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					                                                 A publication for
                                                 Australian Red Cross (WA) Members and Volunteers

                                                                                            Vol.1 No. 2 - May 2003

                                                            The compassion and generosity of Western
                                                            Australians was demonstrated with the response in
                           In the second edition of         WA following the Bali bombings and for the
                           Volunteer Update for             Farmhand Drought Appeal last year and during the
                           2003, I am pleased to            devestating bushfires around the nation in the past
                           welcome      the     new         year. Our gratitude goes to all who helped during
                           Executive Director of            these crises and to all who donated so generously.
                           Australian Red Cross
                           (WA), Mr Steve Joske CSC,
                           who joins ARC WA                 At this time of uncertainty around the world, it is
                           following a distinguished        worth reminding ourselves that Red Cross truly is a
                           career with both WMC             global organisation. Voluntary Service forms the
 Margot Stretch - Chairman Resources and as a               backbone of Red Cross and indeed, Red Cross is
former Army Colonel with the Australian Defence             recognised as the largest volunteer humanitarian
Force (ADF).                                                organisation in the world. We have witnessed
                                                            much of that humanitarian work over the past
                                                            months as we’ve seen the images flashed every
Prior to joining WMC, Mr Joske was one of the               night onto our television screens.
principal military planners for the security of the
Sydney 2000 Olympic Games. He went on to be
Deputy Commander of Operation Gold, the                     We are reminded that the work of volunteers within
deployment of over 5000 ADF personnel into                  Red Cross operates 24 hours a day, seven days a
Sydney for security and support operations to the           week every year. No matter what the conditions,
Games.                                                      Red Cross is always there, providing emergency
                                                            food for families, rebuilding communities, tracing
                                                            missing family members, caring for refugees and
Prior to the Olympics he was the first commander            supporting the community during natural disasters
of the Australian contingent to the Truce Monitoring        to name just a few of the Red Cross services
Force sent into Bougainville after the ten-year civil       currently offered around the world.
war on the Papua New Guinea island. He was
awarded the Conspicuous Service Cross for
exemplary leadership of the contingent in the 1998          I would like to take this opportunity to encourage
                                 Queen’s Birthday           anyone who has not renewed their membership or
                                 Honours List.              perhaps hasn’t taken out membership of the
                                                            Society as yet, to support the work of Red Cross by
                                                            undertaking to do this soon.
                                    Among his initial
                                    priorities, Mr Joske
                                    has identified the      If you would like more information on volunteer
                                    need to speak with      opportunities within ARC WA, please contact the
                                    many of the 6,500       Volunteer and Member Support team on 9225 1984.
                                    people who make
                                    up Red Cross in
                                                            Margot Stretch
                                    Western Australia.
Steve Joske CSC, the new Director                           Chairman
           for ARC WA
                                                                                               May 2003 - Page 2

                       YES - Young people are an important part of Red Cross.
                                YES - We have a program to suit you.
                    YES - We want to hear your views.

              Junior Red Cross operates in schools and communities all
              around Australia and is a part of a worldwide network of
              young people learning about the Red Cross and Red Crescent
              movement, through fun games and group activities.

              Red Cross Community Action introduces the concepts of
              volunteering and community involvement to young people. It
              is an opportunity to learn about services in your area and gain
              valuable work and life experience whilst helping to improve
              the lives of vulnerable people.
                                                                                   Ellenbrook Primary School – Year 4
              Red Cross Community Challenge is an opportunity for young         Junior Red Cross Group
              people to make a difference in their community. Participants
              work as a group to research needs in their local area and set up and run a project that
              meets those needs. Participants gain valuable skills and experience in project
              development and problem solving and contribute to making their local community a
              better place. Community Challenge is run as a competition and will be judged at the end
              of third term.

