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									n°13      august 2003

     Constelações                                                                  To know more…
     Organization Constellation newspaper, art to help children grow and relate to each other

                                                                             The Portal Group, from Los Andes
     Hi all,

     Your paper has finally arrived. Maybe you were expecting it at spring time, or maybe you
     were not expecting it anymore. I hope its arrival is a good surprise to all of you !

     I would like to be able to send you 3 issues of the paper every year, but our good will is not
     enough ! Many things create delays : transport issues or strikes that would slow down the
     Constellation travellers, difficulties in coordinating the people in charge of transporting the
     materials, the names missing on the drawings or photos, the computers that decide not to work
     (Pierre-Louis reminds me everyday that I do professional work with very basic systems...), the
     event we were not expecting, the difficult selection of the paintings that will be printed in the
     paper, and finally the need to relax a bit and take time to welcome a friend, a parent or a child.

                                                             The Constellation organisation funds, supports and orga-
                                                             nises painting worshops for children throughout the world,
                              Association Constellation      because we think that art helps unfavoured children to
                         Villarbernon 73140 St Michel de     look for their identity, to develop, and to relate with one
                                    Mne France               another..
                                                             Constellation also organises the sharing and exchange of
                            Tel: 00 33 4 79 56 56 63         those paintings among the children, and puts them for-
                           Fax: 00 33 4 79 56 59 30          ward through exhibitions, postcards, etc.
                           Constellation's newspaper is a link between the children
                 and a toll to better understand the world and the issues it
25                                                           is facing.
                                                                                                                   Thanks to us, you can invent any colour.        ther. They are for sale (15 euros). If you
So, to all of you who support us and thanks to whom this paper can go to the children,                             According to the quantity you use of            are interested, ask Constellation . You can
please excuse our being unreliable on the publishing dates, and note the content and the                           each of us, you will get a range of             have a look at the them on our website
richness of our newspaper. Once again, thank you for your support.                                                 colours that you can use, according to
                                                                                                                   your needs and wants.
                                                                                                                                                                   Learn how to look at
     NORTH                                                                                                         If we are too dark, add some white
                                                                                                                                                                   Scenery by Yaquelin Condé Fari (bottom
                                                                                                                   Black will tell you that it is a colour too.
                                                                                                                                                                   of page 4) : Yaquelin has used several tree
                                    France                                                                         Don't believe it ! It is the absence of         shapes and different greens.
AMERICA                               España                                                                       colour. Use it with moderation, and mix
CENTRAL                                                                                                            a bit of other colour with it to make it
                                     Maroc                                                                                                                         All trees are different, even when they
                                      Mali                                                   Vietnam               more beautiful. A bit of red, or blue...        are part of the same tree family.
       Nicaragua                                                                            Philippines
                                        Benin                       India                                          At San Jose, in Venezuela, children
        Ecuador                                                              Nepal         Pacific Ocean                                                           Have fun looking at and drawing trees.
                                                                  Rwanda                                           have given names to their colours (Cuaxi,       Look at their shape, at their colour, at
             Perú                                  Congo
                                                                       Madagascar                                  trueno...).                                     their leaves. Understand how they grow.
      LATINA                                                                                                                                                       Don't just reproduce one tree after
                  Bolivia                                       AFRICA                                             With us colours, you can also make your
