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                                                                                   January 2008
                                                                        Happy New Year To All !

Important Dates
22nd January 2008         Primary Coffee Morning
26th January 2008         Model United Nations Conference, The Hague
18th & 20th March 2008    Lycée Show “Dracula”
3rd April 2008            British Universities Fair, CIV

 Head’s Report
 Happy New Year!

 After the many parent teacher meetings which took place during the first trimester, I would like to try to
 answer one of the questions frequently asked during these meetings between parents and teachers: Why
 are so many of the works studied in English so sad?

 First of all, they are not all “sad!”

 The choices of literary works studied and the methodology used to teach them, aim, in part, at giving an
 understanding of how an author creates an effect. For example, how do you get a student to understand
 why he cannot put down the book he is reading? How does the author manage to create a feeling of
 tragedy? In our English classes, from 6ème onwards (but even in primary), we introduce and then, over the
 years, help the students develop an understanding of such concepts as identification of narrator and
 setting, of the tone in which the narrator or the character speaks, of the mood created, of the evolution of
 the story, of the tension created, of the use of images, of metaphor, etc. The students become adept at
 being able to analyze an unknown extract or poem, in terms of all of the above. The study of the structure
 of literary works gives the students greater knowledge of those works, and understanding in greater depth.
 It also encourages greater appreciation of literature, and reinforces their ability to analyze.

 Of course both tragedies and comedies are part of the anthology of great works of literature. But to truly
 understand what is comedy, it seems to me, one needs to understand tragedy and visa versa. Indeed
 elements of comedy and tragedy are often found side by side. In Shakespeare’s comedies there are
 elements of tragedy and in his tragedies there is, of course, comic relief.

 After many years of teaching, I have concluded that it is often more complex for students, even in their last
 year of lycée, to analyze what makes a literary work amusing (slapstick, overstatement, understatement,
 irony, etc.) than what makes a literary work tragic. Although students will tend to first say that a work is
 tragic because it is sad, or someone dies, they come to understand more easily that a tragic figure is tragic
 because he is victim of circumstances beyond his control and, at the same time, he/she is guilty of some
 universal human weakness such as excessive pride. And, often the student comes to judge that the hero
 or heroine’s punishment seems out of proportion to the sin committed.

 The teachers tend to choose well established “great” works of literature and, I think I can safely say, they
 do so because a large proportion of “great” works of literature deal with universal themes, that is, themes to
 which most of us can relate in one way or another. For example, one recurrent theme in literature is man’s
 difficulty to control his passions, a theme with tragic implications.

 In fact, our aim is to help students recognize that books are not simply “sad” or “happy,” but are subtly
 complex, and, when students come to understand the complexities (which they do quite well) they truly
 begin to appreciate these same works.

 In any case, the works taught in the classroom are chosen in the interest of the students and never fear,
 we do laugh in the classroom.

 Phyllis Brante, Head of the Anglophone Section

                    Joy to the World!                         Sartoux Party
                                                              Children and families from Sartoux held their
                                                              traditional Christmas party on December 4th at the
                                                              Salle de Fêtes in Valbonne. Even Father
                                                              Christmas made a stop with gifts for all the
                                                              The party started with an aperitif at 6pm, followed
                                                              by a show put on by students and teachers on the
                                                              theme of Christmas around the World with songs
                                                              from Spain, Hawaii, and Australia. Proud parents
                                                              clapped enthusiastically and snapped away.
                                                              Then everyone enjoyed dinner followed by the
                                                              film “Ratatouille” for the children.
                                                              Leanne Bourguignon and Melissa Chautard
                                                              amongst the organizers said, “So many parents
Many Christmas parties were held in December. We hope you     stepped forward to help out this year which made
managed to attend at least one of them!                       a huge difference. Thank you to everyone who
                                                              helped in setting up the party, serving food,
5èmes Carol Singing                                           serving the aperitif, cinema supervision, and
To complete their study of Dickens' "A Christmas Carol", Mr   cleaning up ... it is thanks to those parents that
Gallagher and Mrs Jones took one cinquième English group      the party was such a success! The children all
carol singing around the CIV. They were welcomed into         seemed to have had a fantastic time and that is of
several classrooms where they sang, "The twelve days of       course the goal!”
Christmas," "We wish you a Merry Christmas," and, "Good       There are a few items that went home with the
King Wenceslas.”                                              wrong person and we'd like to try and track them
                                                              down. Leanne Bourguignon has all the items left
                                                              behind so please contact her if you forgot

