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					5 FEBRUARY 2009

                                    Dear Parents,
12th    Parent Cocktail Party
                                    WELCOME BACK
17th    Parent Teacher
                                    I hope all our families enjoyed the holidays and that
                                    all our students are starting the new school year
March                               feeling refreshed and ready for all the challenges
                                    that this year will bring. We have three new additions
6th     Summer Sport Round          to our teaching staff this year. Francine Combes will
        Robin for Year 5 & 6        be teaching art on Wednesdays, Anu Vats will be taking over from
9th     Labour Day Holiday
                                    Bernadette Jackson in the Library from Term 2 while Bernadette is
                                    on leave and Wendy Mann returns from family leave. You may
10th    School Photos               recall that Anu taught in Year 4 for Term 3 last year. During Term
                                    1 Anu will be providing extra support in the Prep classes. We will
27th    Syndal District Athletics   be providing extra support for both Prep classes throughout the
        for Years 3-6               year.
                                    I would like to extend a warm welcome to all new students and
        Term 1 Ends                 their families and I am sure you will enjoy your time at Pinewood.

20th    Term 2 Begins               CLASS STRUCTURE
                                    Our class structure is as follows:
                                    Prep H               - Tracy Hobson
4th-8th Grade 5/6 Camp              Prep P               - Nadia Persi
                                    1J                   - Sandra James
June                                1S                   - Jacinta Stephens
8th  Queen’s Birthday Public        2B                   - Maria Blias
     Holiday                        2M                   - Wendy Mann
                                    3/4M                 - Karen Moloney
9th     African Drumming
        Incursion – Whole           3/4R                 - Robyn Russell
        School                      3/4T                 - Greg Tate
                                    5M                   - Jess Murphy
12th    Report Writing Day          5S                   - Sandra McGregor
                                    6MN                  - Robbie Mallett/Julie Nelms
26th    Term 2 Ends
                                    6U                   - Karina Ung
July                                Library              - Bernadette Jackson/Anu Vats
                                    Art                  - Sue Baker & Francine Combes
13th    Term 3 begins               Music                - Heather McLaughlin
                                    Physical Education - Robbie Mallett
22nd Parent Teacher                 Reading Recovery/Maths Intervention - Helen Dent
                                    Assistant Principal - Sally Kennedy

10th-14th Op Shop                   PARENT / TEACHER INTERVIEWS
                                    We will be holding ‘getting to know you’ parent/teacher interviews
September                           on Tuesday, 17th February. You will receive a notice on Monday
18th    End Term 3
                                    regarding the times.
                                                             5 FEBRUARY NEW SLETTER

We will be holding a cocktail party in the hall
                                                        SCHOOL CAPTAINS
next Thursday, 12th February at 7pm. This
will enable parents to meet staff and other                  Esther Kim
parents in an informal, social setting. All
parents are welcome to attend. No children                 Ranul Ranepura
please. Please see the reply slip on page 6 of
this newsletter.                                       Sturt House Captains (Yellow)
                                                               Maxine Linz
MAXINE MORAND VISIT TO PREPS                                   Nathan Airey
The Minister for Children and Early Childhood
Development, Maxine Morand, visited our           Dampier House Captains (Green)
Preps on their first morning at school and
                                                           Olivia Baxter
presented them with their Welcome to School
bags. I am very impressed with the way the                Alex Cockinaras
new Preps have settled into school and I am
particularly pleased with the care their Year 6    Flinders House Captains (Blue)
Buddies have shown to their new charges.                    Julia Coutselinis
                                                        Stephen Pantelopoulos
Parents are reminded that the Department
                                                       Cook House Captains (Red)
does not provide personal accident insurance
for students. Parents and guardians are                        Tayla Mutz
generally responsible for paying the cost of               Gerry Dimitropoulos
medical treatment for injured students,
including any transport costs.                               Sports Captains
                                                              Ella Robertson
PERSONAL GOODS BROUGHT TO SCHOOL                              Gabriel Endozo
Personal property is often brought to school
by students, staff and visitors. This can                    Arts Captains
include mobile phones, calculators, toys,                    Belinda Bouazza
sporting equipment and cars parked on                         Alecia Gourlas
school premises.
                                                              Park Rangers
The Department of Education and Early                          Ashley Smith
Childhood Development does not hold
                                                                See Lee Ma
insurance for personal property brought to
schools and it will generally not pay for any                Georgia Pearson
loss or damage to such property.                             Nathaniel Knight
                                                              Angela Waller
SCHOOL COUNCIL ELECTIONS                                       Sharika Datt
In next week’s newsletter I will be calling for
nominations for School Council. There are                    Library Monitors
four parent vacancies for council and I would
                                                             Tylah Kerr-Smith
like to encourage anyone who is interested to
apply. I would also ask those council                       Jasmine Palioportas
members whose term of office is up to                             Mia Zhou
consider standing again.                                      Scott Thompson
                                                               Jess Carpenter
                                                                Justin Singh
Maurice Baker                                                  Naomi Manuel
                                                                  Jacob Li

