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					Author                            Title
Abbott, Jean, & Bourke, S.        Spin a Yarn, Weave a Dream
Adams & Maderas                   Great Expectations
Adrosko, Rita                     Natural Dyes and Home Dyeing
Albaum, Charlet                   Ojo De Dios-Eye of God
Albers Anni                       On Designing
Alderman & Wertenberger           Handwoven, Tailormade
Alderman, Sharon                  Mastering Weave Structures
Alderman, Sharon                  Swatch Collection
Allard, Mary                      Rug Making Techniques and Design
Allen, Elsie                      Pomo Basketmaking
Amos, Alden                       Big Book of Hand Spinning
Amos, Alden                       Hand spinning Wheel Primer “76
Anderson, Beryl                   Creative Spinning, Weaving, and Plant Dyeing
Anderson, Clarita                 Beyond Coverlets
Anderson, Paulli                  Brikvaevning
Anderson; Gordon; Tower           Weave Structures Used in North American Coverlets
Andrews, Denison                  How to Make your own Hammock & Lie in It
Appel                             Fibercraft Sampler
Arn-Grischott, Ursina             Doubleweave on 4 - 8 Shafts
Ashford Handicrafts               Learn to Spin; Assembly Instructions
Atwater, Mary                     Byways in Hand weaving
Atwater, Mary                     Monograph No 3: Design and the Handweaver
Atwater, Mary                     Monograph No 15: Guatemala Visited
Atwater, Mary                     Shuttlecraft Book of American Hand Weaving
Atwater, Mary M.                  Double Weaving on 4 Harnesses the "Finnweave
Atwood, Betty                     Hopi Embroidery; Weave Workshop
Auld, Rhoda                       Tatting
Ayotte, Robert & Roberta          Handweaving with Robert & Roberta for Home Study
Bain, Robert                      Clans & Weaves of Scotland
Baizerman & Searle                Finishes in the Ethnic Tradition
Baizerman & Searle                Latin American Brocades: Explorations in Supplementary Weft
Baker, Kelley                     Weeds and Wool; a natural wool sampler
Barber, Elizabeth Wayland         The Mummies of Urumchi
Barrett, Clotilde                 Boundweave
Barrett, Clotilde                 Shadow Weave Corkscrew Weave
Barrett, Clotilde                 Summer and Winter and Beyond
Barrett, Clotilde; Eunice Smith   Double Two-tie Unit Weaves
Barron, Birgit Olson              Knitting on the Loom
Bateson, Vivienne                 Woven Fashion
Beal, Stephen                     The Very Stuff : Poems
Beard, Betty J.                   Fashions from the Loom
Beck, Dorothy, Chase, Hazel       Handwoven Embroidery Weaves
Beldings Lily Co.                 Edgings: Crocheted, Knitted, Tatted
Belfer, Nancy                     Weaving; Design and Expression
Belle Armoire                     Belle Armoire
Bemis, Elijah                     Dyer’s Companion
Bennett, Ian                Rugs and Carpets of the World
Bennett, Noel               Working with the Wool 1983
Bennett, Noël               Designing with Wool
Bennett, Noël               Halo of the Sun
Bennett,Noël; T. Bighorse   The Navajo Weaving Way
Bennett,Noël; T. Bighorse   The Weaver’s Pathway
Bennett,Noël; T. Bighorse   Working with the Wool; how to weave a Navajo rug
Bernstein, Marion H.        Off-Loom Hand weaving
Beutlich, Tadek             The Technique of Woven Tapestry
Beveridge, June H.          Warp/Weft/Sett
Birrell, Verla              The Textile Arts
Birren, Faber               Color Perception in Art
Birren, Faber               Creative Color
Birren, Faber               Principles of Color; a review of past traditions...
