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									  Newsletter Number 6                                                                                  11 April, 2003

                    Longreach State High School
                                   "Giving Our Students A Future"
                                         Phone: 4652 8333 Fax: 4652 8300
                                   Web Address: http//

                                            students still working towards their        Farewell Miss Brown
                      From the              Merit Award. Since our Year 8
                      Principal’s           students and any new students have          Our students and
                      Desk                  only been with us for one term, all their   staff are sad to
                                            Term Awards will be Level 1.                farewell Ms Sandy
                      Dear Parents,                                                     Brown. Ms Brown
                      Students and          As our Student Awards Scheme is now         joined our staff on
                      Staff                 in its fourth term of implementation,       the first student-
                                            some students in Years 10, 11 and 12        free day this year
Mid-Semester Reports                        have become eligible for the first of       and            then
                                            our Bronze Awards. To achieve this          completed a ten-week internship
Our mid-semester reports have now           award, a student must have first gained     program which concluded last Friday.
been fully computerised thanks to           a Merit Award, and then two further         Ms     Brown’s      commitment      and
some great work from Mrs Moulds and         Term Awards. These students have            contribution to our school in that time
also members of staff. I believe their      demonstrated four consecutive terms of      was most appreciated.
appearance is first class, with the cover   excellence in behaviour, attendance,
of each report summarising some of          punctuality and work effort. Well           Ms Brown now leaves our school to
the key achievements and activities of      done!                                       complete her university studies by
our school and its students during first                                                midyear, after which she commences
term.                                       A number of Year 9 students have also       her full-time teaching career.
                                            demonstrated four consecutive terms of
These reports will be mailed today,         excellence, however they will require       We wish Ms Brown all the very best
together with information regarding         one further Term Award to achieve           for a wonderful future and trust that her
our parent-teacher interviews to be         their Bronze, due to different time lines   time at Longreach High contributed
held in the second week of next term,       applying to different year levels during    towards an excellent preparation for
Thursday 8th May.                           the early years of implementation.          her future. Thank you, Ms Brown.

A new booking system is being trialed       Special Assembly Guest                      Volleyball
for our interviews this year to seek to                                                 News
make the afternoon more ‘efficient’ for     Local and national celebrity, Bridget
both parents and teachers.                  Adams, recently addressed our school        A very big
                                            assembly prior to the commencement          thank you to
Please ‘read all about it’ when the         of Youth Week and of National No            Australian
reports arrive home.                        Tobacco Day.                                volleyball
Term Awards Update                          Bridget spoke briefly of her life           Peggy Sullivan for making her annual
                                            experiences and encouraged all              visit to our school to run a volleyball
Included with this newsletter are           students to feel free to ‘dream’ and to     training camp for our Senior Physical
comprehensive lists of all students who     turn one’s dreams into life’s goals.        Education and Recreation students.
have gained Term Awards for this
current term. Congratulations to these                                                  The senior boys were very keen to
147 students, representing 74% of our                                                   challenge Miss Sullivan to see just how
student population.                                                                     good she is at her chosen sport. As I
                                                                                        write, I still await the result of this
Term Awards are classified as either                                                    challenge match, however Peggy’s
Level 1 or Level 2. Level 2 Term                                                        sister, Miss Amanda Sullivan, assures
Awards are given to those students                                                      me that the boys will be disappointed
who have already received a Merit                                                       in the result.
Award; Level 1 Awards are for those
Longreach State High School Newsletter                                                                                Page 2