              Red Cross Cadets enables young
              people to challenge themselves,           RED CROSS RED HOT CASH
              learn new skills and serve their
              community, whilst having a great
              time. Cadets learn about the Red
                                                        RAFFLE 1 APRIL – 23 JUNE
              Cross movement, First Aid, bushcraft
              survival, leadership, community           Red Cross Red Hot Cash Raffle is just around the
              service and teamwork.                     corner and this year, raffle buyers will be in the running
                                                        to win the following prizes:
Youth & Education Services Advisory Committee
YESAC:                                                  ·   1st Prize $10,000 Cash
Are you organised, driven and passionate about
your role in Red Cross? If so, you may wish to          ·   2nd Prize 4 Day Getaway Package for two at
become a part of the Red Cross (WA Division)                Balingup Cottages and Alpacas
youth driven committee that is in involved in the       ·   3rd Prize Overnight Accommodation for two at the
decision-making process and helps to ensure a
youth perspective is heard.                                 Quality Lord Forrest Hotel in Bunbury

Youth Art Competition (Open to all people who           We are seeking volunteers to help us by selling raffle
are 25 and under). Express yourself in the medium       tickets to their friends and families, at their work place
of your choice. Work as a team or submit an             or at their local shopping centre.
individual piece. The entrants will be judged at
the end of September. This years theme is
‘responding to the victims of war’.                     All funds raised will be used to maintain and expand
                                                        the services we provide to the community.
SATURDAY 14 JUNE 2003 Australian Red Cross (WA)
YOUTH FORUM                                             If you would like to participate or buy a ticket/s please
An opportunity for all Red Cross volunteers aged        contact Susan O’Dowd on (08) 9225 1901 or simply
up to 25 years to share ideas and contribute to the     write to:
future direction of our youth and education
services.                                               Red Cross Red Hot Cash Raffle
                                                        GPO Box P1239
To find out more about YES, youth volunteering          Perth WA 6844
opportunities or the Youth Forum, please contact:
Youth & Education Services Administrator:
Michelle John.                                          Don’t miss out on these great prizes!
Telephone: 9225 1917 Fax: 9325 9040
                                                                                           May 2003 - Page 3

                                                                          The Family Support Service
     WOULD YOU LIKE TO ENRICH THE LIVES OF YOUNG PEOPLE                   recently submitted an application
                 EXPERIENCING DIFFICULTIES?                               for funding from the Proceeds of
                                                                          Crime Account to commence the
                 HELP THEM DEVELOP POSITIVE LIFE SKILLS?                  Early Intervention Program (EIP).
                                                                          Of 142 applications submitted, FSS
                 DO YOU HAVE EMPATHY AND PATIENCE?                        was one of only 25 successful
                                                                          applicants to receive funding.
The SHARK program aims to foster positive relationships between           The EIP will target families where
vulnerable young people and caring members of the wider                   parents       are     experiencing
                                                                          difficulties in managing their
community. Many of the young people involved in the program have
                                                                          children's challenging behaviours.
been affected by circumstances such as family dislocation, itinerancy,
                                                                          The Program will aim to prevent
violence and abuse or substance abuse.
                                                                          the development of behaviours
                                                                          that could lead to anti-social and
SHARK volunteers work in a classroom or small group settings assisting    criminal behaviour in later life.
young people with their schoolwork and offering support and               Consistent      with   the     State
guidance. The program provides opportunities for both the young           Government Task Force for the
person and the volunteer to feel valued and appreciated. Volunteers       early years, the Program will target
are also provided with extensive training in areas such as literacy and   families with toddlers, pre-school
numeracy, behaviour management, suicide awareness, cultural               and primary school children (up to
diversity & drug issues.                                                  the age of 8 years).

