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									                                                             University of the Arts London
                                                      Annual Course Monitoring Report 2006 / 2007

        Course                                                          BA (Honours)/ Dip HE/ Cert HE Fashion

        Named Pathways                                                  BA (Honours) Fashion (Fashion Design Womenswear)
                                                                        BA (Honours) Fashion (Fashion Design Menswear)
                                                                        BA (Honours) Fashion (Fashion Design with Marketing)
                                                                        BA (Honours) Fashion (Fashion Design with Knitwear)
                                                                        BA (Honours) Fashion (Fashion Communication with Promotion)
                                                                        BA (Honours) Fashion (Fashion Print)
                                                                        BA (Honours) Fashion (Fashion History and Theory)

        College                                                         Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design

        School                                                          School of Fashion and Textile Design

        Mode(s)                                                         Full-time and Sandwich

        Intake date                                                     October 2006

        Duration of Programme/Course                                    Three years full-time or Four years sandwich

        Course Director                                                 Willie Walters

        Contents checklist

        Brief Evaluative Report
        a)             Course Monitoring Logs (Development Plan)
        b)             Responses to External Examiner Reports
        c)             Course Statistics

BA Fashion ACM Final version 06/07

        2006/07 was a successful year for the BA Fashion course. Student achievement remained high and the standard of graduate education was
        acknowledged by the External Examiners.

        The continuing implementation of unitised frame works into the second year of the course is being successfully accomplished but has added
        significantly to the workload of the already overstretched staff team. The unusually large member of students in this year caused problems during unit
        assessment periods for pathway tutors, particularly those with the highest numbers (Womenswear, Fashion Print and FDM). A new PPD Unit (11)
        has been introduced in Year Two and was effectively delivered despite some administrative difficulties which will be fully addressed in planning for

        The nature of the unitised frame work system for both years seems to generate more retrievals then previously. Where the time allotted for the
        student to complete their retrieval overlaps with on-going project work this can cause problems for a student who is already evidently in a failing
        situation and finding it difficult to cope. The Course team hope that this will be taken up by the college as part of the cross – University review of the
        unitised framework.

        The BA Fashion Press Show was very well received by Press and Industry. Progression to employment continues to be extremely healthy with
        recruitment facilitated by the course team taking place during the period from the examinations through to the course exhibition and into the Summer
        vacation. Graduates represented the course in prestigious competitions in Italy and Belgium. The strong link with the College MA Fashion Course
        was maintained with 12 graduates accepting places on the course.

        Degree collections were particularly strong in Womenswear, Fashion Print and Menswear. FCP had an exceptionally good final year and FHT
        continued to produce excellent work. The level of Cultural Studies dissertation marks were very good with 19 students gaining First Class Honours
        and it is encouraging for the course team to see this level of success in an area which was previously problematic for our students.

        There were changes to the course team in 2006/07 with new pathway leaders in Fashion Print, Fashion Knit and Fashion History and Theory. A 0.3
        FTE appointment was also made for a Fashion Design tutor in Fashion Print. Our FCP pathway tutor has been seconded to work as Acting Head of
        Marketing and Communication for the College during 2006/07 with cover given by experienced ALs. The various cover arrangements and staff
        changes has operated successfully and the new course team has come together well.

        Retention remains at the expected level as in 2005/06, however we are beginning to see signs of increased requests for deferral for the year 2007/08
        due to financial difficulties.

        At the end of 06/07 the course team was extremely sorry to say goodbye to both the Academic Co-ordinator and the Administrative Co-ordinator.
        Both had provided the course with a superb level of support for many years and will be sadly missed.

BA Fashion ACM Final version 06/07
        Strengths:                                                                    Issues:

        Curriculum Design, Content and Organisation                                   Curriculum Design, Content and Organisation

          The Course allows for creative freedom and individual exploration           In response to staff concerns and student feedback the tutorial assessment
           to find the students‟ own interests and reinforce their creativity.          feedback form has been simplified. A common format for projects has
           (Student feedback/External Examiners)                                        been adopted in preparation for the upcoming quality audits to evidence
                                                                                        that students have received what had been promised in the course
          The Fabric and Fibre Programme continues to be highly valued by              handbook. There is an ongoing effort to simplify the administrative
           students. (Course Team / Student Feedback)                                   requirements of the undergraduate framework. (Staff Team)

          The Diploma in Professional Studies provides invaluable                     The introduction of the College Undergraduate framework to the second
           experience of the industry for fashion students. (External                   year has generally gone well although, as in the first year, the increase of
           Examiners /UAL Student Survey/Course Team)                                   bureaucratic workload relating to assessment is considered to be
                                                                                        excessive. (Staff Team)
          During the Spring Term 2nd year students from Womenswear took
           part in a project to design accessories for the Louis Vuitton Classic
           Collection. 20 students from this group were selected for a master
           class with the creative director as well as a visit to the Louis Vuitton
           archives at Asnieres, north of Paris. (Course Team)

BA Fashion ACM Final version 06/07
        Teaching, Learning and Assessment                                         Teaching, Learning and Assessment

          Improved organisation and presentation of the exhibition space for      Students have expressed a desire for more business training on the
           degree students in the 1st and 5th floors has been well received by      course. This side of fashion design expertise is taught through course
           staff, potential employers and external examiners. Particularly          projects and not separated from the main practice of design. However
           noted were the menswear exhibition, FCP display, FHT posters             the year two PPD unit 11 will address aspects such as CV preparation
           and the new, more streamlined presentation of the Womenswear             and interview preparation. (Student feedback / Staff team)
           students‟ work. (Course Team / External Examiners)
                                                                                   During 2006/07 the BA course team piloted a seminar aimed at any final
          In line with unitised framework assessment of learning outcomes,         year students who were interested in starting their own fashion business.
           students receive copies of their unit marks from their tutor and are     We requested applications for this seminar which was led by a company
           required to complete notes in response to feedback at their              called Byesse. Out of 150 final year design students exactly 15 students
           tutorials.* This allows the tutors concerned to concentrate on           applied, so all interested students were accommodated. The feedback
           advice and discussion during the limited time available. (*1st year)     from this seminar was extremely good and we hope to run it again in
           (Course Team)                                                            2007/08.

