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conversation skills flyer services bw.qxd


conversation skills flyer services bw.qxd

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									    Conversation Skills Training Program
    Group Training Program for people with intellectual disabilities
This comprehensive training program is designed for easy
implementation. It is targeted at people with intellectual
disabilities and/ or communication disorders aged 10 years
and over.
Topics covered in Conversation Skills include;
       ✎ Being a good listener
       ✎ Body language and personal space
       ✎ Starting a conversation                                 Teaching Plans
       ✎ Greetings                                             Contain:
                                                                - content
       ✎ Similar Interests                                      - teaching strategies
       ✎ Asking good questions                                  - required resources
                                                                - room layout
       ✎ Giving a compliment                                    - suggested time frames
                                                                - registration/ completion
       ✎ Joining a conversation                                    date.
       ✎ Conversational topics
       ✎ Keeping a conversation going
       ✎ Voice control
       ✎ Meeting new people
       ✎ Ending a conversation
       ✎ Farewells

Why choose the Step Ahead Program ?
Disability specific
This program has been written specifically for people with           Workbook Pages
                                                                written in simple language with
intellectual disabilities and/or communication disorders. It            pictorial support
is designed to give them the functional skills to be able to
interact with a number of people in a variety of

Easy to implement without effort
The training program includes step by step instructions,
easy to follow layouts and workbook pages for
participants. All the work is done for you, saving time and

Written by educators for educators
Our experiences as educators have led us to develop this                Games and
program that is easy to implement, age appropriate and                  Icebreakers
                                                                  designed to be interactive
accessible to people with limited literacy skills.                        and fun
Tried and tested
 The training program has been repeatedly implemented
 and evaluated with groups of people with disabilities.
 After each implementation the training program has
 been evaluated by program participants and group
Outcome based
 The program is outcome based and includes a pre and
 post assessment of skills allowing the educator to deter-                            Aims and Objectives
 mine whether skills have been transferred to everyday                                  clear statements of
                                                                                        learning outcomes

Some information about Step Ahead Consulting
 Step Ahead Consulting was established in 1999 by Susan
 Jones and Pier Robinson-Tafft. Both have tertiary qualifi-
 cations in the disability field and extensive special educa-
 tion experience. Since its inception Step Ahead has run
 numerous workshops, facilitated the program for people
 with Down syndrome at the 7th World Congress on Down                                      Evaluation
 Syndrome in Sydney 2000 and contributed chapters to a                               keys questions to evaluate
                                                                                            the program
 personal development manual for women funded by the
 NSW Department of Women.

           For more information on Step Ahead Consulting
                          Order Information
    Fax to 9979 8593 or photocopy and mail to PO Box 320 Church Point NSW 2105

Delivery Details
  Company / Organisation: _______________________________________                    Assessment Checklist
                                                                                      pre and post assessment
  Order No:____________________________________________________                                of skills

  Contact Name: _______________________________________________
  Delivery Address; Street ________________________________________              To order or for more information;
  Suburb_______________________ State_________ Postcode_________                  Step Ahead Consulting Pty Ltd
                                                                                        ABN 42 096 936 300
  Phone No: (         ) ____________________________________________
  Fax: (      ) _________________________________________________                      PO Box 320
                                                                                       Church Point NSW 2105
                                                                                       (02) 9979 6985 or
Order Details                                                                          (02) 9909 0767
  Please send ____ copies of conversation skills training program                      (02) 9979 8593
  at $99.95 each plus $9.30 postage and handling (incl GST).
Payment Details (please include $9.30 per order for delivery and handling)
       I have enclosed a cheque or money order payable to
       Step Ahead Consulting Pty Ltd for $ _______

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