; Busy time for SCH This month.... SCH welcomes a new team of Junior
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Busy time for SCH This month.... SCH welcomes a new team of Junior


Busy time for SCH This month.... SCH welcomes a new team of Junior ...

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									                                                                                             INTERNAL              NEWSLETTER OF SYDNEY CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL, RANDWICK

                                                                                                                                                        F E B R UA RY 2009

SCH welcomes a new team of Junior Medical Officers
                                                               A new year and a new team of around 70 Junior Medical Officers (JMO’s) commenced
                                                            at SCH in mid-January.
                                                              Joining the new JMO’s is Dr Mark Johnson, who has taken over from Dr Louis Cheung
                                                            as Chief Resident Medical Officer (CRMO).
                                                              Senior Health Professionals at SCH rolled out an intensive full day orientation for the
                                                            new residents, registrars and fellows on 19 January. Covering topics such as infection
                                                            control, dispute resolution and payroll, the new team was given an insight into the way
                                                            SCH operates, by those who know it best.
                                                              The team of departing JMO’s were officially thanked and farewelled at a special
                                                            celebration at Vino Vino restaurant, hosted by senior clinicians including Dr Jonny Taitz.
                                                              SCH warmly welcomes the new team and sincerely thanks Dr Louis Cheung and the
                                                            dedicated team of JMO’s who have just left SCH. We hope to see you back at SCH in the
                                                            near future.

                                                              DR Mark Johnson has been appointed to the role of CRMO for a period of four months,
                                                            leaving his post as Fellow in Undergraduate Teaching and General Paediatrics to take on
                                                            this important role. Mark can be contacted on extension 21760 or pager 44112.
                                                            Left: Dr Mark Johnson

Busy time for SCH
  THE Christmas and New Year period is always a busy time for SCH however
2008 was busier than usual. Despite efforts to discharge patients in time for
Christmas, approximately 100 patients spent Christmas Day at SCH.
  On-call staff were also busy, with one particular case, that of 11 year old
Cameron Rose, highlighting the outstanding team work involved over the
holiday period.
  Young Cameron had a bleed of the brain on New Year’s Eve and was
rushed to ED at 10:30pm. He was intubated, received an urgent CT scan and
was then taken to theatre where a team of seven neurosurgical, anaesthetic
and nursing staff operated on Cameron from 11:50pm to 2:20am on New
Year’s morning. Staff in the Intensive Care Unit were then on hand to care for
Cameron recover from his serious operation.
  The Executive team at SCH would like to thank all staff working over
the holiday period for their hard work and dedication, which is clearly
demonstrated in Cameron’s case – only one of many children requiring
complex care over the holiday season.
Right: Busy time for SCH