                                      Atlantic Ocean                                                                                                               another, in the same format. Notice how
    Pacific Ocean                 Argentina                                 Indian Ocean    OCEANIA                own grey : a primary colour mixed toge-         the branches start from the trunk.
                                                                                                                   ther with a secondary colour gives you a        Trees are like people : they all have
                                                                                                                   grey that we call " coloured grey ".            their own body and head, they have
                                                           very colourful scenery allow children to
Argentina • page 1-2-3                                                                                             Beware, start your exercices with only a
                                                           look for a complete range of colours in                 few colours.
                                                           their paintings.
                                                                                                                   The more you do it, the better at it you
Pintores tastileños, Portal de los Andes,                                                                          will get ! And you will then get the
                                                           To all of you who like colour, enjoy crea-
Pinceles y pincelitos Gauchos.                             ting your own colours                                   widest range of colours to meet all your
                                                                                                                   needs ! "
These are 3 different groups, located in                   Small exercice on colour, for all the
the same area. You can see photos of them                  colour magiciens among you
in the previous issues of the Constellation
newspaper.                                                 Exercice : close your eyes before starting
                                                           painting. You will see colours before pic-              Perú • page 4-5
Tastil is a very small village, located in the             tures. Try to reproduce them.
Andes,       Northern Argentina           (ref
Constellation paper number 11). This
                                                           “" Lemon yellow, cyan blue, tyrian red,                 In Peru, there are now 2 groups : the
place is very well represented throughout
the paintings of the children. If ever you                 we are 3 primary colours, basic colours.                Amaru group in Cuzco and the Taller de
go there, you can visit the smalll museum                  Without us, you cannot create other                     Creatividad in San Martin de Porres
Esla Veron and her husband Luis are in                     colours. If you mix 2 of us, you will get               (Lima).
charge of (page 15, archeological art).                    the secondary colours, which have been                  Alfredo got the children to paint from
Our friends are colour experts... Look at                  friends of ours for ever : orange, purple               Incas' designs. From there, they painted
the greens, reds, etc. The magnificent and                 and green.                                              beautiful shirts, all different from one ano-
                                                                                                           26 27
their feet planted in the ground and          Go through the pages of your newspaper                Young painting teachers...                    as got breakfast and morning tea ser-
opened arms (sometimes closed). Each          looking at the shapes of the trees, the                                                             ved. They received toys as presents.
of the trees stands in a specific way         mountains, the houses and the suns.                   The children from Coche show us how           Later, Mattel organised a film scree-
(have a look in a park !). Their leaves all   You will realise that possibilities are               you can vary the aspect of picture by using   ning, with more toys given, an afternoon
have different shapes and colours.            endless !                                             specific brushes, by choosing the size of     tea, photos taken and more presents !
                                                                                                    the tools, by handling the brushes and        With Mattel and the children, we also
We prefer to see invented trees rather                                                              painting tools differently.                   made 6 cards from the paintings of the
than copycat trees...                         Ecuador page 5                                                                                      San Jose de la Urbina children ".
                                                                                                    You can also get a different aspect and
                                                                                                    surface, depending on how much water
                                              Here are a few masks made by Pacha                    you mix with the paint.
Once you've observed the trees, you will
                                              Callari. Throughout the paper, you will
understand that to draw or paint well,        also see masks from other countries
you need to take the time to observe                                                                With water paint and brushes, the children
                                              (page 15).
and analyse.                                                                                        have then coloured the drawings drawn
                                                                                                    with chalk.
Draw a head covered by a hat. Then,           DIABLO HUMA
draw the rest of the head, the one that
is under the hat. If the had does not fit     This famous character from the mountains              Page 7: San José de la Urbina

