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					       LAMORINDA ORTHO. AND SPORTS P.T. Core exercises
1) Arm Position changes difficulty of all curl up exercises – Straight = easy;
   Folded across chest = medium; Clasped behind head = difficult
2) The number of repetitions, sets, and which exercises will be determined by
   your therapist.

                          LIE ON BACK
1) PELVIC TILT – Push the small of the back into the floor. Hold for at least 5
   seconds and repeat 10 to 20 reps for 3 sets.
   2) CURL UP – Lift head and shoulders up, arms extended reaching for your knees.
      Maintain pelvic tilt (low back pushed down).

3) REVERSE CURL UP - Raise legs off the floor bending both the hips and knees to 90
degrees. Exercise consists of lifting tailbone off the floor and then lowering slowly.

   4) CURL UP WITH SIDE BEND – Knees flexed, feet flat on floor. With arms at
      sides, curl up and reach right hand to right ankle. Repeat on left side.
5) CURL UP AND REVERSE CURL UP – Combine exercises 2 and 3.

6) ROTATION – Knees flexed, feet flat on floor. Place both hands on right thigh.
   Curl up and rotate to right by sliding hands up leg. Repeat on left side.
7) BICYCLE – Raise legs off floor by bending both hips and knees to 90 degrees.
   Straighten and bend legs as if riding a bike.

8) EXTENDED CURL UP – Straighten legs and knees up. Place arms over head.
   Curl up.
9) EXTENDED ROTATION – Repeat exercise 8 with both hands on right thigh.
   Repeat on left side.
10) EXTENDED LOWERING – Raise legs. Curl up with hands reaching to knees.
   This is the starting point of the exercise. Lower opposite arm and leg. Repeat
   opposite side.

11) EXTENDED REVERSE CURL UPS – Straighten legs. Press both heels towards
    ceiling. Lift tail bone off floor.
12) EXTENDED REVERSE OBLIQUES – Position as in exercise 11, but pres up
    only one heel at a time.

13) ROTATION OBLIQUES – Knees flexed, feet on floor. Rotate both knees to
    right. Curl up and reach forward. Repeat on the left side.

                      LIE ON STOMACH
14) OPPOSITES LIFT – Raise opposite arm and leg. Emphasis on lengthening as
    opposed to lifting.

15) ARM AND LEG LIFT – Raise both arms and legs. Emphasis on lengthening as
    opposed to lifting.

16) HOVER POSITION – Raise and support body on forearms and toes.
                                ALL 4’S
17) OPPOSITES – Begin exercise on hands and knees. Raise opposite arm and leg.
    Maintain flat back position.
                      BALL EXERCISES
18) OPPOSITE ARM AND LEG RAISES – Rest the non-elevated arm on ball

19) BACK EXTENSION – Place feet against wall for support
20) CURL UPS and 21) CURL UPS WITH ROTATION– Raise chin and chest up
    towards ceiling. To accomplish #21 curl up with both arms pointing to the right.
    Repeat on left side.

                          FOAM ROLLER
21) Pelvic Tilt – Push small of back into roller
22) Pelvic Tilt while raising opposite arm and leg

23) Pelvic Tilt while raising both arms and one leg. Repeat on other leg.

24) HAMSTRINGS – Lie on Back. Place strap around ball of foot. Pull back with
    knee straight and foot flexed. Repeat on other side.

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