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                  August / September 2009
  The Anthroposophical Society in Australia – Victorian Branch
           2/6 Patrick Avenue, Croydon North 3136
            Contact: Gisela Coonan 03 9723 9596
     The Anthroposophical Society Victoria - Michael Group
The Michael Centre -37a Wellington Park Drive, Warranwood 3134
              Contact: Pam Martin 03 9723 1675

                             /                          Sept
     Deadline for the October/November 2009 issue - 1st September.
           Publisher: The Anthroposophical Society, Victorian Branch
       Address: Calendar of Events, c/-9 Strathalbyn St East Kew Vic 3102
                            Telephone: 03 9857 0111
                  Brief listings in Directory are free of charge.
             Advertisements in Events are charged at a modest rate.
           All care is taken to provide accurate information however
              no responsibility is accepted should any errors appear.
Aonia Group, Castlemaine
 Theosophy - Steiner
 Wednesdays 7.30pm
 Also learning biodynamics,
 celebrating Festivals and other           Mont Albert Study Group
 creative endeavour.                        Spiritual Ecology - Steiner
 Stephanie 5472 4767                        Mondays 8 pm
 The Gospels and Gospel Lectures            Betty Hunt 9890 1058
  Sundays 10.00am
 Stephanie 5472 4767                       Movement Research Group,
                                            Macedon Ranges
Grail Group, Castlemaine                    Ros Watson 0410 607 317
 Parzival and various commentaries
 1st Friday in the month, 7.30pm
 Michele 5472 4124                                     Grou
                                           The Michael Group
                                           Michael Centre, Warranwood
Beaumaris Study Group                      Occult Science - Steiner
 Christianity as Mystical Fact - Steiner   2nd Tuesday of the month
 1st & 3rd Mondays 10.30am - 12.30pm       Rob Gordon 9730 2223
  Janet Ablitt 9589 6646                   Reading to the Dead
City Youth Group, Kew
C                                          4th Tuesday of the month
 The Philosophy of Spiritual Activity      Jonathan Klugman 9876 5632
 Alternate Thursdays, 2 Union St Kew       Karmic Relationships - Steiner
 Birgith Lugosi 9852 8751                  fortnightly
Daylesford Study Group                     Lynne Klugman 9876 5632
 Cosmology - Steiner                       or Serena Sweeney 9876 1198
 Wednesdays 10am - 12noon                   Understanding the esoteric Society
 Evelyne Lang 5348 4212                     R. Steiner, S. Prokofieff
Mansfield Pondering Steiner                  4th Thursday of the month, 8pm
 Staying Connected - Steiner                David Morgan 9876 2512
 next - Bees - Steiner                     Uriel Group, West Ivanhoe
  Thursdays 7.30pm                          The Evolution of Consciousness - Steiner
  Janina Papas 5778 7567                    Thursdays 7.30 - 10pm
Dandenong Ranges Steiner                    Ligsma Kirpe 9499 6729
School Study Group                         Warragul Study Group
 Meetings held at the Menzies               Philosophy of Freedom - Steiner
 Creek Campus                               Tuesdays 7.30 - 9pm
 Contact the School during                  Peter Medling 5626 8442
 office hours 8790 4797
                Michael Festival with Eurythmy and Music
                      on Saturday 3rd October, 2009 at 7 pm
          at The Michael Centre 37A Wellington Park Drive Warranwood
                         Supper provided, Entry by donation
                                    All Welcome
                               The evening includes:
                       Introductory Talk by Norma Blackwood
                           Verses from the Soul Calendar,
         Music: Debussy, J S Bach and contemporary lyrical poetry and more
   Eurythmists: Michelle Nicholls, Melissa Francis, Imelda Verbraak and Lisa Moore
                              Speaker: Claire Strahan
                      Musicians: Danae and Gotthard Killian
                Organised by the Anthroposophical Society Vic Branch
A weekend of esoteric artistic            Stars, Stones, Sages and Society
exploration                               - Denise Doyle, Celtic Scholar.
