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					                                  DANCE EXPRESSIONS
                         Confidential Student Registration Form
                                       2009-2010 season
                    Please fill out the form below and mail it to:
                                  DANCE EXPRESSIONS
                           885 Main St., Tewksbury, MA 01876

         Student’s Name:_______________________________________________

        Age________Date of Birth:_______________School Grade 9/09:_________


        Home Telephone:______________________________________________

        Parent’s or Guardian’s Name:_____________________________________

        Daytime or Cell Phone:__________________________________________

        E-Mail Address:_______________________________________________

             List any medical conditions that we should be aware of:

         Referred By: Please let us know how you heard about Dance Expressions:

                          REGISTRATION FEE                                                                  Tap           Jazz            Ballet           Hip Hop
$10.00 per student or $20.00 total per family before June 1st, 2009
 $15.00 per student & $30.00 total per family after June 1st, 2009                                         Musical Theater         Modern         Pointe     Tumbling
       Registrations will not be accepted until fee is paid!
         Style of dance student would like to take: (circle all that apply)                         Boys       Zumba     Competition Teams          Celtic Step
        New Explorers                Creative Kids                     Musical Theater
     (Tap & gymnastics)             (Tap, Jazz & Ballet)                                           Cheer/Dance     Bollywood         Music Together-Stacy Dolliver
 Tumbling              Modern            Pointe               Ballet                Hip Hop        ______________________________________
  Tap           Jazz          Boys          Celtic Step      Ballywood Cheer/Dance                    885 Main Street Tewksbury, MA 01876
                                                                                                                             (BEHIND DELI KING)
    Would you be interested in a competition dance team: YES or NO
     -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------                          (978) 851-8640
                                       *Class preference:
                                              (Circle)                                                            DIRECTOR: Jessica Durante
             Weekday (morning)                Weekday (afternoon)              Saturday
                          COURSE DESCRIPTIONS
New Explorers $33.00 per month (45 minutes) Ages 2- 4                                                                             DANCE COMPANY
For our youngest students this class is sure to please. Through song, dance,                     We will be looking for students to join our dance company. Dance company
imaginative play, tumbling, games and much more, children will have a great time                 students and parents need to understand that company is a big commitment.
developing physical and social skills in a happy, encouraging and fun environment.               Students will be chosen according to ability, enthusiasm and devotion.
Theatrical tan tap shoes are required.
                                                                                                 Attendance is mandatory for company classes as well as recreational classes.
Creative Kids $37.00 per month (45 minutes - 1 hour) Ages 4 - 8                                  Classes will be according to levels not age. If you are already in company, it
This unique program inspires a love for dance while teaching children the basics of              does not necessarily mean you will be in company the following year.
dance and so much more! In these classes students will develop fine and gross motor              Conditioning or ballet class is mandatory for all company students. Students
skills, listening skills, socialization, discipline, rhythm and musicality. Most                 will be competing in tap, jazz, ballet, musical theater, tumbling and/or hip hop
importantly the children are taught to have fun! Students will learn Tap, Jazz & Ballet          in various shows and competitions. Students and parents need to be available
but will only perform 2 dances in the recital, see fall schedule. Theatrical tan tap shoes       to travel throughout the state. We will also need a copy of the student’s birth
& Tan jazz boots are required.                                                                   certificate-if it’s not on file. Students and parents will need to sign a contract.
