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                                                                       Hello Stiletto Shoe Club Newsletter
                                                                                           November 2007

In a special
two-part series,
                    What’s Hot in British Fashion Part I
                    By Katie Vegas
our very own
London-based        Hot Designer:
correspondent       Jonathan Kelsey is the hottest designer on the London shoe scene at the
Katie Vegas will                                                                         s
                    moment. The thirty-two year-old from Cumbria is tipped to be the UK' answer to
be updating us                              s
                    Christian Louboutin. He' worked at Jimmy Choo, Caharel and Gina. His sharp
on what' hot
           s                                                                     s
                    and sexy shoes give that rocker edge to some of the season' classic looks. For
across the                                                        s
                    example, the "Ace" is a peep toe with a 1920' flair but a dangerously pointy heel.
pond. If you        Jonathan has been quoted as saying that watching Tim Burton films at home in
can' get            Primrose Hill influenced the collection. "I watched Edward Scissorhands when I
enough of           started designing. The colors came from that movie." His collection has made
British fashion,    the "Ladies Must Have" list at Harvey Nichols for Autumn/Winter.
you' love
these               Hot Shopping:
segments. Just
                    Topshop is THE place to shop in the UK. The flagship store on London' Oxford
a warning
                    Street is like Disneyworld for the fashion conscious individual. Selling an average
though, the
                    of 30 pairs of knickers (undies) a minute, 6,000 pairs of jeans a day and 35,000
Topshop details
                    pairs of shoes every week, it' a mega brand like no other. The combination of
alone will make
                    on-trend cutting edge style with affordable prices attracts women from their
you so jealous
                    teens to their 40' searching for a fashion fix.
you don' live in
the UK, you                 s
                    Topshop' flagship store in London features an on-site blow-dry bar where you
might just pick     can get catwalk style blow-dries and up-dos inspired by the latest fashion…
up and move.                                                                            (Continued on page 2)

A review of Poetic License Flats from Planet Shoes
by Melissa O'

In last months issue I mentioned that I would be reviewing a really fabulous
pair of Mary Jane' called "Tease" by Poetic License. Unfortunately many
of you must have liked them too because Planet Shoes was all sold out of
them in my size when I went to go get them. I' have to wait a few weeks
until I can get my hands (and feet) on them.
Fortunately there were many other cute shoes for me to console myself
with and review for you. I picked out a pair of flats (yes, I do wear flats        Jonathan Kelsey “Ace”
occasionally) also by Poetic License called "Adored." I adored them too
much to resist.
                                                                                                   Also fun
These lovely flats are terra cotta brown with a cream colored, polka-                              in
dotted cap toe and dark brown leather bow. They' really unique and                                 metallic
fun.                                                                                               Fuchsia
                                                           (Continued on page 3)
(British Fashion…continued from page 1)

…shows and magazines. The walk-in, no-appointment
salon offers customers a menu of seven looks. Each look
takes less than 30 minutes to create and costs just 19 British
pounds (approximately $36). The salon is quite small but is
fitted out like a backstage scene at London Fashion Week.
Shouldn' we all feel like a SMOT (Super Model on Tour) from
time to time!
There is also a full service nail bar and style advisor
available. You can walk the sales floor with an advisor or sit
in the lounge and relax while he or she scours all of the
collections to find what suits you. There is no purchase
required but if you do decide to purchase (who could
resist?) your advisor will take you to the head of the line, no
reason to delay getting your fabulous new look out on the
                                                                  Above: “Rosalyn” by Pedro Garcia
street!                                                           Below: Ariella Clou by Christian Louboutin
More importantly shoe lovers, all Topshop stores now
feature a cool "Shoe Salon" which offers a wide range of
shoes that are the Topshop house label as well as new
labels from up and coming designers. Due to the huge
success of their shoe range, the company has decided to
open its first stand-alone shoe store in Manchester. Its
Premium shoe range launched in March 2006 and we can
only assume that bigger and better things will come in the
Hot Shoes:
Shoe boots or "shoots" which are shoes cut high just below
the ankle are quite popular this season. To qualify as a
shoe-boot they must end well below ankle-sock level. The
top of the shoe-boot should be higher at the back than the
front and it should trace a line under the anklebone. The
heel should be as high as you can possibly manage as
these shoes mean serious business!
The Rosalyn shoe by Pedro Garcia is a stunning example of
a shoot, and it could be dressed up with a mid-length skirt
or dressed down with jeans for a more simple, chic look.
Ankle boots are also a key trend for this season. Many
designers have featured this style in bright colors (red, hot
pink, and turquoise). For those of us who are not ready to
release our inner Pat Benatar and take a risk with brights,
British Grazia recommends toning it down with smoky grays
and moss greens.
One of the funkiest ankle boots of the season is the Ariella
Clou by Christian Louboutin, which is suede and covered in
spiky studs. These boots are the conversation piece of an
outfit. They look great with jeans and a basic tee. These
boots were made for doing the talking so keep the rest of
your outfit simple!