Black, Mary E.              Key To Hand weaving, 1949
Black, Mary E.              Key To Hand weaving, 1957
Black, Mary E.              New Key to Hand Weaving (1972)
Black, Mary E.              New Key to Hand Weaving (1973)
Black, Mary E.              Sett and Hand weaving of Tartans
Bliss, Anne                 Rocky Mountain Dye Plants
Bliss, Anne                 Weeds, A Guide For Dyers and Herbalists
Blumenau, Lili              The Art and Craft of Hand Weaving
Blumenau, Lili              Creative Designs in Wallhangings
Blumenthal & Kreider        Hands On Dyeing
Bogdanor, Lura Jim          To the Finish
Bogdonoff, Nancy Dick       Handwoven Textiles of Early New England
Bolton, Eileen              Lichens for Vegetable Dyeing
Bowen, Dorothy              Rozome:A demonstration of Japanese Batik
Bowen, Godfrey              New Zealand and its Sheep
Bress, Helene               Inkle weaving
Bress, Helene               The weaving book: patterns & ideas
Brett, Katherine B.         Women’s Clothing in Ontario,1867 -1907
Brett, Katherine B.         Women’s Costume in Early Ontario
Brodatz, Phil               Textures; a photographic album
Bronson, J.; R. Bronson     Early American weaving and Dyeing
Brooklyn Botanic Garden     Dyes from Nature
Brooklyn Botanic Garden     Natural Plant Dyeing
Brooklyn Botanic Gardens    The Craft of Dyeing with Plants (20 Min.?)
Brostoff, Laya              Double Weave: Theory and Practice
Broudy, Eric                The Book of Looms; the history of the hand loom
Brown, Harriette            Hand weaving for Pleasure and Profit
Brown, Nancy                The Crocheter's Companion
Brown, Rachel               Weaving, Spinning, and Dyeing Book, 2nd ed.
Brown, Victoria             Feltwork
Bryan, Nonabah G.           Navajo Native Dyes
Buchanan, Rita              A Dyers Garden; from plant to pot
Buchanan, Rita              Socks: a Spin-Off special publication
Burnham, Dorothy               Cut My Cote
Burnham, Harold & Dorothy      Handweaving in Pioneer Canada
Burnham, Harold & Dorothy      Keep Me Warm One Night
Bush, Nancy                    Folk Socks
Cain, Thomas                   Pima Indian Basketry
Carman, Jean K.                Dye making with Eucalypts
Cartwright-Jones, C.           The Tap-dancing Lizard
Cason & Cahlander              Art of Bolivian Highland weaving
Castino, Ruth                  Spinning and Dyeing the Natural Way
Cauldron, Connie's             Rug Hookers' Dye Manual
Cerny, Charlene                Navajo Pictorial weaving
Chadwick, Eileen               The Craft of Handspinning
Chamberlain, M & Crocket       Beyond Hand weaving
Chandler, Deborah              Beginning Four Harness Weaving (86 min.)
Chandler, Deborah              Learning to Weave
Channel 4                      Video from Sheep to Shawl, 1995?