          The team project for second year students on FCP, FDM, Knit, and        The first cohort to undertake the final year of the undergraduate frame
           Print continues to provide a valuable experience for the students        work will commence in the 2007/08 academic year. It will run in parallel
           as well as a direct link with industry (L‟Oreal Professionnel)           with the last final year of the „old‟ course (for those returning from the
           (Course Team / Student Feedback)                                         placement year). All students and staff will be fully briefed on the
                                                                                    implications of this change, in particular the assessment arrangements.
          Positive feedback from Fashion Knit students in relation to their        (Staff Team / Course Committee)
           new Pathway leader. (Student Feedback)
                                                                                   Students have requested extended time for garment construction in the
          Due to the continued large numbers of final year design students         studio. A scheme was piloted and during 2006/07 a rota of evening
           the Degree Assessment fashion show was divided into three                academic and technician staff cover was introduced to increase access
           sections by pathways. (As in 2005/06) this greatly facilitated the       to powered equipment. (Student Feedback)
           work of both External Examiners and judges choosing the students
           who would go forward to the Press show. (Staff Team / External

          Six members of the BA Fashion Course team are undertaking
           CLTAD courses. Three Key ALs and also the three new pathway
           leaders from Fashion Knit, Fashion Print and Fashion History &
           Theory. (Course Director)

BA Fashion ACM Final version 06/07
        Student Progression and Achievement                                           Student Progression and Achievement

          The course has recruited in excess of both Home / EU and                    During the Spring Term of 2007 the Course Director, Menswear and
           International targets, with a good spread of International Students          Knitwear pathway tutors and Fashion Communication with Promotion
           throughout the pathways. Retention has continued in 2006/07 to be            first year tutor delivered a presentation to the College‟s Foundation
           within normal limits. However at the beginning of 2007/08 there              course students and staff as part of an initiative to inform potential
           has been an increased demand for deferral from the course from               applicants‟ pathway choice by raising awareness of the other pathways
           International Students, nearly always for financial reasons which is         and so improve the application from Foundation to pathways other than
           possibly due to the current strength of the pound sterling against           Womenswear. A Power Point presentation was supplemented by the
           other currencies. It is hoped that the introduction of a new                 opportunity to talk to present and former students from the Knit,
           Graduate Diploma course in Fashion will alleviate the pressure on            Menswear, Fashion Design with Marketing and Fashion Communication
           the Womenswear pathway to take more than its fair share of                   with Promotion pathways. (Staff team)
           International Students. (Staff team)
                                                                                       The Course has been represented at a national Widening Participation
          Progression to MA courses at both Central Saint Martins (12) and             event held at the Institute of Contemporary Arts in December 2006. The
           Royal College of Art (4) remains at a strong level. (Course Director)        Course has also represented at the annual Wandsworth Careers
                                                                                        Consortium in February 2007. The Course team is awaiting feedback
          The language level for International students has been lowered for           from the College‟s Widening Participation Co-ordinator in relation to
           undergraduate students with the provision that students can no               suggestions made for possible Widening Participation activities. (Course
           longer progress to Stage Two if they do not raise their language             Committee)
           level in the course of the first year. This will be carefully monitored.
           (Course Committee)

        Student Support and Guidance                                                  Student Support and Guidance

          A mentoring scheme was introduced between 1st and final year                That course staff have been photographed and these images will
           students as a response to student feedback from 2005/06.                     imminently be displayed as part of an initiative to improve the
           Implemented first in Womenswear and subsequently in most of the              accessibility of academic staff. (Staff Team)
           other pathways the scheme proved extremely popular and fostered
           a very positive atmosphere in the studio at collection time. (Staff         A key factor in student communication is the effective use of Blackboard.
           team / Student feedback)                                                     In the past this had been affected by weak support in some areas from
                                                                                        the University‟s ITRDU which has been addressed at College level
          The menswear pathway tutor together with Cultural Studies tutors             following representations by College Management to the University. The
           have been working on a CLIP CETL research project into the value             practicality of using Blackboard as a vehicle for bulk texting is being
           of peer review in student critiques. (Course Team)                           explored. The introduction of Internet access to the studio environment
                                                                                        should be used as a vehicle for greater utilisation of Blackboard across
          An online Health & Safety package of information for students will           the year and pathways of the course. (Student feedback / Staff team)
           be piloted in 2007/08. Additional compulsory workshops for any of
           the Year Three students taking the Diploma in Professional Studies          The particularly large cohort which commenced the course in 2005/06

BA Fashion ACM Final version 06/07
             will remain in place. (Staff Team)                                         required additional support during 2006/07 in their second year. This
                                                                                        proved extremely difficult for pathway tutors who were also dealing with
        Specific feedback on progress of The Year of Enhancing the Student              the introduction of the credit framework unitised scheme. Tutorial
        Experience:                                                                     provision with written feedback had to be spread out over a prolonged
            Mentoring scheme for 1 & 3 years students
                                       st     rd
                                                                                        period for the larger pathways. (Staff Team)
            Peer review crits successfully implemented with final yrs contributing
                to 1 yr crits.
                                                                                       There was concern expressed through student feedback that some
            Enhanced sewing machoine and IT equipment resource. Oct 06 5

                floor computer suite now in line with industry design labs.
                                                                                        students on the FDM pathway felt that their pathway lacked guidance
                                                                                        and support. This may have resulted from the larger than usual numbers
                 Extended access hours to sewing workshops through flexible staff
                                                                                        in year two of that group. A new pathway tutor will take up position in
                  supervision rota                                                      January 2008 which will provide a unique opportunity to consider best
                                                                                        practice and make changes to delivery where necessary. (Student

        Learning Resources                                                            Learning Resources

          A key AL has been given an enhanced role on the Womenswear                  Students have repeatedly requested wider access to IT facilities in the
           pathway, the course‟s largest, to support the pathway tutor in               course. During 2006/07 provision was made for improved internet access
           delivery. (Course Committee)                                                 in nearly all the pathway studios. Further enhancements are planned,
                                                                                        including wireless facility for Charing Cross Road. (Student Feedback)

                                                                                       From student feedback sessions the course appreciates that the majority
                                                                                        of student issues relate to resources, these are outside the remit of the
                                                                                        course team which does its best to optimise the student experience
                                                                                        whilst remaining within its resource allocation. (Student feedback / Staff

                                                                                       Some students have raised as an issue their lack of awareness of
                                                                                        resource constraints. The course team made every effort to explicate
                                                                                        these in all open days and other discussions with students. The Course
                                                                                        Director will confirm that the College and University International Offices
                                                                                        were ensuring that International students were made similarly aware.
                                                                                        (Student Feedback)

                                                                                       We have a potentially serious problem of over usage and crowding in the
                                                                                        print room at particular times in the year. The staff will monitor this
                                                                                        carefully in conjunction with the MA staff team. (BA and MA Staff teams)

BA Fashion ACM Final version 06/07
        Quality Management and Enhancement

          There is continuing positive feedback, indicating that the course
           performs well in comparison with equivalent courses both
           nationally and internationally as evidenced by External Examiners
           comments. (External Examiners) (QME)

        Priorities for Action (in order of importance):

                 Supporting effective introduction of undergraduate framework in the final year of BA Fashion.
                 Supporting effective use of Blackboard as a communication tool throughout all years on the course.
                 Integrating and inducting a new pathway tutor in FDM.
                 Staff and students to engage in playing active role in Kings Cross planning.
                 The Course director will engage with the International Office of CSM to remind college recruiters to make prospective students aware of the resource
                  constraints of the course.

