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					                                             New For 2000!

The Japanese masters of solid-state and digital have done it again! The DP-75V is a Stereophile A category
rated 24 bit integrated CD player that is guaranteed take your breath away. The DP-75V combines a tour de
force of technology into an attractive and compact package. This player features a 192khz/24bit DAC with
Ultra Jitter Free PLL circuitry, Teflon boards, balanced outputs, optional high speed link board allowing the
input of SACD and DVD-Audio transports to the DP-75’s internal DAC, digital level control, digital
inputs/outputs and a three bay expansion bus for current and future options. The expansion buss allows for a
wide array of digital/analog option cards to be installed which can enable the DP-75V to function as a
complete preamp. A recent review can be found in Stereophile Vol.23, No.7. In this review, Jonathan Scull
comments of the DP-75V, “it somehow reconstituted the analog waveform in such a way as to belie the
mechanical nature of the process…ease, grace, dynamics-style, baby!”. And just when you thought that
Accuphase outdid themselves, along came the DP-100/DC-101 which does everything that the DP-75V
does only better! This state of the art DAC/transport combo is capable of SACD, DVD-Audio, 24bit and
just about any CD format that the future has in store for us via it’s expansion slots. Three new and very
exciting option cards(DIO2-DG1, AIO-DGU1, AIO-DGB1) allow the DG-28 equalizer to be used with
SACD in conjunction with the DC-101 and DP-75 allowing for digital manipulation that is not available
from any other manufacturer. The ultimate in digital has arrived and we encourage you to come and listen
for yourself as words can not convey this level of performance.

Audio Refinement

Audio Refinement was conceived to offer the renowned musicality or "sonic signature" of YBA electronics
designed by Yves-Bernard Andre' in a more affordable range of products. It benefits from the same design
philosophy, using many of the same custom parts that the YBA line is renowned for coupled with the
attention to minute detail that is the hallmark of YBA. YBA has now taken their “simply musical”
masterpieces into the realm of home theater. The Processor is due to be released in the upcoming months
with a sub $1500 price tag. Featuring Dolby Digital and DTS, it may be the best sub $2500 processor on the
market when it arrives. Three new amps have been designed to compliment the processor. The Multi 2,
Multi 3 and Multi 5 all feature 125wpc and the ability to drive complex loads with ease. Visit for review links and detailed information on the entire line.

McIntosh Labs

McIntosh is a company that needs little introduction as they have been providing excellent audio equipment
for the last half century. As McIntosh enters the 21st century, their commitment to audiophiles and
videophiles intensifies with many new products geared towards the true enthusiast. On the two channel side
of the line, the 350wpc MC352 is joined by the 200wpc MC202, 600wpc MC602 and the monstrous
1200wpc MC1201 monos. These new amps bring the unique Autoformer® and Power Guard®
technologies to the reference level. To compliment these amplifiers, the C42 and C100 control centers are
joined by the flagship C200 to complete the two channel package. Also worthy of mention is the bulletproof
MA6500 integrated amplifier with Power Guard®. There are many equally exciting theater products in the
line, the new MSE1 can be combined with the existing MX132 preamp/processor to provide the ultimate in
7.1 decoding. The MVP841 DVD player brings a 5 th generation DVD transport with component video to
the line. And finally, the truly awesome MHT100 home theater receiver is a $5000 technological marvel.
This unit offers 24-bit DSP Dolby Digital, DTS, 6.1, 7.1inputs, RS232 dataports, on-board multi-zone with
internal 50wpc amps and lastly six 100watt channels of pure McIntosh power. There is no doubt that this is
the best home theater and multi-zone receiver on the market. We are truly excited to offer this new line to
our customers. See more at
Tara Labs

The “TARA” in TARA Labs is an acronym for “The Absolute Reference Audio.” Since the company’s
beginnings, TARA Labs has been known among audiophiles as a manufacturer whose cables set the
performance standards and whose technological innovations constantly advance the frontiers of the
industry. Recently, TARA Labs has expanded their sphere of influence within the audio products industry
yet again with the introduction of the ISM Power Screens™. Power Screens isolate RFI and EMI carried
by the AC power line and prevent them from entering the components and coloring the audio signal. TARA
Labs currently offers four models of Power Screens for various applications in home audio and home
theater systems offering the ultimate in passive power filtration. While TARA offers cables of
uncompromising performance at all levels, their RSC Air, ISM and Zero series are among the industries
finest cables. Rectangular Solid Core® conductors are a TARA Labs exclusive. Solid, extruded conductors
with a rectangular cross-section, they deliver the greatest frequency linearity and musical accuracy of any
conductor in the world. The RSC Air™ Series features RSC conductors suspended within our exclusive
Teflon® airtube dielectric, virtually eliminating dielectric interaction and the sonic distortions associated
with it. The Isolated Shield Matrix™ interconnects combine RSC® conductors with our exclusive Isolated
Floating Shield™. Unlike typical shielded cables, which couple the shield to the signal at ground, this
proprietary shield design is floating at both ends. RFI/EMI is absorbed outside the signal path, before it can
interact with the audio signal. ISM interconnects have the lowest noise floor possible, revealing micro-
details and subtle special information that would be lost with ordinary cables. The Zero™ Interconnect is
the world’s only Vacuum Dielectric Interconnect. Highly polished Rectangular Solid Core® conductors are
suspended inside TARA’s exclusive Teflon® airtube dielectric. Then a vacuum is drawn inside the airtube
to create the perfect environment for the ultimate signal transfer. Dielectric distortion is virtually eliminated,
resulting in a signal that is clean and clear, with the lowest noise floor of any interconnect. The Zero is the
most ultralinear interconnect in history. The first, and only from TARA Labs. Please visit for detailed information and also a test drive of another TARA Labs first, the CRES. The
CRES is a cable recommendation system that takes into account the sonic characteristics of your
components and has proven itself to be astonishingly accurate and a great resource.

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