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Professional summary
   10 + years overall experience in development of complex, database-driven windows/Web applications
      using broad range of fast and powerful programming tools and languages.
   8+ year’s development experience in ASP.NET, Crystal Reports, JavaScript.
   6+ year’s development experience in VB.NET and C#.
   4+ years development experience in Visual Basic 6.0/COM/Visual C++ 6.0/9.0/g++
   4+ year’s implementation in AJAX/ XML.
   2+ year experience in Perl/PHP/Eclipse
   1 year experience in development of Embedded Systems using VBCE 3.0
   3-year development experience in J2EE each.
   2-year experience in IT management in datacenter of a bank.
   Strong knowledge of Microsoft/LAMP technologies.
   Solid understanding of product life cycle from design to deployment
   Excellent problem-solving and organizational skills
   Architecting software applications using OOPS concepts.
   Domain knowledge of Billing, Banking, Content Management, process automation.
   Strong experience in coding from paper specifications
   Internal technical consultant responsible for evaluating technical content of development programs.
   Participated in a national level online test conducted by Microsoft for writing secure code, and was
      selected in top 100 IT professionals of India.
   One of 12th Crystal Reports Certified Professional in India.
   Built over 3000 crystal reports using Oracle/SQL Server/Access for American customers.

Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science
Government College of Engineering & Technology, Jammu, India
(Selected in state level REC Entrance Test in Open Merit Category with state level rank 10)

   1. Crystal Reports Certified Professional/ Crystal Enterprise Certified Professional
      Score Level 1 = 74%, Level 2 = 83%
       You can verify the certification at
       Registration #: 208948082
       Validation #: 615368534
   Skill Set

    Programming Languages:          g++, C++, VISUAL BASIC 6, Visual Studio .NET 6.0/7.0/8.0, C#, VB CE 3.0,
                                    COM, Visual Source Safe, UML, AJAX, .Net 1.1/2.0, XML, Perl, PHP
   Databases:                       MS. ACCESS, MS SQL SERVER, ORACLE 7.X/8, BerkleyDB
   Reporting:                       Crystal Reports. All versions
   Web Technologies:                ASP, ASP.NET, JAVA, JSP, Servlets, IIS, Tomcat, Apache
   Tools:                           Wincvs, Eclipse, Adobe products, Install Shield
   Operating Systems:               DOS, Windows, UNIX, Linux, Solaris
   Miscellaneous:                   PL/SQL, Relational Rose, Open Source
Skill Set Self Rating

                   C#, VB.NET coding.. for all MS Visual Studio 2003- 2008                9
                   AJAX/XML                                                               9
                   SQL server, stored procedures/ triggers etc                            9
                   Design Patterns/Software Architecture                                  8
                   Object Oriented Programming and Implementation                         9
                   Win Forms                                                              8
                   Crystal Reports/Advanced Reporting                                     10
                   Oracle/Access/BerkelyDB/SQL Server                                     8.5
                   ASP.NET Web forms                                                      8.5
                   DLL's/ActiveX/Visual Basic 6                                           8
                   HTML / JavaScript                                                      9
                   PHP,JSP, Tomcat, JAVA, Eclipse                                         8
                   CSS/ Photoshop                                                         7
                   Calendar Widgets/Infaguistics                                          6
                   IT Marketing                                                           8
                   Leadership skills/Teamwork                                             8.5
                   Open Source, PHP, Apache, MySQL, JQuery, WxWidgets, YUI, Curl          8.5
                   g++, C++, VC++                                                         8.5

Domain knowledge:-
    Banking = 90%
    Oasis ATM SWITCH : 80%
    Process Automation/Schedulers/web development: 95%
    Application and system development: 100%
    Content management : 80%
My software written is being used by India's second largest bank ICICI bank, thousands of customers of my earlier
companies in USA, and in India.


Latest achievements:
            December-2009- Jan 2010: I crossed level 1 and Level 2 in nation wide competition
            organized by Microsoft in December and am among the TOP 100 IT professionals in
            Click here for details.

               01-Jan-2009 to 20-April-2009: Built some advanced DICOM Viewers for MedsphereTech
               using JAVA, C++ on Linux platform.
              26-August-2008 to 28-August-2008: Trained a team of 13 software developers with 4 to 12
              years experience of leading software development company Iris Software, Mohan
              Corporative Industrial Estate, New Delhi on Advanced Crystal Reports and integration
              with Visual studio 2005 and other technologies.

