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Patricia Marx_ The New Yorker Magazine


									                                                                                                 ‘The Nokia Store makes
   Digital is opening new doors for Nokia
   (Campaign piece ran on 3rd Nov 06)                                                            the futuristic Apple Store
   16th January 2007
                                                                                                 look like Little House on
                                                                                                 the Prairie‘
   Internet TV, in-game advertising, mobile marketing, outdoor digital posters… if emerging
   media is about to revolutionize the advertising business, which businesses are set up and
   have enough technological muscle to bridge the gap between ad land and these new
   digital platforms?                                                                            Patricia Marx, The New
   Undoubtedly, digital advertising has the potential to bring a new wave of growth for          Yorker Magazine
   the production and post-production industry, and for a company like BEAM.TV - the
   technology and international networks are already in place. We’ve got good US presence
   now and feel ready to capitalize on the opportunities an increasing digitalization of the
   advertising industry will bring to the production and post-production industries.

   With the fragmentation of media and our increasingly multi-channel world, audiences are
   more difficult to reach, but that does not mean they are reducing in numbers. In fact the
   opposite is true, as more and more consumers are being exposed to media platforms
   that have the ability to display moving-image advertising. For example, on-line gamers
   (and those playing console games) are starting to be exposed to advertising messages in
   the form of short pieces of animation, or dynamic billboard ads that are embedded in the
   games. Elsewhere in ad land, Viacom Outdoor has already penned a deal with London
   Underground to digitally advertise content with the potential for consumer interaction.

   One early, and high-profile example of digital outdoor, is the highly successful Sony Bravia
   ‘Balls’ campaign (post-produced by The Mill) which was digitally re-created for moving-
   image escalator posters at Tottenham Court Road. So, digital advertising is already
   bringing more content opportunities for those involved in creating advertising.

   More content has to be made for more platforms and this requires highly specialized
   video skills. One of the most exciting and revolutionary projects brought to BEAM.TV, has
   been the involvement in a major project with Nokia. BEAM.TV collaborated with Nokia
   as a technology partner for the flagship store launches in Moscow, Chicago and very
   recently New York. Teaming up with cutting edge content producers, the challenge for
   the BEAM.TV team was to power up to 800 screens in these retail spaces and provide a
   unique in-store experience.

   Cliff Crosbie, director of global retail and trade marketing for Nokia, was very
   complimentary of the partnership, saying: “we think that the service, selection and
   surroundings that we are delivering will exceed the expectations of even these most
   experienced shoppers.”

   BEAM.TV is involved in helping to create this highly specific and visually engaging content
   that is displayed across up to 40 big plasma screens within the Nokia flagship stores.
   This content is scheduled and delivered via BEAM.TV to all the stores across the world.
   BEAM.TV provides Nokia with a solution that allows them to manage all their content
   and allows for interactivity with the customer in the store given the digital nature of the
   displayed content.

   Another issue that flows from all the technological advances is that production and
   distribution of global advertising campaigns can be very fragmented and inefficient. With
   hard-to-control costs, agencies are left struggling to deliver a transparent process to
   advertisers. BEAM.TV leverages digital technology to help streamline and reduce the
   cost of producing and distributing global advertising – where typically the adaptation and
   distribution of global TV campaigns to local markets has consumed more advertising
   dollars than the cost of producing the original campaign. A more centralized and
   digital way of delivering TV campaigns is becoming possible across all countries and
   all media. The Mill, through BEAM.TV, is involved in trials where the adaptations of
   original TV campaigns are handled digitally through the BEAM.TV network that connects
   broadcasters in 60 countries and over 120 post-production affiliates. The BEAM.TV
   network localizes the TV commercial before it is played out digitally by BEAM.TV in every

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                                                                                                                   ‘We think that the
   Digital is opening new doors for Nokia
                                                                                                                   service, selection and
   We are currently working with ad agencies in London including AMV BDDO and McCann-
   Erikson to fully digitalise the execution of global campaigns to different markets and                          surroundings that we
   media platforms. To give an example, BEAM.TV was hired recently to work with one
   major international brand. The aim was to increase the efficiency of the execution and                           are delivering will exceed
   distribution of the client’s global TV campaigns. Creating a more efficient centralised
   process would reduce the time to market, distribution digitally to all local markets would                      the expectations of even
   be quicker, the quality of campaign elements would be maintained in all the different
   regions and media, and ultimately there would be a huge reduction in costs. Once the                            these most experienced
   creative brief was supplied and signed off by the agency and client, our network of
   partners were utilised to support all the production processes. The agency, production                          shoppers.‘
   company and client were able to share materials for approval on BEAM.TV, the campaign
   master elements were then distributed to local markets for adaptation, and finally the TV
   commercials were delivered digitally to broadcasters and any other platforms connected
   to BEAM.TV. Such as for digital signage, internet TV, mobile and in-game advertising.                           Cliff Crosbie, Director of
   Traditionally the journey of a TV commercial on a tape would normally take 12 to 14 hours                       global retail and trade
   on a plane; it would have to survive customs, and the potential perils of damage and loss.
   But that’s changing, and with big upside for everyone.                                                          marketing, Nokia
   It goes to show, these are interesting times for companies with the appetite and the
   resources to leverage their core production and post-production capabilities to actively
   pursue the opportunities that the digitalisation of advertising is bringing to the industry as
   a whole.

   We now deliver to the following countries via our Partner Network
   Argentina                   Czech Republic               Italy                        Philippines   U.A.E
   Australia                   Denmark                      Japan                        Poland        Ukraine
   Austria                     Dominican                    Kazakhstan                   Portugal      Uruguay
   Belgium                     Republic                     Latvia                       Romania       Venezuela
   Bolivia                     Ecuador                      Lebanon                      Russia
   Bosnia                      Estonia                      Lithuania                    Serbia
   Brazil                      Finland                      Malaysia                     Singapore
   Brazil                      France                       Mexico                       Slovakia
   Bulgaria                    Germany                      Miami                        Slovenia
   Canada                      Greece                       Morocco                      South Korea
   Canada                      Guatemala                    Netherlands, The             Spain
   Chile                       Hong Kong                    Nigeria                      Sweden
   China                       Hungary                      Norway                       Switzerland
   Colombia                    Iceland                      Panama                       Taiwan
   Costa Rica                  India                        Paraguay                     Thailand
   Croatia                     Israel                       Peru                         Turkey

   Contact Details
   London                                                          New York
   40-41 Great Marlborough Street                                  451 Broadway
   Soho, London W1F7JQ                                             6th Floor
   + 44 (0)20 7208 8190                                            NY, NY 10013                                                 +1 646 432 8977

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