(Review of Poetic License Flats…Continued from Page 1)

The first day I wore them, I got a compliment before 10am. It
went something like this:
Co-worker Jane: I love your shoes. What brand are they?
Me: Poetic License, I got them from Planet Shoes.
           re              re
Jane: They' flats but they' dressy. They have that sort of
masculine, business thing happening but they' very feminine.
This was a good way to start the day. Jane has good taste.
I was pretty pleased with them as well. A few things I noticed
about the fit... First, I found them to run a bit small and had to       “Adored” by Poetic License available
go up a half size. Also, they tend to be a bit tight in the              at
toebox. My right shoe rubbed uncomfortably in one spot on
the outer side of my foot by the base of my little toe. Definitely
not the worst pain I' endured for a cute pair of shoes but
                       ve                                                SPECIAL OFFER FROM
something that might be a bigger concern for those with wider
feet. I' not a wide width but on the wider side of average.
       m                                                                 PLANET SHOES
Despite this, I' still give them a high rating. A little blister block
               d                                                         Planet Shoes is offering Hello
the next time around and they should be good to go. I love               Stiletto Shoe Club members a
them with chocolate brown tights. I think they' be fun with
                                                    d                    special limited time discount of
brown tights and a brown sweater dress. As I don' own a t                15% off any item purchased on
brown sweater dress, I wore mine with wide leg trousers. They            their site. Visit
looked fab, if I do say so myself.                              and enter
                                                                         coupon code shoeclub15
If these sound like your bag baby, take note that they're                (lowercase no spaces) between
currently on sale and with the special Planet Shoes discount             now and December 22, 2007 to
(sidebar) they’re even more of a steal.                                  take advantage of the offer.

Sofft Shoes Special Discount
by Amanda Viciana, Atlanta Shoe Club Coordinator
Sofft Shoes is offering Hello Stiletto Shoe Club members an exclusive discount. Now through
December 31, 2007 members get 25% off any pair of Sofft Shoes on See page 4
for details.
I can personally attest to the comfort and style of Sofft Shoes, as I own a fabulous pair myself. I
absolutely adore my Camella shoes in Winter Navy/Insignia. They are perfect with blue jeans, and I' m
amazed that such a stylish, cute shoe can be so comfortable, even with a two and a quarter inch
heel. They are truly my 'go-to' shoes and I will likely wear them until they turn to dust.
Other styles I am currently considering include Gabriela (gorgeous in red) and the Pilar in Copper.
Who doesn' need a nice pair of flats like these, especially in such a unique but neutral color?

         Shea has the Reginas and she too is impressed with how perfect they are for running to work
Melissa O'
appointments in comfort while still looking fashionable and sexy.

                                                                                            From left to right:
                                                                                            Sofft Shoes
                                                                                            Camella, Pilar,
                                                                                            Gabriela, and

                                                           Pictures from
Hello Stiletto Press, Pictures, and                        recent Hello
Happenings                                                 Stiletto Shoe

The Naples club was in the newspaper again, this time
in the Sun Times on November 7th.

Melissa O'Shea was on the radio with Barbara Bryant
(1080AM WKJK) in Louisville, Kentucky on November
17th and is hoping to get a club going there soon.

Portland Maine and Providence Rhode Island both
had their first Hello Stiletto Shoe Parties this month.

Thanks to Kareem Quow of KQP Photography for
taking some really nice photos for us at the Atlanta
Shoe Party at Aiko last month.

The Chicago club had a great time at Ms. Bossy Boots
this month. The beautiful fur boots to the right were a
highlight of the shop’s offerings.

We’re having our first shoe party in LA on Wednesday,
December 5th at hot new venue called Zu Robata.
The event is being held in conjunction with
Singelringen and will feature a stiletto walk off judged
by Booth Moore, Chief Fashion Critic for the LA Times,
and Lauren Messiah aka Fashion Kitty.

For photos of other past events and details about
future parties visit


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