We are currently looking for enthusiastic volunteers (men and             The stategies employed by the EIP
women) to give two or three hours per week of their time in               are two fold: To support parents
education programs around Perth. If this is you, come along to an         in their role of dealing with their
Information session to learn more.                                        children's difficult behaviours and
                                                                          also to support the child in
SHARK INFORMATION SESSIONS                                                developing new and more
                                                                          appropriate behaviours.         The
Date                          Time                 Venue***               Service will use trained volunteers
                                                                          who will visit the family home one
Friday 13 June                10am -1pm            ARC HQ
                                                                          day per week to mentor the child,
Monday 7 July                 10am - 1pm           ARC HQ
                                                                          while providing respite to the
                                                                          parent.      Parents will be linked
***Venue: Australian Red Cross, 110 Goderich Street, EAST PERTH           with appropriate support services
                                                                          in the community and will be
SHARK PROGRAM PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT                                    encouraged       to    engage     in
(AVAILABLE TO ALL VOLUNTEERS)                                             parenting education. Children will
                                                                          be linked with opportunities to
Date                   Topic          Time           Venue                learn     new     behaviours    e.g.
Thursday 5 June        Suicide        10am - 12.30pm ARC HQ               activities/workshops to learn anger
                       Awareness                                          management techniques, enhance
Thursday 17 July       Cultural &     10am - 4pm       ARC HQ             self-esteem, developing trust in
                                                                          others and a range of other
                       Coaching                                           The Service will be evaluated on
                                                                          an ongoing basis by the
To register your interest, please call the SHARK Program                  Coordinator of EIP and Family
Officer: 9225 1934.                                                       Support Staff.
                                                                                                                  May 2003 - Page 4

                                                               IMPORTANT DATES FOR 2003
                                                               Annual Anzac Day Parade, Friday 25 April 2003

                                                               Over 30 Australian Red Cross (WA) uniformed
                                                               members, volunteers, Cadets and staff represented
                                                               Red Cross in the 2003 Anzac Day Parade in Perth. Mrs.
                                                               Betty Smith-Gander, 2nd Vice President of the
                                                               Divisional Executive Committee and Coordinator of
                                                               the Metro South Region Coastal Group, led this year’s
                                                               Parade accompanied by flag bearers Michael and
                                                               Jessica from the Armadale Red Cross Cadet Unit.

                                                               Graham Addison, National Treasurer of Australian Red
                                                               Cross, laid a wreath at the Dawn Service at the State
        TELECROSS/TELECHAT                                     War Memorial, Kings Park.* Members and volunteers
                                                               around WA took part in local parades and services,
During April the Telecross staff received a telephone call     including those in Australind, Dongara, Denmark,
from a call recipient who credited Telecross with saving       Donnybrook, Dowerin, Koorda, Northampton and
her life. She said that without the morning call and the
emergency procedure followed when that call isn’t
answered, she would have lain on the floor of her home
for several days before being discovered. As it was, she       Saturday 14 June 2003, Australian Red Cross (WA)
received prompt treatment for which she is very grateful.      Youth Forum
She phoned to say that she would like to make a small
                                                               An opportunity for all Red Cross volunteers aged up to
donation to Red Cross to say thank you.
                                                               25 years to share ideas and contribute to the future
Telecross is in need of volunteers at the moment. It is a      direction of our youth and education services. Further
service that usually takes approximately five minutes daily    details available from Michelle John on 9225 1917.
and no more than 30 minutes of your time if there was
an emergency. You can specify your preferred time
between 7 and 9.00am and we will link you with a call
           .30                                                 Saturday 26 July 2003, OUR SUNBURNT COUNTRY
recipient for the same time. The call is a very quick one      DINNER DANCE 2003
to check that the recipient is well and able to answer.        Booking forms are available from Headquarters or by
Telechat is a service that is a longer chat only a few times   calling Rod O’Dea on 9343-3935 or by email at
each week. If you are interested in being a volunteer for
either of these services please contact the Services
Officer, Bev Wilkin on 9225 1914 or the Administrative
Officer, Sheryl Foster on 9225 1930 or toll free on 1800 810   Information sessions for new volunteers:
710.                                                           All sessions run from 10 am to 1 pm and are held at
                                                               Australian Red Cross (WA) Headquarters.
In 2001/02 financial year, the Australian Red Cross (WA)       Saturday 7 June
mobile Soup Patrol service provided a hot evening meal         Saturday 21 June
for 28,859 homeless and vulnerable people. Soup Patrol         Thursday 3 July
services operate in Bunbury, Fremantle, Geraldton,
Kalgoorlie and Perth and are delivered by over 400             Saturday 19 July
volunteers. Services vary in frequency from 7-nights a
week in Perth and Fremantle to 3-nights a week in most         Sessions are open to anyone wishing to find our more
regional services.                                             about Red Cross and the current volunteering
Local hospitals and bakeries support this well-used            opportunities available in the WA Division. Further
service by donating nourishing soups and a wide range          information available from
of breads. Occasionally, donations of other foodstuffs         Barbara Hollin on 9225 1984.
such as soft drinks and chocolates are received from
local businesses and other organisations. These are
                                                               *The Chairman, Margot Stretch, attended the parade and service
always greatly appreciated by Soup Patrol clients.
                                                                                                          May 2003 - Page 5