BA Fashion ACM Final version 06/07
        Responses to External Examiners                                                   Academic session: 2006 / 2007

        Course title: BA (Honours) Fashion                                                School/College: School of Fashion and Textile Design
                                                                                          Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design

        Francine Pairon
        Named Pathway: BA (Honours) Fashion (Womenswear)
        Strengths only
                 Every Student is considered in his own individuality. Teachers respect the designer‟s way of thinking and push him to his limit.
                 “The strength of the Fashion department are in the diversity of the proposals.” It is absolutely unique to discover in one show so many
                  interesting and colourful collections, so diverse.
                 The student performance is comparable to the best schools on earth… and higher than many other international courses.

        Melanie Press
        Named Pathways: BA (Honours) Fashion (Fashion Design with Marketing)
             Through assessment, allowing for individuality, context and circumstance at all times.

                 The level of interest and creativity at CSM is outstanding. The students are encouraged and their talents nurtured.

        Issues                                                                            Responses
             I recommend increased hands on teaching of the areas which are to               “Hands on” ie practical skills are taught throughout the three years that the
               be assessed.                                                                     students spend in college. Both cutting and garment construction teaching
                                                                                                is provided by an experienced team who are well established on the FDM

                 The industrial placement could be assessed more: it is the beginning            The DPS is a stand alone qualification which is valued by both staff and
                  of a C.V for the students.                                                       students. It is correct to state that it can and should be seen as the
                                                                                                   beginning of a CV which can empower a student on the first steps to their
                                                                                                   career in the industry. However not all students are able to take advantage
                                                                                                   of this year out and therefore we would not want to link this experience
                                                                                                   directly to their final year studies.

BA Fashion ACM Final version 06/07
        Jimmy Stephen-Cran
        Named Pathway: BA (Honours) Fashion (Print)
             The administration of the examination for both the interim and final visit was relevant and efficient. The Paperwork provided by CSM is clear and succinct.
               The assessment process, including the role of moderation is clearly articulated and the Handbook is a model of good practice in terms of its clarity and user
               friendly language.

                 The strength of the Print pathway is the range of highly individual approaches and the distinct absence of a house style.

                 Other notable strengths are the quality of fashion illustration (which at the top end is outstanding.)

                 Students on the pathway are very able to express themselves and their work with knowledgeable authority and are able to identify a contextual position for
                  their ideas.

        Issues                                                                               Responses
             A weakness might be that not all students are able to develop the                  The Fashion Print team are putting in place strategies to reinforce the
               textile and garment simultaneously or with equal conviction. At the                 projects of work for both silhouette and textile development through the final
               Interim visit, for example, many of the students had their final                    year and tutorials and projects in the first two years. The development of
               collections well resolved in terms of silhouette and garment but few                both these aspects, which are crucial to the Print Students, do not always
               had integrated or fully considered the textile content. In order to                 progress evenly in tandem in any year and so will be carefully monitored.
               ensure that the print does.

                 Given the impact of digital technology and the breadth of decorative               CAD, with particular reference to digital printing and laser cutting has
                  processes evident in current Fashion it may be worthwhile for the                   already been integrated into the 2 year programme. An AL with particular
                  pathway to review and extend its technical provision to accommodate                 expertise and experience in multi-media textiles has been engaged to work
                  CAD and other forms of fashion decoration.                                          with 2 years.

BA Fashion ACM Final version 06/07
        Alan Scott
        Named Pathway: BA (Honours) Fashion (Menswear)
             Students are empowered to produce the most creative and most visually stimulating collections which help maintain the calibre and identity of the

                  I felt the students performance was of a very high standard and above average in regards to garment production and individual creativity, compared to
                   similar courses.

                  The students were able demonstrate outstanding achievements of the learning outcomes especially in the garment production area, often surpassing the
                   learning outcomes needed.

        Issues                                                                               Responses
             The importance of portfolio as a body of work was weaker than                      Portfolios are now a priority for final year students, highlighting the
               anticipated and may need more emphasis within the assessment                        importance of this in seeking employment. The pathway tutor is also giving
               process.                                                                            them a bigger emphasis in the second year. As portfolio presentation skills
             Student performance needs attention in the area of portfolio                         are one of the Learning Outcomes for all years, a stand-alone portfolio mark
               presentation skills and drawing ability, focusing on the ability to                 will be incorporated into more projects to reinforce this. There is currently
               market themselves on paper.                                                         however no separate final year mark for portfolio – this is considered
                                                                                                   holistically with student‟s collection, sketchbooks and general

                 I would recommend the introduction of a small contrasting project at              This is a good idea but not possible within the current agreed and
                  the time of final portfolio to demonstrate the students ability to apply           documented framework of the course. We will however discuss the
                  their designs to a specific market or different season of their own                importance of this with the graduating students and strongly suggest that
                  choice or to re fabricate the collection in a different way.                       they make this a self-directed project to work on after the end of the
                                                                                                     summer term, in preparation for seeking employment.

                 Upon meeting several students it was evident that they lived within               We are agreed that some students are a little disorientated after the stress
                  their final body of work, however prolific, and seemed to be at a loss             and strain of completing their final collection, portfolio etc. In our experience
                  as to how to go on from it.                                                        over the following few months, often in conjunction with informal
                                                                                                     discussions and chats with tutors about their career plans, they settle down
                                                                                                     and work out a plan for the next steps in their career path.

BA Fashion ACM Final version 06/07
        Alan Scott
        Named Pathway: BA (Honours) Fashion (Knit)
             The examination Board maintained an excellent standard of thoroughness and professionalism and took time to resolve any matters regarding individual
               cases with generosity and compassion.

                 Particular strengths are measurably evident within the final garment collection. Students are empowered to produce the most creative and most visually
                  stimulating knitwear collections which help maintain the calibre and identity of the programme.

                I felt the students performance was of a very high standard and above average in regards to garment production and individual creativity, with some
                 outstanding individual performances, compared to similar courses.
             Issues                                                                     Responses
                 The importance of portfolio as a body of work was weaker than                The team has restructured the final year tutorial time to include additional
                  anticipated and may need more emphasis within the assessment                  portfolio advice.
                 With knitwear I feel it would help to look at the timing to possibly         The team has restructured the timetable during the year to allow students to
                  include more time for collection production.                                  start their degree collection work earlier. The timetable have been moving in
                                                                                                this direction with all the pathways and we appreciate the particular needs
                                                                                                of the Fashion Knit Students as regards garment construction.

                 I would recommend to review the total body of work and produce               We consider this advice very helpful and will put it into practice for 07/08.
                  more swatches to help show the final result in a portfolio as usually
                  the best knitwear pieces are within the final garment collection and it
                  is difficult to show unless there is a clear photograph as sometimes
                  the garments are too cumbersome to carry to interview. The portfolio
                  needs to be as tactile as the final garment collection.
                 Upon meeting several students it was evident that they lived within          This is a good idea but not possible within the current agreed and
                  their final body of work, however prolific, and seemed to be at a loss        documented framework of the course. We will however discuss the
                  as to how to go on from it. In my experience it is useful to capitalise       importance of this with the graduating students and strongly suggest that
                  on the creativity just as they are cresting by introducing a small            they make this a self-directed project to work on after the end of the
                  design capsule only for portfolio as their time is consumed by the            summer term, in preparation for seeking employment.
                  technical production of the collection.