This month....
Welcome Kylie Green.....................................3   In Memoriam.................................................... 3   SCH Multicultural Health update .............7
    Editor’s Notes                                From the Executive
      ANOTHER year has started and in this
    edition, we welcome Dr Mark Johnson             DEAR Colleagues
    and the new team of JMO’s, who have             On this occasion I have asked Phyllis
    just commenced their rotation at SCH.         Moran, Director of Nursing to share with you
      Ward C1 South started 2009 with a           her perspective on current issues.
    newly renovated ward, re-opening its            Best wishes
    doors to staff, patients and families.
                                                    Les White (Prof)
    The general medical isolation ward, C3
    West has recently closed its doors for          Executive Director
    renovations and we all anticipate the
    changes will be equally welcomed.               I wrote about the Child and Adolescent            • Appointment of Aboriginal Service Inte-
      The holiday season was certainly            (C&A) Clinical Stream in June 2007 and                gration Coordinator.
    busy with more than 100 patients in           thought it was timely to bring you up to            • Review of all SESIH Emergency Depart-
    hospital on christmas day. Fortunately        date on our many activities. The Stream was           ments in line with standards in UK docu-
    two members of the Wiggles made               established in July 2006 and formalised in            ment “Emergency Department Services
    their annual trip to SCH on christmas         2007 with the appointment of the Stream               for Children”.
    day, stopping by the wards to spread          Manager (myself). The Stream meets bi-              • Recruiting for 1) Nurse Educator for Ab-
    some christmas cheer.                         monthly with Area Executive, key staff from           original Health Workers and 2) Aboriginal
      There      have      been      some         Central Hospital Network and Southern                 Teenage Parents Back to School Program.
    developments in the field of diversity        Hospital Network and Network General                • Aboriginal child health mapping and com-
    health, as outlined in this month’s           Managers.                                             munity services directory published and
    diversity health spread on page seven.          The Stream governance structure is                  available on SCH intranet.
      Unfortunately 2009 has also brought         comprised of three groups – the C&A                 • Applications submitted for enhanced Ab-
    some sadness, with three friends              Steering Committee, the C&A Hospital Care             original services at 1) Malabar /La Perouse
    of SCH recently passing away. They            Reference Group and the C&A Community                 and 2) Shellharbour.
    will be missed and remembered for             Care Reference Group.
                                                                                                      • Refugee GP – Hospital Collaborative es-
    their contribution to health, but most           Each group has broad representation from           tablished on project funds in the Illawarra.
    importantly, their friendship.                facilities, community, population health,
                                                  health promotion, mental health, Divisions          • Refugee Child Health Clinic established at
       Welcome back to all who have been                                                                SCH.
    away on holidays, I look forward to           of GP and all groups of clinicians. The groups
    receiving details on what is happening        and Steering Committee meet bi-monthly. A           • Area-wide Refugee Health Coordination
    in 2009 at SCH.                               range of other committees feed into these             group established.
                                                  three groups. In 2008, the Sydney Children’s        • Permanent Refugee Health Coordinator
    Jessica Jaramillo                             Hospital Quality Improvement Management               position funded by Multicultural Health.
                                                  Group expanded to include representation            • CHA Area-wide membership established.
    Deadline                                      from the CHN and Wollongong and
                                                                                                      • Policies reviewed: No CPR, Decisions after
                                                  Shoalhaven hospitals, addressing paediatric
     THE deadline for contributions for the       quality issues from a stream approach.                Death, Co-location of children and adults,
    March 2009 issue is 20 February, 2009.                                                              Child transfer for surgery, Guidelines for
    Please forward articles and photos to:        Key achievements 2007 / 08                            transferring children back to local hospi-
    Editor: Jessica Jaramillo                     • Visits to community centres (10) and three          tals, Coordinating Clinician.
    Phone: (02) 9382 3578                           community staff forums with a total atten-        • Role of Coordinating Clinician defined.
    Fax:    (02) 9382 3577                          dance of 60 staff. A further visit and forum is   • Staff Specialist at Sutherland employed.
    Email:                                          planned for February 2009 in Shoalhaven.
    Jessica.jaramillo@sesiahs.health.nsw.gov.au                                                       • Area-wide transition committee or-
                                                  • Continued secondments of Allied Health              ganised, engaging a number of streams
    SCH website:         www.sch.edu.au
                                                    (19) and nursing staff (21) from GESCHN             and faculties across Area involved in
                                                    hospitals and community to SCH. Evalua-             young people transitioning from paedi-
    We want your input                              tion in progress.                                   atric care.
     Ideal publishing length is 250 words.        • Successful tender for proposed scoping            • C&A community services mapped.
    By contributing to The Way Forward              project for NSW Institute of Population
                                                                                                      • Area-wide Quality Improvement Commit-
    you agree that your article may be              Child Health.
                                                                                                        tee and M&M Meetings.
    edited for space, readability and/or          • Very successful Child Health Network Con-
    other reasons.                                                                                    • Achieved Universal Home Visiting bench-
                                                    ference in September 2008.
                                                                                                        marks in SHN & CHN.
                                                  • Paediatric Advanced Life Support Simula-
                                                                                                      • Begun StEPS (Statewide Vision Preschool-
                                                    tor mobile unit moving around NSW.
                                                                                                        er Program).
                                                  • Ongoing allied health and nursing tele-
                                                                                                      • Referral Pathways developed for PEDs,
                                                    health project. In calendar year 2008,
                                                                                                        ASQ, StEPS.
                                                    9,040 staff have attended telehealth
                                                    education sessions.                               Priorities for 2008 / 09
                                                  • Speech Pathology Project for Aboriginal           • Consider optimal coordination of Area-
                                                    Children.                                           wide regulatory/operational responsibili-
2                                                                                                                                      Continued…
  ties (SESIH Child Health Unit).                    We are so thankful that we found these
                                                  people. We would like to thank Mark Dexter
                                                                                                   Welcome… Kylie Green
• Source support for Child Protection re-
  quests from other agencies (e.g., Depart-       and Erica Jacobson, John Lawson and the                                    SCH warmly wel-
  ment of Community Services, NSW Police)         Doctors that helped them, for their skill and                           comes Kylie Green,
  so that requests can be responded to in a       confidence in performing such a delicate                                Statewide     Eyesight
  timely manner.                                  operation that will help Jackie lead a normal                           Preschooler Screen-
                                                  life without Epilepsy.                                                  ing (StEPS) program
• Identify funding to continue refugee Child
  Health initiatives.                               Also thank-you to Richard Connolly and                                 coordinator for South
                                                  his helpers for keeping Jackie safe during the                           Eastern Sydney Il-
• Continue plans for Mental Health units at
                                                  long operation.                                                          lawarra Area Health
  SCH and Shellharbour.
                                                    Thank-you to all the special people that                               Service (SESIH).
• Continue work on transition coordination.
                                                  were there during the operation and for                                      The program is
• Continue SCH Outpatient triage project          their concern shown afterward. Thank-you         supported by the Child and Adolescent
  (tertiary referrals only).                      to Amy, Sarah and the girls for all their help   stream at SCH. StEPS is a NSW Health initiative,
• Continue to advocate for ED separation of       and support, it is very much appreciated and     offering all four year old children in NSW free
  children and adults.                            made our stay much easier.                       vision screening.
• Advocate for establishment of community           A special thank-you to Annie, none of this       Having commenced her role in August
  paediatrician in SHN.                           would have happened if we had not found          2008, Kylie has had the opportunity to work
• Continue plans for Ronald McDonald              Annie, such a special person.                    closely with SCH to ensure children have
  House family room in SHN.                         You are all amazing. May God bless you all     local access to vision screening services.
• Continue work on Area-wide credentialing.       the same way that we were blessed by being         Now managing a team of 10 vision
                                                  sent to you.                                     screeners and two orthoptists, Kylie (an
• Conduct educational needs analysis of
                                                  Yours sincerely Leanne and Jackie                orthoptist herself) is enjoying her new and
  nurses (across SESIH).
