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									Sean Carley
      In-depth knowledge of most LAN and WAN technologies, including but not limited to TCP/IP, routing
       protocols, spanning tree, wireless networking, Ethernet switching, VLANs, and SNMP.
      Skilled with Cisco IOS routers and switches, ASA/PIX/FSWM firewalls and F5 load balancers. Also
       familiar with Foundry, Watchguard and Dell network gear.
      Detailed knowledge of the Microsoft Windows platform, including Exchange, Active Directory, SQL,
       Visual Basic Script, Group Policy, RIS, DFS and the Office suite.
      Experience with RedHat, CentOS, Debian and Ubuntu Linux and Linux-Windows integration.
      Extensive experience with Dell and HP servers.
      Recent proficiency in PHP and Perl (with Apache and MySQL) for writing new applications and
       customizing open source code.
      Self-motivated, industrious engineer. Able to work alone or with others.
      Accomplished project manager, with a reputation for completing tasks on-time and under budget.
      Proven team leader. Able to inspire, educate and motivate engineering staff to meet challenging goals.
      Excellent communicator, adept at translating technical jargon into layman's terms and vice versa.
      Capable of absorbing new technologies at an impressive rate.

Senior Network Engineer, Global Market Insite, Inc., 2008-Present (Bellevue, WA)
      Senior technical resource for GMI's network infrastructure, with as many as 16 remote sites.
      Completely documented existing networks, and published via internal wiki for company reference.
      Maintained Cisco 6509 switches with integrated firewall modules, 3560 and 3750 series switches, 7200
       series routers and ASA Firewalls. Also worked with Avaya switches and Watchguard firewalls.
      Migrated all network devices in the primary data center to a new high-density cage with minimal
      Served as the on-site engineer for the relocation of the London Office, GMI's headquarters in Europe.
      Designed and installed an AD-integrated Cisco wireless network.
      Redesigned parts of the WAN, adding redundancy with MPLS circuits and adjusting OSPF-EIGRP
      Installed additional F5 load balancers, and created per-VIP and per-node usage graphs in Cacti.
      Implemented monitoring of all network devices via Nagios, Cacti and MRTG.
      Customized Cacti's Mactrack plug-in, a low-cost alternative to a more expensive network management
       suite. This LAMP application collects interface, MAC address and ARP data via SNMP.
      Scripted Nagios monitors for various aspects of GMI's platform, including alerts for MySQL database
       failover events,Windows services, WMI counters and more.
      Wrote a PHP application to intelligently page on-call subject matter experts based on a configurable
       schedule and escalation matrix. Source events created by Nagios, Jira, or other systems.
      Deployed IPPlan, another open source application, for tracking IP addresses and requests.
      Authored scripts to parse the access-lists and static NAT entries of GMI's numerous internal and external
       firewalls and store them in a MySQL database.
      Developed a PHP dashboard that dynamically pulls data from the firewall database, Cacti, Nagios,
       MacTrack, OCS Inventory, Nessus and other internal systems.
      Designed the Linux-AD Integration process for servers, now a company standard.
      Responsible for the SAN, comprised of Hitachi and StorageTek arrays on a McData switch fabric,
       directly attached to RedHat and CentOS hosts or served via Onstor NAS heads.
      Created Cacti XML templates for SNMP graphing of the Onstor NAS heads and McData switches.
      Provided secondary support for Postfix email, Atlassian applications, and Linux systems.

Lead Systems Engineer, Muze, Inc., 2005-2007 (New York, NY and Seattle, WA)
      Manager of as many as 7 systems engineers and database administrators.
      Critical member of the team that relocated all systems at headquarters to a new office and data center.
       Direct contributions include network design, asset tracking methodology and shutdown/startup
       sequencing. Also provided advice on electrical design, floor layouts and logistics.
      Collapsed the off-site production data center into the new location with minimal interruption of services.
       The project was pushed to completion a month ahead of schedule, saving the company over $75,000 in
      Configured the local networks at the new sites, using both new and reclaimed Foundry hardware.
      Implemented a variety of WAN technologies for inter-site connectivity, including VPLS and DWDM. For
       backup, all sites were linked by a mesh of IPSEC tunnels over the local Internet connections.
      Redeployed existing F5 BigIP and 3DNS devices for load balancing of company Internet services.
      Upgraded the supervisor module and IOS on the Cisco Catalyst 6509 in the New York office.
      Deployed MRTG to track bandwidth usage on all network devices.
      Implemented an open-source Syslog-ng server, running on Debian Linux, for collecting firewall logs and
       tracking network events.
      Installed Cacti with the MacTrack plug-in for collecting network host data, and customized the PHP code
       for our Foundry equipment.
      Used Cacti to graph usage patterns for the company's hosted applications.
      Revamped the Nagios monitoring system to include all network devices, servers and power
       management units, and implemented Active Directory authentication.
      Improved, maintained and customized the Microsoft infrastructure including Active Directory, Exchange,
       DFS, RIS, Group Policy and WSUS.
      Spearheaded the confluence of disparate back-office systems and Active Directory domains when Muze
       acquired the Seattle assets of Loudeye, Inc.
      Extended the company's MS Access inventory database for improved tracking of equipment.
      Built an Altiris RDP server for deploying Microsoft and Red Hat OS installs on HP Blade Servers.
      Migrated company data stores and processing stations from Windows NT4 to Windows 2003.
      Planned and performed the migration of the company's FTP server from a standalone Windows 2000
       server to dual load-balanced AD-Integrated Windows 2003 machines.
      Designed a Linux FTP server system that uses AD for user management and authentication.
      Developed a Single Sign On proof of concept, using Kerberos and LDAP in Linux to authenticate to an
       AD domain expanded with the Microsoft Services for Unix 3.5 Schema.

