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					Subject: News from Celestial Spiral November 2009

N                      vem                                                                  Dear

Welcome to the exciting month of November, it is my birth month and a wonderful time of
transformation and change. "Wonderful!!!" I hear you say, with sarcastic in trepidation. I know change
can bring up fear and dread, however, by the end of November something will have shifted in your life
for the better, making you feel much lighter.

Scorpio the sign of change starts on October 24 and by the time Samhain/Halloween October 31st
arrives we are either allowing or resisting change on some level. This is a time when the veil between
lives/dimensions is at its thinnest allowing us the opportunity to shed light on to all parts of ourselves.
It is a black, velvety matrix - a void where new ideas are born, allow your self to feel these as these
thoughts and ideas move within and around you. Try not to worry about what comes next or figure out
why you may be feeling out of control feeling. It's Ok to feel chaos, it is the creative force that assists
us to be who we really are.

When we are in this transitional place and time the shadow part of ourselves has the opportunity to
present itself to us. Here you can see and clear the parts of yourself you may not like or keep hidden
from yourself. It takes a lot of energy to hold these aspects in the shadow, it is time to let go and allow
that energy to support you as you move forward. Last month you observed forgiveness, this month
gives you the chance to let go and transform the relationships, events or thoughts that no longer
seem to fit in to your life anymore.

I seem to have been doing a bit of resisting, for I lost my voice, which turned into a head cold. I have
been trying to figure out how I can do more writing and teaching and this seems to have overloaded
my system. My voice disappearing reminds me to listen to my inner voice, the one that is filled with
infinite wisdom and the head cold reminds me to stop filling up my head with so much, for there is no
room for movement or any other ideas and creativity to flow in.

So I stopped, got out of my own way, rested and made peace with the now. For all things are perfect
right now the way they are. If I need something to come to me to make me happy, I will never be
happy for it will always be outside of me and I will be looking for the next thing to make me happy....
oops there I go again, thinking too much......... The journey continues.


Become a student of change. It is the only thing that will remain constant. ~ Anthony J. D'Angelo

Meditation Classes on Wednesday Night
Meditation classes are every second Wednesday evening at 7pm at Phoenix Rising Books in Glebe.
The style of meditation is guided visualisation and each fortnight a different theme will be discussed
and meditated upon. The cost is $12.00.

Giving yourself time to meditate is the start of a new journey... one on which you will encounter many
wonders and experiences you may never have dreamed possible.
Here are the dates and topics for 2009:
November 25 - Meeting your star/soulfamily
December 9 - Manifesting

Meditation For Cutting Ties

This meditation gives you the opportunity to cut ties between you and situations, people, or whatever
binds you from expressing your truth and living your life fully.

This meditation helps you to regain any power you are giving to a person, place or situation. You will
know when this is happening if you feel agitated, upset, betrayed or revengeful towards a person,
place or situation. You cannot change the situation and it is Ok to feel these emotions for a while as
long as you don't stay there.

If you do stay in this place, you hold yourself in the energy of the person, place or event, like
suspended animation, not moving forward just sitting on the fence, watching everyone around you
moving forward and wondering why you haven't. This can feed anger and depression, eventually
moving into bitterness and helplessness, it is then likely to manifest into blaming everyone or
everything around for any problems or issues.

This exercise will help you to take back your energy and power as you let go, surrender and finally
forgive yourself and the person, place or event that your thinking and energy may go to.

We all come from the same place and through our hearts we are all connected. We all experience the
same loves, fears, wants and needs - it is our personalities and shadow side that determine how it will
show in our physical lives.

Feel your love and beauty as you gently let go.

1. Close your eyes, feel your body and mind gently letting go as you start to relax.

2. Notice your breath, as you inhale and exhale feel it's rhythm as it moves in and out.

3. Feel your breath become deeper and longer and imagine beautiful, cleansing white light flowing
into you as you inhale. As you exhale, visualise this cleansing white light moving throughout your
physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies.

4. Breath in light, breath out light - be the beautiful light being that you are. You feel peaceful, calm
and balanced.

4. Now, become aware of a person, place or event that may be troubling you.

6. In your mind's eye clearly see the person, place or event sitting opposite you.

7. When the image of this person, place or event is clearly seen, you will start to see the white light
that surrounds you, flowing around and within person, place or situation.

8. Visualise or imagine any cords or ties that flow from you to the person, place or event sitting
opposite you. You may see them as a tie, rope, cord, chain or ray of light, you may have one or many
and even different colours. What ever you see or feel will be right for you.

9. Look down at your dominant hand and find a cutting implement. (scissors, sword, knife, axe)

10. Take your cutting implement of transformation and cut the cord between you and the person,
place or situation, freeing both of you from of all karma and negativity.

11. Thank the person, place or situation for being here today and gently allow the person, place or
situation to fade away, knowing all has been transmuted and transformed into love.
12. When you are ready, return your focus to your breathing.

13. After a few deep, cleansing breaths, open your eyes, feeling awake and alert and ready to
continue your day.

14. Sit comfortably in a chair or cushion in a place you will not be disturbed for 15 minutes.

15. With your eyes open or closed relax, breathe easily and comfortably. Feel your energy settle into
your body, easily and comfortably.

16. You may like to write a letter to the person, place or event you have just let go of ,then burn it and
bury the ashes, this assists in finishing the process.

Intuitive Tarot readings

                     If you would like to book a reading please contact Denise at Phoenix Rising
                     Books on 02 9566 2157
                     for more info Celestial Spiral or Phoenix Rising Books

Book of the Month

The Lost Lands
A Magickal History of Lemuria, Atlantis & Avalon
by Lucy Cavendish Paperback, 296 pages.

                              I am a huge admirer of Lucy's Work, as it is always intelligent, playful
                              and profound. When I first saw the book, the ethereal, delicate,
                              colourful cover with its mermaids and fish promised a journey of mystery
                              and excitement, which went beyond my expectations. Lucy's' words are
                              a breath of fresh air, carrying a truth and wisdom, which assisted me in
                              reconnecting to my inner wisdom and knowing. She also adds her
                              journeys, which I found compelling and healing.

                              There is a beautiful quiz in the beginning, helping you to find the land
                              you resonate with the most. I found I resonated with all three lost lands
                              with a slim majority of my answers leading me to Avalon. I was born
                              in England and a part of me has rejected my English background,
                              however this journey I took as I read on has helped me to find peace
                              and accept that part of myself.

The research is extensive, which satisfied my intellectual mind and the many processes and magic
assisted me as my consciousness expanded to infinite possibilities. For anyone that wants to learn
about Lemuria, Atlantis or Avalon, this is an amazing reference book full of maps and information.
Lucy has also included a section at the back of the book full of recommended reading and listening as
well as internet contacts to assist you on your journey.

The process of reading The Lost Lands carried me to my own lost lands - deep within me in order for
me to retrieve ancient wisdom, love and beauty. Take a journey into The Lost Lands, for it may
just lead you to your own lost treasure.

Price: AUD $29.95
To Buy Phoenix Rising Books or Blue Angel Publishing

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