 Mrs Flora Williams                                                Mrs Jean Eva
 Mt Barker Unit/Member                                             Brookton Unit/Member
 Mt Barker Red Cross Unit members were saddened to hear            Jean was a member of the Brookton Unit from 1984 and
 of the passing of dearly loved member, Mrs Flora (Flo)            was presented with the Long Service Medal for ten years
 Williams after being ill for several months. Flo was a            service in 1998. Our thoughts are with all of Jean’s family
 cheerful, diligent worker at the shop and was always              and friends.
 willing to help at any function we held. She will be greatly
 missed.                                                           Mrs Ina Lynch
 Mrs Dorothy Walker                                                Corrigin Unit/Disaster Team
                                                                   Ina has been a very active member of this branch since
 Kojonup/Muradup Unit                                              retiring from Hyden to Corrigin in 1972.
 Dorothy joined Red Cross in 1995. She will be sadly missed
 and our sincere condolences go to all who knew her.               From the first meeting she attended she took on the office
                                                                   of Publicity Officer. From then till the 1990’s she held all
 Mrs Mena Willis                                                   offices from Vice President - 11 years, President – 3 years
                                                                   and Assistant Secretary, Regional President for 2 years and
 Ex Guildford Unit/Telecross                                       finally was Red Cross Shop Co-ordinator for 5 years. She
 Mena joined Red Cross in 1995 and had been a member               has always been a tireless worker and entered into all
 of the now de-registered Guildford Unit as well as a              fundraising activities with pleasure.
 volunteer for the Telecross service. Our thoughts are with
 her family and friends at this sad time.                           She has received the Long Service (15 years), Long Service
                                                                   Award – 1st Bar (20 years) and was due to receive her 2nd
 Mrs Frances Jackson                                               Bar (30 years) this year. Our sincere sympathy to her family
                                                                   and friends as she will be sadly missed.
 Blood Transfusion Team
 Fran was a volunteer for the Blood Service who joined Red         Mrs Rita Sheppard
 Cross in 1984 and received the Long Service Medal for ten
 years service. Our thoughts are with her family and friends.      Three Springs Unit/Metro South Coastal Group
                                                                   Rita joined Red Cross in 1946 and had been presented
 Mrs Margaret Murdoch                                              with her Long Service Medals up to the Laurel Wreath for
                                                                   50 years service. Rita will be greatly missed by her Red
 Ex Exmouth Unit/North West & Murchison Unit                       Cross friends and we send our sincere condolences to all
 Margaret was a member of the Exmouth Unit and later a             who knew her.
 member of the North West and Murchison Unit as well as
 having served in the Army Corps. She joined Red Cross in          Mrs Margo Elias
 1964 and had been presented with her Long Service Medal
 and First Bar. Our sincere condolences go to Margaret’s           Riverton Unit
 family and friends.                                               Margo was a member of the Collie Red Cross Unit for 15
                                                                   years before moving to the city and joining the Riverton
 Mrs Maida (May) Campbell                                          Unit of which she was a member for 13 years. She was very
                                                                   active at Canning Lodge with the trolley service and visiting
 Heathridge Unit/Member                                            people. She will be sadly missed.
 With deep regret Heathridge Red Cross are sad to report
 the death of Maida (May) Campbell on 26 February 2003             Correction
 at Hollywood Hospital.
                                                                   In the February edition of Volunteer Update, the
 May was a foundation member of Yanchep/Two Rocks Red              bereavement notice for Mrs Gwyneth Jones stated
 Cross Branch in 1977 May took over as Secretary when
                     .                                             that Gwyneth joined the Koorda Unit in 1942. It
 membership was very low, but with her dedication it               should be noted that Gwyneth actually joined the
 gradually grew in numbers, she also was a Vice President          Wylcatchum Unit 42 years ago and was a member of
 in the Wanneroo Region.                                           this unit until 2000 after which she transferred to the
                                                                   Koorda Unit.
 May was a very staunch member at Heathridge Red Cross,
 having moved to the area from Yanchep, who worked
 hard over the years till her eyesight was failing. The unit
 could always rely on May as a model, when we had our
                                                                Red Cross Calling Update
 Fashion Parades, which she did with perfection and for any
 other fund raising she was always there.                       As of 2 May 2003, the total of funds received for Red
                                                                                    ,241.81 - a fantastic result so far.
                                                                Cross Calling is $837
 Mr John Millman
 Ex Pinjarra Unit                                               There is still money coming in from collectors and
 John joined the Pinjarra Unit in 1994. Our thoughts are        organisers who are only now managing to return their
 with his family and friends.                                   collections and the call has gone out to everyone
                                                                who has yet to return their Red Cross Calling
 Mrs Judith Wagonner                                            collections - please do so as soon as possible.
 ex Staff, Fundraising Department
 Judy was a staff member at Headquarters where she was          A big thank you to all units, members and volunteers
 Manager of the Fundraising Department in 1998/99. She          who have supported this year’s Red Cross Calling
 will be fondly remembered by those who knew her.               Campaign. We couldn’t do it without you.
                                                                                                             May 2003 - Page 6