into the hat, it means the hat is too         of Ecuador is also well known in other
small !                                       countries, such as Argentina (the children
                                              of Alpachiri have painted him, newspaper               These cards have been printed by the
                                              number 8) or Peru..                                   Matel company, that manufactures toys.
                                                                                                                                                                       Inside of Mattel card Mattel
                                              We would like to know more about him!!                Maritza Montero, in charge of the
                                                                                                                                                  The translation of what's inside those cards
                                                                                                    Constellation group in Venezuela , writes     gives us some explanations :
                                                                                                    us :
                                              Venezuela page 6 and 7                                                                              The picture on this      that can be done ! If
                                                                                                    " 2002 was a positive year for our group
                                              Page 6: Pequeños Artistas
                                                                                                                                                  card was painted by      you would like to par-
                                                                                                    : the children have gone outside of our       Antonio Rodriguez.       ticipate, please do not
                                                                                                    suburb several time ; and they also have      He is 14 years old,      hesitate to contact us :
                                                                                                                                                  lives in Petare and
                                                                                                    exhibited at the CELARG cultural cent-        is a member of           estrellitasdevzla@
                                                                                                                                                  Constellation.           c a n t v . n e t ,
                                              " Venezuela tiene un gran paisaje "                   re - an exhibition of pictures telling the    Constellation is an      biblioteca_laurbina
                                              Venezuela has beautiful scenery.                      history of their suburb -.                    extraordinary proj-      @ c a n t v. n e t ,
                                                                                                                                                  ect that gathers very
                                                                                                    This exhibition, organised by Maribel         poor children and        o visitar www.constel-
                                              This is a common piece of art. The dra-               Goncalves - in charge of a program cal-       that, through the
                                                                                                                                                  teaching of pain-
                                              wings were first drawn with chalk and                 led " the children who paint and tell the     ting, gets them to       This year, at the
                                              painted, and then cut and pasted on a piece           story of the suburb " -, was very nice.       know such social         Venezuelian branch of
                                                                                                                                                  values as family,        Mattel, we have disco-
                                              of paper. Then the main piece of paper                Thanks to the Mattel manager (an inter-       history, work and        vered a constellation
                                              was painted so the piece of work is one.              national manufacturer of toys), who saw       community.               that is giving us much
                                                                                                                                                                           hope and joy. We want
                                              2 other pictures were made following the              this exhibition and loved it, we were         Mattel in Venezuale      to share what we have
                                              same steps : 2 trees on which the birds you           able to visit the toys' factory. The chil-    s u p p o r t s          discovered and would
                                                                                                                                                  Constellation. So        like this constellation
                                              can see page 7 come and rest.                         dren got to play at the factury, as well      thank you ! But          to be extended to other
                                                                                            28 29                                                 there is still so much   stars.
                             Nahimé Kamaté
 "The French embassy also got some postcards made. They were much appreciated. We
are still selling the ones we had left over. We are also going to receive some funds from
Mattel. Between that and the cards' sales at the French embassy, it makes 2002 a
useful year!"