                                                              Staff Party
                                                              ASEICA staff celebrated the end of the year on
                                                              December 17th. Everyone enjoyed the warm
                                                              festive occasion and expressed the desire to
                                                              organize similar get-togethers at other times
                                                              during the year.

                                                              ASEICA Cocktail Party
                                                              Around 75 parents and teachers got together for
                                                              a Christmas cocktail on December 7th at 7pm.
                                                              Jalila Benmiloud once again generously hosted
                                                              the event. An impressive buffet was prepared by
                                                              the parents with dishes from all over the world.
                                                              We heartily encourage parents, especially those
                                                              new to the area and to ASEICA to come to events
                                                              organized by the social committee. It is a great
                                                              occasion to meet other parents, to talk to
                                                              teachers informally and make new friends.

                    5ème Carol Singing

News from University Guidance
More and more students are seizing the opportunity
to study abroad, and our BOI students are no
exception: in the last couple of years students from
the Lycée have gone off to the UK, the US,
Canada, Italy, Switzerland, the Netherlands - even
Tahiti – and several are now looking into studying in                          St Louis University, Madrid
Australia and New Zealand, Indonesia and China, if
not for their whole degree course, then for a year or     In Madrid, Ms Scales took the opportunity of visiting the St Louis
a semester.                                               University campus. This is a small and very supportive community,
                                                          ideal for those looking for a US Liberal Arts degree without wanting to
The job of the Head of Guidance, Ms Scales,               go as far as the States – or pay American fees.
involves getting to know the different university
entrance requirements, the new courses available          The conference offers updates on changes in admissions systems
and the changes in funding arrangements, and              and how best to direct students towards researching courses for
passing this information on to students and parents.      themselves. The day after the conference ended, the new website,
It also includes visiting some of the institutions and went live: this is a site anyone considering higher
meeting the Admissions Officers who make the              education in the UK will want to explore, as it compares courses and
decisions on whether or not to admit our students.        student satisfaction with their university experience.
Ms Scales spent a week in November visiting the
Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne and then going as a           Networking is a vital ingredient of the conference, too. At the many
delegate to the ECIS Conference in Madrid.                lectures, workshops and exchanges of information sessions, as well
                                                          as at a series of dinners and receptions, guidance counsellors and
The EHL is an interesting possibility for our             university admissions officers meet to discuss specific questions
students as it offers a Business Management               relating to their institutions.
degree with a focus on Hospitality, so many of its
graduates go on to positions of management not
only in prestigious hotels and resorts, but also in
banks and financial institutions of high standing.
The picture shows a student at work in the kitchens,
as all the students do practical courses in their first

                                                                         Ms Scales on duty at the Schools’ Fair…
                                                          …where she spent many hours discussing the rigours of the BOI: she
                                                          is pleased to confirm that many admissions officers really do now
                                                          understand its breadth and complexity!

                  On kitchen duty!

  The British Universities Fair will be at the CIV on Thurs April 3 from 10 - 12.00 and will feature: Bradford, Bristol, City,
  Edinburgh, Essex, Hertfordshire, Leicester, Plymouth, Reading, Royal Holloway, Sheffield, Southampton, Warwick. This is
  for Premières and their parents primarily, but Secondes could also be interested.

  University Guidance Office hours from January will be: Mon 10-19, Tues 10-13, Wed 10–19, Thurs 16–19, Fri 10–12.