BA Fashion ACM Final version 06/07
        Barbara Burman
        Named Pathway: BA (Honours) Fashion (Fashion History and Theory)
             I congratulate the staff and encourage them, established members as well as incoming, to continue to cherish and foster this special quality of their
        Issue                                                                    Response
             I identified (in discussion with staff) some small adjustments         We will action her recommendation that all assessment paperwork should
               necessary in the published assessment criteria and feedback forms        be unified across all levels and units of the pathway.
               to ensure they are harmonised across all the programme

        Catherine Wilson
        Named Pathway: BA (Honours) Fashion (Fashion Communication with Promotion)
        Strengths only:
             Overall the students showed an impressive level of commitment and hard work.
             Once again the manner in which the students had completed their final year work was impressive.
             Some students experimented with digital processes, whilst others returned to old fashioned but no less valid forms of communication which were beautifully
               executed and as refreshing as newer forms of computer generated design and processes.

BA Fashion ACM Final version 06/07
       Monitoring for Cultural Studies 06/07

       HE Evaluative Report                                                       Academic session 2006-7

       Course title                                                               School/college School of Fashion & Textiles
       Cultural Studies for BA Fashion, Textile & Jewellery Design                Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design

           The cultural studies programme is currently offered to BA Fashion, Textile and Jewellery Design in stage 1, 2 and final year. Over the past year
           the cultural studies programme has developed considerably, as the programme adjusted to the demands of the credit framework. In 2006-7 the
           new PPD unit ran for the second year in stage 1 and the cross-college electives programme was successfully launched for stage 2.
           Improvements were made to the dissertation programme and the dissertation research project was enhanced as a stand-alone unit. Unitisation
           has simplified the programme, enables better communication with students and offers them more transparency about assessment processes.
           Refurbishment of the cultural studies area in the Red Lion Square building has eased the management of students in terms of handling large
           numbers of queries and tutorials. Further improvement of administrative structures and adoption of new technologies has improved
           communication with students and course teams. Cultural Studies had a new external examiner this year, Alice Beard (Kingston University) along
           with the existing examiner Paul Caffrey (NCAD, Dublin). A new 0.4 lecturer, Jonathan Faiers was appointed to the programme.

            Strengths:                                                                Issues:
                Final year dissertation results this year were good with 21             Lack of focused and explicit learning support for HE students in the
                 firsts across the School, 19 in Fashion and 2 in Textile                 college. (TLA/SSG)
                 Design. There were 91 in the 2.1 category and 93 in the 2.2
                 category. 33 students across the School gained a 3rd in the             Over-dependence upon associate lecturers to deliver the
                 dissertation. External Examiners commented on the                        programme makes it difficult to develop a sustainable programme
                 interesting range of subjects and were encouraged to find                and a coherent learning and teaching strategy. (TLA/LR)
                 creativity and originality rewarded in the feedback. (SPA)
                                                                                         A continued pattern where fewer students from Textile Design gain
                The cultural studies programme is interdisciplinary, which               a first in the dissertation. (TLA/SPA)
                 offers students various approaches to the study of art, design
                 and popular culture, of value to their general education and            Unit 4 is currently delivered through a seminar programme, which
                 enhances their degree discipline. (CDCO/TLA)                             raises issues of parity of experience, and demands students
                                                                                          specialise too early. The first year programme could benefit from
                The current relationship between research and teaching on                some revision to introduce a broader introduction to cultural studies
                 the programme is strong as most of staff are research-active             as a discipline to demonstrate the range of skills it can offer
                 and many involved with the FMCB research centre. (LR)                    students in the School. (CDCO/TLA)

BA Fashion ACM Final version 06/07
                Cultural studies continues to develop the use of Blackboard            Whilst the use of Blackboard can potentially enhance student
                 to enhance student learning. (TLA/SSG)                                  learning, there are issues with service levels, especially in relation
                                                                                         to student access. (SSG/LR)
                Higher essay submission rates and improved results on all
                 units. (SPA)

                Increased transparency for students about learning, teaching
                 and assessment processes.(TLA)

                The extended dissertation offers some students the
                 opportunity to do more in-depth research in cultural studies.

                The refurbishment of cultural studies space and updating of
                 AV facilities in 7th floor teaching rooms (RLS) provides a
                 much-improved learning environment.(LR)

                A number of cultural studies staff gained the PG Cert
                 qualification through CLTAD. (TLA/QME)

                A successful bid was made to the CLIP CETL „Make a
                 Difference Scheme‟ in collaboration with cultural studies at
                 London College of Fashion exploring international students‟
                 experience of cultural studies in an art and design context.

           Priorities for Action:

               Develop a new approach to unit 4, which offers students access to a range of concepts, research methods and objects/images through a
                lecture/seminar programme. Lectures introduce a range of perspectives to the study of culture, and small seminar groups offer learning
                support embedded in the programme. (CDCO/TLA)

               Address the specific experience of international students through an integrated learning programme working more closely with the Language
                Centre. (CDCO/TLA)

               Consult students in Textile and Jewellery Design on learning on the dissertation through a proposed small action research project using
                questionnaires. (CDCO/QME)

BA Fashion ACM Final version 06/07
       Responses to External Examiners (HE)                                              Academic session
       Course title                                                                      School /college
       Cultural Studies for BA Fashion, Textile and Jewellery Design                     School of Fashion and Textile Design, CSM
       External Examiner Dr. Paul Caffrey
           Specialism (if relevant) Design History

           Issues raised:                                                                Response:

                “During my interim visit I got the sense that students would have             Students have 3 one-to-one tutorials to prepare their dissertations, which
                 welcomed more tutorial help/interaction to prepare their                       is the standard in BA Art and Design courses. We may need to manage
                 dissertations.”                                                                student expectations in relation to this but what we currently offer is
                                                                                                comparable to similar courses nationally.

                “This year there was a surprising absence of inclusion of images              There is more room for improvement in guiding students to focus on close
                 and other visual material in the dissertations. This affected the              readings of images and objects in art and design to strengthen their
                 writing, which tended more to abstract theory than analysis of                 analytical skills. These kinds of skills are best nurtured from stage1 and
                 particular images, examples, case-studies.”                                    carried through to final year.

                “International students form a high percentage of the student intake.         The course team continue to voice concerns about the high number of
                 These students could benefit from more tutorial help and language              international students and the quality of their language skills. To this end,
                 instruction.”                                                                  we will be working more closely at stage 1 with the language centre.

                “There is a case that the academic resources for Jewellery and                BA Fashion, Textile and Jewellery Design follow exactly the same
                 Textile Design could be increased, in order to redress the                     programme in cultural studies at all stages in their degree. The imbalance
                 imbalance I perceive existing between these two areas of study on              of resources is a perception the course team would be interested in
                 one hand, and Fashion on the other.”                                           exploring, but it is not based in fact.

