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									The Lab is alive!

I am starting a bi-weekly newsletter to keep the Arts Alliance family updated on what I'm doing
here at the lab. It will be a combination of reports on lab activities and pointers to things Out
There in Cyberspace that I find intriguing. Please let me know if the Notes are useful and
interesting...or not.

I've chosen the addressee list based on people I've actually met and spoken to. Other people in
your organization - CTO's, creative directors, software designers, etc. - should possibly receive
this as well. If so, please send me their email addresses and I will add them to the list.

Lab Notes 1.0 22 October 2000
Go See Now! : Arcangel
First of all, check at for some very fresh Flash sound and image
artistry by Arcangel. An artist from Mexico, Arcangel brings to the screen the illustration
techniques and mischievous humor found in the murals all over Mexico City.

Been There

Ars Electronica
(September 2 - 9)
The Lab's installation of TextOrgan at Ars Electronica was a great success, with thousands of
people visiting the piece every day during it's two week run. It now goes into a year-long
exhibition called Print on Screen. Please see the trip report at for more information and images.

Residency 1.1 Nation : Archer Pechawis
(September 15 - 29)
Archer Pechawis is a performance artist based in Vancouver who has built a career out of
provocative and technologically innovative pieces reflecting on his Cree heritage, his bisexual
orientation, and his general interest in poking the status quo in the eye. I invited him to spend two
weeks at the Lab working on his next piece, Nation, for which he will be using the ActiveText
software library. See

CRiT 1.1
(September 28)
The Lab hosts a monthly art & technology critique night called Creative Reviews of Interactive
Technology (CRiT). We invite several artist-technologist to present their current work-in-progress
to a small group of artists, technologists and commentators for feedback. Last month, Artist-in-
Residence Archer Pechawis presented Nation, Parisienne artist Marie Seste gave an overview of
more than a decade of work combining digital media with traditional photography and printing
techniques, and Alex and I spoke about our experience at Ars Electronica with TextOrgan. Brian
Backus from Ububu and AA Advisor Nish Bhutani joined us for the evening. Please see for further information.

AA family members are invited to any and all of the CRiTs. Actually, to anything at all going on
here at the lab. If you're going to be in town, please give me a shout and I can let you know what
we are up to while you are here.

Doing That
CRiT 1.2
(October 26)
The third installment of the CRiT series takes place this coming Thursday, October 26th. We
have three artists/technologists scheduled to speak: Sharon Daniels and Mark Bartlett about
Subtract the Sky, a large-scale Internet participation project around designing maps; Jim Mason
about the G7 Stock Market Puppets, an installation featuring giant 18-foot tall puppets
manipulated by financial data fed over the Internet; and (somebody you all know) Skawennati
Tricia Fragnito about Imagining Indians, a web-based piece which examines 4000 years of Native
American past and future. You can find out more about the event and presenters at
=OK&previewAfterSend=ok We're hoping several more people from Ububu as well as PocketThis
can join us for this event.

.art Frontiers Industry, Artists, and Partnerships
(November 2 - 4)
.art Frontiers is the first symposium convened by Ground Zero, a Silicon Vallye consortium of
artists, technologists and financiers to explore collaborations between the three. I will be speaking
on a panel entitled "Innovative Models for Art and Technology Centers".

ISEA 2000
(December 6 - 10)
ISEA stands for the International Society of Electronica Arts, and, after Ars, is the most significant
art + technology conferenence/festival of the year (see I
have been invited to speak twice at this year's event, once about the Lab and once about our
ActiveText/TextOrgan work. Hopefully I will make it to London for a couple of days on the way

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