"2002 started well, with the creation of " Venezuelian Constellation ", a non profit
organisation. This means that we are now a legal entity and therefore, we can receive
funds and gifts, and we can act as a legal entity. This is very important because we are
in a development phase (In Coche, there are two 12 to 15 children groups). There are
some more people around Petare (close to San Jose de la Urbina) who want to set up
another group!"

These results are very happy, because they are the results of some beautiful work done by
the children over the years, and that eventually produced some very nice fruit. The child-
ren have improved a lot, thanks to the person in charge's understanding of Constellation's
objectives (Maritza and Ingrid).

                                                                                                         Do you know? It is good to Have got friends.                                       Crayon drawing, by Ilima

                                                                                                                                                                                         Among the topics pain-
                                                                                                                                                                                         ted by the children of
                                                                                                                                                                                         San Jose de la Urbina
                                                                                                                                                                                         are friendship, violen-
                                                                                                                                                                                         ce, honesty, civitizens-
                                                                                                                                                                                         hip, and justice.

                                                                                                                                                                                         Ref to the following

                                                                                                 30 31
                                                              Graphite drawing, by Yuritza 10a           Fall ...! No!                                  Graphite drawing, by Wanderlin
 San José de la Urbina                                                                                        king for explosives in the houses to                  On Tanya's picture, we can see the "
                                                                                                              desactivate them.                                  Maldonado " school's clock, that broke
   Jessica comments on                                                                                        The whole of the city has been evacua-             when it fell on the floor.
her painting (page 7):                                                                                        ted. Myself and my 2 children, my dog              Clarita painted a family running away.
                                                                                                              and my neighbours all arrived at                   Haydee painted herself looking through
"I went to the beach                                                                                          Chambo, a small nearby town, at 11pm.              the window at the people obliged to leave
with one of my mum's
                                                                                                              We were welcomed in an old small house.            their homes.
friends, my brother and
my mum. At the beach                                                                                          It was terrible but despite all of that,           Jose Luis painted the crowd running
my mum's friend and I                                                                                         we had the painting workshop on the                away…
both broke our foot."                                                                                         Friday, as usual, and the children could
                                                                                                              talk about their experience and paint              I was seduced by La Killa's creativity.
    The crayon drawing
made by Andres repre-
sents the library where                                                                                       Bolivia page 10 and 11
the children gather to                                                                                        Page 10: Ñanta
paint. (p.7)
                            Why do you push me around? ...Get Graphite drawing, by Meiker Castro 9a
                            into your room now!                                                               Ñanta has taken over the Rayitos de Color group. Ñanta means " the path " in Quechua.
                                                   Wednesday at the local army barracks                       These street children, already workers, are already painting really well. There was an exhi-
Ecuador • page 8 and 9
                                                   called " Galapagos ". It is situated in the                bition in Sucre and journalists got them to talk (Correo del Sur, February 20th 2003).
 La Killa: Riobamba
                                                   biggest military area of the country, in
                                                   Rio Bamba, bit far from the Quito hill.                    Robin's report (Robin is a Dutch man who spent some time with them) gives us some infor-
The beginning of the year has been diffi-                                                                     mation about their work (this report is available to all of you if you like, please ask for it).
cult for the children from Ecuador, in par-        Lots of explosives went off, as well as                    To get to know this group better, go onto
ticular in Rio Bamba, where they suffered          grenades, and all sorts of army weapon-
from volcanic activity's pollution as well         ry. Bits of explosives landed in the city
as the explosion of the army ammunition.           houses, as far as the Sucre park (near
The latter is related on those 2 pages. It         the Maldonado college we went to toge-
occurred on November 20th 2002, and                ther with yourself and Ines), and went
lasted over 12 hours.                              off inside the houses. Many people died,
All the artistic wealth of " La Killa " is         800 were injured and 5 suburbs were
expressed through the expression of one            totally destroyed. Walls and ceilings col-
same event by several children. Art                lapsed. The city is windowless, and the
reveals all the wealth and variety of the          metal doors of the shops are all twisted.
world sensitivities.                               At my place, the windows are still intact
                                                   because they are small. But our ceiling
Sylvia Garcia is in charge of the " La             collapsed. I cannot complain though,
Killa " group writes us:                           compared to some other people.
" I haven't written to you for a while
because the internet and the phone lines           Today, we have been on general strike
are just back in working order, after the          here, to get the government to fix the
catastrophe      that    occured     last          most damaged houses. They are still loo-           32 33
                                                                                                                                               Ñanta Group                                        Ñanta Group
                                                                       On a lot of paintings               the mine. " Le Cerro " is a mountain in which the miners, adults and sometimes children
                                                                       from South America,                 as young as 5, work very hard to get silver. Outside, you can see the church. Inside the
                                                                       there are churches                  mine, the workers give gifts to the mine god.
                                                                       (Argentina, Bolivia,
                                                                       Peru), because there
                                                                       are many Christians
                                                                       over there.

                                                                       A lot of Constellation
                                                                       children believe, their
                                                                       religious beliefs are

                                                                       What I find interesting                                   Crayon drawing, anonymous                              Crayon drawinng, by Luis Aguila
                                                                       is the way they paint
                                         Crayon drawing, by ’Alberto
                                                                       their spirituality accor-
                                                                       ding to what religion
                                                                       they belong to.

                                                                                                                Crayon drawing by Silvestre             marker drawing by Silvestre         Crayon drawinng, byThomas
                                                                                                                                   Sanches                                                                     Laurean
                                                                                                           We have already talked about the magnificent work done by Marianne Selbastion and "
                                                                                                           Voix Libres " (newspaper number 12, page on Bolivia)

                                                                                                           Argentina • page 11
                                                                                                           Pequeños Pintores de Alpachiri y Arco-Iris
                                        Crayon drawing, by Jose Luis
                                                                                                           The people in charge of Alpachari are now
They have also made a CD, you can order it from:                                         the painter Dardo and the poet Daniel
Ñanta-Francia: 6 rue larousse 31400 Toulouse - 06 88 58 82 99                                              Mora.
                                                                                                           Ana Maria, supported by Anabel, conti-
Page 11 Pintando mis Sueños: Potosi
                                                                                                           nues her wonderful work at Arco-Iris, in
                                                                                                           San Miguel de Tucumán..
These are the first drawings from the "Pintando mis Sueños" children. They show you the                                                                                     Crayons de couleur de Federico Gonzalo 13a