Date Claimer – QCS              Parent      teams in the Open and 15 Years age           Christie Hoad, Renea Johnston
Information Evening                         groups respectively.                         Angela Kerrigan, David Le Page
                                                                                         Rachel Lee, Tyler Luck
As mentioned in a previous newsletter,      Zac Ballard, Jessica Barbeler and            Ashton Marks, Mark Naish
our Year 12 students have already           Renea Johnston were selected as              Mitchell Neuendorf, Nathan Oates
commenced their Queensland Core             shadows. Well done to all students.          Jamie O’Neil, Thomas O’Neill
Skills (QCS) Test preparation.                                                           Kylie Patterson, Clayton Perkins
                                            Rugby League                                 James Rawlins, Peter Richards
To assist parents with understanding                                                     Kristin Saunders, Angela Skaines
this very important test and to also help   Congratulations also to Trent Hoad and       Steven Waldron, Daisy Walton
understand what their students are          Casey Peacock, and Jesse Bell for their      Rhys Wiseman, Selina Woodfield
‘going through’, our school holds an        selections in the NW Regional Rugby
annual Information Evening for parents      League teams in the Open and 15              Year 11
of Year 12 students. Parents of students    Years age groups respectively.               Lynton Ankor, Zac Ballard
in Years 8 to 11 are also most welcome                                                   Kirrily Douglas, Ian Fairweather
to attend.                                  Netball                                      Becky Hoad, Timothy Jenkyn
                                                                                         Cameron Kleinschmidt,
This evening occurs after the May Day       Well done Kasey Jackson, Rebecca             Chloe Richards, Nikita Schmidt
Long Weekend and is scheduled for           Lees and Erina Ormond, and Jessica
Wednesday 7th May, from 7:30 –              Barbeler, Ashleigh Helder and Jessie         Year 12
8:30pm.                                     McPhee for their selections in the           Kay Ankor, Jennifer Brown
                                            North Western Regional Netball teams         Janelle Cavill, Nathan Dare
Please come along and enjoy being a         in the Open and 15 Years age groups          Tom Eggerling, Jade Fuller
‘lifelong learner’.                         respectively. Casey Lees was selected        Luke Jones, Michael Le Page
                                            as a shadow for the Open team.               Casey Lees, Erin Martens
National Academic Competitions                                                           Timothy Naish, Roxanne Pidgeon
                                            Soccer                                       Carmen Rogers, Madonna Smith
Term 2 is a big term for our students as                                                 Peter Thurecht, Marnie Waldron
it means that the National Academic         Congratulations to Brodie Lymbery            Courtnee Wegert, Ivan Woodfield
Competitions commence. Key dates            upon his selection as a shadow for the       Petina Wright
are as follows:                             Northern Regional Soccer team
                                            following the visit of three of our          Longreach State High School
Science Competition - 6th May               students to Townsville for the trials last   Level 1 Term Awards –
Computer Studies Competition - 21st         weekend. Thank you to the parents            Term 1, 2003
May                                         who helped make the weekend trip
English Competition - 18th June             possible.                                    Year 8
The Westpac Mathematics                                                                  Tyson Ballard, Jessica Barbeler
Competition occurs in third term.           The year is not yet over and already         Katale Branfield, Emma Cavill
                                            our students who gained 47 District          Melissa Corling, Cody Daley
I’m expecting big things from our           sporting representations and 25              Carly Daniels, Regan Douglas
students this year. We are determined       Regional sporting representations.           Bradley Fuller, Grace Jones
as a school to ‘lift’ our performance       These numbers exceed the numbers             Wray Kleinschmidt, Hugh MacIntosh
against national benchmarks and to          given on the covers of our Mid-              Hamish Martens, Todd McAndrew
increase the number of certificates of      Semester reports, as some students           Hayden Megaw, Heath Millar
High Distinction, Distinction and           were selected in Regional teams after        Sara Milligan, Brendon Morris
Credit that our students receive.           the reports went to print.                   Nathan Peake, Samuel Pitt
                                                                                         Cameron Quilty, Kyle Spence
The chances of this occurring are                                                        Lachlan Tindall, Rachel Tindall
increased by improving our preparation                                                   Stephanie Turnbull, Nicholus Watson
methods for these competitions, and                                                      Sophie Wilkinson, Jesse Williamson
we will be seeking to do this in the        Ken Green
                                            Principal                                    Tyne Wiseman
weeks     leading    up    to    these
competitions.                                                                            Year 9
                                            Term Awards
                                                                                         Liam Thurecht
Representative Sport
                                            Longreach State High School
                                            Bronze Awards – Term 1, 2003                 Year 10
Touch                                                                                    Jade Bowen, Emma Degoumois
                                            Year 10                                      Amy MacIntosh, Tara McIntosh
Congratulations to Jade Fuller, Casey                                                    Christopher Parker, Jaime-Lee Penrose
Peacock, Blake Williamson, and              James Acton, Elizabeth Angus
Madonna Smith, and Jesse Bell and           Jesse Bell, Tania Britton
                                            Melissa Cavill, Emily Curtis                 Year 11
Megan Ellison for their selections in                                                    Deborah Eyre, Tiffany Fickling
the North Western Regional Touch            Chloe Fuller, Brodie Hatherall
                                                                                         Brodie Jackson, Kasey Jackson
Longreach State High School Newsletter                                                                  Page 3

