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									                                                         Wood Street in Dalby. The items donated will
FROM THE                                                 be distributed between four local charities;
MAYOR’S DESK                                             Lifeline, Red Cross, Salvation Army and the St.
                                                         Vincent De Paul Society in Dalby.
    Last month I had very positive discussions               Donations are welcome up to Wednesday 17
with the Deputy Premier Paul Lucas, the Minister         December when the goods will be collected for
for Mines and Energy Geoff Wilson and other              distribution. The Social Club asks that gifts are
government departments in relation to planning           delivered unwrapped.
for the future.
    These discussions relate to infrastructure            $2.144 MILLION FUNDING
throughout our region involving the mining, rural
and business sectors. Some of the major issues
discussed include the Warrego Highway, the
                         region's rail system catering       Dalby Regional Council is set to receive
                         for mining and our grain        $2.144 million from the Federal Government to
                         crops this season. The          spend on developing local community
                         never-ending battle with our    infrastructure across the region. This funding was        Dalby and District
                         roads and the impacts from      the second largest received in Queensland and             • CBD Enhancement
                         increased traffic from both     the fourth largest in Australia and infrastructure
                         rural and mining activities,    projects targeted for this funding include
                                                                                                                   • Watertable and Shoulder Maintenance will be            SPOTLIGHT
                                                                                                                      carried out as per program and as requested
                         were also heavily debated.      community centres, town halls, sports grounds,                                                                       Christmas is nearly here and the elections
                                                                                                                   • Routine CBD maintenance will be performed as         only seem like they were a few months ago.
                             We     have     certainly   swimming pools, tourism facilities, libraries and
                                                                                                                      required as well as median mowing and slashing      Even with my previous
                         welcomed the rain in the        parks.
                                                                                                                   • Routine maintenance will be carried out in all       experience on council the last
                         Condamine River which has                                                                    Council's Parks as required                         10 months has been a
                         given beneficial water           RECYCLE WITH                                             • Bunya Highway Widening and Overlay                   whirlwind, with the pace of
                         security to the towns of
                         Dalby and Chinchilla.            MOBILEMUSTER                                             • Hickies Road Area - Gravel Resheeting and            resource driven development
                                                                                                                      Flood Damage                                        pushing a council already busy
    I am very pleased with the success our                                                                         • Warra Canaga Creek - Bitumen Floodways &             with the business of making
farmers have had with their winter harvest and for           The Dalby Regional Council is encouraging
                                                         locals to be environmentally conscientious                   Dust Suppression                                    amalgamation work, to even
proving our region is a major contributor of cereal                                                                                                                       greater efforts.
                                                         through recycling their old mobile phones,                • Maclarens Road - Pavement Rehabilitation
grain to Queensland.                                                                                                                                                          During this time I have
                                                         batteries, chargers and accessories. Council has             remove bitumen only - Stage 1
    Remembrance Day was celebrated                       joined forces with MobileMuster, the official             • Kumbarilla Area - Flood Damage & Resheeting          developed tremendous respect Cr Ian Staines
throughout our region and from those                                                                                                                                      for the ability and effort of our staff. I have enjoyed
                                                         recycling program of the telecommunications
activities it was extremely encouraging to                                                                         Tara District                                          working with my dedicated fellow councillors and
                                                         industry. Customer Service Centres in Chinchilla,
see the increased interest in recognising                                                                                                                                 as a team under the leadership of Mayor Ray
                                                         Dalby and Tara are part of 3,000 MobileMuster             • Males Drive - Gravel Resheet and Bitumen Seal
the sacrifices of our forebears to provide us                                                                                                                             Brown, we are well equipped to handle the
                                                         collection points across Australia, which include         • Green & Whites Road - Shoulder Widening              massive tasks before us.
with the freedom we enjoy today.
                                                         various mobile phone retailers and service                • Spinifex Road - Resheet and Seal
    I've had positive discussion with the adjoining                                                                                                                           Within my portfolio area of Works and Plant
                                                         centres. Visit your nearest Customer Service              • Roaches Road - Shoulder Widening
Toowoomba and Roma Regional Councils in                                                                                                                                   (Engineering) not much has changed as we still
                                                         Centre to deposit your old mobile phone and               • Southwood Road - Widening                            have the same staff and commitments as did the
relation to joint efforts to acquire federal and state   accessories in a MobileMuster receptacle.
government funding towards common interest                                                                                                                                previous councils. I am happy to be able to
                                                                                                                   Miles District                                         report that council has continued to fund these
goals including the second Toowoomba Range
Crossing, mining infrastructure, rail services and        LIBRARY SERVICES                                         • Marian Street (Pine To Tully Street)                 activities at the same level as the previous
                                                                                                                   • Butlers Road - Widen and Seal                        councils. Internally, there has been a lot of
water.                                                    ENHANCED                                                 • Resheet Bells Road                                   change as we evolve into a larger organisation
    I am also extremely thankful to the                      The nine regional library branches that are part of                                                          employing more than 600 staff and operating on
                                                                                                                   • Resheet Hookswood Road
community for its participation in the                   the Dalby Regional Council have moved from stand-                                                                a budget of over $100 million.
development of our 2009-2013 Corporate                                                                             • Resheet Moores Bice Road
                                                         alone libraries into an integrated, fully independent     • Resheet Waituna Road                                     As well as the organisational changes, our
Plan as this is a major step towards
developing the region's future through long-             library service. Integration of the region's library                                                             staff are reviewing their work practices to look
term planning.                                           services allows for inter-library lending, customer       Wandoan District                                       for efficiencies and better plant utilisation so that
                                                         purchase requests for books and media items and           • Horse Creek Road - Gravelling                        we can deliver more cost effective services.