place where they live and for some of them, where they work. Wilson drew the entrance of                     El dia del trabajo: In France, this is a                 public holiday. It is Labour Day ,on May
                                                                                                   34 35
                                                          translation: "A dove is flying in the skying and           ted by other Constellation children. To                      One day, I hope soon, you will dare
                                                          says: " Hello my friends. Let me introduce
                                                          myself, my friends. Don't catch me. If I catch             you and to all the Constellation children                  creating your own paintings and you will
                                                          you, I jump, I jump. "                                     who would sometimes be tempted to                          show us what your country is like and
                                                                                                                     copy other paintings, I would like to say:                 what you live and experience there. This
                                                                                                                     let us be happy because if you were                        is what Jose Luis does when he paints
                                                                                                                     happy to copy them, it means you found                     the costume of a woman from
                                                                                                                     them beautiful. Let us be happy because                    Guatemala." Sylvaine
                                                                                                                     even though they can be similar to other
                                                                                                                     pictures, they are different because                          You will notice that in the group photo, I
                                                                                                                     you have created your own pictures                         have replaced the invisible pictures with
                                                                                                                     from what you've seen."                                    colourful pictures, painted by the same artists.

               Drawing by Diana Emiliano Fernandez Nome          Crayon drawing, by Beatrice Norma, 8a
                                                                                                                     Ecuador • page 13
                                                                                                                     Puruhaes: Cajabamba

Brasil • page 12
Santa Luzia et Mãe Luiza

                                                          helps discovering a different way of
                                                          moving one's body, helps develo-
                                                          ping adapatation skills and teaches a
                                                          philosophy of life. Its educative vir-
                                                          tues are now well recognized.
                                                                                                                                            Maria Cruz
                                                          Through its practice, one can acqui-
                                                          re essential moral values such as self                                                                                     Rodrigo
                                                          consciousness, the respect of others
                                                          and the belonging to one group or                                                                                                          Paul Cruz
                                                          community.                                                            Manuel Cruz                    Mayra
                                                                                                                                                               Guamán      Paola
                                                                                                                                                                          Chiluisa          Katia                Oscar Tixi
                                                          The " Encontro " organisation orga-                                                                                              Guamán