with Andrew Wolpert                       The Victorian Branch of the
Andrew Wolpert will explore the           Anthroposophical Society Inc
continuation of the Renaissance           for the “YEAR OF ASTRONOMY”:
impulse into 19th Century English         Sat. Sept. 12th, 10.30 am to 3 pm:
painting and its connection with the      The Mystery of the Universe - The Age
Celtic relationship to Nature.            of Sacred Landscapes, an Age of Ancestral
Saturday 24 October 11am                  Astronomy - Lines, Henges, Circles, the
TEMENOS LECTURE (public)                  Orkneys.
The Love of Light and the Light           Saturday Sept 19, 10.30 am to 3 pm:
of Love: A Biography of Turner’s          The Search for Cosmic Harmony-Solar,
Artistic Inspiration                      Lunar, Sidereal alignment, Megaliths of
Clemenger BBDO Auditorium, NGV            the Avon Valleys.
International, 180 St Kilda Road,         319 Auburn Rd Hawthorn.
Melbourne, Bookings 03 8662 1555,         Enq and bookings: Margaret 9598 1423
event code: PO8140
Cost: fee does not apply
Sunday 25 October 2 pm: LECTURE,
                                              Monthly Breakfast in the City
                                                 for Members and Friends of the
organised by the Anthroposophical
                                                    Anthroposophical Society
Society (public)
From Merlin to Prospero - King            We would like to provide the opportunity for
                                          members and friends to come and be with each
Arthur, Britain and the World             other in a café setting to relax and enjoy the
Swinburne Conference Centre, Room         company over breakfast. We thought to do this
TD121, Lecture Theatre, Swinburne         throughout the year on the first Saturday of each
University (TAFE), Ground Floor, TD       month. Next meetings will be:
Building,                                 Saturday 1st August - 10am to 12noon
Park Street, Hawthorn                     Saturday 5th September - 10am to 12noon
Bookings Essential:                       Venue: Cafe Vic - Ground Floor Arts Centre,
Gisela 9723 9596, Barbara 9876 4728       St. Kilda Rd.
Cost: $30                                   Anthroposophical Society,Vic Branch
Young People                               Movement for Religious Renewal
Connecting with                            TH E C H R I S T I A N C O M M U N I T Y
Africa                                     3 1 9 Au b u r n Ro a d , H a w t h o r n
- Another Raw Soul                          Dates and times may change
Initiative                                 - ring Janice 9583 7373
Living and working in                      Fri Aug 28 at 7.30pm
African Communities                        Introductory talk to Sunday workshop
Approx dates: 7th September                ‘In the Quest of Freedom’
                                            Finding our Way’ with Cheryl Nekvapil.
to 9th October
                                           Looking at Clive Hamilton’s ideas.
Contact: Julie Sale 03 9736
1749 or Lisa Devine 0401                   Sun Aug 30, 12noon – 1.30pm.
                                           ‘Future, Freedom, Forgiveness’ -
367 808
                                           Workshop led by Cheryl Nekvapil on
                                           Peter Senge’s ‘U Theory’.
Exploring the Boundaries of Mental
Illness with Experienced, with Carers       Soulcraft October 2009 Melb
and Family                                  Growing Potentials
An evening followed by a day for            Light and Shadow
conversation, exploration and sharing.
                                            “In the future there will arise a new
Three groups meet in Trialogue:
                                            morality, a heart-warming morality, that
The Experienced - Individuals who
                                            is not given from above in the form of
have experienced psychotic episodes.
                                            the Ten Commandments, or one that is
Family/friends - People who have
                                            dreamed up by philosophers and moralists.
accompanied a friend or family
                                            It will be a morality that will come out
member through periods of mental crisis.
                                            of direct life experience, and that will be
Carers, Professional - carers serving
                                            universally human ... This is the positive
clients with mental disorders.