  Hotline: Triple Whammy! The New Year starts off with great news for three of our students, who have just won places at
  Queens' College, Cambridge, to read Oriental Studies next year. Kate Scarpa, who graduated last year, has an
  unconditional offer and Sophie Partarrieu, who will take her Bac this year, has been asked for a Mention Très Bien in the
  exam. A third student in Terminale also has an offer at Cambridge, Karoliina Lehtinen. Many congratulations to all three
  girls on this terrific achievement!

  University Results University College London have written to let us know that the following students from the CIV have
  graduated in June 07 from there with wonderful grades:
  Nathalie Cecile Calza BA History of Art                           2A Upper Second
  Robin Lauren Sturley BSc Anthropology                             2A
  Nicola Clump            BA French                                 2A
  Drusilla Taszarek       BA European Social and Political Studies  First!

                                                            Mrs Scales, Head of University Guidance,
                                                    Model United Nations
  ASEICA NEWSLETTER January 2008                    Twelve of our students will be participating in The Hague International Model
                                                    United Nations conference between 26th January and 3rd February. This year
Brevet Ceremony                                     the CIV group is representing Tunisia. Our ambassador this year is Christy
Mr Brulant, the new head of the CIV welcomed        Parkes (Première) and the Vice Ambassador is Sophie Partarrieu (Terminale).
students, parents and teachers to the Brevet        They will be accompanied by Mr Gallagher.
Ceremony held on Thursday, December 20 at
the Agora. He spoke very positively of the
program and of student achievement at CIV.
Pupils representing the four international
sections also spoke to the audience: Arthur
Pasquier and Nathalie Stern for APEG (German
section); Margaux Le Roux and Thibault Firmin
for ASPESI (Spanish section); Benedetta
Cammarata and Matthew Cavallaro for
APRODESI (Italian section) and James Mazars
de Mazarin for ASEICA.
Mr Barbaroux called the students while
‘professeurs principaux’ handed out diplomas.
Mrs Bigourden gave students from the
anglophone section their certificates.
A big thank you goes to parents who provided
the buffet and to students who made a special
effort to look good!
                                                    To prepare for this event Mr Gallagher invited a representative from the
Conseil de Classe                                   Tunisian Embassy to talk to students about Tunisia on a Wednesday
By now you will have received your child’s          afternoon. He helped the group by bringing information, pictures and his own
report card, including a summary of what            personal experience. All the students’ questions were answered very frankly.
was said in his Conseil de Classe,                  After the meeting the group felt it had a better idea of what it meant to be
prepared by the ‘Parents Délégués’. The             Tunisian, but most importantly how to accurately role play a Tunisian diplomat
Conseil de Classe takes place three times           and represent Tunisia’s interest at The Hague. The team was even generously
a year. At this meeting which is presided           invited to a Tunisian restaurant “pour le rayonnement international de la
either by the ‘Proviseur’ or one of the             Tunisie”. Rob Gallagher, MUN Coordinator
‘Conseiller Principal d’Education’, all
teachers should be present, as well as 2
student representatives and 2 parents               Drama Department:
which you elect indirectly when you vote for
the      delegates       to      the     Conseil
d’Administration at the beginning of the
school year. There are 3 active parents’
associations in our area: API, PEEP and
‘Parents Délégués’ usually send out a
Questionnaire before the Conseil de
Classe. It is important to fill it out and return
it so that the delegate can adequately voice
parents’ concerns. If you don’t receive a
questionnaire and you have an issue to
bring up, you should contact the delegates.
Any information is of course, confidential.
You can also call them after the meeting to         Dates to remember: Dates have been set for all Theatre shows. They will be
ask any questions concerning your child. If         held in the CIV cinema, in the evening. Mrs McGrath needs parents to help
you have an issue with a particular teacher         with different areas (costumes, make-up, tech-crew, catering …). Please write
or your child is having problems in a               to her at:
particular subject, it is always wise to            Lycée show: "Dracula", Tuesday 18th and Thursday 20th March.
contact the teacher directly, as soon as            Primary shows: Tuesday 6th May (younger ones) and Tuesday 27th May
possible. If many students are having               (older ones).
problems in the same subject, ‘cours de             Collège shows: Tuesday 3rd June.
soutien’ will be organized.
At the Conseil each student’s progress is           Legal Status of International Sections in France
analysed and the comments on the report             On December 5 2007 the Conseil d'Etat confirmed the legitimacy of
card are written out together. The Conseil          associations employing teachers for international sections. This decision is
will also decide at the end of the year if the      strongly supported by the Law of December 30, 2006 which confirms the 1981
student will go on to the next class, or            Decree and its provisions.
‘redouble’. It is an interesting experience to
take part in the Conseil and be a member            ASEICA welcomes this positive decision, which is the result of a collective
of one of the Parents’ Associations.                effort of all stakeholders including all concerned associations, the Fondation
Especially for foreign parents, it is a great       pour le Développement de l’Enseignement International, and several Senators
way to understand the French educational            lead by our local representative Senateur Pierre Laffitte.
system. Jackie Partarrieu                           Corine Fortunato-Jackson and Cathy Ducker