Correspond, Germany based client                                                       04/2009 – TILL DATE
Designation: R&D freelancing Consultant.
Job Description:
   1. Developed Java based installation manager for java applications using mercurial eclipse, NSIS, SWT,
      XML. Apart from coding using OOPS patterns, I worked on product configuration files, plug-in
      development, Equinox P2, Update sites etc.
   2. Architected a repository manager tool which allows manipulating IDE repositories and provides similar
      functionality similar to eclipse pull, push, jar downloading etc. Also developed two multi-page editors
      which allow a user to serialize/de-serialize data in two xml files which contain application and project
   3. Developed Java based DocBook Editor using Galelio Eclipse. The project involved development of user
      interface, architecture, building/invoking C++ components using JNI.The other part project also involved
      Jira, Jackrabit webservices, EJB etc.

Rosenblatt Securities Inc/ We Vouch LLC / MedSphere Technologies USA
04/2008 – 04/2009
Designation: R&D Consultant to software architect, reporting directly to software architect of the above three

Job Description:
   1. Developed, a social networking loan website. The website is similar to Google’s
   Orkut, Face book and is path breaking technology and powerful in technology as Orkut. My job was to write
   most of the front end based JavaScript code, using XML, JSON, jQuery and YUI. The project involved
   tremendous learning as I was directly reporting to Director R&D, and levels of standards were comparable to
   Yahoo, Google etc.I also worked in C++, Perl, Apache, MySQL, very advanced Javascript, C++, Ruby on
   Rails, WxWidgets, Google maps, Curl etc on Linux platform to develop platform independent applications.
   This company is founded by WWW.RBLT.COM - a very big financial company who are prime members of New
   York Stock exchange.

   2. Worked on, developed pages that reveal real-time equity prices, charts, news and other equity
      related information live from New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).

   3. Worked on medical Ultrasound, ECG, X-ray technology named DICOM. The project began with
      installation of JAVA, MYSQL and g++ on Fedura Linux. Development involved in building Dicom Parser
      – a tool that will read Dicom file. Programming was done using g++. Static and dynamic libraries were
      created using g++. Also some of the earlier code written in Microsoft Visual c++ 9.0 was migrated to Linux
      using g++. A couple of java based applets that deal with multi monitor programming, socket
      programming, vector graphics functionality were also built. Other tools that I used were VML, cross
      browser canvas drawing, Google excanvas and other open source tools.

The project provided a tremendous research experience to me and provided cross platform experience.                                                                                  09/2007– 04/2008
Designation: Senior Software Engineer.
Job Description:
        This company is actually set by former employees of Microsoft Corporation at USA. I assisted the
project architect in architecture apart from the regular coding job using C#, SQL Server. The software I wrote or
go exposed with; at IGliss is at par with software written by Microsoft employees in Microsoft Corporation as this
company is run by people who worked in Microsoft for 8 years.
 Adding and refining to my earlier experience, I have also learnt and contributed to best practices using C#, multi-
tier enterprise architecture, advanced OOPS, components, advanced C# / AJAX /JavaScript programming . Here
mainly I worked on new features in their product and got exposed some high level design/programming standards.

Advanced Business Objects                                                               12/2006– 09/2007
Designation: Founder.

Job Description:
      I founded this company in 2006. I primarily worked Software Architect. We offers contract programming
      on technology services using Microsoft and Sun Technologies. Apart from keeping my self aware with the
      latest technologies through MSDN, I handle a team of three programmers, designing and coding client
      specific solutions by interacting with them etc. I have got some experience in setting up IT companies: -
      from requirements gathering to coding to testing to building manuals to devising sales strategies to
      My strong skills are:-
            Knowledge of Microsoft Technologies like VB 6, VB.NET, C#, ASP.NET, OOPS, Crystal reports,
            Motivation, Communication and Leadership skills.
            Passion to learn new things like open source, UML, Relational Rose, JAVA, Design patterns.
            Strong love for programming.
Some e-commerce sites that I built are,, etc.

Data Center of a nationalized Bank
05/2005– 12/2006
Designation: Computer Engineer in software development department of the bank I was selected here through a
state level examination test and qualified in general category.

Job Description:
      Principally, I am involved in development of banking products for the organization. I primarily work as
      Software Architect. My role includes handing a team of engineers, writing specification documents,
      writing and evaluating code for banking applications, architecting applications.

