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					                          Are you looking for a new idea to raise money for your club?

                          Do you want a fundraiser that is easy to run,
                          benefits your club and has your members smiling from ear to ear?

                          Looking for a new way to promote your sport or club!

                 If your answer is YES, you can’t go past “my club trading cards”
At “my club trading cards” we specialise in personalised trading cards. Why should the sports players/celebrities
have all the fun!

They are great for swapping with friends or handing out to those special people in your life,
E.g. Grandparents, Aunties, Uncles, class mates, etc…

What participants receive in a set
    •   10 personalised cards including:
             o   Personal details and statistics e.g. position, age, height, coach, jumper number, statistics, etc…
             o   Your club logo and/or league logo
             o   Framed in your club colours
    •   2 Sided Full Colour commercial printing
    •   310GSM Gloss Art Board
                                 (We can tailor the card design to your requirements)

                        Front                                                     Back

                                   “All this for”
                            “Just $15 a Set”
What we offer your club
“My club trading cards” is offering your club a sliding donation scale, for each set of personalised trading cards
sold. The number* of participants who take part in the fundraising determines the amount of profit you will

The table below illustrates the money your club could earn.

                          Sets Sold                                             Your Club Earns

                              25                                                        $37.50

                             0-50                                                   $112.50

                             0-75                                                   $225.00

                            0-100                                                   $375.00

                            0-125                                                   $562.50

                            0-150                                                   $787.50

                            0-175                                                  $1,050.00

                            0-200                                                  $1,350.00

*minimum order is 25 sets of 10 cards, smaller orders by prior arrangement.

Three easy steps
1) Take photographs and collect personalised Information.

2) Choose card design and send images to my club trading cards.

3) Receive your cards and club donation

What you need to do now
         Get the children and families EXCITED about this great opportunity.

         Contact “my club trading cards” to start the ball rolling.

         We will arrange to deliver:          2 x A3 size Promotional Flyers
                                              2 x A3 size Photo Date flyers
                                              2 x A5 order forms for you to photocopy

For further enquiries please contact us:

Rae Hudson                                              Terrie Stevens
w:       03 9739 4727
m:       0418 514 234                                  m:        0409 701 525
e:                 e:

Yours Sincerely,

The “my club trading cards” team

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