Fashion at the Senior Cit’s 5th April.

The Mandurah Senior Citizen’s hall was the venue for a very professional and
entertaining Fashion Parade organised by the Mandurah Shop. Lorraine and her
volunteers are to be congratulated. Over 150 guests saw 50 plus outfits paraded and
sales of $2000 were recorded. Some HQ staff attended and had a great time.

Shenton Park Hospital kiosk.

Plans are in place, after 50 years of Red Cross management to hand the Shenton Park
Hospital Kiosk back to the Hospital. Since the close of the Medical College some 18
months ago the kiosk has steadily lost trade. The hospital’s caterers, Sodexho Food
                                                             Services, will take over
                                                             the operation of the kiosk and combine it with the
                                                             operation of the canteen. We would like to thank Enola
 Disaster Services News                                      Lewis and all her volunteers, past and present, for their
                                                             outstanding service and commitment to Australian Red
 Operation Murphy, a National Disaster and Emergency         Cross at Shenton Park. .
 Response simulation, was held on Thursday 13 March in an
 effort to test the emergency responses of Australian Red Cross     Short Street
 using the National Registration and Inquiry System (NRIS). For
 the first time, ARC WA headquarters in East Perth was used as      March saw the auction of the Short Street property,
 the National Registration Headquarters. The exercise involved      settlement is scheduled for the end of May and
 some 15 ARC WA staff, 30 on-site volunteers and four off-site      everyone at Short Street will be relocated. Early June
 volunteers in the registration and inquiry part of the exercise.   could see MEHS and Infant Restraints at Belmont, while
                                                                    the Sewing Ladies and Soup Patrol look like moving to
 A total of eight staff from the state government Department        Wellington Street. The Blood Bank will move to
 for Community Development (DCD) participated in the                independent premises in Rivervale.     Phone numbers
 exercise including five off-site DCD staff from Port Hedland,      and addresses will be circulated when final.
 Broome, Bunbury, Tom Price and Karratha. An additional 22
 Red Cross volunteers assisted from their homes by making up        Albany Shop
 to 15 phone calls each to the State Inquiry Centre.
                                                                    Merchandising is in the final stage of negotiations to
 During the debrief, organisers commented that the quick and        move the Albany shop (one of our best) to larger, more
 unrealistic timeframe for the exercise resulted in some            convenient and environmentally friendly premises next
 congestion and that the NRIS developed a few gremlins when         door. After six years trading, Albany has over 40
 report print outs did not correspond to the NRIS screen while      volunteers and the quality of donations and local
 other information fell off screen. These hiccups have been         support is exceptional. Albany will be a pilot store for a
 reported to the IT desk in Canberra for further follow up.         possible move to Red Cross super stores.             Local
                                                                    coordinator, Jeanette says "The quality of the goods we
 Given that all States participated and although the system         get donated makes it like Christmas every day".
 suffered a minor crash for 20 minutes, it was agreed in the        Congratulations Albany on six years of excellent trading,
 final wash up that Operation Murphy had been a nationally          we hope you enjoy the new premises.
 successful exercise.