Nathaniel Johnston, Rebecca Lees   Tom Eggerling, Jade Fuller             Legal Studies Excursion
Natasha McCann, Lloyd Moloney      Luke Jones, Michael Le Page
Reece Pacey, Pauline Peake         Casey Lees, Erin Martens               On Wednesday, 12 March the Year 11
Denise Quilty                      Isabel Meissner, Timothy Naish         Legal Studies students took part in an
                                   Casey Peacock, Alisha Penrose          excursion    to     reinforce     their
Year 12                            Roxanne Pidgeon, Carmen Rogers         understanding about the law.
Morgan Lithgow, Erina Ormond       Madonna Smith, Karen Tanks
Kenny Walton                       Peter Thurecht, Marnie Waldron         We have covered an introduction to
                                   Courtnee Wegert, Ivan Woodfield        law this term and we had the chance to
Longreach State High School        Petina Wright                          see it working in real life.
Level 2 Term Awards –
Term 1, 2003                       Longreach State                        First we visited the Police Station
                                   High School                            where Carolyn Doyle was fantastic in
Year 9                             Merit Awards –                         explaining her job. She demonstrated
Jacquetta Arnold, BJ Bernie        Term 1, 2003                           equipment, gave us plenty of
Ferghal Berry, David Bielenberg                                           information and showed us around the
Tamika Cook, James Cuddy           Year 10                                station.
Alexandra Dean, Megan Ellison      Tara McIntosh, Jaime-Lee Penrose
Lesley Fraser, Ashleigh Helder                                            Students were particularly interested in
Rheanna Hoad, Rebecca Johnston     Year 11                                the watchhouse.
Wayne Kerrigan, Leah Leask         Brodie Jackson, Nathaniel Johnston
Shadae Lewis, Julian Luke          Rebecca Lees, Natasha McCann
Jessie McPhee, Joan Morgan         Lloyd Moloney
Richard Parkinson,
Charlene Rosenkranz                Year 12
William Whittaker                  Morgan Lithgow, Kenneth Walton
Carissa Wiseman
                                   Anzac Day
Year 10                            Commemoration, 2003
James Acton, Elizabeth Angus
Jesse Bell, Tania Britton          Our      school’s    Anzac       Day
Anna Brooke, Melissa Cavill        Commemoration ceremony will be
Emily Curtis, Chloe Fuller         held at the Multi-purpose Shelter on   A big thank you must go to Carolyn for
Brodie Hatherall, Christie Hoad    Thursday 17 April, commencing at       giving up her time and agreeing to take
Graeme Hoad, Renea Johnston        10.00 am. All parents,                 us on the ‘tour’.
Angela Kerrigan, Rachel Lee        guardians and community
David Le Page, Tyler Luck          members are welcome to
Carla Luke, Brodie Lymbery         attend.
Ashton Marks, Sarah Martyr
Mark Naish, Aidan Nelson           Our     school     will    be
Mitchell Neuendorf                 represented in the Anzac Day March
Jamie O’Neil, Thomas O’Neill       on Friday 25 April. Students able to
Nathan Oates, Kylie Patterson      attend are asked to assemble at the
Sarah Peatey, Clayton Perkins      Longreach RSL at 8.45 am and at
Megan Pitman, James Rawlins        Ilfracombe at 10.45 am. Students are
Peter Richards, Kristan Saunders   required to wear school uniform.
Angela Skaines, Steven Waldron
Daisy Walton, Rhys Wiseman
Selina Woodfield                   Changes To Assessment
                                   Calendar                               For the remainder of the morning we
Year 11                                                                   attended a session of the Magistrate’s
Lynton Ankor, Zac Ballard          SOS567 From: 2 May Oral                Court.
Luke Dorrstein, Kirrily Douglas    To: 26 May Assignment
Ian Fairweather, Becky Hoad        SOS565 From: 6 May Oral                Students could apply the concepts
Timothy Jenkyn                     To: 6 May Prac                         they’ve learned over the last few weeks
Cameron Kleinschmidt               SOS567 From: 10 June Exam              in class to actual situations and
Mia McIntyre, ,Chloe Richards      To: 17 June Exam                       hopefully understand the legal process
Chloe Rossberg, Nikita Schmidt     Year 11 Hospitality From: 19 May       a little more.
Ben Tindall, Blair Williamson      Assignment To: 22 May Assignment
                                   TEH562 From: 11 June Prac                                        Kym Rumsey
Year 12                            To 12 June Prac                                         Legal Studies Teacher
Kay Ankor, Jennifer Brown          TEH562 From 12 June Assignment
Janelle Cavill, Nathan Dare        To: 16 June Assignment
Longreach State High School Newsletter                                                                              Page 4