Channing, Marion               Magic of Spinning
Channing, Marion L.            The Textile Tools of Colonial Homes
Chetwynd, Hilary               Simple Weaving
Clark, Hazel                   Fibres to Fabrics, for Handspinners
Clarks O.N.T.                  Crochet Collars
Cohen, Daniel and Paula        Marbling on Fabric
Collingwood, Peter             Rug Weaving Techniques, beyond the basics
Collingwood, Peter             Techniques of Rug Weaving
Collingwood, Peter             Techniques of Sprang
Collingwood, Peter             The Makers Hand
Collingwood, Peter             Monograph No 8: Peter Collingwood: His Weaves
Conley, Emma                   Vegetable Dyeing (Penland School of Crafts)
Constantine; Larsen            Beyond Craft, The Art Fabric
Cooper, Kathy                  The Complete Book of Floorcloths
Corbett, Catherine S. editor   Vanna's Afghans A to Z
Corbman                        Fiber to Fabric
Cordry, Donald                 Mexican Indian Costumes
Corran, Eric                   Understanding the Spinning Wheel
Corrigan et al                 Teaching weaving; A Curriculum Guide
Coutts, Lucele                 Baskets and Beyond
Craftool Press                 The “Writing” of Batik
Creager, Clara                 Weaving, a Creative Approach for Beginners
Crislip, Karen                 Small Format Frontiers, Int. Tapestry Exhibit
Crockett, Candace              Card weaving
Crockett, Candace              The Complete Spinning Book
Croner, Marjorie               Fabric Photos
Crowfoot, G. & Roth, L.        Hand Spinning and Woolcombing
Crutchley, Anna                Tassel Book
Cuyler, Susanna                The High-Pile Rug Book
Cyrus-Zetterstrom, Ulla        Manual of Swedish Handweaving
D’Harcourt, Raoul              Textiles of Ancient Peru and Their Techniques
Dalby, Gill                  Natural Dyes, Fast or Fugitive
Dallas Handweavers Guild     Sample Book: 25th Anniversary
Dannerbeck, Katheryn         Beads as Warp and Weft
Darby, W. D.                 Silk - Queen of Fabrics
Davenport, Elsie             Your Yarn Dyeing
Davenport, Elsie G.          Your Hand Weaving
Davenport, Elsie G.          Your Hand Spinning
Davison & Mayer-Thurman      Coverlets
Davison, Marguerite          Handweaver’s Pattern Book, 1944
Davison, Marguerite          Handweaver’s Source Book, 1951
Davison, Marguerite          Handweaver’s Source Book, 1953
Davison, Marguerite          Handweaver’s Source Book (revised edition, 1971)
Davison, Marguerite Porter   A Handweaver's Source Book, 1947
Davison, Mary Frances        The Dye Pot; Autographed copy
de Dillmont, Therese         Encyclopedia of Needlework
Dean, Ankaret                Weave Your Wardrobe
Dedera, Don                  Navajo Rugs
Dendel, Esther               Needleweaving, Easy as Embroidery
Dendel, Esther Warner        The Basic Book of Fingerweaving
Densmore, Frances            How Indians Use Wild Plants
Deo, Tod and Del             Designing and Making Handwoven Rugs
Deschinny, Isabell           Native Plant Dyes; Series 1: Introduction
Diaper, Hilary               A Legacy in Hand Weaving
Dobbs, Ella                  First Steps in Hand Weaving
Dockstader, Frederick J.     The Song of the Loom
Douglas, Harriet C.          Beginner's Handweaving Manual
Drooker, Penelope            Embroidering with the Loom
Drooker, Penelope            Samplers You Can Use
Duboff, Leonard              Business Forms and Contracts for Craftspeople
Dunbar, John T.              Official Tartan Map
Duncan,M, & Bull, G.         Exploring Color and Design for Handweavers
Dzervitis, Aleksandra        Latvju Rakst
Ebi, Dotti                   S.O.S. Scraps or Spots; 115 formula for rug hooking
Ein, Claudia                 How to Design Your Clothes and Make Patterns
Ellis, Catherine             Woven Shibori
Emery, Irene; R’ndtable 74   Archaeological Textiles
Emery, Irene; R’ndtable‘76   Ethnographic Textiles of the Western Hemisphere
Emery, Irene; R’ndtable’75   Imported and Domestic Textiles in 18th C. America
Emery, Irene; R’ndtable’77   Looms and Their Products
Emery, Irene; R’ndtable’79   Indonesian Textiles
Encisco, Jorge               Designs from Pre-Columbian Mexico
Epstein, Roslyn              American Indian Needlepoint Designs for Pillows, Belts, Handbags and Other Projects
Erickson, Janet              Block Printing on Textiles
Ericson, Lois                Opening and Closing
Ericson, Lois                Texture, a Closer Look
Ericson,Lois; Diane Frode    Design It Yourself, a clothing workbook
Ericson,Lois; Diane Frode    Sewing it Yourself; a myriad of techniques
Evers, Inge                Felt-making Techniques
Falick, Melanie            Knitting in America
Fannin, Allen              Handloom weaving Technology
Fannin, Allen              Handspinning: Art and Technique
Fannin, Allen              Handspinning: Art & Technique, 2nd ed.