Tap $33.00 per month (45 minutes – 1 hour) Ages 6 and up
Tap is wonderful to help promote rhythm and musicality. In older and more advanced               Dance Company Fees consist of:
student quick footwork, coordination and precision are emphasized while still                        Warm-up suit-Approximately $100.00
perfecting rhythmic skills. Tan or Black tap boots are required.                                     Competition fees-Due no later than January 1st
                                                                                                       An average of $35.00 per dance per competition
Jazz $33.00 per month (45 minutes- 1hour) Ages 6 and up                                              Hair pieces/t-shirts, jewelry, etc. additional cost
Class consists of three parts: warm up – which includes strength training, flexibility,
core placement; across the floor progressions – where jumps, turns and leaps are
                                                                                                     Costume deposits due August 29th, 2009 of $50.00 each costume
executed and perfected; combinations – this is where students take all they are learning
and working on and put it all together for a fun performance style dance. Tan or Black           Fund-Raisers: There will be various fundraisers to help defray the cost of
jazz boots are required.                                                                         company dues and tuition. If anyone has any suggestions on a fund-raiser
                                                                                                 please feel free to let us know.
Ballet $33.00 per month (45 minutes- 1 hour) Ages 6 and up
Being the foundation of all other dance styles, Ballet is highly recommended for all
students. The discipline of ballet will improve posture, coordination, learning ability,
                                                                                                 Company Dance Attire:
self discipline, dance etiquette, and self confidence. As students get older they will           Female students will wear any color leotard and tights. During jazz
learn lyrical ballet. Check with teacher for shoe requirement.                                   class students can wear shorts. Hair must be in a ponytail.
Tumbling $33.00 per month (45 minutes- 1 hour) Ages 6 and up
Limbering and stretching exercises emphasized with acrobatic technique. Learning the basic
                                                                                                 Male students can wear sweatpants and a fitted shirt.
gymnastic floor moves (cartwheels, somersaults, backbends, etc.) and eventually working on the
more technical tricks(walkover, handsprings, tucks, etc.). No shoes are required.
Hip Hop $33.00 per month (45 minutes-1 hour) Ages 6 and up                                        Dance Expressions and the instructors are not liable for
Fun for both boys and girls, hip – hop is an enjoyable and challenging class designed
to teach hip dance moves while improving strength and coordination. Hip – hop,
                                                                                                 personal injuries or loss or damage to personal properties.
which is the type of dance most commonly seen in music videos, is very upbeat and                 Each student may decline to participate in any activity.
provides a great workout! Sneakers & comfortable loose clothing is required.                     Please inform your instructor of any physical limitations,
We offer a BOYS only Hiphop class!
                                                                                                       which may prevent full participation in class.
                                                                                                BIRTHDAY PARTIES
For your convenience, tuition for the year can be paid in two different
ways. You may make 10 monthly payments due on the first of every             Now you can pick up the pace at your birthday party when
month, or choose to pay by semester.                                         you have it here at DANCE EXPRESSIONS!
           WE NOW ACCEPT VISA & MC
                                    Monthly                Semester          We now have PRINCESS, HANNA MONTANA, HIGH
45 minute                           $33.00                 $148.50
Creative Kids Combo                 $37.00                 $166.50           SCHOOL MUSICAL & OTHER CHARACTER Birthday
Celtic Step                         $42.00                 $189.00           parties for children ages 4 and older, held on Saturday &
Combo Class (1hr. – 1hr. 15min.)    $45.00                 $202.50           Sunday afternoons.
Zumba                               $5 class OR $25 unlimited month