       1. Developed a Centralized System that had the following components: -

           Real-time banking Software:- Developed a software that gets ATM transactions from OASIS switch
           based Oracle Server, calculates NFS and MASTER Charges based on the rules from IBRBT
           ( and Maestro. The records are fetched from the live Oracle server based on filtering
           conditions and are stored locally on client machine, then processed to calculate master and NFS charges
           that the branch offices need to deduct and verify the proper deductions from ATM cardholders banking
           account. A middle ware Crystal Report is used to perform calculations and export the report output to
           DOC/PDF/Excel documents. Then the exported document generated above is mailed automatically to
           different branches Bank. Every branch gets its proper data. The application is n-tier and was coded in
           C#. The application is live at its data center from 3 years.
           Handled a team that developed local intranet site that was written for Tomcat using Java/JSP using
           Oracle 9i database. The site is a all-time handy for the bank branches, and is used for checking
           transactions of atm cards, atm cards requisition, branch off-lining /on-lining etc, request to
           release/activate atm cards. Developed parallel software written in C# that handles releasing/activating
           cards automatically releasing cards every half an hour after checking credentials and authenticity. This
           project has streamlined the problems in atm cards of the bank. The system also allows the engineers of
           the bank at Data Center and branches to view OASIS SWITCH transaction logs generated in ATM
           transactions in presentable HTML format.
           Another part of the application offered Bank to monitor, view and profitability of an ATM.
          Team Size = 10, Duration= 20 Months, Tools Used = C#, VB.NET, JSP, ASP.NET, SQL Server, Crystal
          Reports, Oracle 8i, Tomcat, JAVA.

Continuum Systems Private Limited, Gurgaon                                          09/2005 – 10/2005

Designation: Senior Software Engineer.
Job Description: Software development for content based Dynamic sites on contract programming.
    Designed and coded the following 4 SQL Server database based dynamic content sites at Continuum-
      Systems within a period of one month:-,,, and one for a US client.

3i- Infotech Limited, Mumbai                                                            10/2004 – 05/2005

Company Profile: It is a CMM-Level 5 leading multinational software development company. The company
has over 8000 employees worldwide, and has presence all over world. The company has been recently renamed to
3i-Infotech Limited. 3i Infotech is a global Information Technology giant company, which provides technology
solutions to over 500 customers in more than 45 countries across 4 continents, spanning a range of verticals -
Banking, Insurance, Manufacturing, Contracting, Retail & Distribution and Government.
The Company's quality certifications include SEI CMM Level 5 for its Software business and ISO 9001:2000 for
its Infrastructure Services and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) operations. The Company was promoted by
the NYSE-listed ICICI Bank, India's largest private sector bank.
Please visit at to check company profile.

Head office: International Infotech Park, Vashi Mumbai.
Designation: Software Engineer (Grade-7 Executive)
Job Description: Development, and maintenance of different banking products of the company.

   1. Fraud Monitoring System: Worked as a team member in the development of this banking project. The
      product is an enterprise level web application that deals in frauds encountered banking, loan, cards and
      other frauds. The software also communicates with banking software Finacle and uses SQL Server as back
      end to store fraud information. My job also included programming of some of pages, writing classes, stored
      procedures, creating certain some console based applications, which will automatically send a special type
      of email to the users of the system. The application was developed using full features of OOPS and is an n-
      tier application. I was also responsible for evaluating existing code that was written by other programmers.
      This software actually handles all the issues of bank frauds, and many banks in India like leading ICICI
      Bank uses this software to manage the details of the frauds encountered in their banks. These details are
      then sent to Reserve Bank of India.

       Team Size = 10, Duration= 10 Months, Tools Used = C#, VB.NET, ASP.NET, SQL Server, Crystal Reports
       Project Type = Web Forms

   2. Quaternary Reporting System: Worked as a team member in the development of this banking project.
      The product is an enterprise level web application that deals in submission of certain special types of
      reports (actually pages) from different branches of the ICICI bank to the main office of ICICI Bank.
      The reports are finally sent to Reserve Bank of India. The software uses SQL Server as back end to store
      fraud information. My job includes creating ASP.NET pages, classes, and stored procedures. The
      application was developed using full features of OOPS and is an n-tier application. The software was
      developed specially for ICICI bank, second biggest bank of India.

       Team Size = 10, Duration= 8 Months, Tools Used = C#, ASP.NET, SQL Server, Project Type = Web Forms
BQE Software Inc. California                                                      08/2000 – 12/2004

Company Profile: Leading American software development Company.
Offshore Address: Software Technology Parks of India, Srinagar, India
Head office:       Lomita, California 90717 USA.
Designation:       Senior Programmer
Job Description: Development, and maintenance of 25 flagship products of the company.
My job also included development of product specification, programming, evaluating code and reporting.