Fannin, Allen              Looming Thoughts
Fanning, Robbie            Here & Now, Stitchery from Other Times & Places
Farrow, Hazel              Painting Warps
Fiberarts                  Fiberarts; M/J, July/Aug, 1976; 1978, no.2
Fiberarts Magazine, ed.    Fiberarts Design Book
Field, Anne                Spinning Wool: Beyond basics
Finch, K. & Putnam, G.     Caring for Textiles/check for update
Finlay, Victoria           Color: A Natural History of the Palette
Fisch, Arline              Textile Techniques in Metal
Fischer and Lasker         Bargello Magic
Fisher, Nora               The Spanish Textile Tradition Book
Folts, Teresa              Inkle Path to Hand Weaving
Forman & Wassef            Tapestries from Egypt
Fournier, Nola & Jane      In Sheep’s Clothing, Handspinner’s Guide to Wool
Fox, Nancy                 Pueblo weaving and Textile Arts
Francisco, Irene           Opening a Door to Two Harness Techniques
Fredlund, Jane             Rag Rug Weaves
Freeman, Sue               Felt Craft
Freeman; Lamb              Warp Painting ,Garment Design & Construction Tips
Frey, Berta                Designing and Drafting for Handweavers
Fry, Laura                 Magic in the Water: Wet finishing for Handweavers
Furry, M; Viemont, B. M.   Home Dying with Natural Dyes
Gallagher, Constance       Linen Heirlooms
Gallinger, Osma Couch      Rug weaving for everyone
Garrett, Cay               Warping All By Yourself
Geary, Kay                 Textile Design Course, part 1
Geary, Kay                 Textile Design Course, part 2
Geary, Kay                 Textile Design Course, part 3
Gervers, Veronica          Studies in Textile History
Getzwiller, Steve          Fine Art of Navajo Hand Weaving
Gill, Ann E.               Beadwork
Glashausser & Westfall     Plaiting Step by Step
Gnatkowski, Janice         167 International Sheep Breeds
Gordon, Beverly            Feltmaking
Grae, Ida                  Nature's Colors
Grierson, Su               The Color Cauldron
Griswold,                  New Handicraft
Groff, Russell E.          Card weaving or Tablet Weaving
Groff, Russell E.          Sectional Warping Made Easy
Grosicki, Z.J.             Watson’s Advanced Textile Design
Gross, N. & Fontana, F.    Shisha Embroidery
Groves, Sylvia             The History of Needlework Tools and Accessories
Gucciardo, Linda            Native Dye Plants; The Iowa Dyer's Handbook
Gustafsen, Paula            Salish Hand weaving
Guy, Sallie                 Tips, Tricks & Problem Solvers for the Handweaver
Hall, Douglas Kent          The threads of New Mexico
Hall, Joanne                Mexican Tapestry Weaving
Halsey, M & Youngmark, L.   Foundations of weaving
Hamaker, Barbara            Clothing: A Handwoven Approach
Hamamura, John & Susan      Woven Works
Handweavers’ Guild of Am.   Helps and Hints: Handbook of Projects
Handworen                   Design Collection 8—Just Rags
Handworen                   Design Collection 1—Simple Summer Tops
Handworen                   Design Collection 9—No-Sew Garments
Handworen                   Design Collection 13—Super Simple Tops
Handwoven                   A Handwoven Treasury (1989)
Handwoven                   Handwoven Magazine—See Magazine Index
Hanley, Hope                Needlepoint
Hanley, Hope                New Methods in Needlepoint
Hanson; Wilson              Mountain Man’s Sketchbook, vol 1
Harbeson, Georgianna        American Needlework
Hargrove, John              The Weavers Draft Book & Clothiers Assistant
Harmsen, W.D. , editor      Patterns and Sources of Navajo Weaving
Harris, Ben Charles         Make Use of Your Garden Plants
Harris, Nathaniel           Rugs and Carpets of the Orient
Hart, Carol; Dan Hart       Natural Basketry
Harvey, Nancy               Tapestry weaving
Harvey, Nancy               Tapestry weaving, Level 1 (110 min.)