                FIRST SEMESTER (Sept. to Jan. 31st)                          The cost is $125.00 TOTAL unlimited kids
                     Tuition is due by Sept. 1st
                                                                             All you need to do is bring the cake.
              SECOND SEMESTER (Feb. 1st to Recital)
                    Tuition is due by Feb. 1st
                                                                             The “Birthday Boy or Birthday Girl” gets to pick out the
   ONLY ONE DISCOUNT PER FAMILY WILL BE ALLOWED                              song he/she would like to dance to with their friends.
To receive full discounts, all payments must be made by the above
dates. If tuition is not paid by due dates, all discounts will be
                                                                             We have a variety of costumes that the children can pick out
forfeited.                                                                   to wear during the party.

Family Discount: Any family or student who takes 4 or more classes will      The parties are approximately 1½ hours long consisting of:
receive 10% off their monthly tuition.

Ultimate Discount: Take unlimited classes for one price. $140.00 per
                                                                             -   Dance with your favorite princess/character
month regardless of how many classes per student. Classes must be age        -   learning a jazz dance
appropriate.                                                                 -   playing games
                                                                             -   Dance Expressions PRIZE for the Birthday Child
Please note: There is a $10.00 late fee on payments not received by the
first of every month. There is a $25.00 fee for all checks returned by the   -   picture with all their friends
bank.                                                                        -   juices included
________________________________________________________                     -   all party supplies included
                                                                             -   opening gifts
A deposit of $50.00 per costume is due by August 29th or at the time         -   HAVING FUN!
of registration. Costumes range from $50 to $90. You will be notified
of any balance due. The remaining balance must be paid by December 1st             HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!!!
       No refunds will be given on costumes after December 1st
                       STUDIO GUIDELINES

                            Class Placement
Students are placed at the appropriate levels in each subject based on a                   COURSE DESCRIPTIONS-Continued
combination of age, previous dance training, and their demonstrated
                                                                            Musical Theater $33.00 per month (45 minutes – 1 hour) Ages 8 and up
skill. Students do not necessarily change levels each year since classes
                                                                            This class is designed for the “performer”! This class will teach stage presence,
often vary in pace within the same level according to how each group        expression, acting and stylistic dance from Broadway musicals. Get ready to be crazy
works together. Changes may be suggested after classes begin to             & expressive. Fun class for everyone!
assure that each student receives the best possible learning
experience.                                                                 Pointe/Pre-pointe $33.00 per month (45 minutes – 1 hour) Ages 10 and up
                                                                            Once a student has developed and mastered strong and proper technique and the
                             Absenteeism                                    student is developmentally fit, she will be advanced to pointe classes. Most students
Regular attendance is mandatory for all students. Attendance is taken       will start with pre - pointe in addition to their regular ballet classes. This class will
                                                                            consist of exercises to help develop the foot and ankle muscles in preparation for
at the beginning of each class. Perfect attendance award is handed out
                                                                            pointe shoes.
at the end of the year. No refunds or discounts given for missed
classes.                                                                    Modern $33.00 (45 minutes – 1 hour) ages 10 & up
                                                                            Modern dance is designed to expand ones perceptions of dance. Teachers encourage
                           Snow Cancellations                               students to experiment with choreography in a unique and non-conventional way.
If there is no school or an early dismissal due to inclement weather in     Modern explores dance through shapes, lines and creative choreography.
the Tewksbury Public Schools, there will not be dance classes. If
there is a delay, due to inclement weather, there will not be any           Combo Classes $45 per month (1 hour 15 minutes)
morning classes. In the event of a Saturday snowstorm please call the       This will be a combination class of Tap, Jazz & Ballet. Students will learn their
studio answering machine 1 hour prior to scheduled dance class. If          competition dances as well as a recreational ballet dance. Most company combo
you are unsure if there will be classes, please call the studio answering   classes will compete in both tap & jazz. Students will learn to work together as a team
                                                                            in all areas of dance.
machine at (978) 851- 8640. No refunds will be given.
                                                                            Zumba Class $5 class or $25 per month unlimited (1hour)
                            Waiting Room                                    Adults and students ages 16 & up
For your convenience there is a waiting area. If you do wait please         Zumba fuses hypnotic Latin rhythms and easy to follow moves to create a dynamic
understand that your children are in a class and should not be              workout system that will blow you away. Zumba fanatics achieve long term benefits
distracted by noises and loud talking.                                      while experiencing an absolute blast in one hour of caloric-burning, heart-racing,
                                                                            muscle-pumping, body-energizing, movements meant to engage and captivate for life!
                       Dance Attire and Hair
All female students must wear any color leotard with tights (shorts are     Celtic Step Dance $45.00 per month (45 minutes) Ages 4 and up
                                                                            Irish step dancing combines the entrancing rhythms of traditional celtic music with the grace and
accepted). NO tee shirts, sweatshirts or pants allowed while dancing.       energy of dance. Instruction centers on the fundamentals of traditional irish dances, timing,
Hair must be in a ponytail. All male students should wear black             body position and footwork. Students work to achieve these fundamentals as they learn the
jogging pants and a white tee shirt tucked in.                              basic steps, then progress to learn more advanced reels and jigs.

     NO JEWLERY, NO CHEWING GUM, WATER ONLY!                                Music Together contact Stacy Dolliver @ www.appletreemusictoghether .com
                                                                            A community of families sharing songs, instrument playing, rhythm chants, and
                                                                            movements in a relaxed, playful, non-performance-oriented setting.
 LABEL EVERYTHING-Lost and found gets donated to good will
 every month with brand new dance attire, shoes & clothing!