                                                                                                   challenging role.
• Progress benchmarks for Emergency                 P.S. NO SEIZURES!!!!
                                                                                                      “This role has brought many challenges
  Department standards of care project.
                                                                                                   and is certainly different to my previous
• Produce Area policy including facility roles
  regarding “surgery for children”, and assist    In memoriam…                                     clinical work,” said Kylie. “I am working with
                                                                                                   an amazing team of people who are out in
  in implementation.                                                                               the community testing children in preschools
                                                     SYDNEY Children’s Hospital extends its
• Progress proposals for enhancement of           sincere condolences to the families of our       and providing them with access to a very
  Aboriginal child health services and plan-      friends Rowena Pala’Amo, Jan Vesper and Dr       important service.”
  ning for Aboriginal health.                     Philip Douglas, who sadly passed away over         As coordinator of the program, Kylie
• Develop child health component of Area-         the past month.                                  organises referrals for those children
  wide PACE project.                                 Rowena Pala’Amo, Clinical Nurse Specialist    requiring follow up services, while also
• Complete Diagnostic, Assessment and             from C2 West was only 29 years old and had       recruiting and training staff.
  Disability Service Unit in SHN.                 a short, but very impressive career, making a       Prior to taking on this role, Kylie worked as
• Identify impact of implementation of            lasting favourable impression on workmates,      an orthoptist at Sydney Eye Hospital for four
  PEDS/ASQ on allied health workforce.            families and patients alike.                     and a half years, while also working part time
                                                    Rowena worked at SCH all of her career,        in private ophthalmology clinics. While much
• Develop and implement action plan from
                                                  having completed the new graduate                of her role is spent out of the office, Kylie
  4 community forums in SESIH.
                                                  program in 2002. She will be sadly missed.       enjoys working closely with the team at SCH.
• Review the entry criteria and waiting lists
                                                    Jan Vesper, one of the Hospital’s long           “I have met such a dedicated and skilled
  for community based allied health services
                                                  standing clerical staff in the Outpatients       team of people here at SCH, all of whom
  across SESIH and develop some common-
                                                  Department, passed away on Monday 5              simply love their job.
                                                  January following a long battle with cancer.       “It is a positive and friendly environment
   We are proud of our accomplishments thus
                                                    Jan will be well remembered for her            to work in, with a strong multidisciplinary
far, and look forward to a busy year in 2009!
                                                  abundant smiles, positive attitude and           approach to care.”
  Phyllis Moran, Director of Nursing              caring nature. Her loyalty and dedication to       In her spare time, Kylie enjoys ballroom
                                                  SCH have been outstanding, even coming to        dancing, sports and simply spending time
                                                  work right up until Christmas 2008, despite      with friends and family.
Pat on the back                                   many difficulties.                                 To contact Kylie, please call 9947 9896 or
                                                     Dr Philip Douglas, Chair of the Senior        email: kylie.green@sesiahs.health.nsw.gov.au
  DEAR Everyone,                                  Medical Staff Council at Prince of Wales
          There are most probably quite a         Hospital sadly passed away on 1 January,
          few people in the world that could      after a brief illness. Dr Douglas worked
          obtain the knowledge and have           closely with many SCH staff over the
          the dedication to know all there        years and his contribution to health
is to know about such things as Epilepsy and      has been enormous.
Brain Surgery, there are only a select few that     May Rowena, Jan and Dr
have the courage and commitment as well           Douglas rest in peace; they
as the knowledge and dedication to be able        will be sadly missed and
to actually perform such an operation with        fondly remembered by all..
precision and confidence.
    New Staff Appointments                             Allens Arthur Robinson                            Arts news
                       THE Foundation is                  A very special part of our partnership with
                     happy to announce the             Allens Arthur Robinson is the annual Allens
                                                                                                         “Laugh, Sing, Be Happy”
                     appointment of Rebecca            Arthur Robinson Summer Clerks Tours. Once
                     Havas to the position of          again we welcomed the Summer Clerks to               IN December 2008, well-known former
                     Fundraising    Manager            SCH in December and January for a tour of         SCH patient Natalie Peek donated the vibrant
                     position.      Rebecca            the Emergency Department and Neurology            painting, entitled “Laugh, Sing, Be Happy”
                     has been with the                 Ward. It was a wonderful opportunity for          to the Foundation’s Art Program. Nat and
                      Foundation since 2005,           the clerks to meet some of the Hospital’s         her mum Lyn wanted to give something to
                      having recently been             patients and families and see first hand how      the Hospital, to show their appreciation to
    Special Events Manager. We also welcome            the outstanding support from Allen Arthur         all who have supported them through their
    our new Special Events Manager, Michelle           Robinson makes a major impact in the lives        long journey at SCH. Working with her good
    Drexler, who began at the Foundation in            of the children we care for.                      friend, art therapist Paul McCarthy, Nat spent
    January.                                           Below: Dr Manoj Menezes and A/Prof Annie Bye      months developing the work while in bed.
    Above: Michelle Drexler                            with the Summer Clerks                            This involved some unusual techniques,
                                                                                                         including having Paul manipulate the canvas
                                                                                                         while Nat held the brush! The end result is
    Matraville Charity Bowls Day                                                                         a wonderful painting, of Nat’s own unique
       MARK Blizard and Alan Wright of Reed                                                              vision featuring themes and images inspired
    Constructions Australia and Paul Vallis,                                                             by the ideas of her doctors, Nurse Unit
    President of Matraville RSL, presented a                                                             Manager, fellow patients, Hospital staff and
    $11,350 donation to SCH’s Vascular Birthmark                                                         volunteers. The Foundation is delighted to
    Clinic, raised from a charity bowls day. Mark                                                        receive the painting, which will exhibit in the
    Blizard was inspired to organise the day by                                                          Hospital’s artspaces in early 2009, along with
    his three year old daughter Jacqueline, who                                                          the story of its creation.
    was born with a facial vascular birth mark                                                           Paul McCarthy and Natalie Peek
    and is currently being treated at SCH.
    Below: Paul Vallis, President Martaville RSL, Dr
    Susan Adams, Allan Wright and Mark Blizzard
    of Reed Group                                      Armidale Dinner Raises $22,000
                                                         A group of generous Armidale residents,
                                                       lead by Sue Brown, held a fundraising Dinner
                                                       on 25 October. One hundred and fifty people
                                                       attended the event to raise money for cancer
                                                       services at SCH. Master of Ceremonies for
                                                       the evening was the Lifestyle Channel’s
                                                       Brendan Moar, with local band Tex Message
                                                       entertaining the audience. The impressive
                                                       $22,000 was raised via ticket sales, donations
                                                       and an auction. Thank you to the organisers
                                                       of the event, Armidale Bowling Club who
                                                       donated the venue and the New England
                                                                                                         Thank you
    Congratulations BIG W                              Credit Union who sold tickets.
    and Suppliers!                                                                                       • Coles
                                                       Paul Camillieri & Choice                          • Disney and the Yule Family
       THE BIG W Supplier Awards Night was held
                                                       Foundation Donate $5,100                          • Epping Boys High
    in late 2008 and raised a staggering $110,000
    for SCH. We extend heartfelt thanks to BIG W         PAUL Camillieri celebrated the milestone        • Esprit
    and all their suppliers, for the generous and      of his 80th birthday on 1 January by raising      • Myer Community Fund
    continuing support.                                money for kids with cancer. Instead of
                                                       receiving gifts, Mr Camillieri requested family   • Randwick TAFE
    Double Bay Bowling Club                            and friends make a generous donation to           • Riad Family
                                                       the Choice Foundation, to help kids with          • Telstra
      ON 10 December, our Fundraising Manager
                                                       cancer. Choice and Mr Camillieri donated
    Rebecca Havas presented the Double Bay
                                                       the impressive $5,100 raised ($1,000 of which
    Bowling Club’s presidents, Eddie Fingret and
                                                       came from Mr Camilleri himself) to cancer
    Barbara Shotland, with a certificate of thanks
                                                       services at SCH. Thank you to Mr Camillieri
    for raising $6,190 throughout the year.
                                                       and Choice Foundation for your support.