Senior Systems Engineer, Thirteen WNET, 2000-2005 (New York, NY)
      Supervised and mentored a staff of 4 engineers for Public Broadcasting's flagship station.
      Responsible for the design, planning, security, maintenance and disaster recovery of approximately 90
       Servers, 700 Desktops and 80 Macintosh computers.
      Reduced expenditures by eliminating the need for outside expertise, automating time consuming tasks
       and extending the life of existing systems.
      Maintained Cisco 2500, 3600 and 7200 series routers.
      Administered the company LAN, based on Cisco Catalyst 5500 Series switches.
      Deployed:
           o The enterprise WAN, including connectivity to four remote sites.
           o Stonegate's Firewall cluster to maximize bandwidth and increase Internet response.
           o An open source Linux VPN securely connecting all remote sites.
           o A contiguous network of wireless access points (802.11b-g).
           o Redundant Internet connections through multiple service providers.
           o A redundant microwave / T1 network to the Empire State Building to carry VOIP.
           o CiscoSecure ACS for dial-up authentication.
           o A Linux based PostFix / Spam Assassin / Amavis mail relay system to scan all email for Spam
               and Viruses.
           o Sitescope, CiscoWorks, HP Openview and Big Brother to monitor critical network devices.
           o Outlook Web Access and Outlook RPC over HTTP.
           o Windows 2000/2003 Terminal Server as the company's remote access solution.
           o Veritas BackupExec, for scheduling backups and managing the LTO tape library.
           o KVS Enterprise Vault, an archiving system for Microsoft Exchange.
           o Lucent Bcms Vu, which collects call center statistics.
      Overhauled the company voicemail system (Avaya Unified Messenger), which delivers voice messages
       to Exchange and provides telephone access to email (text-to-speech).
      Built MSI packages for nearly all desktop applications, automating deployment and greatly reducing
       installation time spent by helpdesk personnel.
      Authored custom VBScripts to monitor server status, disk space and event logs of all Windows Server
      Upgraded the Windows NT4 domain to Active Directory (AD) on Windows 2000 / 2003.
      Customized the AD Organizational Unit structure to ease management of 3000+ objects.
      Migrated the Microsoft Exchange environment from Exchange 5.5 to Exchange 2000 / 2003.
      Expanded the AD and Exchange environments to three remote sites, including WLIW21.
      Devised a granular permissions model for Active Directory and networked file servers, allowing
       delegated administration of user, group and computer objects.
      Fashioned a custom VBScript log parser to provide daily status reports on backup operations at local
       and remote offices.
      Extended the AD schema and wrote VBScript plug-ins for the MMC console to reduce time spent on
       repetitive aspects of user and computer administration.
      Represented the IT department on the company's Disaster Management committee.
      Compiled complete system documentation in HTML format.

Consultant Engineer, IDP Consulting, 1998-2000 (Garden City, NY)
      Key member of the team that transferred WNET's computer equipment to their new midtown offices,
       automating changes to desktops for the new environment.
      Migrated Novell Netware file servers to Windows NT.
      Streamlined the configuration and deployment of approximately 600 new desktop computers with
       Windows 98 using Ghost.
      Created a new Kixtart logon script to map network drives and silently update machines.
      Assisted in the migration from Groupwise to Exchange 5.5.

Desktop Technician, General Semiconductor, 1998 (Melville, NY)
      Provided on-site support for approximately 100 desktop computers.

Technical Support Specialist, Softbank Services Group 1996-1997 (Buffalo, NY)
      Provided telephone support for the first generation of Sony Vaio desktop computers.

B.S. Civil Engineering, SUNY Buffalo

      Red Hat Certified Technician (Red Hat Enterprise 4)
      CCNA (1999)
      MCSE (Windows NT4)

      Writing bulleted documents.

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