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									The Great Indoors Awards

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   Interior Products
   Acoustics                          The Great Indoors Awards
   Air Conditioning
   Arts & Antiques                                                                                                                 Writer: Alys Moody
                                                                                                                             Publisher: Martyn Sanjay
   Audio Visual
   Bathrooms                                                                                       The oldest city in the Netherlands, with its
   Blinds & Shutters                                                                               quaint cobbled streets and traces of medieval
   Ceiling Systems                                                                                 architecture, is an unlikely location for the
   Commercial Kitchens
                                                                                                   renewal of the international interior design
   Commercial Laundry
                                                                                                   scene. But on November 17 and 18 last year,
   Design Accessories
                                                                                                   Maastricht brushed aside this incongruity to
   Doors & Door Hardware
   Education                                                                                       play host to the inaugural Great Indoors
   Electrical                                                                                      Awards.
   Fabrics, Linen & Upholstery
   Flooring                                                                                        The Great Indoors Awards aspire to shape                  Current Issue: 85
   Furniture                                                                                       their discipline. At once promotion and               David Fisher's Dynamic Tower
   Heating                                                                                         pedagogy, they aim to combat a certain                | Cathedral of Christ the Light
   Kitchens & Laundry                                                                              listlessness in interior design, a sense that the           | MAD Architects |
   Lighting                                                                                        discipline is not yet "mature" and that its           Contemporary Jewish Museum
   Office Fitout                                                                                                                                          by Daniel Libeskind | George
                                                                                                   glamour and influence fall short of the
   Paints & Finishes                                                                                                                                       Nelson | Meet John Henry
                                                                                                   neighbouring disciplines of architecture and
   Plaster & Mouldings                                                                                                                                       Click here to view our
                                                                                                   product design.
   Retail Design                                                                                                                                                   past issues.
   Sports Facility Equipment
                                                                                                   The competition's winners are intended to be
   Surfaces & Finishes                                                                             inspirational, of course, but also instructive.
   Tiles                                                                                           With a shortlist that ranges from superstars to
                                                                                                   the up-and-coming, the awards showcase the            Interior Design Firm
   Wall Coverings                                                                                  breadth of talent in the industry. The prize-         Need An Interior Design
   Worlds Best Interior Brands                                                                     winners, however, are united by their                 Firm? Use A Leading
                                                                                                   innovation. Individual project winners                Interior Design Firm
   Architectural Products                                                                          encompass the famously irreverent Zaha      
                                                                                                   Hadid's design for a wine-tasting pavilion at
   Aged Care
                                                                                                   the López de Heredia Winery; Heatherwick
   Bricks & Pavers
                                                                                                   Studios' sculptural East Beach Café; Ryuji
                                                                                                   Nakamura's optical illusions for a Tokyo              Modern Design
   Design Practice                                                                                 optometrist; and item idem's recycled grunge          Furniture
   Drainage                                                                                        flagship store for Bernard Wilhelm. Each              Find, compare, buy! All
   Exterior Coatings                                                                               design is radical in its own way, testing the         in one place
   Facades & Cladding                                                                              limits of interior design as a discipline.  
   Fasteners                                                                                       Wonderwall, chosen as the 2007 Interior
   Fencing & Balustrading                                                                          Design Firm of the Year, epitomises this trend,
   Fire Protection Systems                                                                         with a portfolio that playfully challenges the        Beautiful Timber
   Hot Water Systems                                                                               conventions of interior design.                       Frames
   Lifts & Elevators                                                                                                                                     Residential &
                                                                                                   Collectively, the winners point to current fields
   Modular Homes                                                                                                                                         Commercial Projects
                                                                                                   of strength in interior design and areas of
   Outdoor Design                                                                                                                                        High Quality Vermont
                                                                                                   weakness. Where three of the four winning
   Plumbing                                                                                                                                              Craftsmanship
                                                                                                   projects were nominated for the retail category,
   Pools & Spas                                                                                                                                
   Public Sanitary Wares                                                                           no public buildings or workplaces were
   Roofing                                                                                         deemed worthy of the honour. Similarly, three
   Security                                                                                        of the five major award winners were                  Software for XML,UML
   Signage & Display Systems                                                                       Japanese, signalling a degree of investment           & DB
   Site Management                                                                                 and interest in interior design in the far east. In   Integrated Dev, Modeling
   Stairs, Ladders & Ramps                                                                         contrast, not a single winner was American,           and Mgmt Tools. FULL
   Steel                                                                                           although Japanese firm Wonderwall's portfolio
   Sun Systems & Shade                                                                                                                                   Function 30 Day Trial
                                                                                                   includes the UNIQLO megastore in New York.
   Timber & Timber Protection                                                                      If the awards aim, on the one hand, to map
   Walls                                                                                           the current state of the discipline, they also
   Waste Management                                                                                have a broader mandate. In its structure and
                                                                                                                                                         Awards and
   Waterproofing, Sealants &                                                                       its choice of winners, the Great Indoors              Decorations
   Adhesives                                                                                       constitutes a manifesto for interior design; both     Buy official USA Military
   Windows & Glazing                                                                                                                                     Awards & Decorations.
                                                                                                   a snapshot of its present and an exhortation to
                                                                                                   its future.                                           All Military Branches.[09/03/04 16:40:35]
The Great Indoors Awards

                                                                                                  The competition categories, Show & Sell,
                                                                                                  Relax & Consume, Concentrate & Collaborate,
                                                                                                  Serve & Facilitate, emphasise that interior
                                                                                                  design is, in essence, functional. Its aim is
                                                                                                  always to do something, to enable a specific
                                                                                                  range of actions within a given space. Unlike
                                                                                                  architecture, it is not monumental; an interior
                                                                                                  can be impressive but never aloof. Instead, its
                                                                                                  value is its intervention in the everyday, its
                                                                                                  attention to interactive spaces.