 Feed back from volunteers was very positive and people             REGIONAL VOLUNTEERS URGENTLY
 commented they enjoyed seeing the system work and
 appreciated being part of it. It provided a good opportunity       NEEDED - Can you help?
 to recognise both the strengths and weaknesses of the
 system in order for us to be fully prepared for a full-scale       Volunteering with the Soup Patrol services is very rewarding
 emergency if required.                                             and is a great way to meet new people, whilst helping some
                                                                    of the most vulnerable people in our community.
 Training needs have been identified from this exercise to          Our Bunbury, Geraldton and Kalgoorlie services urgently
 further improve the skills and increase the number of disaster
                                                                    need some additional volunteers to assist with regular bread
 volunteers with the experience to respond in a disaster. NRIS
 training is now being planned for disaster volunteers and          collections and the delivery of the service.        In Perth,
 DCD staff throughout the state.                                    volunteers are also required to collect and package our daily
                                                                    bread donations, which feed clients in the Fremantle and
 If you would like further information on the role of the Welfare   Perth areas.
 sub-committee please contact Lisbeth or Julie                      If you have 3 – 4 hours available once a week, fortnight or
 on (08) 9225 1926.
                                                                    month and would like to help, please contact Barbara Hollin
                                                                    on 9225 1984 for further details.

 For further details on any of the information in this edition of Volunteer Update phone Australian Red Cross (WA) on 9325 5111
 – country callers 1800 810 700 or email
 The next edition of Volunteer News will be published on 18 August 2003. Contributions can be sent to Jodie Jankevics at ARC
 WA GPO Box P1239 Perth WA 6844 or no later than Friday 25 July 2003.
 To discover more about Australian Red Cross visit our website
                                                                                                       May 2003 - Page 7

                                                               It is important to remember that the Regional Restructure
                                                               Plan is a set of guidelines. These guidelines are intended
                                                               to support a flexible change process and they refer to
We are moving closer towards renewing the volunteer
                                                               such things as:
structure across the whole Metro Region. As you have
seen in previous Cross Wise and Volunteer Update
                                                               • Involvement of young people (primary school to late
articles, Metro South Region is operating according to the
                                                                50’s) in voluntary services to ensure new blood flows
restructure plan and the Metro North Region is well on
                                                                into Red Cross
the way
                                                               • Coordination of all activities and services within a region
                                                                to ensure we are working as one Red Cross
At this point we are still actively recruiting a volunteer
                                                               • Regional activity planning processes in which the whole
Visual Coordinator for Metro North Region, as the recent
                                                                region plays a part in the plan for fundraising, services,
advertising did not attract suitably qualified volunteer
                                                               disaster response and meaningful involvement of young
applicants and we are now actively soliciting applicants
through major service clubs.         We are seeking an
individual who has experience organising events,
                                                               A longstanding issue in the restructure has been a new
motivating volunteers, public speaking and who has
                                                               name for ‘units’. Unlike other Red Cross activities within
excellent networks. Please call Ron Pettapiece on
                                                               regions (eg. Family Support Service, Cadets etc.) the term
9225 1990 if you know of anyone who you think would
                                                               ‘unit’ does not indicate the kind of ‘functional’ activity
be interested in this exciting volunteer position.