Photography Competition                   Longreach Athletics Club                    2. Who is the young hero raised by
                                                                                      wolves in Rudyard Kipling’s Jungle
As part of Youth Week, the local                                                      Book series?
Youth Council held a Photography                                                      Mowgli
                                                                The       Longreach
Competition.     For this, fourteen                             Athletics Club is
students of Longreach State High                                                      3. Which 100m star lost his gold medal
                                                                holding a Club
School were each given a disposable                                                   at the 1988 Olympics after failing a
                                                                Meet on Sunday 13
camera and asked to create photo                                                      drugs test?
                                                                April starting at 9
collages based on the idea of ‘River                                                  Ben Johnson
                                                                am, with a warm up
Days’.                                                          at 8.45 am.
                                                                                      A Reminder Notice
If you saw some enthusiastic young        The next Club Meet will be Sunday 27
photographers snapping away down          April.                                      Outback Musical Adventure Camp
near the Thomson River recently, this                                                 at Ilfracombe.
would explain what they were doing.
                                          Educational Tour of New
                                                                                      This very exciting live-in holiday
The students involved were: Jenny         Caledonia 2004                              program, loaded with lots of fun for
Brown, Isi Meissner, Roxy Pidgeon,                                                    Grades 5 to 9, starts Easter Monday
Ken Stevenson, Sara Milligan, Sophie      This meeting was previously scheduled       21st April and finishes with a public
Wilkinson, Sam Pitt, Tim Jenkyn,          for Monday 24 March but was                 concert on Saturday night 26 April.
Tanika Robinson, David Larrigan, Will     postponed to the new date.
Krcmar, Tereeza Poi, Shadae Lewis                                                     Cost $115 all inclusive
and Selina Henchen.                       All interested students and their
                                          parents/guardians are invited to attend     Please register by Tuesday 15th
On Friday April 4, an exhibition of       an information evening.                     Contact Dave or Pauline Peake,
these works was held at The Gallery in                                                Scripture Union, Longreach
Ibis Street, where more than fifty        This meeting will now be held on
people attended. Sophie Wilkinson and     Monday 14 April 2003 at 7:30 pm in          Phone: 4658 0471
Jenny Brown were announced as the         the French Room (A047).                     Fax 4658 2856
winners of the junior and senior                                                      Email:
categories, respectively.                 The meeting will
                                          cover such things
                                                                                      Important Dates – Term 2
Congratulations to the girls and to all   as cost of the tour
of those who participated. Thank you      and fundraising                             Student Free Day                28 April
for your creativity and involvement       options.                                    P & C Meeting                   28 April
                                                                                      Day 1, Term 1                   29 April
                        Katrina Laurie    Students or parents/guardians wishing       Labour Day Holiday                5 May
                          Art Teacher     to go on the tour but are unable to         Australian Schools Science
                                          attend the information night are to          Competition                      6 May
                                          contact Mrs Moffat at the school on         QCS Test Parent Information
Health Tips                                                                            Evening                          7 May
                                          4652 8333.
                                                                                      Parent Teacher Interviews         8 May
Five more ways to love your body:                                                     Show Day Public Holiday          14 May
                                          Quick Quiz                                  Education Week              19 – 23 May
Keep a list of 10 positive things about                                               School Council Meeting           19 May
yourself – without mentioning your        1. The pyramids were burial chambers        Australian Schools Computer
                                          for the rulers of which country?             Studies Competition             21 May
appearance. Add to it!
                                                                                      P & C Meeting                    26 May
                                          2. With what style of music is              Queen’s Birthday Holiday          9 June
Put a sign on each of your mirrors                                                    State of Origin 1                11 June
saying, “I’m beautiful inside and out.”   American band Nirvana associated?
                                                                                      Interhouse Cross Country         18 June
Choose to find the beauty in the world                                                Australian Schools English
and in yourself.                          3. In which Alfred Hitchcock movie           Competition                     18 June
                                          did actress Tippi Hedron make her           P & C Meeting                    23 June
Start saying to yourself, “Life is too    movie debut?                                State of Origin 2                25 June
short to waste my time hating my body                                                 End-Semester 1 Reports
this way.”                                Answers to Last Newsletter’s Quick            Mail out                       27 June
                                          Quiz                                        Final Day – Term 2               27 June
Eat when you are hungry. Rest when
                                          1. What is the smallest bird in the         Please note that Term 2 is a 9 week
you are tired. Surround yourself with
                                          world?                                      term.
people that remind you of your inner
strength and beauty.                      The Bee Hummingbird: It’s less than 7
                                          cm from the tip of its beak to the tip of
                                          its tail.
Longreach State High School Newsletter                                                                            Page 5

