise cor-
                                   changes to her program and           goals.                             rectly so no injury should occur, and
                                   plenty of determination, she has                                        that you get maximum benefit. the
                                                                                                           follow-up is also great and the new
                                                                                                           staff that have come on board are very
                                  Cool Fuel—Thai Chicken Curry                                             friendly, which is important for any

                                  Ingredients                              Spray a nonstick wok or large frying pan with oil and heat. Add the
                                                                           onion and cook over medium heat for 3 minutes or until soft. Add the
                                  spray of canola or olive oil             curry paste and stir-fry for 1 minute. Stir in the coconut milk and
                                  1 onion, cut into thin wedges
                                                                           stock and bring to the boil. Add the chicken, beans, capsicum and
                                  2 tablespoons red curry paste
                                  375 ml (1½ cups) can light coconut       eggplant. Reduce the heat slightly and simmer uncovered for 15 min-
                                  milk                                     utes or until the vegetables are tender and the chicken is cooked
                                  125 ml (½ cup) MAGGI chicken stock       through. Stir occasionally. Cook the rice in a large saucepan of boil-
                                  500 g or two skinless chicken breast     ing water for about 12 minutes or until tender. Add the fish sauce,
                                  fillets, cut into strips                 juice, sugar and coriander to the curry, stir through, and serve with
                                  250 g green beans, cut into 3 cm         the rice.
                                                                           HINT: Thai curry paste comes in jars, and usually keeps for a few
                                  1 green capsicum, thinly sliced
Thai Chicken Curry—               2 slender eggplant (aubergine), thinly   months in the fridge. Red or green paste may be interchanged in this
Serves 4                          sliced                                   recipe. You can also replace the eggplant with zucchini.
Nutritional Value                 2 cups white long-grain or jasmine       Preparation time: 10 minutes
                                  rice                                     Cooking time: 20 minutes, Serves 4-6
Calories   610                    1 tablespoon MAGGI fish sauce
Carbs      92g per serve          1 tablespoon lime juice                Note from Bec: I love this one because it’s an exotic recipe, with all
                                  2 teaspoons brown sugar                the ingredients readily available. I always substitute with the mildest
Prot       38g per serve          2 tablespoons chopped fresh coriander
                                                                         paste because red paste can be pretty hot, but even with a milder
Fat        14g per serve
                                                                         paste, probably not a good one for the little ones. You can add small
                                                                         cubes of potatoes and carrot as well, as it is great in curry!

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