                                                               A competition has been launched to change the name
                                                               of unit to a term which is more meaningful. Of the many
The introduction of the regional restructure has not gone
                                                               entries so far, there is a keen interest in returning to the
as quickly as we had planned and it has taken time to
                                                               term, "Branch".    It is too early to announce the final
address issues that have arisen and to smooth the way
                                                               outcome, but it is possible this term could be modified
for the restructure in other regions. Once the restructure
                                                               to indicate the key activities performed. eg. Koorda
is complete in Metro, it will be introduced into the large
                                                               Fundraising and Social Branch. This would meet the
country centres. Initially it will commence in the Wattle
                                                               objective of moving ahead with the restructure and
Region (currently called Leschenault and Boronia)
                                                               creating a ‘functional’ descriptor for units. More news on
followed by the Porongurups. Following that, country
                                                               the competition later.
regions will be introduced. In the new structure there
are 12 country regions and three metro regions versus
                                                               Please note that the recently restructured Metro South
the 24 that were previously in place
                                                               Region will be hosting a brand new fundraising event
                                                               called OUR SUNBURNT COUNTRY DINNER DANCE 2003
HOW MUCH CHANGE?                                               and this will become an annual event. The Dinner Dance
                                                               will be held at the Fremantle Sailing Club on Saturday 26
Many unit volunteers are concerned that there would be         July 2003. Booking forms are available from Headquarters
radical changes to the way units operate. It is important      or by calling Rod O’Dea on 9343 3935 or by
to know however, that changes to the unit structure            email at
need not be major at all. In the country regions, where
distances are great, units may feel that they are operating
effectively and therefore few, if any, changes are required.
                                                                                                   May 2003 - Page 8

FACTS AND FIGURES!                                     Albany Seniors Information Expo

A snapshot of volunteers and members in the WA

The profile of members and volunteers who,
together with the staff team, make up the WA
Division of Australian Red Cross has changed
considerably over the past few years. People of all
ages, cultures and backgrounds work as volunteers in
our Units, Groups, community and retail services.

Below is a snapshot of members and volunteers in
the WA Division at April 2003:

1.     There are 6,075 active members and                            Jean Wilby, Norma Freeby and Premier
       volunteers in the Division                             Geoff Gallop at the Albany Seniors Information Expo

2.     1,059 new members (17%) have joined since 1     Australian Red Cross recently took part in the Albany
       July 2003                                       Seniors Information Expo by featuring Hands On Care
                                                       and Community Visitors Scheme – two important
3.     There are 93 Units and 2 Red Cross Groups       community services provided in WA by Red Cross.

4.     34% of members belong to Units and 22% of       Hands On Care and Community Visitors Scheme were
       members belong to the two Red Cross             featured at the Expo, in an effort to increase the number
       Groups in the newly restructured Metro South    of volunteers for these services in the Albany district.
                                                       Jean Wilby, Aged Care Services Officer at Australian Red
                                                       Cross (WA), said both Hands On Care and Community
5.     72% of members are service volunteers. 64%
                                                       Visitors Scheme are highly rewarding services that
       of volunteers work in community services and
                                                       provide older people facing long periods of
       24% of volunteers work in Red Cross shops
                                                       hospitalisation with an opportunity to have regular
                                                       contact with a Red Cross volunteer.
6.     82% of members/volunteers are women
                                                       "The Community Visitors Scheme is a Federal
7.     20% of members/volunteers are from              Government initiative administered by Australian Red
       countries other than Australia                  Cross (WA) which matches a Red Cross volunteer with a
                                                       nursing home resident. The resident may be lonely or
8.     16% of members/volunteers are aged under-       without immediate family and has indicated they would
       30 years                                        like a special visitor on a regular basis.

9.     15% of members/volunteers are aged              "Hand On Care, offered by Red Cross in various locations
       between 30 and 50 years                         around WA, provides a relaxing massage treatment, with
                                                       hand and nail care, for the elderly, people with
10.    15% are aged between 50 and 60 years            disabilities and people facing long periods in hospital"
                                                       Jean explained.

11.    38% of members/volunteers are aged over 60
                                                       Anyone interested in volunteering opportunities with
                                                       either service can speak to Jean Wilby by
                                                       calling 9325 5111 or Freecall 1800 810 700.

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