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									      Chris Brown

           born 1986
           currently studying Fine Art at
           the University of Newcastle

      This is my third attempt at writing a statement.
      The fact is that I always feel like a wanker when
      I write about myself and I can’t really explain
      why I started doing what I do. What I seem to                        Photograph courtesy Chris Brown
      be doing at the moment is mostly black and
      white large format photographs of people
      who are drunk, high etc. I collect images of
      people who are too preoccupied with their
      emotions and circumstances to notice or care
      that they are being photographed. But instead
      of taking unflattering photographs of singular       Bromance black and white digital print 100 x 60 cm
      people, I wish to make a broader statement
      about denial, and the selfish, narcissistic pre-
      occupations of western society. Alcohol is
      used as mechanism of denial, a way for us to
      overcome our inadequacies. Drugs are a way for
      society to come together to live in the moment,
      to have a spiritual experience in a chemically
      created community. My work at the moment
      is about exposing this illusion. Yes people get
      high and feel great, but they look like idiots
      jumping around, talking a million miles an hour.
      Yes people get drunk and forget about the crap
      in their lives, but then they have a vomit and
      wake up with a hangover. I’m halfway through
      second year of fine art and my work has been in
      Watt Space twelve or so times in various forms,
      collaborations, group shows and solo shows.
      Watt Space is pretty much awesome.


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