                                                          nises meetings with the Capoiera
                                                          group from Barra Mansa, where the
                              crayon drawing by Edvaldo   Santa Luzia Constellation group is.                                                                      Nancy
                                                                                                                                       Jorge Luis                 Villalobos              Alex
                                                          ( )                                                                                                            Guamán
    Patricia painted Capoiera.                                                                                                          Cujilema                                                     Miguel
                                                          - Thomas Bodinier: 05 61 14 09 65                                                                                    Daniela              Cujilema
Capoeira is a Brazilian art mixing together dan-                                                                                                                               Patarón
cing, fighting, acrobatic moves, playing, music,          - Rodolphe Valter: 06 07 24 92 03                                                          Cesar
singing and a philosophy relating to a specific
story.                                                    Guatemala • page 13
It is an art that goes back for centuries. Long ago,      Xela
the slaves who were working for the big land                                                                                                                      Los Puruhaesin front of paintings received from other children
owners, used to express their fights and struggles                                                                   Pacha Callari: Quito
through Capoiera. They had to do that without             To all of you, young painters of
their bosses noticing. Copoiera today is still part       Xela, your pictures are wonderful!
of the cultural inheritance of Brazil. Capoiera           Sometimes, some of the paintings                              Picture by 'Edgar Guamán, when he visited the Chimborazo cimetery. Here, dead peo-
                                                          remind us of other pictures pain-                  36 37   ple are buried in tombs.
In Mali, it is not the case. The Dogons put their dead in the caves of the Bandiagarra cliffs.                                      Beliefs qnd traditions: Argentina                Therefore, one has to give gifts to the
See picture by Andre Dolo, page 18.                                                                                                 Benin, Bresil, Mali, Nicaragua                   ancestors so that the spirit of the dead
                                                                                                                                    •   page 14                                      person rests in peace. Also, sometimes,
   The corrida, painted by Paul Marmol, is a sport that comes from Spain (a man and a bull                                                                                           when someone has issues (eg disease,
that fight with a hood and a knife). It is very popular in Southern France, in Spain and in                                             Cave paintings, by Julio Zerpa and           accident, bad luck…), they go to the " Fa
former Spanish colonies. Who will win ? The strength of the bull or the skills of the man                                           Luciano Rosas:                                   " oracle and ask him to give gifts to the
? Usually, it is the man who wins, after what is called the " faena " : the animal is exhaus-                                       In Tastil, in Argentina, there are Inca ruins    ancestors.
ted and killed. Sometimes, it happens that the man gets surprised by the bull, or makes                                             that are a proof that there has been life        , those gifts are made in specific places,
mistakes. He can then get injured of even killed.                                                                                   there centuries ago. The Incas came from         that can be found next to the laguna,
                                                                                                                                    what is today Peru.                              some intersections (when 3 roads are
Nicaragua • page 14
                                                                                                                                                                                     crossing) or in the bush.
                                                                                                                                                                                     This is to explain in a few words the
                                                                                                                                        Egoun by Rachad Moustafa (Benin)
                                                                                                                                                                                     meaning of death and gifts in our cultu-
                                                                                                                                    Rached Adjadi writes us: " In Benin, in          re."
                                                                                                                                    some families, we say that the dead are
                                                                                                                                    not really dead. Each deceased person is
                                                                                                                                    represented by an Egougoun, shortened               Kanaga mask in Dogon country (Mali)
                                                       Translation of Dalhia's letter :                                             as Egoun. During ceremonies, they are
                                                       "For my children. Thanks to give us the chance to send our pain-             dressed in beautiful clothes.                    Amma, the creating God. The double
                                                       tings and express our feelings through them.                                 I would say that in Benin, the majority
                                                       I like to draw to express what I feel and desire.
                                                                                                                                                                                     cross reminds the initiated the steps of
                                                       Through practically all my pictures, I express my desire for the             of the population is animist, which means        world creation, danced at each funeral
                                                       world to be a happy place, in good health, without wars nor cor-             that in their mind everything belongs to
                                                       ruption.                                                                                                                      ceremony by the members of the Awa
                                                                                                                                    the nature. God is represented under             society. The unitiated sees a bird only. The
                                                       I am studying French, because I would like to go to France, to see
                                                       how it is over there.                                                        various forms (Gou is the God of Iron,           Kanaga is also a water insect that tied to
                                                       Thanks again to give me the chance to express myself. Thank you.             Hebiosso is the vodou God, etc).
                                                       I wish you all the best."                                                                                                     earth the first boat coming from the sky.
                                                                                                                                                                                     On board that boat, there were the first
                                                       Dalhia Carolina Solbalvarro (11 years old).
                                                       Nicaragua 26-02-O3                                                           For animists, when someone dies, they            vegetables, animals and the ancestors of
                                                                                                                                    say he has met up with the ancestors.            humanity.
                                     Dalhia's letter

