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                              Build 75% more self esteem in 4 days

  Is It Really Possible To Build Self
  Worth, Charisma, Confidence and
 Self Esteem By 75% In Only 4 Days

        The simple answer is... YES!!

 7 Simple Reasons why this is possible!

Reason 1#:

You are an amazing human being that possesses
billions and yet trillions of resources within you, billions
more mes resources you may be using consciously.
You ha e        poten al that can be tapped right          !

  nce you learn how to let go of past limita ons and
open yourself up to possibility - new neuro connec ons
will begin to form, which contribute to a posi e
founda on of self esteem success.
                                      Build 75% more self esteem in 4 days

If you ha e low self esteem or any other form of self
depreca ng beha iour, it is all due to the past nega e
in estments you were doing before.

If you spend all your me and energy focusing on what
makes you feel bad or worthless thats what your gonna

 olu on: In est in what you want to feel and ha e - and
your life will begin to change drama cally, especially
when you ha e the right tools to do it!

"I must admit that i never thought I could feel this good in such a short
 period of time, thank you very much Nicholas. I now know - "To wish I
             was someone else, is to waste the person I am.”

                           - Craig, Culver City

You have within you right now, everything you need to deal
with whatever the world can throw at you."
- Brian Tracy
                            Build 75% more self esteem in 4 days

Reason 2#:

 he mind learns ery quickly! tudies and real world
e amples ha e shown me and me again that
someone can possess a brilliant outlook on life, and
lose it all in less than 24 hours!

How is this possible?

It's because your mind acts like a sponge, it draws
conclusions from your e periences and sets out to
make them a more or less permanent part of your life...

H     E ER..

 his happens on the other side too!

    hat do I mean?

I mean you can use this same principle of 'a sponge'
to manifest what you want in your life by drawing
  os e conclusions from your e periences and
learning to accept them as your own.
                                     Build 75% more self esteem in 4 days

It is possible to change the way how you iew yourself
and your life ery rapidly, some mes e en in minutes!!

 LP, Hypnosis, EF and many other human
de elopment approaches ha e pro en this me and
 me again!

    "Your program was great! I don't feel shy or feel bad about myself
  anymore. Before I started teaching my class of teenagers, I used to get
 very shaky. But now I use the positive embracement technique and I go
right back into my positive performance state instantly. Even my students
are responding to me differently and with much more respect. Thanks for

                         - Carol Beaver, London

" here is only one corner of the universe you can be certain of
improving, and that's your own self."

- Aldous Leonard Huxley
                             Build 75% more self esteem in 4 days

Reason 3#:

Learn to use Focused Intent and c on!

 he worlds most greatest leaders, speakers and
celebri es all ha e one thing in common. hey ha e
unshakable intent and take ac on towards their
dreams and desires despite what anyone else thinks,
and no ma er what obstacles get in their way.

You already use your intent e eryday, you use your
intent to e ercise and ha e fun at a party, you go into a
party with the intent to ha e fun.

Your intent and ac on has brought you to my website
and it has resulted in you reading this right now!

You can use this same intent and ac on that you use
e eryday to build your self esteem and confidence
beyond measure and without effort.

  ith a few decisions you can start using your intent
RIGH         !!
                                     Build 75% more self esteem in 4 days

If you want to achie e fascina ng results in less than
four days! Make the decision right now to ntend to do

  "From a weak failure to a happy go-getter in only a few days, and it
         didn't take hardly any effort at all!! I'm speechless!!"

                          - Joey Malts, Canada

The real leader has no need to lead-- he is content to point
the way.

- Henry Miller

Reason 4#:

 he nega e past does not equal your posi e future!
In this moment you ha e the power to commit yourself
to building powerful life success right now!
 he op on to start this process is always a ailable to
you e eryday, in e ery waking moment, from this
moment on.
                                    Build 75% more self esteem in 4 days

It doesn't ma er what you ha e been through in your
past or what your struggles are right now, because HI
M ME is a FRE H E opportunity to create what
you really desire in your life. hether it being supreme
resilience, radia ng happiness or stress free rela a on.
' he past does not equal the future', represents your
ability to cut off from nega e past limita ons and take
control of your life, by using this moment to manifest
the abundant future you deser e.

"Very inspirational and comprehensive guide to building self esteem and
   confidence! A must have to add to your personal collection of self
                         improvement programs".

                          Sarah Jane, France

It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped.
- Tony Robbins

Reason 5#:

  e t is to build a compelling future that is so appealing,
that it becomes e erything you want to li e for.
                                     Build 75% more self esteem in 4 days

How do you want to be feeling about yourself 4 days
from now? nd do you think there is a limit to how far
you can go?

Because there isn't...

  he dreams you in- ision for your future, with a sense
of opened possibility, not only fills you up with great
e citement, but also imprints the belie ability to create
it. he be er your dreams are, the more compelling
your life will become! nd the more glorious you in-
  ision your future to be, the more it will propel you
forwards to create it.

 hats why its so useful to in- ision a future that dri es

It's just about finding out what's most important to
you! nd using the correct tools to create it more

 "I was getting frustrated about my relationship status. Now I've learned
to live my life in abundance without being attached to my outcomes. I'm
               much more free to develop new relationships".

                       Janina Johnson, Singapore
                              Build 75% more self esteem in 4 days

Imagination is more important than knowledge.

- Albert Einstein

Reason 6#:

 he core of your being is an infinite source of possibility
that holds all the posi e emo ons and inner full-
fillment you could e er want to e perience.

E erything you could e er want is w th n you!

You ha e a bunch of emo ons wai ng to ex lode in
terms of you crea ng what you desire!

It's just a case of unleashing your emo ons out into the
world - in a way that allows you to grow and feel more
be er about yourself. It's all about e panding your

  an you remember a me when you got absolutely fed
up with something which generated enough emo ons
inside of you to change it ery rapidly?
                                   Build 75% more self esteem in 4 days

Imagine if you ran with this e plosion of emo on for 4
days, do you think there would be some sort of a

I can show you how to unleash your true power...

"I've tried numerous self-esteem CD's and none of them worked as well
               as the Higher Self esteem and More course".

                             Max, Rome

You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe,
deserve your love & affection."

- Buddha

Reason 7#:

Your failures and misfortunes hold the key to powerful
self esteem. he more bad you feel right now, the more
powerful and wiser you can become.

Your frustra ons and an ie es are your gateway to new
learnings and impro ing your self worth.
                                   Build 75% more self esteem in 4 days

  o gain true pride and self assurance is to know that
you can and w ll o ercome terrible situa ons in your
life, and once you do it will signify how capable you
really are!

 he faster you learn from your mistakes, the faster you
will grow to become more of who you deser e to be.

 o o ercome problems in your life - will lead to true
inner pride and inner full-fillment, and this is a great
reason and mo ator for you to chase a er self esteem
e en more.

 nd with this understanding, how much more do you
want to learn from your failures to succeed e en more?

"I really made an effort to TRUST THE PROCESS with Higher Self Esteem
          and More... and I couldn't be happier with the results".

                       Junior Roman, London
                                   Build 75% more self esteem in 4 days

We learn wisdom from failure much more than success. We
often discover what we will do, by finding out what we will
not do.

- Samuel Smiles

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