Harvey, Nancy               Tapestry weaving, Level 2 (104 min.)
Harvey, Virginia            Split Ply Twining
Harvey, Virginia I.         Shuttle Craft Monograph 35:Multiple Tabby Weaves
Heckman, Andrea M.          Woven Stories: Andean Textiles & Rituals
Held, Shirley E.            Weaving, A Handbook of the Fiber Arts
HGA                         Certificate of Excellence in Dyeing, Handbook
Hicks, Lydia                Triple Over Dye - Jar Method
Hicks, Lydia                Triple Over Dye, Jar Method Book 2
Hochberg, Bette             Fibre Facts
Hochberg, Bette             Handspinner's Handbook
Hochberg, Bette             Spin Span Spun
Hoffman, Marta              The Warp-Weighted Loom
Holland, Nina               Inkle Loom Weaving
Holland, Nina               The Weaving Primer
Holland, Norma              Textiles
Holland, Norma              Textiles, 3rd. Ed.
Holroyd, Ruth               Jacob Angstadt-Drawn from His Weavers Patron Bk
Holroyd, Ruth               Jacob Angstadt - His Weavers Patron Book
Hopkins, Giles              Wool as an Apparel Fiber
Hoppe, Ostlun, Melen        Free weaving on Frame and Loom
Horne, Beverly              Fleece in Your Hands
Hoskins, Nancy                   Universal Stitches
Hoskins, Nancy                   Weft-Faced Pattern Weaves
Hower, Virginia                  Weaving, Spinning & Dyeing: a beginner's manual
Hussey-Smith, Gypsy              Rope & Twine Crafts
Hutton, Helen                    Textile Structures
Ingers, Gertrud                  Flemish Weaving
Ingram, Arthur                   Shepherding Tools and Customs; Shire Album #23
International Tapestry Journal   International Tapestry Journal Issues 1992-1996
Interweave Press                 Interweave vol. 1-6 irregular issues
Interweave Press                 The White Papers
Interweave Press                 The Handwoven Index and Resource Directory
Interweave Press                 2006: Books & Magazines for the Craft Enthusiast
Irwin, Bobbie                    Twined Rag Rugs
Itten, Johannes                  The Art of Color
Itten, Johannes                  The Color Star
Itten, Johannes                  The Elements of Color
Jackson & Plowman                New Zealand Woolcraft Book
Jackson, Jan                     Cotton Dye Samples
Jacobs, Betty                    Growing Herbs and Plants for Dyeing
James, George W.                 Indian Blankets and Their Makers
Johansson, Lillemor              Damask and Opphämta
John, Edith                      Needle Hand Weaving
Johnson & Kaufman                Design on Fabrics
Jongeward, David                 Weaver of Worlds
Jorstad, Caroline                Ethnic Looms
Joseph, Marjory                  Textile Science, Introduction to
Kaestner, Dorothy                Four-way Bargello (revised)
Kahlenberg and Berlant           The Najavo Blanket
Kaufman; Selser                  The Navajo Hand weaving Tradition 1650-Present
Keasbey, Doramay                 Sheer Delight: Handwoven Transparencies
Kent, Kate Peck                  Navajo Hand weaving, Centuries of Change
Kerimov, Lyatif                  Folk Designs from the Caucasus
Kettle, Mrs. F.W.                Filet Crochet: Projects and Charted Designs
Khmeleva, Galena                 Gossamer Webs, Design Collection
Khmeleva, Galena                 Orenberg Lace Shawls
King, William A.                 Warp and Weft from Tibet
Kirby, Mary                      Designing on the Loom
Klein, Bernat                    Eye for Color
Kliot,                           Bobbin Lace
Kluger, Marilyn                  Joy of spinning
Knox, Patty                      New Directions in Fair Isle Knitting
Knutson, Linda                   Shades of Wool, A Dye Sample Book
Knutson, Linda                   Synthetic Dyes for Natural Fibers
Kobenhaun,                       Cum Rya
Koehler, Jeremy                  weaving Artist ( 15 min.)