                                                         5 FEBRUARY NEW SLETTER

                                               CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION
     ALLOWANCE                                   FORMS, INCLUDING THOSE
EMA forms for 2009 are available               WITHOUT CH ANGES, ARE TO BE
  from the office. If you have a                 RETURNED TO THE CLASS
                                                  TEACHER BY FRIDAY, 13
 health care card or pension card,
                                                     FEBRUARY, 2009 .
please enquire at the office as you           Please be aware that if contact
      may be eligible to claim.               numbers have changed and the
                                              school has not been notified, we
  Forms must be at the office no              cannot be held responsible for not
  later than 21st February 2009.              contacting you in an emergency.

          TERM DATES 2009                           ABSENCE NOTES
                                               It is a requirement of the Department
Term 1                                          of Education that notes are required
February 2nd   Years 1 – 6 begin              for ALL student absences. If absences
February 3rd   Preps begin                    are phoned in on the day, please send
Term ends      Friday, 3rd April               a note the following day to cover this
Term 2
Monday 20th April – Friday, 26th June          The assistant principal will follow up
                                                    any unexplained absences.
Term 3
Monday, 13th July – Friday, 18th September

Term 4                                         PLEASE REMEMBER THE
Monday, 5th October – Friday, 18th
                                                 40kph SPEED LIMIT
                                               OUTSIDE THE SCHOOL

                                                    Parents should note that
          REMINDER                              advertisements that appear in the
                                                newsletter are not necessarily the
  Just a reminder that excursion               views of the school council or staff.
 levies are now due and payable.                  These services are in no way
  As excursions & incursions are
                                                 connected to the Department of
starting soon, please pay this levy                Education and are included
      so your child can attend.               according to relevance and interest to
                                                     the school community.