Translation of Laura's letter                                                                                                       During the burial, the body is put under           Kpakliyao, chief of the Zangbetos, the
                                                                                                                                    ground but the spirit remains alive.             wardens of the night.
"We need a new world, in which all children are
entitled to education, in which all have access to
health, in which one can go to hospital when they
are sick, in which we are all entitled to a backyard
or garden, in which we could all play and not                                                                                       Madagascar • page 16
necessarily work. A world in which food would not
be so expensive, so that our parents could afford
buying it for us.
Thanks to help us so that we can paint. We must
make the most of it. Every day, we must try to                                                                                      The children have painted the background either in one colour, or in big surfaces repre-
                                                                                                           Laura's letter           senting hills, the sea, a river… Then, on the first layer of painting, they have painted more
   A letter comes with the painting called "Esperanza", by Marjorie Teófilo: "To see the                                            details, such as people, boats, trees, etc… They have used thinner or thicker brushes.
sun in the evening gives me joy because it is the hope of a new day, a new opportunity                                              This technique is also used by the Tastil painters, in Argentina, and byt the Franck Ram-
for a simple and true life."                                                                                                38 39   Tam Pollet painters in Burkina Faso. This way, the child does not need to use a rubber and
feels more relaxed about making mistakes. He/she can hide what he/she does not like, or                   from his tomb was brought to this place.        ry. The concept of the " resuscitated " lebe
transform it, just using more paint. Step by step, the child becomes more skilled. He/she is                                                              is linked to farming cycles : after the har-
more relaxed, spends time looking for and chosing colours, makes the picture more com-                    When the Dogons arrived at their destina-       vest comes the seeding season. Every
plete while having fun and forgetting about doing it wrong.                                               tion, they spread around the plateau, along     time, life takes over.
                                                                                                          the cliffs, and in the Seno plains. They
The/she does need to first draw the picture with a pencil either, to then half paint over it,             built new villages. In each village, an altar   It is the oldest person in the village who
and covering the small details he/she spent so much time drawing.                                         was built, with soil from the ancestors'        becomes the Hogon (except in Arou). He
                                                                                                          land and soil from the new land. This           is prohibited many things. One notices it
                                                                                                          marks the beginnings of the Lebe cult.          very quickly : one is not allowed to shake
Benin • page 17                                                                                                                                           his hand. The Hogon is not allowed to
Kajola: Porto-Novo                                                                                        The Hogon is the priest. He is in charge of     have any physical contact with anyone.
                                                                                                          conducting religious and farming ceremo-        This is also valid for his wife and children.
                                                                                                          nies, which will allow the Dogons to feed       His first wife prepares his meals. But
The photos of several of the children are            Ibouraïm: The women carry water                      and reproduce themselves.                       abstention is compulsary until his death.
in newspaper number 11.                          containers. They walk for miles so they                                                                  He won't get out of his home anymore. He
                                                 can get enough water for the family.                     The farming ceremonies often require the        will welcome his guests inside the house,
   Sato dance (the name of the sacred                                                                     Hogon and the Binou priest to intervene.        where all meetings occur.
                                                    Small paintings : Sup 1,2,3
drums, decorated and painted, used during                                                                 In this case, their roles are complementa-
ceremonies. Orphans play it)                     These small paintings are directly painted
                                                 with a brush (no pre-drawing). They are
This is a sacred dance, danced during            very spontaneous. I think this is a very
funerals. The dancer must have lost their        good approach for children who are not
Kpakliyao (ghost masks, the night war-           confident and are worried "not to paint
dens, page 15).                                  well".                                                                     Hamidou

Mali • page 18
Ama Ediou Bodio: Sangha, Dogon country.

The group has become bigger. Children
from various villages are now part of
Constelltion, thanks to the help of
Assolou, painter and of a teacher.
   The Lebe cult is dedicated to Lebe
Seru, the first Dogon ancestor who was
buried in the Mande country. He reincar-
nated into a snake. He then guided his
people towards where they live today. Soil                                                        40 41
                                                                     Dessin au crayon de Daouda                                                                                 Ama Ediou Bodio children
                                                                                       (Buwa country) as it is located in the        tions to have the Constellation painting
                                                                                       heart of the Buwa country.                    sessions are good.
                                                                                       It is a village located in the Segou area,
                                                                                       Tominian district. 3000 people live           The parents of the children, the child-
                                                                                       there, most of them farmers or bree-          ren themselves, the person in charge of
                                                                                       ders. In the context of decentralisa-         the Constellation group there and the
                                                                                       tion, Yasso has become the capital town       artist painter are all farmers. Their pro-
                                                                                       of a farming community composed of 22         duction relyes on rain levels. It happens,
                                                                                       villages. There is a street market there      like this year, that the lofts are empty
                                                                                       that attacts people from everywhere           and therefore, farmers have to buy
                                                                                       within a radius of 150km around Yasso.        cereals from the market at very high
" The woman is brin-        Adama                                                                                                    prices. Those who cannot afford it live
ging a meal while a
man is cultivating with                                                                The Constellation children there are          of a few pieces of wild fruit that have
his daba ".
                                                                                       orphans, coming from very poor families.      become scarce because of the drought.
                                                                   Sodiougou           Their parents used to be farmers.             The children help their parents for all
                                                                                       These children are almost left to them-       farming tasks
                                                                                       selves to live. Some earn a living working.
                                                                                       Because of lack of resources, most of
                                                                                       them have to quit school and work for
                                                                                                                                     Rwanda • page 20
                                                                                       neighbours or wealthier family mem-           Amohoro Iwacu

