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       Division:    UL              Department: Cataloging
       Location:    Osher Map Library, Glickman Library, Portland Campus
       Schedule:    M - Fri. 8 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
       Organizational Relationships:
              Reports to:           Coordinator of Technical Services.
              Supervises:           None currently; classified and/or student staff, as assigned.
              Coordinates with: Osher Map Library curator and staff; Library cataloging staff and
                                    other technical service staff; staff of the University System
                                    libraries involved in developing, coordinating, and/or
                                    implementing System-wide cataloging practices and policies;
                                    colleagues and researchers in other libraries to further exchange
                                    of bibliographic information.

II.    Statement of the Job:
       The cataloger is responsible for creating and otherwise ensuring the inclusion and maintenance
       of catalog records in local, regional, and international catalogs for the USM Library’s Osher
       Map Library. The collection of 15th-20th century printed materials consists of rare, often unique,
       and specially handled books, and historical maps, atlases, geographies, globes, scientific
       instruments and other cartographic ephemera. In particular, the incumbent prepares original
       and copy cataloging records for materials in a variety of formats and languages, revises or
       corrects contributed records, and resolves authority conflicts. The incumbent is responsible for
       maintaining the highest possible level of quality in rare materials cataloging practice consistent
       with USM Library policy, University of Maine System-wide cataloging standards and the
       standards and policies of the Library of Congress and the OCLC bibliographic utility. The
       incumbent recommends policy and implements and manages practices concerning all aspects of
       the application of descriptive cataloging rules, authority control, and URSUS database
       maintenance for USM's cartographic collections. The incumbent also is responsible for
       maintaining appropriate management information for use in planning and analyzing the success
       of cartographic cataloging. S/he participates in planning and with working groups within
       USM’s technical services division, and in collaborative efforts among the University of Maine
       system libraries.

III.   Essential Functions:
       1. Provides original subject and descriptive cataloging with full MARC content designation
          for rare and special materials according to Library of Congress standards and the
          requirements of OCLC or other relevant international bibliographic utilities,
       2. Researches sources in several languages to insure the accuracy of bibliographical
       3. Decides on appropriate computerized formats for bibliographic data for each item.
       4. Assigns subject headings and other access points based on Library of Congress practice.
       5. Assigns and/or supervises the assignment of call numbers according to local practice.
       6. Creates local authority records in accordance with AACR2-Revised or the most current
       7. Keeps current on revisions in MARC format and cataloging rules and applies those rule
          changes as necessary to new and existing records in order to maintain the quality of
          bibliographic and authority records.
       8. Resolves conflicts involving name, subject, series, and uniform title headings in the online
       9. Supervises and/or carries out the review, editing, and upgrading of complex participant
          copy cataloging records found on OCLC or other bibliographic utility to enhance the
           quality of bibliographic information in an electronic environment and to maintain quality
           and consistency of USM records.
       10. Participates in planning, developing, coordinating and implementing cataloging policies,
           procedures, and workflow.
       11. Contributes to planning and implementing digital projects that provide broad access to the
           collections of the Osher Map Library.
       12. Contributes to and works with appropriate library teams to coordinate and promote
           efficiency in the Library’s technical services.
       13. Manages card and record production for shelf lists and other hard copy files.
       14. Prepares and maintains statistics and other management information for use in analyzing
           and improving operations, and provides such information in appropriate form and to the
           appropriate level as scheduled or requested by unit heads or library administration.
       15. Develops and maintains relevant sections of procedural manuals for the Library’s Special
           Collections cataloging operations.
       16. Recommends bibliographical and reference resources for purchase, and consults when
           appropriate on the development of the collections of the Osher Map Library.
       17. Recommends and contributes to the implementation of enhancements improvements in the
           Library’s cataloging practices, procedures, and workflow.

IV.    Marginal Functions:
       1. Performs basic troubleshooting to maintain functionality of computers, printers and other
          office equipment.
       2. Handles and lifts normal and large books and boxes of materials, and pushes book carts
          loaded with same.

V.     Supervisory Responsibilities:
       Trains and coordinates the work of library staff and volunteers assigned to conduct pre-
       cataloging searching for rare and special materials, or other cataloging support activities for
       Osher Map Library materials. No final supervision.

VI.    Financial Responsibilities:
       1. Advises the Coordinator of Technical Services about estimated use of bibliographic utilities
          in the annual budget development process.
       2. Advises the Coordinator of Technical Services about budgetary or financial needs related to
          cartographic cataloging operations.