                                            side of what the future will bring. But we
Ground rules - Respect - Equality
                                            can’t make it if we only see the positive
Empathy - Confidentiality
                                            side. We also have to be concerned with
Non-judgmental - Phenomenology
                                            the strategy of the opposing powers.”
instead of Pathology
                                            - Bernard Lievegoed
Film material and life experiences will
be used as a springboard for reflections     Life and world examples will be used
on the topic.                               to explore and ground the theme.
Dates: Fri 14th Aug 7:30pm - 9:30pm         Dates - Thursday 1 - Sunday 4 Oct 2009
Sat 15th Aug 10:00am - 5:00pm               Facilitation - Lisa Devine, Karl-Heinz
Facilitation:                               Finke, Margaret Skerry
Lisa Devine 03 9889 2958                    Contacts -           
Karl-Heinz Finke 03 9005 6905               (03) 9844 4252 Margaret Skerry                         (03) 9005 6905 Karl-Heinz Finke
                                            AND MORE.....
                                            Who was Rudolf Steiner?
     9 Strathalbyn St EAST KEW              A series of introductory sessions
     NEW ( 03 9857 0111                     designed to provide an insight into
                                            the life and work of this extraordinary
    Thankyou to all of our loyal            and mul�-faceted philosopher.
    customers and friends for your          Informal and open, ideally suited for
    support and your patience over          the newly interested as well as the
    these very difficult months!              ‘well-versed’....
    New stock will be coming in to the      No charge, just come with your curiosity!
    Store over the coming weeks - new       All enquiries - Gianna Mazzone 9857 0111
    anthroposophical titles from the        Rudolf Steiner
    US and UK, as well as beautiful         Lisa Devine
    children’s picture books and            Saturday 8 August - 2pm
    some new teaching and parenting         Through the Eye of the Needle
    resources. Please continue to           - crea�vity in teaching
    support The Steiner Store in its        John Allison
    endeavour to provide a wide and         Saturday 15 August - 2pm
    comprehensive range of all things       Pregnancy, childbirth and paren�ng
    Steiner.                                Be�ye Palmer
                                            Saturday 22 August - 2pm
    Please contact Gianna Mazzone on
    03 9857 0111 and find out how else       Health and Healing
    you can be involved in supporting       TBA
    our work.                               Saturday 29 August - 2pm

                           ASSOCIATE AUSTRALIA!
          An anthroposophical response to the global financial crisis
                      Seminar with Christopher Houghton Budd
                Friday 31st July to Sunday 2nd August in Sydney NSW
       Contact: Lisa Devine Tel: 0401 367 808 email:

Booking is essential for Study Groups. Both groups will meet simultaneously
in the Toorak area.
8pm Thursdays 15, 22, 29 October & 5, 12, 19 November
Enquiries: Elizabeth Ley 9826 2784, 0409 231355
Study Group 1 - Facilitated by Joseph Kecskemeti
Introduction to a world-conception grounded in spiritual scientific investigation:
Rudolf Steiner’s penetrating research into the essence and purpose of existence.
Study Group 2 - Facilitated by Megan Young
Child development in the light of Rudolf Steiner’s worldview and applying it to the
care of the child in the home.
