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Continence Advisory Service

Brief description of service
The Continence Advisory Service is a Clinical Nurse Led service specialising in
incontinence and other bladder or bowel dysfunctions.

The service provides assessment, diagnosis, management, education and support
to improve continence for clients. It also provides education and support to carers,
relatives and other professional service providers.

Advice is accessible by the general public, other health professionals and patients
regarding Continence, management and products, this information can be via
telephone or face to face.

Nurse Led clinics are run from Continence Advisory Service for patients with more
complex continence problems.

The Continence Advisory service is also the gate keeper for continence products
and first point of contact for Attends delivery service.

Service base/ address
Continence Advisory Service,
Meadow view
St Georges Hospital
Suttons Lane
Essex RM12 6RS

Hours service is provided
8.30am-4.30pm Monday to Friday excluding Bank Holidays

Aims of Service
1.Promote continence, provide advice regarding continence, management and
2.Assess, treat, cure or manage bowel and bladder incontinence
3.Education of Nurses, Health care professionals, Carers, clients
4. Gate keeper of continence products and delivery service

Staffing (roles)
 Administrator is the first point of telephone contact for the continence Advisory
  service for clients and health professionals, provides support to the continence
 Lead Nurse Role is to provide the clinical lead for Continence Service. To ensure
  that the service provision is appropriate and sensitive to needs of clients/users. To
  act as a source of clinical Knowledge and expertise to other health professionals
  patients, carers and other organisations.
 Continence Specialist Nurse Role is to act as a source of clinical Knowledge and
  expertise to Clients, carers, Health professionals, Patients and other

How long will patients be seen/ treated. Min - Max
First appointment are booked for one hour, reviews will vary depending on patients
program and individual needed.

Average patient contacts would be 3-6 visits.

Patients with long term medical conditioned effecting continence ie Multiple
Sclerosis patients will not be discharged from service, unless they DNA.

Patients taught and using clean intermittent catheters are reviewed yearly.

Patients/ conditions accepted/ referral criteria
Bladder and or bowel incontinence or dysfunction

Patients/ conditions NOT accepted
2. Patients who require issue of continence products or continence assessment
would be seen by district nurses as the first step

Where patients can be treated/ seen (eg. Home, clinics, hospital) and base
1. Nurse led clinic
2. Home visits
3. Residential/Nursing Homes

What service offers – treatment, interventions, tests etc
2.Bladder Scanning
3.Pelvic Floor exercise/ Anal Sphincter exercises
4.Mtofeed back / Neuromuscular Stimulator

List of Diagnostic/ Important information sought with referral eg test results.
1. Diagnostic information desirable not essential

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