Help needed                                       A Wiggly Christmas
  THE Centre for Children's Cancer and Blood                                                        APPROXIMATELY 100 patients and their families
Disorders (CCC&BD) is seeking expressions                                                         woke up on Christmas Day to see some very famous
of interest from people interested in                                                             faces - purple Wiggle Jeff and yellow Wiggle Sam.
participating on the editorial committee of                                                         Jeff and Sam stopped by the wards, handing
the CCC&BD's family newsletter.                                                                   out special Wiggles show bags while singing some
  You can access the newsletter via the                                                           of their well known tunes Big Red Car and Feliz
CCC&BD website at http://www.kids-cancer.                                                         Navidad, as well as popular Christmas carols Jingle
org/                                                                                              Bells and Silent Night.
  The newsletter is produced quarterly                                                             With a trail of journalists, photographers and
and is sent to families who are part of the                                                    camera crews following their every move, families
CCC&BD community. While some knowledge                                                         were star struck and grateful that the boys would
of journalism or publishing is desirable, it is   take time out of their own family celebrations, to stop by the Hospital.
not essential as some of the requirements of        For 15 years, members of The Wiggles have made SCH their first stop on Christmas Day, their
the editorial committee involve a willingness     ongoing support and contribution to the families here at SCH is as always sincerely appreciated.
to network, talk with parents and patients
                                                  Above: Staff of C2 West pose for a photo with Jeff and Sam
at clinic and write about their stories, and
undertake literature searches from children's
cancer websites. With the use of internet, fax
and telephone many of the tasks may be able       Ward receives a New Year make over
to be done off-site.
                                                                                                     WARD C1 South received a well deserved make-
  Helen Knox, Nurse Manager, CCC&BD, will                                                         over, with builders installing new lino, a fresh coat
be holding a meeting with all interested                                                          of paint, new staff lockers and a renovated patient
parties toward the end of February/early                                                          kitchen.
March 2009 to discuss in more depth about
                                                                                                    The renovations took place over a four week
what is exactly involved with producing the
                                                                                                  period, with patients relocated to various other
newsletter and where possible, allocating
                                                                                                  wards to accommodate the renovations.
tasks to participants.
                                                                                                    “The place looks brilliant,” said Helen Bullot,
  If you are interested in being part of
                                                                                                  Nurse Unit Manager of C1 South.
the editorial team of the CCC&BD family
newsletter, please contact Helen Knox on                                                          “The builders worked tirelessly to complete the
extension 21692.                                                                                renovations over the holiday season and we are
                                                  appreciative of their dedication and quality work.
                                                    “Families have commented on the fresh new look and staff are thrilled with the result.”