                                                                                                  The Great Indoors winners all create spaces
                                                                                                  that are tactile and responsive; spaces to
                                                                                                  move through and live within rather than
                                                                                                  regard from afar; item idem's design
                                                                                                  foregrounds texture, urging visitors to reach
                                                                                                  out and brush a hand along it. In contrast, the
                                                                                                  customer is invited to get lost amongst the
                                                                                                  almost illusory pillars of Nakamura's
                                                                                                  optometrist. Somewhere between these poles
                                                                                                  of movement and touch, Hadid and
                                                                                                  Heatherwick's architectural designs offer
                                                                                                  immersion. As visitors to the López de Heredia
                                                                                                  Winery move around inside the flask-shaped
                                                                                                  pavilion, diners at the East Beach Café find
                                                                                                  themselves similarly ensconced in the
                                                                                                  undulating abstraction of Heatherwick's design.

                                                                                                  Lived space moves rapidly to living space as
                                                                                                  the rooms develop a sense of personality. The
                                                                                                  jury's report lauds the humour of Wonderwall's
                                                                                                  designs, the private jokes inscribed on
                                                                                                  seemingly sophisticated tiles, the quirky
                                                                                                  addition of conveyor belts and spinning
                                                                                                  mannequins and the more outlandish use of
                                                                                                  merry-go-rounds and marching apes.
                                                                                                  Wonderwall's sleek, reflective surfaces and
                                                                                                  sophisticated attention to detail produces good
                                                                                                  interior design in a classic sense, but these
                                                                                                  playful touches make it great by imbuing the
                                                                                                  spaces with life and light-heartedness.

                                                                                                  The personalised room, unique and lively, is
                                                                                                  an inevitable result of the jury's emphasis on
                                                                                                  originality. Pushing at the conventional
                                                                                                  boundaries of interior design, at the line
                                                                                                  between architecture and interiors, at the
                                                                                                  aesthetics of newness or the openness of
                                                                                                  space, each of the winning projects is defined
                                                                                                  by its digressions. Animated and unusual, each
                                                                                                  project is a gentle pun on the familiar
                                                                                                  vocabulary of interiors.

                                                                                                  It should come as no surprise, then, that retail
                                                                                                  is the big winner in innovative design. By
                                                                                                  imbuing space with personality, these interior
                                                                                                  designers transfer the identity of the space to
                                                                                                  the identity of the brand. Innovation and
                                                                                                  playfulness becomes functional at the point
                                                                                                  where interior design meets branding. From
                                                                                                  the anti-design rebellion of Bernard Wilhelm,
                                                                                                  to the dizzying sophistication of Jin's Global
                                                                                                  Standard optometrist, to the López de Heredia
                                                                                                  Winery's melding of old world elegance and
                                                                                                  cutting-edge innovation, each design speaks
                                                                                                  volumes about the company it houses. Interior
                                                                                                  design becomes a signature, foregrounding
                                                                                                  what is unique about the company, and putting
                                                                                                  space into the service of its inhabitants.

                                                                                                  One of the largest prizes in interior design (the
                                                                                                  prize money totals 50,000 Euros, or just under
                                                                                                  $AU84,000), supported by a conference and a
                                                                                                  series of workshops that both attracted
                                                                                                  luminaries of the discipline, the Great Indoors
                                                                                                  Awards are positioning themselves to set the
                                                                                                  agenda for interior design. Its ambitious
                                                                                                  mandate ensures that it will become both a[09/03/04 16:40:35]
The Great Indoors Awards

                                                                                                     showcase of the best the interior design world
                                                                                                     has to offer and a focus of debate and
                                                                                                     dialogue about what that ‘best' should look
                                                                                                     like. All of this is to the great benefit of the
                                                                                                     discipline as a whole, at once promising to
                                                                                                     define interior design and to reward those who
                                                                                                     defy that definition. It is an exciting prospect
                                                                                                     for a discipline approaching maturity. +

                                                                                                     PREVIOUS Combining organic form and
                                                                                                     industrial materials, Heatherwick Studio's East
                                                                                                     Beach Café in Littlehampton, UK was awarded
                                                                                                     with one of the four major prizes. 1 Zaha
                                                                                                     Hadid’s wine-tasting pavilion at the R. López
                                                                                                     de Heredia Viña Todonia winery, located in the
                                                                                                     Haro la Rioja in Spain won one of the four
                                                                                                     project awards. 2 Jin’s Global Standard, an
                                                                                                     optometrist’s shop located in Chiba, Japan and
                                                                                                     designed by Ryuji Nakamara Architects, was
                                                                                                     another winner. 3 Also awarded was item
                                                                                                     idem’s edgy design for Bernard Wilhelm’s
                                                                                                     Tokyo flagship store. 4 Wonderwall, the 2007
                                                                                                     Interior Design Firm of the Year, was rewarded
                                                                                                     for its elegant combination of traditional interior
                                                                                                     design and quirky details - such as this
                                                                                                     conveyor belt housed within the sleek glass
                                                                                                     displays of high-class retail.

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