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How Do Honeybees Depend on Flowe

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					Honeybee Research

    Mrs. Caropreso’s
    Third Grade Class
   Where do honeybees live?

• Honeybees live in Africa, Europe and
  northern and western Asia.
• Honeybees don’t live in Antarctica.
                             Jessica and Trevor
     Where do honeybees live?

Honeybees live in hives, nests, and hollow
trees. Sometimes they live in branches.
Honeybees live in well-ordered colonies.
                      Zoe and Robert
         What Jobs do Honeybees Have?

The queen’s job is to lay about 1,500 eggs a
day. The queen bee is the only one that lays
eggs. Worker bees gather nectar and pollen all
day long. Worker bees feed the queen bee.
                            Mitch & Nathan

Drones are male bees. They have many
personalities and body parts. Drones live about 8
weeks. They have big eyes. You don’t want to
mess with these bees; they might sting you!
                             Courtni & Bethany
   How do Honeybees Depend on Flowers

Bees have a crop for transporting nectar from many
different types of flowers. They suck the flowers to get the
nectar. They also make honey from nectar.

                                            Joe and Zion
How Do Honeybees Depend on

Honeybees make honey from nectar. They get
nectar from flowers. Then they convert
nectar into honey.
                   Lauren B, Alekx, & Martha
Why Do Flowers Need Honeybees?

In order for honeybees to get the pollen from inside the
flower, they use a mouthpart called a proboscis. They
use their proboscis to get the nectar for their honey and
                                           Ryan & David
      How Flowers Depend on
Flowers need to be pollinated so they can have
seeds to grow other flowers. Bees leave behind a
little pollen on a flower and that is called
pollination. Some of the pollen is collected by the
bees in their pollen baskets and others stay on the
flowers. Pollen left behind will help grow other
flowers and other seed foods.
                   Lauren K., William, and Junior

Bees make honey from nectar they collect from flowers. They
suck nectar with their mouthparts. Inside of a honeybees’ hive
there is a lot of honey comb. They collect the nectar, then they
put it in the honey comb cells. They seal the cell that has the
nectar in it with a special kind of wax. Afterwards, it evaporates
into honey. Honeybees are the only kind of bee that make honey.
                                         Abby and Sahel

Bees produce honey from nectar. They use their proboscis
to get the nectar. The pollen from the flowers stick on the
bees’ hairy coats. They comb this off and collect it in their
pollen basket located on their hind legs. Honeybees collect
honey and give it to the worker bees. Worker bees feed
the larva for most of their lives.
                                       Marco & Andrew
The End!

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