News from Primary
A very Happy New Year to you all. I am      News from the schools
writing this in December after attending
a wonderful parent teacher lunch chez       Sartoux
Mali Ghassemi for all the Trois Collines    Christmas Party
teachers and parents. It was an             This was held on Tuesday 4th December and again thanks to many
excellent opportunity for our teachers      parent volunteers the evening was a great success. The classes
and parents to meet socially with the       performed a small show in the theme of Christmas around the World
same aim in mind: to support their          with songs from Spain, Hawaii, and Australia.
children. We value these opportunities
to meet with you.

Here is some news:
Primary Information Evening
On Tuesday 11th December, thanks to
Madame Vinot, we held our information
evening at Sartoux School. The aim of
the evening was to present the Primary
Anglophone Program to all of our
parents. This year I talked about the
section’s history. I explained: how we
teach; how our program covers the
French National Curriculum and I
answered questions.
Thanks to Nadine, these points were
illustrated by a wonderful slide show of
our children at school.
During the evening Kathryn McGrath
and Kristi Defrasne talked about the
role that Theatre plays in the curriculum
and we were entertained by another
slide show of the children in drama
Afterwards we answered questions in         Trois Collines
French and English and then parents         On Thursday 20th December each class in the Primary school
were able to look at some examples of       performed a song in French and /or English to entertain the families.
your children’s work that was displayed     Some children from the International Section played their musical
around the hall.                            instruments: a cello, the piano and a didgeridoo! Afterwards the
It was an excellent evening and if you      teachers, parents and children enjoyed a “bio” goûter served by the
haven’t been to one I encourage you to      cantine.
attend one next year!

Usborne and Baker Book Clubs and
Tea towels
A great deal of hard work goes on
‘behind the scenes’, to prepare letters,
send out orders, collect orders, check
them, place them, receive them, sort
them, distribute them, chase up orders
that haven’t arrived. Phew! Many of the
helpers are volunteers please thank
them! The proceeds from the book
clubs are given to the classes. This
year, many of the Usborne Books will
be donated to the main school libraries.
Thank you to all of you who bought
books from the book clubs this year.

Sue Bateman, Primary Coordinator

News from Collège

Dear Parents,

As we come to the end of the first term and review your children's progress, we would like to take this opportunity to thank
you for the continuous support you have given us and your children. Indeed, it has been a long and challenging term during
which your children have been asked to adapt to a new educational experience at the three collèges, CIV, Eganaude and
Niki de Saint Phalle. They have been faced with hard work and discovery, while reaping the benefits of international
education. As you are aware, the creation of an atmosphere of mutual respect and learning through bilingualism and
biculturalism is our dearest goal.