Association of Psychophonetics              Doll-making, East St Kilda
Practitioners                               Charmian Deenan-Villiger 9527 5168
Counselling sessions, workshops,            Doll-making, various locations
personal development courses                Jillian Finch 9752 0286                 Doll-making, Rye
Aurora Australis Anthroposophical           Elizabeth Newbirch 5985 6797
College, Kew                                Eurythmy, Hawthorn
Birgirth Lugosi 9852 8751                   The Christian Community Church
Blackberry Hill Farm, Macedon Ranges        Michelle Nicholls 9458 4124
Holistic education for horse and rider      Eurythmy, Macedon Ranges/Castlemaine
Ros Watson 0410 607 317                     Ros Watson 0410 607 317 or    
Craft Curriculum Course, Abbotsford         Music tuition in piano, cello & flute,
Training for primary (P-6) craft teaching   theory & history, and monochord
based on the Steiner craft curriculum.      studies, Footscray - Institute Kithara
Margaret Skerry 9844 4252                   Danae & Gotthard Killian 9689 3782
Melbourne Rudolf Steiner Seminar Ltd,       Mystery Drama Work in German
Warranwood                                  language, Warranwood
Advanced Diploma Teacher Training                      Rudolph
                                            Katherine Rudolph 9729 8819
Sandra Paulka 9876 5199                     Painting, Daylesford
Secondary School Craft for Adults,          The Blue House, Evelyne Lang 5348 4212
Margaret Skerry 9844 4252                   HEALTH & WELL-BEING
Wurru Wurru Group, Rye
Supports those taking playgroups and        Art Therapy
helps prepare others for that role.         Jenni Harris 9490 7599
Elizabeth Newbirch 5985 6797                Art Therapy, Counselling &
Steiner Playgroup Leaders’ Network (Vic.)   Psychotherapy for individuals
Share ideas and experiences about           and groups, Kew
running Playgroup.                          Ingrid Burton 9817 7062
                                            or 0411 641 821
Christina Reeves 9754 1462                  Curative Eurythmy for all ages
AGRICULTURE                                 Birgith Lugosi 9852 8751
                                            Counselling & Psychotherapy
Bio-Dynamic Agricultural Association        (Psychophonetics)
of Australia, 5966 7333                     Dr Robin Steele (PhD) 0402 547 584
Bio-Dynamic Research Institute    
5966 7333                                   Family Relationships, Couples’ Issues,
Bio-Dynamic Marketing Co. Ltd.              Sexual Identity Issues
5966 7370                                   East Kew, East Melbourne
Bio-Dynamic Gardeners Association Inc.      Counselling & Psychotherapy
9842 8137                                   using Gestalt principles
DEMETER Australia Trademark and             Gianna Mazzone mob 0419 841 683
BD certification,
                THE                    Remedial Breathing Clinic, Hawthorn
                MELBOURNE              For asthma and breathing disorders,
                THERAPY                sleep apnoea etc.
                CENTRE                 John & Jocelyn Wilson 9513 4169
                                       Speech and Painting Therapy, Bayswater
 221 Wonga Rd, Warranwood
                                       Katherine Rudolph 9729 8819
 Tel: 9876 3011 Fax: 9876 4336
                                       St Kilda Counselling and Creative Arts
A non profit Centre promoting           Anthroposophically-based counselling
anthroposophic and allied therapies.   Kate Casey 0419 246 389
Dr. Paulo Moraes MD                    PARENTING
Anthroposophic Health Care:            The Art of Parenting,
Irmhild Kleinhenz - ND                 Creating a Rich Family Life,
Anthroposophic Nursing Care:           6 week course, Kew & East Melbourne
Jan Rayson - Div 2 Nurse               Gianna Mazzone 0419 841 683
Anthroposophic Speech & Painting:      The Gabriel Way
Katherine Rudolph                      Gabriel Conversations support group
Art Therapy:                           Bettye Palmer 0400 995 041
Robyn Pollock, Samantha Clarke         Mother & Baby Conversations, Rye
Cancer Support Group:                  Elizabeth Newbirch 5985 6797
Michelle Nicholls - facilitator        RETAILERS
Cranial Osteopathy:                    Books for the Journey Co-op,
Heather Cock, Lucy Hodgson             The Steiner Store, East Kew 9857 0111
Gabriel Baby Group, Parent and
Child care: Bettye Palmer              Honeybee Toys and Books,
Massage: Barbara Rapson                Montmorency 9434 1003
Meditation Group: Bob Sharples
Nursing Care:                          Morning Star Crafts, Rye