BA Fashion ACM Final version 06/07
       External Examiner Alice Beard
           Specialism (if relevant) Cultural History/Theory

           Issues raised:                                                            Response:
             “I would liked to have seen more explicit acknowledgement and            The course team require formal training on giving effective written
               discussion of the range and use of sources (both primary and              feedback against learning outcomes.
               secondary) under the „Research‟ heading of the feedback form.”

                “At the [interim] meeting students expressed the desire for more       Students have the standard 3 tutorials for a dissertation in a BA Art and
                 tutorials.”                                                             Design course, but the course team acknowledge the benefits of
                                                                                         workshops to target key areas of weakness in some students.

                “Students were given a useful guide to formatting in the Harvard       The college has just recently introduced the Harvard style as the standard
                 style, but in my sample referencing was often inconsistent and          system and the course team make a style guide available to all students.
                 followed both author/date format and the footnoting system.”            However, it will take time for both students and staff to become familiar
                                                                                         with the new system.

BA Fashion ACM Final version 06/07
       Monitoring for the Diploma in Professional Studies 06/07


        The professional placement option has recently undergone substantial changes. It is now an optional year (3rd) for all pathways in the BA Fashion
        degree course. It is also now a stand alone award, renamed “Diploma in Professional Studies”. Entry qualifications require that a student has passed
        the second year of the BA Fashion course, and their performance in the year does not in any way affect their degree award. The awards will be made
        at a separate Examination Board meeting with its own dedicated External Examiner. This will be scheduled in the December after the year of study.
        The minimum placement(s) duration is 30 weeks, although the regulations state that in exceptional circumstances, 20+ weeks can be accepted as
        sufficient. The regulations also now allow self emloyment to count as a placement, providing the work can be properly documented as required in the
        course handbook.

        Strengths:                                                                  Issues:

          The placement year option continues to be popular with students, who      Many employers are unwilling to offer payment for students.
           actively apply for and get a wide and varied range of positions in all
                                                                                      Response: the course tutors actively encourage employers to change
           areas of the fashion business worldwide. (Course Team / Student
           Feedback / Industry Feedback) (QME)                                        their position and offer payment, either as salary or in kind such as
                                                                                      help with accommodation overseas, food and travel, fabric, clothing,
          In general CSM fashion students are sought after by employers for          help with manufacturing final collection etc. We do not actively
           placements. The course is frequently contacted by employers with           promote placements which we feel are exploiting students. (Course
           placement offers. (Course Team / Industry Feedback) (SPA/QME)              Team) (SSG)
          Very high pass rate for the Diploma – very few students fail to           Because this is an optional year, numbers vary from year to year,
           complete the required time on placement, with the majority far             leading to swings in the number of students progressing to final year.
           exceeding it. (Course Team) (SPA)                                          This has a negative impact on the organisation of the final year
                                                                                      assessment show.
          After some negative comments in the past from External Examiners
           about the quality of the Industrial Reports, they now comment that the     Response: Tutors set a target for the number of students for the
           reports are generally of a high standard. (External Examiners)             placement year and try hard to recruit closely to this. (Course Team)
           (TLA/QME)                                                                  (TLA)
                                                                                     Last year two students failed to write their placement report – an
                                                                                      essential requirement for the Diploma. Their reason was too much
                                                                                      pressure to also write their dissertation within a similar timescale.
                                                                                      Response: All students on the course were written to in July to remind
                                                                                      them to start writing up early, and reminding them of the deadline for
                                                                                      the report. This is also spelt out in the pre-placement briefing
                                                                                      sessions. (Course Team) (TLA)

BA Fashion ACM Final version 06/07
                                           Communication with students can be difficult. Many do not respond to
                                            e-mails from the placement tutors, and we do not know what they are
                                            currently doing.
                                            Response: The pre-placement briefing sessions reiterate the
                                            importance of keeping in touch with the College, note their contact
                                            addresses, e-mail addresses and mobile numbers. Also pathway
                                            tutors are asked to reinforce this message and help keep in touch.
                                            (Course Team) (SSG)
                                           The new timetable for assessment of the Diploma means tutors and
                                            External Examiners have less time to read and assess the reports.
                                            Response: Although the time is shorter it is still adequate, and tutors
                                            and Examiners have been given prior warnings of these new
                                            deadlines. No problems are anticipated. (Course Team) (TLA)
                                           Some students do not attend pre-placent briefings including Health
                                            and Safety.
                                            Response: with the help of pathway tutors reinforcing the legal
                                            requirement for this, attendance has greatly improved. In future H&S
                                            training will be given in the first year to all students and refreshed for
                                            those going on placement. (Course Team) (CDCO)
                                           Placement tutors cannot always efficiently match placement offers to
                                            the right student as they do not know the strengths and interests of
                                            particular individuals.
                                            Response: Pathway tutors have agreed that in future they will take a
                                            more active role in this process. (Course Team) (TLA)

BA Fashion ACM Final version 06/07
        Priorities for action: (in priority order)

          To strengthen the messages give to students during pre-placement briefing, so they keep in touch better. (SSG)
          To move main Health and Safety training to cover all students during the first year. (CDCO)
          To involve pathway tutors more in helping individuals to find an appropriate placement and also to maintain contact with students on their
           pathway. (CDCO/TLA)
          Placement tutors and pathway tutors will liaise with placement employers to encourage them properly to remunerate students. (SSG)
          Placement tutors will agree optimum numbers of students for placement year, and work towards recruiting to this number. (CDCO)

BA Fashion ACM Final version 06/07
Development Plan                                                                     Academic Session 2006 / 2007
Course Title BA (Honours) Fashion                                                    School/ College Fashion and Textile Design, Central Saint Martins
   Source        Issue                                          Action               Person          Progress                               Impleme-    Comments/             Evidence
                                                                                     Responsible                                            ntation     Issues
Curriculum Design, Content and Organisation
Course               Need for enhanced Health          On-line package to be         Leni Bjerg      Taught classes to continue until
Committee            and Safety briefing for all       introduced in 2006/2007                       package available. Second year
                     students undertaking work         (might incorporate a quiz)                    students going out on placement to
31/1/2006-05/16.1 experience.                                                                        be offered supplementary training
Course Committee                                                                                     in risk assessment.
                                                                                                     On-line training package
                                                                                                     completed. To be piloted in Autumn
Course Committee                                                                                     2007.
Annual Course            Supporting effective          For consideration at Spring   Course Team     Generally gone well although           2006/2007
Monitoring 2005/6        introduction of               Term Course Committee                         bureaucratic workload excessive.
and Reader Group         undergraduate framework                                                     PPD Unit devised to have input
Course Committee         to Year Two.                                                                from University‟s Enterprise Centre
23/1/2007-06/18.1                                                                                    for the Creative Arts.
Annual Course            Seeking to influence          For consideration at Spring   Course Team     Cross-University working party         2006/07
Monitoring 2005/6        School and College            Term Course Committee                         currently in the process of devising
Course Committee         Management to reduce the                                                    single framework – hopefully with
23/1/2007-06/16.1        administrative burden of                                                    fewer assessment points.
                         the undergraduate
Annual Course            Further extending the         For consideration at Spring   Course Team     Substantial progress made to           February
Monitoring 2005/6        Course‟s IT facilities both   Term Course Committee                         students‟ internet access and          2007
and Reader Group         for Internet access and as                                                  wireless availability at Charing
Course Committee         a presentation and design                                                   Cross Road
23/1/2007-06/16.1        tool.
Course Committee         Student request for           Special seminar offered in    Course Team     Implemented.                           2006/2007   The course team
1/5/2007-06/29.1         business awareness            2006/2007 on „first come                                                                         was strongly of the
                         training.                     first served basis‟. All                                                                         opinion that
                                                       applicants had been                                                                              business
                                                       accommodated. Feedback                                                                           awareness should
                                                       positive – to be offered                                                                         continue primarily
                                                       again in 2007/2008.                                                                              to be integrated in
                                                                                                                                                        project work as at