SCH green corner                                    Thanks must also go to the team of staff, who behind the scenes, ensured that all patients were
                                                  comfortably accommodated in other wards; and the team of Alpha Building Services for their
  WHAT better way to put your computer to         work in refurbishing the ward.
good use than by canceling your ‘post it note’      Ward C3 West closed in early January for renovations, and should re-open in February.
orders, and using your Outlook reminder           Above: The C1 South team in the new look C1 South
service instead.
  We are all guilty of having a computer,
desk and walls covered in yellow – yellow
post it notes that is.                            Whooping cough and measles in the community
  Scrunching up a note and throwing it in                                                           STAFF across the Area Health Service have been
the bin can be a regular habit for many of                                                        busily attending to an increased number of babies,
us, however we don’t usually stop to think of                                                     children and adults presenting with whooping
where it all ends up.                                                                             cough.
  Australia uses more than 40 million trees                                                         NSW Health recently re-issued a health alert
each year to manufacture fine paper, much of                                                      warning people to be on the look out for the
which ends up in the bin. The calendar section                                                    symptoms of whooping cough, following a
of your Outlook program can accommodate                                                           continued increase in cases across NSW.
appointment and task reminders. It is easy
                                                                                                    Within the SESIH catchment area, 1,564 cases of
to use and more importantly, helps reduce
                                                                                                  whopping cough were reported to public health in
unnecessary paper wastage. So before you
                                                                                                  2008, with 433 cases reported in December alone.
place your next stationary order, take a
moment and ask yourself - ‘do I really need         While whooping cough is cyclical, New South Wales is seeing an unusually high number of
that?’                                            cases, with more than 8,000 cases recorded in 2008, the highest recorded number since the
                                                  public health act came into effect in 1991.
  Do you have a ‘green’ idea, plan or
suggestion? Please email Jessica Jaramillo,         SCH staff who have not received their booster vaccine are urged to do so as soon as possible.
SCH Public Affairs: jessica.jaramillo@sesiahs.      Similarly measles has also been identified and early diagnosis is obviously beneficial in
health.nsw.gov.au                                 reducing spread

