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									                                                   Edgewater Athletic Club
                                                 P.O. Box 222 Edgewater, MD 21037
                                                   Fall Sports Registration
                                                             Circle One
                                                                Fall Softball

  Participant Name                                                                          Age           DOB
       Home Phone                                                                School:

     Mother Name                                                            Father Name:
                                                           If different from Participants

       Cell Phone:                                                           Cell Phone:
    Email Address:                                                        Email Address:

Emergency Contact:                                                                       Relationship:
      Home Phone:                                                               Cell Phone:

                                                      Registrations Fees Due

    Registration     $50 per participant
     Uniform         $50 per participant    Keep Uniform
                                Check No.                                                   Amount Paid

PHOTOGRAPHS:         Participants may be photographed during programs or events, and the photographs may be
                     reproduced on the EAC website or other publications used by EAC.

                     EAC may use photos                                          EAC may not use

                                                       PARENT’S PLEDGE
    Recognizing that parents are the most important role models for their children, and amateur athletics help
    to develop a sense of teamwork, self worth and sportsmanship, we encourage our children to play by the
    rules, and respect the rights of others. We understand it is just as important on the athletic field/gym as
    it is in the home to enforce rules of play and set standards as necessary components of both athletics and
    life. We will at all times encourage our children to play by the rules, respect the game officials’ decisions, and
    will not publicly criticize a game official’s ruling during or immediately after an athletic contest.

Note: ALL players and parents of players under 18 years of age must sign the following statement:
    I/We agree to the Parents Pledge above. I/We hereby give my/our permission for ______________________________________
    to play with the above mentioned team; and hereby waive any and all claims against the Division of Athletics of the
    Department of Recreation & Parks of Anne Arundel County, its supervisors, managers, or any other person
    affiliated with the league, of injury or injuries sustained while watching or playing games, or traveling to
    and from games.

As a Parent/Guardian, I recognize that parents/guardians are the most important role models for their children,
    and that sports help to develop a sense of teamwork, self-worth and sportsmanship. As such, I agree to abide
     by the following:
    1. Encourage good sportsmanship by demonstrating positive support for all players, coaches, fans and
       officials at games, practices and other sporting events.
    2. Place the well being of my child before a personal desire to win.
    3. Advocate a sports environment for my child that is free of drugs, tobacco, alcohol and abusive language,
       and refrain from their use during youth sporting events.
    4. Encourage my child to play by the rules and respect the rights of other players, coaches, fans and officials.

    I/We give our permission for ______________________________ to play for the Fall Softball
    team of the Edgewater Athletic Club for the Fall season of _2008 . I/We accept the responsibility of
    all uniforms and equipment that are LOANED to my child for the above playing season. I/We agree to return
    the uniform and equipment in good CLEAN condition at the time and date scheduled for uniform turn in.
    I/We agree to pay for any damages incurred to the uniform or equipment (including cleaning fee), unless it
    was incurred while actively participating in the above mention sport during the stated season. Failure to comply
     may result in legal action.

    I/We agree that Edgewater Athletic Club (EAC), The Department of Recreation & Parks, their Directors,
    Officers, Agents, and Volunteers shall not be held responsible for any injuries incurred during participation
    in the Program's practice, games, or traveling to and from sites to participate. I/We understand that ALL
    registration fees are non-refundable unless approved by the Board of Edgewater Athletic Club.

    I/We agree to be at the designated site to pick up my/our child at the time designated by the coach for all
    games, events and practices. I/We will not hold the coaches) or the club responsible for our child after
    practices and games.

       Refunds: No Refund will be giving if Games have started or Uniforms/Equipment are not turned in. Refund have to be
                     approved by commissioner. If refund is due, a $15.00 Administrative fee will be deducted.

                       "RETURN CHECK FEE " : ALL RETURNED CHECKS are subject to a $25.00 penalty.


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