Wolfgang Devine - Div 1 Nurse
                                       5985 6797
Michelle Nicholls - Div 1 Nurse        Sylph, North Croydon
Psychologist and Meditation Teacher:   9725 5933
Bob Sharples                           The T.S. (Theosophical Society)
Remedial Breathing - John Wilson       Book Shop, Melbourne 9650 3955
Study Group in Anthroposophic          OTHERS
Medicine for professionals             The Christian Community, Hawthorn
- Irmhild Kleinhenz                    Movement for Religious Renewal
Therapeutic Eurythmy:                  Lisa Devine 9889 2958
Sue Gould, Michelle Nicholls           Victorian Branch Library, East Kew
Zen Acupuncture (Japanese non          Merilyn Rankins 9459 1231
                                       Michael Centre Library, Warranwood
needle insertion): Michael Hook        Pam Martin 9723 1675
Ali Welch Little Lorikeet Pre-School        For a complete list of
Yarraville 9397 7766
Angelus Playgroup, Clyde/Cranbourne,         playgroups, contact
Roger Richards 9754 7210                  Christina Reeves 9754 1462
Bairnsdale Steiner School &                 Comprehensive list of
Kindergarten, K & growing 5152 2828
Ballarat Rudolf Steiner School, K-6       schools & new initiatives
5341 8188                       
Blue Wren Steiner Playgroup,Warragul,
Elizabeth Collins 5126 2107                 Sophia Mundi Steiner School,
Castlemaine Steiner School and              Abbotsford P-12 9416 3011
Kindergarten, K-8 5470 6235                 St Kilda Steiner Pre-School 9527 5168
Children’s Garden of Eden Steiner           Steiner by the Sea Playgroup,
Child Care,                                 Apollo Bay, Lyndi Whalen 5237 7903
Albert Park, Amy Berridge 0410 873 528      Taraleigh Steiner Pre-School,
or Natalie Park 9527 6641                   East Bentleigh 9570 2246
Dandenong Ranges Steiner School,
                              School        Thornbury Playgroup,
Menzies Creek & Narre Warren East, K-6
8790 4797                                   Wombat Kindergarten & Playgroup,
Frankston Playgroup, Danella Draper         Daylesford, Evelyne Lang 5348 4212
8682 8840                                   or Gen Bray 5348 2216
Freshwater Creek Steiner School,            Wurru Wurru Playgroups, Rye & West
Geelong 5264 5077                           Rosebud
                                            Rosebud, Elizabeth Newbirch 5985 6797
Ghilgai Steiner School, Kilsyth, P-6        Yandell Kindergarten, Greensborough
9728 5819                                   9435 9472
Pheasant Creek Steiner Playgroup           STATE SCHOOLS WITH A STEINER STREAM
for families in the Kinglake Ranges
Sue Rundle-Maslin 5786 5943                 Ashwood College, Yr 7 & growing
                                                      College                     9807 1333
Little Sophia Steiner Kindergarten                             School
                                            Briar Hill Primary School,
                                            Greensborough Yrs P-4 & growing
& Extended Hours Programme,                 9435 1633
& Little Sophia Playgroup                                          College
                                            Castlemaine Secondary College,
Abbotsford 9417 2537                        Yrs 9-10 5479 4222
Little Yarra Steiner School &                             College
                                            Collingwood College,
Kindergarten, Yarra Junction, K-12          Yrs P-10 9412 7700
5967 1953                                                          School
                                            East Bentleigh Primary School,
Macedon Ranges Steiner Group                Yrs P-6 9570 3525
- Trentham Steiner Playgroup,                                      School
                                            Footscray City Primary School,
Mansfield Rudolf Steiner School              Yrs P-6 9687 2826
& Kindergarten, K-6 5779 1445                                          School
                                            Mornington Park Primary School,
                                            Yrs P-6 5975 4011
Melbourne Rudolf Steiner School                                 School
                                            Thornbury Primary School,
& Kindergarten, Warranwood,                 Yrs P-2 & growing 9484 3254
K-12 9876 2633                             HOME SCHOOLING
Rodney Neighbourhood Kindergarten,
Mooroopna 5825 1200                         Steiner Home Education
Sea Penny Playgroup, Sale, Andrea Hall      Carol Goudie 9646 0506
5149 8266                         

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