                                                                                                                                        J.Nep: traditional enclosue. Next to the
                                                                                       Since the setting up of Constellation in      rock and the tree, there is the sharpening
                                                                                       Yasso, we offer all children some free        stone for tools.
                                                                                       tutoring classes so that their level of          J.Nep's dream: to have his own home.
                             Adala                                   Moctar
                                                                                       education goes up. Our painting classes       A few young members of the
                                                                                       are taken outside. The Dibi Simeon            Constellation Mulemba association have
Pari Sin                                                                                                                             managed to do so thanks to the sales of
                                                                                       family has kindly offered a small house
                                     Etienne writes us: "The Yasso inhabi-             that we can use as a studio. It helps us      their painting and with the help of the
                                     tants have welcomed Constellation                 to properly store painting materials. We      Mulemba organisation. They get a small
                                     and are talking about it in positive              are thinking about getting a studio that      section and can build a house on it.
                                     terms".                                           is ours, and a nice place where condi-

                                     After the drought, rain came early
                                                                                       Looks at the world:
                                     July with such violence that all fields
                                                                                       Argentina , Rwanda Benin, Bresil,
                                     were devastated.
                                                                                       Mali, Nicaragua
                                     Yasso is a village that was created               • pages 23 and 24
                                     around 1800 by a strong hunter called                                                           Hespérides-Création: Larache

                                     KOUABE KAMATE. Yasso can be                       Painting is also a mean to express hopes
                                     considered the buwatun intersection               and sufferings. It is like words that are       Jamal explains his painting: “To survi-
                                                                               42 43   meant for everyone. What do you think ?       ve, enough with pollution "
     Kajola                                                              You can see frescos and Constellation
                                                                         paintings in Sion during summer ( close
     Maessour explains his paintings :                                   to Nancy): 03-83-63-62-84.
        “the farmer: " the farmer is happy because he can                To know the next exhibitions, call:
     see water on the corn. His teeth are visible. The                   00 33 04 79 56 56 63

     farmer is unhapppy because he cannot see the water                 Generally, paintings are made on A4
                                                                        paper, with water colours. We will men-
     (the sun) on his corn. His teeth cannot be seen "                  tion it when other techniques are used.
        " the 3 signs of wisdom : not to see, not to hear,
     not to say "                                                        Constellation develops thanks
        " the child in the woman's wonb is the treasure of               to dozens of volunteers throu-
                                                                         ghout France and the world, as
     its parents. The corie is the money of older men. So
                                                                         well as thanks to some institu-
     child = treasure = money ".                                         tional supporters.

     Sacuanjoche: Managua                                                Our thanks to the Centre
                                                                         Français de Protection de
       Dalhia explains her painting: cela? " why have I                  l'Enfance (97 bd Berthier
                                                                         75017)      ;  the    Bruneau
     painted such thing ? Because I was walking along
                                                                         Foundation ; the Fondation de
     with someone who was very nasty".                                   France ; the Fondation
                                                                         Bullukian ; the Crédit Agricole
        Translation of Laura Ximena's text : " one day, joy              des Savoie ; the Conseil
     will come. There will be no sadness and the world will              Général de Savoie and Savoie
                                                                         Solidaire ; St Michel de Mnne
     change. The children will be able to play without any
                                                                         district (Savoie), to the firm
     danger. The adults will respect them and all their                  Accoussur (Paris) The Artis
     rights will be guaranteed. There will be no children                paint shop (11, rue de
     without clothes, nor starving children. All of them                 Strasbourg, Grenoble - Tél: 04
     will go to school and will help build their future ".               76 63 07 14)      Roux Printing
                                                                         works, St Jean de Mne.

     Constellation is now composed of 35 groups in 22 countries, in South America, Asia, and Africa. The
     newspaper called " Constellations " (Constellation's newspaper) contains prints of the work by the chil-
     dren. The paintings and drawings represent the daily lives of these children in their country, their his-
     tory, the local legends and tales. These pieces of work also show that anybody can create, no matter
     what the living conditions. The artwork travels throughout the world thanks to Constellation's friends
     and supporters. It allows for everyone to relate with one another, because everybody understands pic-
     tures and art.
     This paper comes out 3 times a year. It is a good artistic support to make one think about develop-
     ment issues and openness to the world. It can be the start of exchanges between children around the

     This comment has been added so that the children and what they are expressing through these pain-
     tings are better understood. It is a start so that we can all exchange and think together further.

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