    Employee of the Month                             Update on Garling                                 In the News
      CONGRATULATIONS to the February                                                                   SCH profiled in the media
    Employees of the Month, the nursing staff           A Ministerial Forum involving medical
                                                                                                        19 December, 2008
    of the Recovery ward at Sydney Children’s         representatives was held on Monday 15
    Hospital.                                         December 2008, to discuss the findings and        • SCH audit identifies an increase in the
                                                      recommendations outlined in the Garling             number of children falling through win-
      The entire team were nominated by SCH                                                               dows. Featured in The Sydney Morning Her-
    volunteer, Ron Rockliffe.                                                                             ald, Canberra Times and Press Digest.
                                                        To support wider consultation, a website
      A volunteer in the Recovery Ward for                                                              20 December
                                                      has been developed that allows interested
    some years, Ron has quietly observed the
                                                      community members and the health                  • Story of SCH patient’s ability to hear for
    extraordinary work of the nurses caring for
                                                      workforce to provide their comments on              the very first time, after receiving a cochle-
    patients recovering from surgery.
                                                      each recommendation. The site is available          ar implant featured in The Daily Telegraph.
      “As a team nothing seems to faze them,”         at www.healthactionplan.nsw.gov.au with             Dr Philip Chang quoted.
    said Ron.                                         a link from the NSW Health site on www.           • AJC Jockeys visit SCH to deliver Christmas
      “They work well together and are very           health.nsw.gov.au.                                  presents to all patients in hospital. Fea-
    supportive of each other, with any incident or      The Ministerial Forum was filmed and              tured in The Daily Telegraph.
    procedure dealt with quickly and efficiently.     footage is also available on the site, together   25 and 26 December
       “The outstanding service and dedication        with an outcome statement from the day.
    provided by this group of motivated nurses                                                          • The Wiggles visit staff, patients and fami-
                                                         The Forum was a great opportunity for all        lies spending Christmas Day at SCH. Fea-
    is told to me regularly by numerous grateful      involved to understand the recommenda-
    parents.”                                                                                             tured on Channel Seven and Channel Ten
                                                      tions and to begin the process of working           news, 2UE, 2GB, Nova FM, The Daily Tele-
      Not only caring towards their patients, the     together to support implementation.                 graph and The Australian. Dr Jonny Taitz
    nursing staff regularly gets behind hospital        The Government response to the Garling            and patients interviewed.
    wide events and initiatives – as a team.          Report - Final Report from the Special            2 January, 2009
      “Their personal efforts during special          Commission of Inquiry, is due no later than
    events like Party Day and Gold Week are                                                             • Dr Sarah Dalton interviewed on the Chan-
                                                      March 2009. Until that time the Minister for
    simply terrific,” said Ron.                                                                           nel Seven ‘Sunrise’ program regarding
                                                      Health, John Della Bosca, will be talking with
                                                                                                          summer safety tips.
      “During Gold Week they raised close to          community members and health staff to
    $1,000 by making and selling cup cakes in         give the Government the best opportunity          4 January
    their own time.”                                  to get it right.                                  • Dr Jonny Taitz quoted as part of a sun safe-
      Ron is thrilled to be able to support such         Minister Della Bosca visited the Randwick        ty story in The Sunday Telegraph.
    a highly skilled team of staff, who have          Hospitals Campus on Monday, 2 February            9 January
    done everything possible to make him feel         to consult with clinicians, community             • Clinical Nurse Consultant, Trauma, Kellie
    welcome.                                          representatives, health system managers             Wilson featured on Channel Ten News re-
                                                      and support staff, for the preparation of the       garding the increasing number of children
      “Being a volunteer in an area that has
                                                      NSW Health Action Plan and the Final Report         falling out of windows.
    so many skilled and highly trained people
                                                      from the Special Commission of Inquiry.
    can be intimidating, however my time in                                                             10 January
                                                      Details and outcomes of the visit will be
    Recovery has been a rewarding experience.                                                           • Nine month old SCH epilepsy patient fi-
                                                      communicated in the March edition of The
      “Nurse Unit Manager Kate Bartlett and her       Way Forward.                                        nally goes home after suffering more than
    staff have made me welcome and my efforts                                                             40 seizures a day. Dr Ian Andrews quoted.
    worthwhile.”                                                                                          Published in The Daily Telegraph.
       Congratulations to Kate Bartlett and the       Access to staff showers                           January edition
    team in Recovery, your collective work and                                                          • Dr James Donnelly quoted in Mother and
                                                        MANY staff members are unaware of
    initiative continues to inspire and encourage                                                         Baby magazine as part of a feature story
                                                      the location of staff showering facilities on
    us all.                                                                                               on disciplining children.
      The Employee of the Month wins dinner at                                                          January edition
                                                        For those who are keen to have a shower
    Mama Theresa’s Restaurant, a bouquet of flow-
                                                      after riding or walking to work, facilities for   • Dr Ross Toll quoted on the dental health
    ers from Clementine’s Florist and $100 from
                                                      staff are located at:                               problems that can result in children who
    Metro Parking.
                                                      • Randwick Hospitals Campus operating               eat too many lollies. Published in Practical
                                                        theatre rooms, level 1 - male and female          Parenting magazine.
                                                        showers available 24 hours a day, seven         20 and 21 January
                                                        days a week. Accessible by SCH staff card
                                                                                                        • Dr Marc Coughlan interviewed regarding
                                                        access. If your card does not grant you ac-
                                                                                                          SCH neurosurgical patient Cameron Rose’s
                                                        cess, please contact Campus Security to
                                                                                                          recovery following a brain hemorrhage.
                                                        enable access.
                                                                                                          Story coverage in AAP newswire, The Aus-
                                                      • Allied Health, level 0 from 8am to 5:00pm         tralian, news.com.au, The Daily Telegraph
                                                        only – female showers only.                       online, Adelaide Now, Brisbane Courier, Dai-
                                                        Showers are used throughout the day by            ly Advertiser, Channel Seven, Nine and Ten
                                                      the SCH physiotherapy team, and may not be          News, 2GB, 2UE, Nova and WSFM.
    Kate Bartlett and nurses from the Recovery Ward   available during the day.
Cultural Diversity at Sydney Children's Hospital
 IN this edition of The Way Forward, Jill Crawford, Diversity Health Co-ordinator, provides readers with an insight into the developments within
multicultural health at SCH.