                          OUR SUCCESS STORIES
                                   A profile of a past student

                  Highlighting our students who have used their senior education
                         as a springboard to becoming successful adults.

      Jodie Browning (nee Harris)
Date Of Attendance       1989 - 1993

Current Working          Product Manager
Position                 Sydney

Senior Subjects          English
Studied                  Mathematics I
                         Modern History

Post School Education    University of Queensland
                             -    Bachelor Of Arts
                                  (Double Psychology Major)
                         Securities Institute
                             -    Post Graduate Diploma
                                  Finance and Economics

Memories of LSHS         It seems like just yesterday that I was at high school, yet at the same time myself and my
                         classmates have all come quite a long way since then. Like everything else in life (and in
                         nature generally), your roots are what help you to grow. Therefore, in no small way LSHS
                         helped me to become the person that I am today. Thinking back, there are several things that I
                         clearly remember contributing to my desire to succeed. Key amongst these were the support
                         that I was provided with from both my teachers and my Principal, and of course, the support of
                         my family (without which my life may have been very different!). The colloquialism "Great
                         things come in small packages," fits in well with my experience of LSHS. LSHS is a small
                         school (in comparison to other larger 'city' schools), yet this, combined with its relative
                         isolation, did not seem to impede the dedication of teachers in the provision of support and
                         guidance, nor did it seem to impact upon critical resources. In fact, my Accounting class in
                         Grade 12 was quite remarkable. It consisted of 2 students, one of whom was myself! This is
                         probably the best teacher-student ratio ever (no big class sizes to detract from learning!).

                         Whilst at school, I was the School Captain and as such was involved with many aspects of the
                         School's operations. From the Student Council, to participating in a range of school sports
                         (including Inter-School, Regional and State competitions), to drama and school plays, LSHS
                         offered an entire spectrum of opportunities to develop new skills and to foster new
                         relationships. All in all, we did quite well with what we had and if there was something that we
                         'didn't' have, then we didn't seem to miss it!

                         Whilst I was unsure of what direction I wanted to head when I was at school, the opportunities
                         presented (both via direct schooling and 'extra-curricular' activities) allowed me the freedom of
                         choice once I was more sure of what career path I wanted to pursue. After completing a
                         Bachelor of Arts degree, I then went on to pursue a career in the finance industry beginning
                         with Marketing, then through various opportunities, into stockbroking and then settling into a
                         career in Product Development (Finance). I also pursued additional studies and qualifications
                         specific to the finance industry in order to further my knowledge and to support promotions
                         throughout my career. I have now begun the most difficult, but most rewarding career ...
                         motherhood (and there is nothing that I would do to change it!).

Message for Present      You never know where life will take you ... and a little luck, plus a calculated risk could send
Students                 your career in directions you may never have imagined. Don't be afraid to reach for the
                         stars, but sometimes the moon is all you need to be happy! Good luck!

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