                                                                       5 FEBRUARY NEW SLETTER

                                                            A REMINDER - RITCHIES
                 SOCCER PLAYERS WANTED
                    WAVERLEY VICTORY FC
                    Come join a friendly and               COMMUNITY BENEFIT CARD
                    progressive football club
                                                           Pinewood Primary School has been
•    Quality coaches with FFV qualifications               registered with the Ritchies Supermarket
•    Quality teams
•    Friendly and supportive environment
•    Academy style training available for elite
     players                                               If you shop at Ritchies, you can apply for a
                                                           Ritchies Community Benefit Card, which
Registration Day                                           entitles you to instant discounts on various
Players wanted for Under 5’s to under 18’s
                                                           products instore. Ritchies donates 1% of
Sunday 15th Feb 2008
10:00 am to 2:00 pm                                        the money you spend on groceries to the
Brandon Park Reserve, Ferntree Gully Road
                                                           school of your choice. This does not only
Glen Waverley Map Ref: 71 C8                               apply to people who shop at the Mt.
                                                           Waverley store. Relatives in other suburbs
                                                           can also nominate Pinewood as their
Enquiries please contact Waverley Victory FC
Bradley Thomas      0411 201 128                           preferred school.
Leo Bevacqua 0418 332 783
                                                           Richies has given the school cards and
                                                           key tags that have already been
                                                           registered to Pinewood Primary School,
                                                           so there is no need to return the
                                                           application forms to the store. If you
              Guitar Lessons                               shop at Ritchies, or know of someone
    Guitar lessons will be commencing                      who shops there and would like to
         on Monday, 16th February                          support our school, please drop by the
                                                           office and collect a card. The card or
    Please contact Stephanie McKenzie                      key tag can be used at ANY of Ritchies
        on 0402 993 111 for further                        32 supermarkets or 33 liquor stores.
                                                           Each month Ritchies will automatically
                                                           credit our bank account. Please remember
                                                           that if you shop at Ritchies you are helping
australian girls choir                                     to raise funds for our school.
Girls will become more confident
as they learn singing, dancing
                                                           This year the last year’s funds will be
and performing
Our senior performers dazzle the                           used to purchase a free standing shade
world, but first they entertained                          shelter for the school community.
their Mums and Dads
If she likes to sing, dance and play then let us inspire
her to see the world as her stage

                                                                           5 FEBRUARY NEW SLETTER

     Piano Tuition Program
‘Musical ability is not always an inborn talent
                                                              WAVERLEY PARK HAWKS
                                                                          Formerly the ‘W averley P anthers’
but an ability that can be developed’                              
Shinichi Suzuki
Young children are naturally enthusiastic about
music. It is never too late learning to play an                Waverley Park Hawks
instrument. Love of music is a gift that will
continue to enrich them all their lives. The best              Junior Football Club
way to impart this gift is by making music a part           Proudly Affiliated with the Hawthorn
of the children's experience from their earliest                       Football Club
                                                                             Registration Day
Children learn best with movement and                              Sunday 8th February 2009
imagination. Their musical sense will greatly
improve with teachers helping them to develop
their potential, without restricting their
imagination. I hope to influence my students with
                                                                   Columbia Park
my passion for music. Helping them to increase               Columbia Drive, Wheelers Hill
their appreciation of music and being able to enjoy               Melways 71 H11
playing the piano. Examinations serve only as a
benchmark of measuring students' standards, but                ALL ARE W ELCOME TO A FREE SAUSAGE
are only recommended when students are ready                                 SIZZLE .
and have already established a good musical
sense.                                                         WIN WIN WIN WIN WIN WIN WIN WIN
Piano Tuition Program during school hours is                All players registered on or before the 8th February
available for 200 9. Anyone who wishes their child           will go into the draw to win a Family Membership
to participate, please fill in the slip below and           with the Hawthorn Football Club valued at $500.00
leave it at the school office, or contact Wai Ling
Yee personally on 0424 640 766. Fees are $130                HAVE YOUR PHOTO TAKEN WITH THE
for 5 lessons. Fees must be paid in the first lesson.           2008 AFL PREMIERSHIP CUP

Wai Ling Yee                                                  Hawthorn Football Club (Club Sponsor) will be
                                                              bringing the 2008 AFL Premiership Cup to our
Bachelor of Arts (Music)                                                    Registration Day.
                                                             This will be a great photo opportunity for all club
Please return to Wai Ling Yee via the School                  members, especially for Hawthorn supporters.
Office.                                                     Check our club website, to
                                                              find out times that the cup will be on display.
            Piano Tuition Program
Child's name: ____________________________
                                                            Enquiries to Paul Deegan 0419 150 272
Class: __________________________________                         Mary Siakoulis 0413 599 572

Contact name: ____________________________

Contact number: __________________________

RESPECT            SELF CONFIDENCE                  INTEGRITY      RESPONSIBILITY                     OPTIMISM
                                            5 FEBRUARY NEW SLETTER


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