  BA Fashion ACM Final version 06/07
Teaching, Learning and Assessment
Course                   Incremental                   Implemented for second        First Year Tutors,
Committee                introduction of               and final year Menswear       Menswear /
                                                       and Cultural Studies in       Placement Tutor
9/5/2006-05/29.1         Blackboard.                   2005/2006.                    and Placement        Despite some reservations by the
                                                                                     Administrator        course team Blackboard to be
Course Committee                                                                                          launched across all years and
1/5/2007-06/29.1 and                                                                                      pathways of the course in
Student Feedback                                                                                          2007/2008 as the primary channel
                                                                                                          of communication with students.
Course Committee         Effective responses to        Software purchased and        College              Plagiarism software to be available                 Identifying
9/5/2006-05/29.1         possible plagiarism.          being tested.                 Administrator,       through Blackboard (electronic                      plagiarism by
Course Committee                                                                     Academic Affairs     submission a pre-requisite). Pilot of               whatever means
23/1/2007-06/16.1                                                                    and Course           TURNITIN software taking place on                   placed a burden on
                                                                                     Director             BACCC.                                              academic staff
Course Committee                                                                                          Cultural Studies Liaison tutor had                  which elsewhere in
1/5/2007-06/29.1                                                                                          undertaken TURNITIN training.                       HE sector provided
                                                                                                          Issues of workload would arise                      by institutions as
                                                                                                          from its more general introduction                  central service.
                                                                                                          in this area.
                                                                                                          College strategy for addressing
                                                                                                          plagiarism in place.                    2006/2007
Annual Course            Monitoring the delivery and   For consideration at Spring   Cultural Studies     Successfully delivered for first time   2006/2007
Monitoring 2005/6        management of the cross-      Term Course Committee         Course Team          with few non-submissions and
and Reader Group         College Elective                                                                 failures. Effectively supported
Course Committee         Programme.                                                                       Cultural Studies Blackboard site a
23/1/2007-06/16.1                                                                                         pre-requisite of success. Further
                                                                                                          enhancements planned for
Annual Course            Managing / delivering the     For consideration at          Main Study and
Monitoring 2005/6        University requirement for    Summer Term Course            Cultural Studies
and Reader Group         additional one-to-one         Committee                     Course Teams
Course Committee                                                                                          Confirmed that the course met the       2006/2007
1/5/2007-06/29.1                                                                                          University‟s requirement for one-to-
                                                                                                          one tutorials.

  BA Fashion ACM Final version 06/07
Student Progression and Achievement
Course                   Widening                For review at Course          Course Team   School’s undergraduate
Committee                Participation (WP).     Committee.                                  courses had provided the
9/5/2006-05/33.2                                                                             College’s Widening
                                                                                             Participation Co-ordinator
                                                                                             with project proposals for
                                                                                             use at possible outreach            Autumn
Course Committee                                                                             events in targeted schools.         February
                                                                                                                                             Feedback still
23/1/2007-06/20.2                                                                            Course represented at               2007        awaited from
                                                                                             international WP event at                       College WP Co-
                                                                                             ICA.                                            ordinator on
                                                                                             Represented at Wandsworth                       suggestions
                                                                                             Careers Convention.                             made for WP
Annual Course            Continue to work        For consideration at Spring   Course Team   Course Director had maintained      2006/2007   Proposed Graduate
Monitoring 2005/6        with the College’s      Term Course Committee                       this relationship though meeting                Diploma in Fashion
Course Committee                                                                             with International Office staff.                for International
23/1/2007-06/20.1        International Office                                                                                                students should
                         to maintain and                                                                                                     reduce pressure for
                         enhance the new                                                                                                     further increase in
                         effective and                                                                                                       International
                                                                                                                                             students on the
                         mutually supportive                                                                                                 course.
Student Support and Guidance
Course Committee     Accessibility of academic   Possible posting of staff     Course Team   Lee Widdows to arrange for
9/5/2006-05/29.1     staff.                      photographs on                              photographs to be taken.
Course Committee                                                                                                                 Autumn
                                                                                             Course team photographs taken
23/1/2007-06/16.1                                                                                                                2006
                                                                                             preparatory to display.
Course Committee         Mentoring schemes.      Course Team to take           Course Team   Mentoring scheme to be
9/5/2006-05/35.1 and                             advice on good practice in                  piloted in 2006/2007.
Student Feedback                                 mentoring from University’s
Course Committee                                 Dean of Students.                                                               2006/2007
                                                                                             Mentoring event or process
                                                                                             introduced for all pathways. Peer
and 06/21.2
                                                                                             review critiques introduced to
                                                                                             Menswear as part of CLIP/CETL

  BA Fashion ACM Final version 06/07
Annual Course            Lack of cross-College        For consideration at Spring   Course Team   Perceived need for kind of support
Monitoring 2005/6        Study Skills provision       Term Course Committee                       with writing skills and organisation
and Reader Group         available to all students.                                               available on Foundation and at
Course Committee                                                                                  other institutions.
                                                                                                  College Study Skills Co-ordinator to
                                                                                                  report proposals to College
                                                                                                  Academic Committee.