   1. BillQuick version 4.0/5.0: Worked as a Project Leader in the development of BillQuick, a top time billing
      enterprise software in the world. The latest version project has been released in the US market on May
      2004 and it was designed in VB.NET, Crystal Reports 9.2 and VC++. I framed 1200 new reports and
      ported 50% of the legacy code written in Visual Basic 6.0 into VB.NET. I was responsible for
      implementing ADO.NET approach in the product development. My role also included creating 10 .NET
      DLL’s using VB.NET, 5 COM DLL’s using Visual C++ and implementing certain new features.
      BillQuick has been rated as a top billing software in the world. At present BillQuick has over five Lac users
      in USA, UK, Canada and Singapore alone. The product supports MS ACCESS / SQL Server as backend.

       Migrated all the 550 reports of the BillQuick Time Billing software version 5.0 from Crystal Reports
       version 9.2 to 10.0. My role included bug fixing of existing features in the product, and implementation of
       some must have/bells & whistles features. I also provided technical training to new recruits. This version
       will be released in US market by May 2005 and is a flagship product of BQE Software Inc Lomita
       California USA.
       Team Size = 8, Duration = 18 Months, Tools Used = VB.NET, Crystal Reports 10.0
   2. BillQuick CE version 3.0: Worked as a project leader on this BillQuick add-on product, which is a
      Windows CE and Pocket PC based Operating System application that accesses the compact device
      database. It allows users to use Time and Expense entry feature on their pocket PC or PDA. BillQuick CE
      will automatically synchronize information with BillQuick database. My job was to write a conduit
      application using Visual Basic 6.0, which performs the sync, controls the sync settings, security etc. as well
      as a device application using VB CE 3.0. The conduit application runs on desktop pc and the device
      application runs on a pocket pc.
       My role was also to migrate all the Visual Basic 6.0 code of the conduit application to VB.NET 2003.
       Team Size = 2, Duration = 12 Month, Tools Used = VB CE 3.0, VB.NET

   3. Reports Development: I have been actively involved with report development department creating new
      reports using Crystal Reports 4/7/8/8.5/9.2/10. I have developed over 4000 reports for American clients of
      the company out of which over 800 reports are an integral part of the flagship product BillQuick, belonging
      to BQE Software. The tremendous success of BillQuick is due to a powerful collection of professional
      reports, and I headed this department for over three and a half year and am the creator of these reports.
      Some of the reports that I developed can be viewed at: - - RptTemplates
       Team Size = 4, Duration = NA, Tools Used = VB.NET 2003, Crystal Reports 7/9.2/10

   4. Web- i -Reports 3.0: Worked as a project leader in the development of Web-i-Reports 3.0, which is an
      Intranet/Internet, based application, which uses ASP technology to view/print 450 standard reports of the
      BillQuick time billing software. Web-i-Reports provides the powerful reporting capability of BillQuick
      using a Java based application as a report viewer. This is a must have tool for project managers on the go
      and satellite offices.
       The application consisted of a Server Manager (a winforms application written using Visual Basic 6.0) that
       controls the database access, data security, licensing, registration, authentication of viewing reports, and a
       set of ASP pages that displays the reports through a browser.
        My role was to code the Server Manager; form a DLL required by ASP pages and a code a couple of ASP
       pages that display the report.

        Team Size = 3, Duration = 8 Months, Tools Used = ASP, Visual Basic 6.0, Crystal Reports 9.2

Trial versions of all the above products are available for download at

   Note: - All the above products are the registered flagship products of BQE Software Inc. Lomita, California 90717 USA.

Other Activities:

             1. Worked as a project guide on many engineering projects belonging to students of National Institute
                of Technology Srinagar.

8th semester college Project

       This project was a part of my degree in Computer Sciences and was done in Oracle 7.3, Developer 2000,
       and Reports 2.5. The system could cater for the small & medium level organizations that are involved in
       sales and purchase of goods. The sales management part of the system had various features like office,
       department, employee, product, order, challan/invoice, daily expenses, bank, payment, profit and loss
       information, reports etc.

Miscellaneous Information
            Age                       32 Years.
            Nationality               Indian.
            Interests                 Programming, Traveling, Reading, R & D, making people laugh.
            Convenient Timing for phone call: Any time
            Percentage 10th (68%), 11th (69%), 12th (50%), BE Degree (First Class 63%)
                  Present Address             Srinagar Kashmir, India

   1. Code Guru Author
       Available Upon Request.
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