    Recently, Dalby Regional Council                                                                                                                                      Unfortunately, just like the old shires we have to
                                                         access to over 70, 000 free resources for borrowers.
received $2.144 million funding from the                                                                                                                                  operate on a budget and cannot solve
Federal Government's Regional and Local
                                                         Libraries will soon have an enhanced range of             UPCOMING                                               everyone's problems straight away.
Infrastructure Program to develop local                  collections of bestsellers, music CDs, popular DVDs,
community infrastructure projects across                 audio books and magazines to reflect the needs of         EVENTS                                                     To help us in our endeavors, I urge residents
the region. This was a pleasing outcome                  the community.                                                                                                   to use the complaint forms at our customer
from my recent trip to Canberra for the                      The content of the shelves isn't the only thing           During all works traffic and pedestrian signs      service centres. I also ask that residents report
Australian Council of Local Government                   changing; as the process includes 'making-over' the       will be erected for public safety and residents are    issues as they start to develop so that our staff
Summit.                                                  regional branches with a view to maximising               requested to follow the signed instructions at all     can fit them into our works programs, rather than
                                                         potential and rejuvenating library spaces. The            times. Your patience is appreciated.                   waiting and reporting problems when they have
    I always make a particular point not to let
                                                         library's web interface is also being redesigned and          Whether it's art and culture, sport and            become urgent.
an opportunity go by to discuss major issues and
at this Summit I had discussed important regional        members will soon be able to set-up their own             recreation or quality family entertainment that you        Works and plant has a strong regional focus,
issues with the following Federal Government             personal library profile to rate and review items and     enjoy - our region hosts an array of community         while being committed to local delivery of
Ministers: Penny Wong - Water Minister, Steven           elect to receive regular updates on new stock, staff      events throughout the year. For a comprehensive        services to our communities.
Conroy - Communications Minister, Anthony                book reviews, Top 10 lists and e-newsletters.             calendar of regional events please visit               Spokesperson for Works and Plant
Albanese - Roads and Infrastructure Minister,            Residents are invited to take advantage of free  and follow the prompts          Cr Ian Staines 0427 648 179
Warren Pitt - Main Roads and Local Government            library membership, free public computer and              under ‘News and Events'.
Minister and Prime Minister Kevin Rudd.                  internet use and a great range of reading, audio and          If your community group has an upcoming
    Council also followed up on concerns that the        visual material.                                          event to be included on the calendar please email
State Government was not abiding by the wishes               Contact your local library or visit                   the date and details to
of our communities in relation to overwhelming  to find out what's
support for a name change. A lot of groundwork           on offer for students over the school holidays.
has been done and I'm pleased to report that the
Main Roads and Local Government Minister
                                                                                                                   CHANGES TO WATER
Warren Pitt has referred our submission to the            COUNCIL                                                  RESTRICTIONS
Electoral Commissioner for review and                     MEETINGS
determination. A decision is likely soon. I will                                                                       Due to recent rainfall across the region Council
keep you posted on the outcome of the                           Dalby Regional Council usually meets the           has recently changed watering restrictions in the
Commissioner's ruling.                                   first and third Wednesday of each month from              following towns:
    I would like to wish you and your family a           9.30am until 5pm. The first meeting of the month is
Merry Christmas and a safe and prosperous New            always held at the Corporate Office in Dalby while        Chinchilla/Brigalow LEVEL 1 (effective 4 November)
Year, with the thought that we live in a proud                                                                        Current residential watering times allow the use
                                                         the second meeting is held at one of Council's
region united by opportunity and lifestyle.                                                                        of hoses, sprinklers, irrigators and soaker hoses
                                                         Customer Service Centres on a rotational basis.
                                                                                                                   between the hours of 5pm to 9am following the odds
                                                            Wed 17 Dec Tara Customer Service Centre                and evens system, including one hand-held hose
                                                                                                                   per property permitted at anytime. There is a total
 CHARITY CHRISTMAS                                        WORKS PROJECTS FOR                                       ban on sprinkling on Mondays of each week and
                                                          DECEMBER                                                 watering between the hours 9am to 5pm.
                                                         Significant civil works are continuing throughout the
                                                                                                                   Dalby LEVEL 3 (effective 24 November)
   Dalby Regional Council's staff Social Club            region - here are just some of the current projects:
                                                                                                                       Current residential watering times allow the use
(Dalby District) have launched a Christmas                                                                         of hand-held hoses and dripper systems only
                                                         Chinchilla and District
appeal to benefit local charities. Council staff,                                                                  between the hours of 5.30pm to 6.30pm following
                                                         • Ehlma Boundary Road Widening and
the community and business houses are                       Reconstruction Haystack-Mullers and Gravel             the odds and evens system with a total ban on
invited to purchase non-perishable food items               Resheet
and gifts and deliver them to collection points                                                                    sprinklers and watering on Mondays of each week.
                                                         • Braithwaites Road - Dust Suppression
under the Christmas trees located at the                                                                               To check your local water restrictions visit
                                                         • Fleets Road - Gravel Resheet and Bitumen Seal
Corporate Office at 107 Drayton Street and the           • Mackie/Pilkington Street - Drainage and        and follow the prompts
Engineering Customer Service Centre at 26                   Reconstruction & Gravel Resheets                       under ‘Quick Links/Water Restrictions'.

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