Course Committee                                                                                  Proposals still awaited.
                                                                                                  New College Learning and               appointed
                                                                                                  Teaching Co-ordinator post to be       2007
                                                                                                  established for 2007/2008.
Course Committee         Enhancing effective use of   Reviewed at Spring Term       Course Team   Imminent introduction of Internet      Autumn /
23/1/2007-06/21.1        Blackboard.                  Course Committee.                           access in studios to be vehicle for    Spring
                                                                                                  greater use of Blackboard.             2006/2007
                                                                                                  Practicality of bulk texting via
                                                                                                  Blackboard being explored.
Course Committee     Student request for              Mentoring event               Course Team   Implemented.                           2006/2007
1/5/2007-06/29.1 and mentoring.                       successfully introduced                     To be maintained and extended in
Student Feedback                                      across all pathways.                        2007/2008.
Learning Resources
Annual Course        Providing targeted               For consideration at Spring   Course Team   Key Associate Lecturer given           2006/2007
Monitoring 2005/6    additional support for the       Term Course Committee.                      enhanced role on pathway to
Course Committee     Womenswear pathway.                                                          support pathway tutor in delivery.
Course Committee     Student concern re.              Reviewed at Spring Term       Course Team   Supervision evening rota of            Autumn
23/1/2007 and        Access to powered                Course Committee.                           academic staff and technicians         2006
Student Feedback     equipment.                                                                   introduced to increase access.
Quality Management and Enhancement
Course               Establishing Staff               Priorities for Course         Course Team   College‟s Head of Academic
Committee            Development Strategies for       Team established as:                        Affairs and University‟s Head
                     2006 / 2007.
28/4/2005-04/34.2                                      CLTAD ‘Preparing to                       of Library and Teaching
Course                                                  Teach’ (some key ALs)                     devising appropriate
Committee                                                                                         equivalent provision.                  2006/2007
                                                                                                  Three Key ALs (Neil Smith,
                                                                                                  Jeannette Osterreid and Esme
Course                                                                                            Young) undertaking PG Cert in
Committee                                                                                         Learning and Teaching.

  Note: Italics indicate issues carried forward from academic year 2005 / 2006.

  BA Fashion ACM Final version 06/07
                                                Events and Successes

Student Successes:
Course: BA (Honours) Fashion Design

        Text Print 2007 Hyuun-A Lee (Print final year) was awarded the prize for innovation in Textiles.

        For the Second year running students from Central Saint Martins BA Fashion won all three prizes in the
         New Look T. shirt Competition.
         1 Prize
         Name: Sophie Willet
         2 Prize
         Name: Kristin Pinki Lin
         3 Prize
         Name: Flaminia Saccucci

        L‟Oreal Professionnel young Talent Award 2007

         Jack Isenberg               Womenswear
         David Komakhidze            1 Runner up     Womenswear
         Theo Anastasato             2 Runner up Menswear

         The work of Jack Isenberg was featured in Vogue October issue as well as Adam Rogers from Menswear.

        Finalists in ITS#6 Competition in Trieste July 07

         Oden Wilson                 Womwnswear Final year

         Katy Reiss                  Womenswear Final year

         Jin Lee                     Fashion Print   Final year

        Graduates selected to take part in the Weekend /Le Vif competition in Brussels Oct 07. Between CSM,
         Antwerp Academie and La Combre.

         David Komakhidze            Womenswear

         Jae Hwan Kim                Menswear

         Kyoko Fukui                 Knitwear

                                                                            rd            nd
         Ongoing engagement with the Grayson Perry Project (now in its 3 year) with 2 year Print,) led to a
         mural, painted by Print students used as the backdrop for the Central Saint Martins BA Fashion Press
         Show, and on the invitations.

         During the Spring Term 2 year students from Womenswear took part in a project to design accessories
         for the Louis Vuitton Classic Collection. 20 students from this group were selected for a master class with
         the creative director as well as a visit to the Louis Vuitton archives at Asnieres north of Paris.

        Samsonite project 2007
         Students from Fashion BA Menswear worked with students from BA Product Design to design travel
         accessories for Samsonite Flagship store in Regents Street. The work of four teams is to be put into

BA Fashion ACM Final version 06/07
        Final year students on the Fashion History & Theory pathway co-curated The Princess Line (04 April – 30
         July 2007) an exhibition celebrating the style of Princess Margaret with the dress curators at Kensington
         Palace. In addition, second year students on the pathway conducted research on behalf of Amy Miller,
         curator of Sailor Chic (25 July – 02 November 2007) at the Imperial War Museum and are scheduled to
         give gallery tours to visitors as a feature of the education programme.

Staff Successes & Development (Professional and Research Achievements):

Staff Name                                    Details
BA Fashion
Leni Bjerg                                    Staff Successes (Professional and Research Achievements):

                                              H&S learning unit on Blackboard

                                              October 2006
                                              Disabled Evacuation (PEEP)
                                              Policy, procedure and format development
                                              Leni Bjerg

                                              October 2006
                                              Duty Manager Briefing
                                              Development of Handbook and Briefing papers
                                              Leni Bjerg

                                              October 2006
                                              Fire Awareness Training
                                              Development of training papers
                                              Leni Bjerg

                                              Staff Development

                                              21 September 2006
                                              New Fire Safety Legislation and Educational Premises.
                                              Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Orders 2005
                                              London Fire Brigade

                                              19 February 2007
                                              Proofreading, Grammar and Punctuation

                                              09 March 2007
                                              H&S Advisor Awayday
                                              Guidance Notes:PEEP, Control of Contractors

                                              14 March 2007
                                              COSHH Risk Assesment

                                              21 March 2007
                                              Drama of Diversity
                                              Diversity Training
                                              Central Saint Martins

                                              24 April 2007
                                              The Concept of Risk
                                              Lecture by Bill Durodie
                                              Design Against Crime
                                              Central Saint Martins

                                              04 July 2007
                                              H&S Advisor Awayday
BA Fashion ACM Final version 06/07
                                     DSE equipment, COSHH programme

                                     12 July 2007
                                     Noise & Vibration Legislation Seminar
                                     Castle Group Ltd
Hywel Davies                         Articles Published in

                                     -Grafik Magazine
                                     -Harpers Queen
                                     -Werk Magazine
                                     -10 Magazine
                                     -Show Studio

                                     Attended London Fashion Week
                                     Singapore Fashion Week

                                     Modern Womenswear Book – Published feb.08

                                     PG CERT Teaching + Learning Pass

Imogen Evans                         London Fashion Week

                                     Attended shows from 2 graduates:
                                     Felder & Felder
                                     Avshalom Gur

                                     Hand in Hand exhibition & attended Natalie Gibson+ Eley Kishimoto
                                     in conversation.

                                     Attended PRA training (UAL)

                                     Attended Anthony Gormley

Sue Foulston                         Mother of Pearl Fashion label.

                                     Acting FDM pathway leader.

Sarah Gresty                         Design Week
                                     Drakes Womenswear collection for winter 07.

                                     Knitwears report written for V. International (London based design

                                     -Premier Vision
                                     -Paris shows
                                     -London Fashion Week
                                     -Scottish knitwear factories

                                     Staff Training

                                     In Design computer workshop PG cert

                                     Symposium on Assessment

                                     Visit to Plashet‟s School to promote course. (W.P.)