VII.   Public/Professional Activities:
       1. Represents the Library at campus, University System, professional and other external
          meetings as appropriate or assigned.
       2. Participates and contributes to professional activities as appropriate to maintain professional
          growth and understanding of current trends in the field of Library cataloging and technical

VIII. Internal and External Contacts:
      A. Internal
         1. Consults with staff of the Osher Map Library to prioritize and plan cataloging activity.
         2. Serves as a resource to other librarians and staff in matters relating to cartographic and
             other aspects of special collections cataloging.
      B. External
         1. Represents the Library at the system level in matters relating to rare book and
             cartographic cataloging.
         2. Communicates with USM faculty, students and staff and other patrons who require
            specialized bibliographical information about the cartographic collection.
         3. Consults and communicates with cartographic catalogers at other libraries.

IX.   Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:
      1. Ability to catalog materials in a variety of formats, subjects, and languages, including
          original and copy cataloging, for entry into OCLC or other online bibliographic utilities and
          URSUS, the University of Maine System libraries' cooperative library system.
      2. Solid working knowledge of, and ability to interpret and apply, several detailed sets of
          cataloging rules, including those for MARC formats, AACR2R, LC subject heading and
          classification systems, and authority control.
      3. Knowledge of the theories of bibliography, and of bibliographies and other related
          publications in various European languages used in cartographic cataloging.
      4. Demonstrated experience in original cataloging of cartographic materials and rare books,
          and familiarity with special collections cataloging resources, such as the LC Map
          Cataloging Manual and Descriptive Cataloging of Rare Books.
      5. Reading knowledge of Latin and one or more major western European languages (French,
          Dutch, Italian, Spanish or German preferred).
      6. Commitment to the effective application of national and international cataloging standards
          for bibliographic control.
      7. Interest in and ability to monitor and advise on the use and application of emerging
          metadata standards and services.
      8. Knowledge of or ability to learn HTML, SGML and/or other text-encoding systems.
      9. Strong organizational, analytical, and problem solving skills.
      10. Ability to initiate, plan, and successfully carry out projects and meet goals deadlines, both
          self-initiated and assigned, working independently and as a member of a team.
      11. Flexibility, excellent oral and written communications, interpersonal and organization
      12. Ability to work effectively with administrators, donors, colleagues, staff and patrons and
          with a diverse, multicultural and non-traditional student body.
      13. Familiarity with other cartographic special collections in North American and European
      14. Knowledge of the history of cartography and of its place in intellectual and social history.
      15. Physical ability to use a telephone, photocopier, computers, microform viewing and
          printing equipment; operate computer keyboards located on tables ranging between 30 and
          42 inches height; retrieve books and boxes of materials located on shelves ranging in height
          from 3 inches to 6 feet 7 inches; lift, carry, and/or push on a cart large format books, boxes
          of materials, and equipment weighing up to 35 pounds; and read a variety of print sizes
          down to 1 mm.

X.    Qualifications:
      1. A Masters degree from an ALA-accredited Library Science program or equivalent graduate
         program. (Equivalent is defined as a graduate degree from a foreign library school
         comparable to U.S. ALA-accredited schools. These schools are identified by the American
         Library Association.)
      2. Two years of recent cataloging experience, including a substantial amount of cartographic
         and rare book special collections original cataloging, using AACR2R and other special
         collections cataloging resources.
      3. Substantial experience in the use of USMARC formats; Library of Congress rule
         interpretations, practices, and standards, including LC subject headings and classification
         schemes; authority control; and bibliographic utilities, preferably OCLC.
      4. Strong computer skills, including experience with personal computers, office productivity
         software, network-based tools, in a networked environment.
      5. Experience with integrated online library systems, preferably Innovative Interfaces, Inc.
      6. Reading knowledge of Latin and one or more western European languages (French, Dutch,
         Italian, Spanish or German preferred).
      1. Cataloging experience in an academic library.
      2. Additional subject masters degree or equivalent in an arts and/or humanities field.
      3. Knowledge and/or interest in emerging metadata standards and services.
      4. Experience with organizing electronic or digitized information resources for retrieval,
         including use of text-encoding systems.
      5. Successful supervisory experience.

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Approved:            6/12/02
Job Family:          12
Salary Band:         102
Unit:                UMPSA
Job Number:          1744
Employee:            Roberta Ransley-Matteau
Position#:           00014018