This is the fourth year of the expanding international collège programme. Consequently, it is the fourth rentrée for the
sixième classes but also the first year that we have troisième classes. As a result, our teachers are currently preparing the
students for the Brevet International des Colleges. At the same time, troisième students are looking forward to integrating
the seconde classes at the CIV, the international lycée where they will continue their bilingual studies leading up a
successful Baccalauréat option international.

At the beginning of the year, we worked with the teachers on the organization of the group levels at each college, the
English classes being organized according to the linguistic competence of the students. In sixième, we can have up to five
levels depending on need. In the course of their college years, the groups evolve according to progress achieved and
individual needs, keeping in mind that all students sit the same Brevet at the end of troisième. In History-Geography, the
groups are organized in similar fashion while remaining respectful of local needs.

Another important aspect of our task is the harmonization of our academic programmes at the college level, according to
the guidelines set out by our heads of department. We ensure that new teachers in the programme understand the aims,
the specific pedagogy and the teaching philosophy and we help them deal with the complexities of working in our unique
educational environment.

In conclusion, we would like to wish all members of our cross-campus community a New Year enhanced by academic
excellence and intellectual development in our young students, your children.

Michele Bigourden and Lilian Massé
ASEICA collège coordinators

Our Christmas Gift To You:            The Game              The following are “Lunes,” a kind of poem that
POEMS FROM OUR STUDENTS IN                                  requires a specific structure:
SECONDE                               Walk it!              First line = 3 words
                                      Find it!              Second line = 5 words
War Orchestra                         Stance it!            Third and final = 3 words only and must give an
                                      Wait it!              ironic twist to the first two lines.
Grey mist flowing,                    Block it!
early in the morning.                 Wait it!              I’m a soldier.
Hundreds of men tip-toeing            Think it!             I slay, mutilate and massacre
through no man’s land.                Hit it!               the army rations.
                                      Pull it!                                Tim Eagan
Suddenly, the roaring of bombs,       Hook it!
followed by the thundering of guns,   Drive it!             Pureblood since 1582,
accompanied by rumbling drums,        Read it!              the gorgeous chestnut mare was
before the execution.                 Guess it!             Served with broccoli.
                                      Smack it!                            Tim Eagan
Men screaming,                        Flick it!
Machine guns singing,                 Run it!               MacDonald’s is bad
Bullets whistling,                    Watch it!             Causes rainforest destruction, so I
And bayonets scything.                Sweep it!             Go to Quick.
                                      Talk it!                             Kevin Ma
Silence over the horizon,             Wait it!
Scabbed bodies blended.               Knock it!             People always say
Dirty deeds are done.                 Sand it!              Asians eat rice every day,
The war orchestra has ended.          Wait it!              And it’s true;
                                      Move it!                              Kevin Ma
Ben Stevens 2nde1                     Drink it!
                                      Pause it!             Child of Heavens
                                      Wait it!                     The child never said anything.
                                      Spot it!              Hidden in the silence, he waits.
                                      Wait it!                     He observes everything,
                                      Test it!              no expression, no love, no hate.
                                      Like it!
                                      Trust it!             He looks at the world
                                      ‘just it!                    his eyes clouded by hidden thoughts.
                                      Kill it!              He never says a word
                                      Slog it!                     but keeps everything in his heart.
                                      Wait it!
                                      Trail it!                      His hair under the caress of the wind,
                                      Win it!               his skin shivering at the touch of the morning dew,
A seconde English class studies       Shake it!                      he looks at the coming spring
poetry                                Boast it!             As he did for summer, autumn, and winter, too.
                                      Game it!
                                                            Listening to the symphony of silence,
                                      Alan Bulman 2nde 3            perfect music to the pure soul,
                                                            feelings in a precious balance,
                                                                    he waits like an immortal …

                                                            The child never said anything.
                                                            He hears the wonderful sound of silence.
                                                            Of the world, he remembers everything.
                                                            Now, he remains in the embrace
                                                                                           of death.
                                                            Alexandra Cauvi
                                      The importance   of

                                                            Secondes take a break from their studies

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