Did you know that between 21 and 25 per cent of SCH inpatients come from a non-English speaking background?
 During the 2007/08 year, the top four languages for which interpreters were requested at SCH were Arabic, Vietnamese, Cantonese and
    Other high demand languages included Bengali, French, Auslan (sign language for the hearing-impaired), Farsi, Japanese, Thai and Korean.
  Refugee Health also experienced additional demand, with newly-arriving immigrants from countries such as the African sub-continent (particularly
Sudanese communities) requiring health care support.

How can we bridge the cultural gap?
  SCH has assisted in the completion of important research which examines health interactions between health professionals and families from
culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) backgrounds.
   Particular focus of the project was on the potential “cultural mismatches” between expectations held by users of health services and the delivery
of those services.
  Titled, Are You Talking to Me? Negotiating the Challenge of Cultural Diversity in Children’s Health Care, the report is the culmination of a three year
Australian Research Council (ARC) Linkage Grant Project located at SCH and the Children’s Hospital at Westmead. The study was undertaken by
researchers at the University of Western Sydney Centre for Cultural Research.
  The findings revealed that communication issues were a predominant concern, including the ability to clearly express oneself, understand
medical terminology and communicate effectively with health professionals. Staff also faced their own set of communication barriers in seeking to
understand family needs and impart health information. The findings will lead to further diversity-related work at SCH.
   To find out more about the report, come along to Grand Rounds presentation on Wednesday, 18 February, which will be presented by Sharon
Chalmers, co-author of the report and Astrid Perry, Manager of the Multicultural Health Service, SESIH, on 'Cultural diversity research and development
at SCH'.
    For further enquiries, and/or copies of the report, please contact Jill Crawford on 9382 3343 or Les White on 9382 1761.

Moving forward at SCH                                                                                     Diversity Health
  SYDNEY Children’s Hospital has been successful in securing funding of more than $46,000                 contact at SCH
by SESIH Multicultural Health Service in the 2008/09 round of Diversity Health Enhancement
                                                                                                            JILL Crawford, SCH’s Diversity Health
                                                                                                          Co-ordinator, is available to assist staff
  The Multicultural Health Service strives to ensure that our culturally and linguistically diverse       in developing and implementing their
communities have the same access to health services and information and the same quality of               respective projects, as well as discussing
care as their fellow residents. They do this by providing information and resources to community          proposed initiatives around diversity health.
groups, organisations and individuals and by assisting staff to work with ethnic communities and
                                                                                                             Remember, diversity does not just include
develop cultural competence in their delivery of services.
                                                                                                          multiculturalism, but all human elements
The 10 diversity health projects and programs submitted by SCH which received approval are:               characterising both our service users and
Multilingual Information Provision (translations):                                                        staff, e.g. disability, sexual orientation,
•   Four fact sheets: Allergy and Allergy Tests, Baby’s First Foods, Meningitis and Peanut Allergy        spirituality, mental health, economic status,
                                                                                                          personal and political history (including
•   Colouring book: "I have Asthma"
                                                                                                          clarifying life experiences such as trauma
•   Booklet: Death of a Child - Bereavement Information                                                   and torture), etc.
•   Information proforma: Asthma Action Plan
                                                                                                          If you would like to arrange a meeting or
•   Patient Education Resource: Calm Parenting                                                            informal chat, Jill is available on extension
•   Bengali resource: "Are you worried about how your child is developing?                                23343 or jill.crawford@sesiahs.health.nsw.
Population Health Service Development Research and Projects:
• Diversity Health Leadership Program
• Evaluation of the Appropriateness of Mental Health Screening of Newly Arrived Refugee

