battlespace superiority for a joint world

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					                                                                                           WHAT   EFFECTIVE JOINT OPERATIONS
                                                                                      THROUGH     MessaGING & DecIsION sUppORt
                                                                                             BY   COMMON TACTICAL PICTURE

battlespace superiority
for a joint world

Increasingly, today’s operations are a joint    The Joint Staff Planning Tool is scalable         Planning Capability
force effort. Therefore, a joint Commander      for flexible deployment throughout the            Joint Staff Planning Tool includes an
and their staff must have access to a           battlespace and facilitates reachback to          operations planning tool that can be used to
headquarters capability which allows            rearward and homebase prior to, during and        concurrently plan a number of operations
planning and execution of concurrent joint      after conduct of operations. The architecture     within a HQ, and between HQs. The planning
operations.                                     of the system allows deployment from a single     tool provides a number of structured work-
                                                PC through to distribution of the system          flow steps that can be tailored to a customer’s
Saab’s Joint Staff Planning Tool provides
                                                throughout the world over fixed and mobile        specific doctrine or planning processes
the Joint Commander and staff access to
                                                networks, including satellite communications.     during system installation.
functionality that supports:
• Definition of joint organisations             Joint Staff Planning Tool can be extended         Additional third-party or customer provided
                                                to allow access to various functions from         tools can be added at system installation time.
• Joint situational awareness
                                                authorised civil and para-military or             The planning tool is distributed throughout
• Concurrent planning of multiple operations/   crisis management organisations. The use          the authorised user group to allow members
                                                of user name authentication, biometric            of the Joint HQ staff to concurrently and
• Briefing and order preparation tools          authentication and role-based function access     interactively develop the plan.
• Display of current joint combat capability    allows a set of tailorable access schemes to
                                                be deployed to provide the right capability to    Briefing & Order Capability
                                                the right user at the right time. This can be     Joint Staff Planning Tool provides tools
                                                further tailored by applying a user interface     to prepare and display briefing material
                                                appropriate to the user’s required capability.    and to produce written orders which are
                                                Functionality within the system is                automatically extracted from the operational
                                                configurable for a particular customer’s          planning information, thus saving
                                                planning process.                                 considerable time and effort. Orders from
                                                                                                  higher HQ can be imported into the tool to
                                                                                                  provide the basis for operational planning.
                                                  Combat Effectiveness Capability                   Battlespace Experience Proven
                                                  Joint Staff Planning Tool provides tools          Saab’s Joint Staff Planning Tool is based
                                                  to collect and display combat effectiveness       on decades of experience in the C4ISR
                                                  information based on resource holdings,           domain across multiple battle dimensions in
                                                  usage rates and displayed in ORBAT format.        multiple countries. Saab has drawn upon its
                                                  The tools allow the user to see at-a-glance       experience with fielded capability in Australia
                                                  indications of unit states, as well as drilling   and Sweden to ensure the Joint Staff Planning
     key system features                          down into the specific information and report     Tool is both relevant to the joint command
     • Completely scaleable for flexible          contents of individual units.                     environment as well as providing a productive
                                                  Predicted combat capability can also be           user experience.
     • Single use or world-wide operability
       via mobile and satellite connectivity.     displayed, based on predictions from usage
                                                  information, war gaming or customer-              Incorporating Open Standards
     • Extendable to include authorised civil,                                                      means Future Flexibility
       para-military and crisis management        supplied future capability prediction
                                                                                                    Lower maintenance, expansion and upgrade
       functions.                                 algorithms.
                                                                                                    costs for customers are enabled through
     • Multiple authentication support,
       including biometrics, to include                                                             the use of open standards in the Joint Staff
                                                  Intelligence Requirements Collection
       tailored access schemes.                                                                     Planning Tool.
                                                  Joint Staff Planning Tool integrates with
     • Incorporates ORBAT icon set.               Saab’s Intelligence Planning and Analysis         The system makes use of XML/SOAP/HTTP
     • Multi-tiered architecture supports         System to enable planners to add information      for service communications and OASIS Open
       complete scaleability and flexibility.                                                       Document Format for document formatting
                                                  requirements at any stage of the operation.
                                                  Such requirements can be used as the basis of     or Microsoft document formats.
                                                  intelligence collection planning.
                                                                                                    System Requirements
                                                  Joint Operations Framework                        The joint HQ capability requires a PC
                                                  Joint Staff Planning Tool is based on a multi-    equipped with a minimum of 512 MB RAM,
                                                  tiered architecture that provides considerable    a 2.0 GHz Pentium or Celeron processor and
                                                  flexibility in how the various system             loaded with the Microsoft® Windows™ XP
                                                  components are distributed in a HQ network        Professional operating system. Disk space
                                                  or across an organisation.                        requirements vary with intended usage
                                                                                                    however a minimum of 80 GB of HDD space
                                                  Telephony and intercom services based
                                                                                                    is recommended.
                                                  on VoIP can be provided as part of the
                                                  framework. The use of Internet standards in       For use in a networked mode, an IP capable
                                                  web services and databases means that the         local area network, eg. WLAN or 100Base/T
                                                  capability can be expanded and improved           is required. If document outputs are required
                                                  over time with minimal disruption to existing     in Microsoft Office format then Office 2003
                                                  capability.                                       or later is required.

                                                  Collaboration mechanisms are provided
                                                  to let planners operate over a diverse
                                                  geographical area on the same operation. An
                                                  instant messaging chat capability means that
                                                  planners can see who is working and send
                                                  instant messages to other planners.

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