David Kappo                          Health & Safety Training
BA Fashion ACM Final version 06/07
                                     Duty Management Training

                                     Balenciaga Exhibition    Paris

                                     London Fashion Week         Spring/Summer & Autumn/Winter

                                     Paris Fashion Week          Spring/Summer & Autumn/Winter

Louis Loizou                         CLTAD PG DIP in Learning and Teaching
                                     Learning and Teaching Symposium -Academic Affairs S/ROW
                                     Teaching on CLTAD PGCE in Learning and Teaching; Teaching in
                                     Visits to major London exhibitions including:
                                     Research Talk - LCF
                                     Blackboard Training
                                     Introduced placement students to industry e.g. Hockley, Jean-Pierre
                                     Braganza, Reiss

Carol Morgan                         Conferences

                                     Berlin – Trends Board - Plantage Advertising Agency

                                     Marrakesh - Educational Research

                                     UK – Awards / Conference

                                     Toni & Guy
                                     Trend Tracking Presentation
                                     L‟Oreal – Trends Workshop
                                     Berlin Fashion Week Attended

                                     Professional Practice

                                     1.Marketing /PR Manager (Europe)
                                     2.Trend Analysis for Retail Analysis – eg.Credit Suisse
                                     3. Mental Health Review Tribunal

Chris New                            Visit to Columbia to Promote Couture and Denim lecture on
                                     Fashion research @ Central Saint Martins.

                                     Visited Mango in Barcelona to help plan “Mango Award” for
                                     Graduates. Also on Selection panel for „10‟ shortlist graduates – 3
                                     from Central Saint Martins

                                     Computer Adobe Illustration training at Davies.

                                     Attended Menswear shows in Paris Jan 07.

                                     Clip CETL Finding for research Project.

Alistair O‟Neill                     Interviewed Nick Knight and the interview is now used in his
                                     professional portfolio.

                                     First book London-after a Fashion, was published (Reaktion Books

                                     Chaired an event at the BFI Southbank on British film costume
                                     design and the work of Shirley Russell.

                                     Chaired two panels at the Death of Taste Conference at the
                                     University of the Applied Arts, Vienna.

Howard Tangye                        Exhibition – Collaboration with Anna Nicole Zeiche.
                                     A retrospective of Howard‟s work. 1974-2006
BA Fashion ACM Final version 06/07
                                     Exhibition – RCA Chase Art Show
                                     November 2006
                                     November 2007

                                     Interview – Androgyny Magazine Spring 2007

                                     Fashion Illustration Book – Cally Blackman
                                     2007 Drawing

                                     Continuing with „Handwritten Message‟ of own label with projects.

                                     Visited Couture – Pret a Porter Paris 2006-7

Lindsay Taylor                       Accepted for CLTAD training.

                                     Chair of Trustees of London Printworks Trust.

                                     Attended Berlin Fashion Week

                                     External Examiner Loughborough College of Art & Design

                                     Joint Curator – Seeing Red, Scotlands, Exotic Textile Heritage
                                     Exhibition, Collins Gallery Glasgow.

Willie Walters                       Oct.06 Falmouth College of Art
                                             External Assessor for Fashion/Sportswear
                                             BA Course validation.

                                     March.07 KOLON Fashion Awards Korea Judge

                                     March.07 Lecture Soeul Korea

                                     March.07 Federation of Spectacle makers NEC Judge

                                     July.07 Health + Safety Awareness Training

                                     July.07 Duty Manager Training

                                     Dec.06 Aften Posten Interview Norway

                                     Feb.07 Zeitung Fur Deutschland Interview

                                     Feb.07 Sonntags Zeitung Interview

                                     Feb.07 Guardian Interview

                                     March 07 You and Yours Radio 4 Interview

                                     March 07 WWD Interview

                                     May 07                 Interview

                                     June 07 Wall Street Journal        Interview

                                     June 07 Russian Media House Interview

                                     July 07 Grazia Magazine            Interview

                                     Oct 06 Weekend / Le Vif Competition Brussels

                                     Oct 06 Jury Mango Young Designers Competition organisation.

                                     July 07 IT‟S #6 Competition Trieste

BA Fashion ACM Final version 06/07
                                     September 07 Judge Croatian Young Designers Competition

                                     January 07      Paris Couture Show

                                     Feb 07          Paris Fashion Week

                                     Feb 07          London Fashion Week

                                     Sept 07         London Fashion Week

Lee Widdows                          Acting Head of Marketing and Communication for Central Saint
                                     Martins since Jan 2007.

                                     Appraisal Staff Development.

                                     External examiner at University of the Creative Arts Epsom.

                                     Member of CMT.

BA Fashion ACM Final version 06/07
External Liaison and Sponsorship:
Course: BA Fashion

Sponsors: Alfred Dunhill Ltd - £4,000 donation to Menswear course (in addition to £3,000 student bursary);
                L’Oreal, The Home Office, British Library, East Ltd, Old England.
                Prudent Cunning Associates – Photographs for FHT final year group project

Exhibitions: British Library – Silk Road Exhibition Display of work by second year students August –
             September 2004
Events:      V&A Fashion in Motion –: 15 students selected for catwalk show at the Victoria & Albert Museum
             in the Raphael Room: Kari Landen, Miguel Freitas, Lisa Larsson, Daisuke Okuyama, Sandra
             Lundstrom, Katie Pugh, Marcel Ostertag, Jee Hyun Ko, Anna Helena Rimmo, Rosie Armstrong,
             Louisa Parris, Stephen Jewkes, Corrie Nielsen, Manuel Vadillo-Benitez & Daphne Karras - October
             9 2004

Media Coverage (highlights):

BA Fashion Press Show – June 2005 sponsored in association with L‟Oreal Professionnel was well-received,
widely reported including The Independent, The Telegraph and The Evening Standard.

Media Coverage Continued:

Arena, Attitude, BBC TV, Bolero, Chartered Society of Designers Magazine, Country Life, Crash, Dazed &
Confused, Donna, Drapers Record, Dutch, Elle, ES Magazine, Evening Standard, Express, Fashion Weekly,
Fashion Line, France 5 TV, G2, Glamour, The Guardian, I-D, The Independent, Independent on Sunday,
International Textiles, Italiano, Mail on Sunday, Liberation, Metro, Observer Magazine, POP, Pure, Readers Digest,
Self Service, Sunday Telegraph, Sunday Times, Soen, Sonntags Blick, Sunday Times Style Magazine, Tages
Anzeiger, Tank, Tatler, Time-Out, The Telegraph, The Times,, Vision News, Vogue, WGSN,

First Destinations:

Name                                                 Destination
FDW 2005 Graduates

Katy Reiss                                           Position at Lanvin, Paris
Oden Wilson                                          Position at Lanvin, Paris
Elodie Garrard                                       Yves Saint Laurant, Paris
Oliver Leuhr                                         Position at Hiroko Koshino Tokyo
Shiori Sekiguchi                                     Markessa, New York
Charlotte Bailey                                     Luella, London
Emi Sekiguchi                                        Kokon Tozai, Marajan Peojoski, London
Jihai Cho                                            Kokon Tozai, Marajan Peojoski, London
Katie Greenwood                                      Position at Katherine Hamnett, London
Francesca Liberatore                                 Teaching Milan College of Fashion

Fashion Print 2005 Graduates

Hun A Lee                                            Hiroko Koshino, Tokyo
Georgia Beavis                                       Luella, London

BA Fashion ACM Final version 06/07

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