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									               BEECHY PRECINCT - GLOBAL CONNECTOR
  The Beechy Precinct is a whole of community precinct for the site bordering Queen and Hearn Streets in Colac,
       as well as the Central Reserve area, Bluewater Fitness Centre and Colac's new secondary school.
The guiding principle of the development of the Beechy Precinct is the importance of the centre being accessible to
  the whole community to encourage lifelong learning. People of all ages and abilities will have access to the
      centre to participate in activities they enjoy, or establish new interests in areas previously unavailable.

                                                   THE FACTS
                  CURRENT LIBRARY                                NEW JOINT-USE LIBRARY
FLOOR SPACE               547m2                                             1,500m2
BOOKSTOCK         28,285 (at June 2008)                               Minimum of 50,000
  PARKING                                                           70 designated carparks
   OTHER           Children’s Area        State-of-the-art technology resources, access to computers and
  SERVICES         Limited computer           audio/visual equipment
                     access                   Dedicated multi-function meeting spaces
                   Community                Seminar and private study rooms
                     programs                 Shopfront for adult learning and further education providers
                                              Space and resources to support emerging local businesses
                                              Toy Library
                                              Gallery Space
                                              Outdoor Reading Areas
                                              Children’s Area
                                              Kitchenette
                                              Small business, education, community and recreation programs

MANAGEMENT Corangamite Regional                          Corangamite Regional Library Corporation
   AND      Library Corporation                         All staff to continue to be employed by CRLC
GOVERNANCE                                       A Joint Committee, chaired by a community representative

  HOURS OF          41 hours per week                Library/Resource Area at least 41 hours per week
   USE FOR                                      Other facilities (meeting rooms etc) will be available for more
   PUBLIC                                                               extended hours

Value For Money              The New Joint Use Library is For You                 How Do I Get There?
Ratepayers will contribute   There will be more opportunity to have input         The new Colac Bus Service will
an amount of up to           about what services and activities will be held at   include the Beechy Precinct,
$1.3million towards the      the precinct, to encourage a diversity of uses       providing an accessible and
Global Connector, and in     and users of the Global Connector facility.          convenient public transport option.
partnership with other       The location may be unsettling for some current      Council has also received funding
parties Council is able to   users. Support will be given to help with the        to develop a plan of works to
provide the community with   transition. It may be that a small number of         improve walking, cycling and other
a $5.894million facility.    people may not be able to access the new             transport options to access the
Ratepayers contribution is   facility - alternative arrangements will be made     Beechy Precinct. There will be
only approximately 20% of    so they can continue to receive library services     opportunities for community input to
the total facility cost.     that meet their needs.                               the development of this plan.

    The Beechy Precinct and Global Connector is a means of increasing standard of life, learning,
        culture and recreation activity in Colac
      The Beechy Precinct and Global Connector has support from all levels of government and makes
        Colac a leader – paving the way for other communities to take an integrated, whole-of-community
        approach to recreation and education facilities
      The Beechy Precinct and Global Connector is a benchmark for other Councils and communities
      The Beechy Precinct and Global Connector will make Colac a learning, recreational and cultural hub
        for the South West and Barwon Region
      The Beechy Precinct and Global Connector is a means of building Colac Otway Shire’s appeal as a
        place to live, work and invest

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