SOCIAL BALLROOM / SMOOTH LATIN CURRICULUM
                                                       Winter/Spring 2010

Foxtrot/Waltz/American Tango
Basic - Tuesday, 7pm                 Pre-Intermediate - Tuesday, 8pm                                Intermediate - Thursday, 7pm
These classes focus on three Smooth favorites: Foxtrot, Waltz, & American Tango. During each 4 week period the student will
receive instruction for each dance with a review at the end. Students should begin with the basic class which runs on a three-month
cycle; A, B & C – students may start at any cycle. The material taught in each Basic cycle is different from that which is taught in the
other two cycles.

Students should move up to subsequent levels (Pre-Intermediate and Intermediate) when they have completed and/or achieved
competency at the prior level. Students should seek their teacher‘s recommendation prior to moving up to the next level.

Waltz (Jan & Mar) and Foxtrot (Feb & Apr)                         Intermediate +                   Thursday, 8pm
For students having completed all prior Basic and Pre-Intermediate instruction or the equivalent. This course will focus on three
beautiful and traditional dances, the Foxtrot and the Waltzes, American and Viennese. It will expand your background and build your
skills and patterns to help you utilize the floor more beautifully and creatively.

Latin Club – Salsa (on”1”), Cha Cha, Merengue, Bachata                 Basic/Pre-Intermediate Wednesday, 6pm
For those with little or no knowledge of Salsa, Cha Cha, Bachata,or Merengue steps and turns or a great review for students who have
taken our Latin Club Basic course previously. Come and learn cool shines and fun partner work and patterns that will enhance and
complement your salsa/mambo dancing.

“Couples Only” Dance Samplers: Foxtrot, Waltz, Salsa & Swing
         Basic               Tue 6pm                   Foxtrot, Waltz, Swing, and Salsa
         Basic               Fri 7pm                   Foxtrot and Waltz
         Basic               Fri 8pm                   Salsa and Swing
For those who‘d like to study with their partner exclusively. These classes provide a great introduction to the dance standards and do
not require participants to change partners. The material taught rotates from month to month. A great opportunity for couples about
to get married, about to go to a wedding, or preparing for a special event. If dancing is a conversation set to music, these classes will
help you on your way to building a strong vocabulary!

“Couples Only” Argentine Tango                            Basic            Fri 6pm
Unlike our typical Basic Tango classes, which rotate partners and often request that followers and leaders switch parts, this class is for
couples that want to learn together & not change partners. It will get you started, help you build a fluent foundation, and focus on
the essentials of the art of the conversation that is the Argentine Tango. This class teaches the basics of the Argentine Tango and other
Argentine dance rhythms over a 4 month sequence. It is part of the overall COUPLES ONLY program of classes offered on Tuesdays
and Fridays but follows the topics and rotations of the Tango program (see details until the Argentine Tango group class section
of our website, ... Topic Rotation: Jan-A; Feb-B; Mar-C; Apr-D).

“Couples Only” Ballroom Crash Course
Sundays, Jan 17, Feb 21, Mar 21, Apr 18 Basic                                Noon – 3pm
For couples who would like to supplement their group class studies or for those who can not commit to a weekly schedule. This
special workshop provides a great introduction to four dance standards (Foxtrot, Waltz, Swing & Salsa) and does not require
participants to rotate partners. This is a great start for couples about to get married or preparing for a special event or for those who
just want to focus on improving their dance partnership.

BALLROOM PRACTICE – FREE! (Tue 9-10) – The Fastest way to progress!
This practice session is FREE and informally supervised. It‘s a great opportunity to practice what you‘ve learned in class, get the
―kinks out‖ and practice your social dance skills. Practicing and taking what you‘ve learned from the classroom to the dance floor is
the fastest way to progress! Join your friends from class and/or make new friends! Dancers of all levels are welcome!
The following are special interest classes for those with varying levels of experience, typically not beginners. Call or check our
website,, for further details as they become available.

Music Skills For Swing Dancers                           Tuesday, 6pm (Feb & Apr only)                Swing Dancers/ All Levels
Music is the heartbeat of social dance. Knowing about music, and developing listening skills, is essential for dancers who want to take
their dancing to the next level. If you want to improve your musicality, rhythm, expressiveness, or if you just have trouble finding the
beat, this is the class for you! Music skills for dancers will teach basic music knowledge and listening skills, using swing music, both
recorded and played live on the piano!!! Although there will be participatory elements, this is NOT A MOVEMENT oriented class.
You are encouraged to bring pen and paper for note-taking.

Spins & Footwork Technique                                Tuesday, 7pm                                All Dancers / All Levels
This class will utilize tap, jazz, swing, salsa and foxtrot techniques to help strengthen your dancing and musicality. We will work
through exercises in three sections; warm-up/balance, footwork, and across the floor/traveling patterns. There will be a strong
emphasis on turns; stationary and traveling. You will learn to be a stronger solo dancer so you can be a stronger partner dancer. No
tap or jazz knowledge required. Be prepared to dance and, hopefully, sweat!

Stretch & Strengthen                                    Thursday, 6pm                               All Dancers / All Levels
Get a jump-start on your New Year‘s resolutions—and take your dancing to the next level—with Dance Manhattan‘s Stretch &
Strengthen class. Drawing on elements of ballet, yoga, and Pilates, this fun and challenging class will help increase your strength,
flexibility, and balance. Get the dancer‘s body (not to mention the body awareness and muscle control) you‘ve always wanted!
Please wear comfortable clothing. Socks or bare feet recommended.
Optional: Towel or yoga mat (you‘ll be working on the floor)

Belly Dancing Workout                                  Thursday, 7pm (April only)                  Women Only/ All Levels
Get a taste of this exciting Middle Eastern dance with its fun, challenging movements and isolations while getting a great workout and
warm-up for your other classes! Great exercise, great fun! For women only.

Feldenkrais Intensives                                Sun, Jan 31, Feb 21, Mar 21, Apr 25        All Dancers / All Levels
In each workshops different exercises will be offered. Improve YOUR balance and posture, reduce knee, foot, back, neck & shoulder
discomfort. Dance freely & easily without pain or fear of injury; BOOST your dancing to the next level. These potent lessons are for
everyone! Monthly topics: Twists and Turns (Jan); Happy Feet (Feb); Balance (Mar); Dynamic Posture & Balance (Apr)

Hustle Crash Course                                     Sunday, March 28
For students who would like to supplement their group class studies, those who cannot commit to a weekly schedule, or as follow up
for those who take the INTRO to Hustle workshop on September 23rd. This workshop provides a great introduction to Hustle.
Danced in clubs to "disco" music with a hard driving beat. Originally called "Latin Hustle" this dance can be pretty fast and very
energetic. It is characterized by lots of spins and syncopated footwork for the follower. Fun and challenging.

Country Crash Course                                  Saturday, Feb 13 & Apr 24
Great for the uninitiated or those who already have a basic knowledge of Country 2-Step and/or NightClub 2-step.
Country 2-step: Learn the basics of this ―western styled foxtrot‖ with its quick and sweeping movements and turns around the floor.
NightClub 2-step: The EASIEST dance you'll ever learn! Forget about "8th Grade Sway-Sway" for those slow ballads, dance this
real dance. This beautiful ‗western styled rumba-esque‘ dance incorporates ballroom, latin and country movements while traveling
around the line of dance.

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