Community Outreach Programs:
• Improving Access to Paediatric Community Speech
  Pathology Services for the Bengali Community
• Talking to My Children's Doctor About Developmental Concerns
  (Bengali resource and engagement of a project worker

What’s On!                                      Play Specialist Conference at SCH
                                                  THE 2009 Australian Association of Hospital Play Specialists (AAHPS) three day conference will
Unigym – University of NSW                      be hosted by SCH, from Wednesday 11 March.
  UNIGYM is now offering student discounts        Featuring a list of national and international guest speakers and poster presentations, the
to all SCH staff. If you would like to take     conference is relevant to health professionals who have an interest in child development,
advantage of this offer, please show your       supporting children in healthcare environments, and those who wish to learn more about the
staff ID when you next visit the gym.           benefits of play for hospitalised children.
                                                  The pre-conference intensives have limited numbers so be quick so you don’t miss out!
Pilates mat classes for staff                     For more information and to access an application form, please contact Michelle Perrin on
Where: Sydney Children’s Hospital               extension 26984 or Meg Wemyss on extension 24885.
Physiotherapy Gym, Level 0
When: Every Tuesday and Thursday from
5.15pm – 6.15pm                                 Transition to Health Support Services
Cost: $10 per session
Contact: Sue Sims on 9382 1594, 0418 667 153       HEALTH Support Services (HSS), NSW Health’s shared services organisation, is soon to become
or email suesims216@hotmail.com                 a familiar name for all SESIH staff.
                                                  HSS has been established to provide high quality cost effective services such as finance, human
Employee Assistance Program                     resources, payroll, supply, linen and food services, currently undertaken within each area health
  THE Employee Assistance Program
provides free, confidential, professional         The amalgamation of services will effectively streamline services, with two central contact
counselling for any personal or work-related    points in Newcastle and Parramatta.
concerns. For a free brochure or to make         SCH Payroll Services transitioned to HSS by 2 February with Finance and Supply to follow in
an appointment phone (02) 9382 3681 or          March.
(02) 9382 6616.                                   Affected staff are encouraged to visit the dedicated HSS Transfer Info site on the SESIH intranet,
                                                for more information: http://sesiweb/sesiahshome/HealthSupport.asp
SCH Grand Rounds
CONVENED by Ass. Prof. John Ziegler
When/Where: 1.00pm every Wednesday
The John Beveridge Lecture Theatre, Level 1,                               LINDA Graudins, Pharmacist at SCH received an honourable mention for
SCH. Recommencing 28 January 2009                                        a poster she authored - titled, Stability of omeprazole mixture: implications
                                                                         for paediatric prescribing - at the recent Tow Awards.
                                                                           Linda was the main author with colleagues from the Pharmacy faculty
SCH Staff Forums                                                         at the University of Sydney, Jabarizadeh Kivi and Bruce N. Tattam also
  STAFF forums will be held throughout the
year to discuss issues affecting SCH.
  The forums will be held in SCH John
Beveridge Lecture Theatre on Level 1.
                                                Patient services activity comparison
  Confirmed staff forum dates and times for                                           Nov 08          Nov 07                Dec 08           Dec 07
2009 are:
                                                Admissions                             1,239           1,369                 1,239            1,086
• Tuesday 14 April - 2:30pm                     Discharges                              1,231          1,380                 1,274            1,122
• Tuesday 9 June - 4:30pm and 10:00pm           Day only cases                            567            600                   558              486
• Tuesday 4 August - 12:00pm                    Hospital Average
                                                                                     3.0 days        3.1 days               3.0 days        3.1 days
• Tuesday 13 October - 7:15am and 2:30pm        Length of Stay, days
• Tuesday 1 December - 4:00pm                   Hospital Average
                                                                                     4.6 days        4.5 days               4.5 days        4.6 days
                                                Length of Stay (excl Day Only)
   Please note that times have been varied
                                                Occupancy                               91.3%          97.3%                 96.5%            94.2%
to try and accommodate as many staff as
possible. Three forums have specifically been   Non admitted patients                   27,176         26,929                25,626           21,367
allocated to facilitate night duty staff.

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