Kokonoe, Toshiko                 Kokonoe
Kolander, Cheryl                 Silkworker’s Notebook
Kramer, Jack                  Natural Dyes Plants and Processes
Kreider, Katheryn             Tie-Dye!
Krevitsky & Ericson           Shaped Hand weaving
Krevitsky, Nik                Stitchery, Art and Craft
Krochmal, Arnold & Connie     Complete Book of Dyes from Natural Sources
Kroncke, Grete                Simple Weaving
Kurtz, Carol                  Designing for Weaving
Kurtz, Carol                  Weaving with Color
La Sociedad Folklorica        Spanish Riddles and Colcha Designs
LaBarge, Lura                 Do Your Own Thing in Macrame
Lamb, Su; Mollie Freeman      Warp Painting Plus-Garment Design & Construction
Lamb, Susan                   A Guide to Navajo Rugs
Lambert, Patricia,et al       Color and Fiber
Lantz, Sherlee                TrianglePoint: from Persian pavilions to op art
LaPlantz, Shereen (signed)    Plaited Basketry
Larson, Katherine             The Woven Coverlets of Norway
Larson; Weeks                 Fabrics for Interiors
Las Aranas Guild              Lace Weaves Sample Book
Las Aranas Guild              Dyeing With Natural Materials, 1970, 72, 87, 2004
Las Aranas Guild              Weaver's Sample Book 2004-2006
Las Aranas Guild              Sample Book - 2006 Block weaves
Laughlin, Mary Elizabeth      More Than Four: book for multiple harness weavers
Lausanne, Edita               Great Tapestries
Leadbeater, Eliza             Spinning and Spinning Wheels ; Shire Album #43
Leasure Arts, Inc             Afghans on the Double
Leclerc, Robert               Warp and Weave (2)
Leigh, Carol                  Triangle Frame Loom Weaving Magic/ 2 copies
Lesch, Alma                   Vegetable Dyeing
Liebler, Barbara              Hands on Weaving
Ligon, Linda, ed.             Rugweaver’s Sourcebook
Liles, J.N.                   Art and Craft of Natural Dyeing
Lily Yarn Co.                 Handweaving with Lily Yarns
Lily Yarn Co.                 Practical Weaving Suggestions ; collection of issues
Lily, Susan                   Clothing Patterns From the Weaving Room
Lily, Susan                   Costume & Clothing Design from the weaving Room
Linder, Olive; Harry Linder   Handspinning Cotton autograph copy (1)
Ling, Anne-Maja               Two-End Knitting
Lipp, Thorlof                 ADIRE; Indigo Textiles amongst the Yourba
Lloyd, Joyce                  Dyes from Plants of Australia and N.Z.
Loeffoer, Bernadin            Knitting Patterns Mastered in 1870
Lucero, Helen                 Chimayo Weaving
Ludgate, H.T.                 Popular Netcraft
Lundback, Maja                Small Webs
Lydon, Susan                  The Knitting Sutra, craft as a spiritual practice
Lynne, Erica                  Angora
MacKenzie, Clinton D.         New Design in Crochet
MacKenzie, Judith             Spinning Exotic Fibers & Novelty Yarns
Marein, Shirley            Off the Loom
Marshall, John             Make Your Own Japanese Clothes
Marx, Ellen                Optical Color and Simultaneity
Matheison, David B.        Building for the Oregon Loom
Matheison, David B.        Two Looms for Inkle Weaving
Mattera, Joanne            How to Make the Navajo Loom
Matthews, Dr. Washington   Navajo Weavers, Navajo Silversmiths
Maurer, Diane              Fiber Arts
Maxson, Mary Lou           Japanese Country Weaving
Maxwell Museum             Weavers of the Jade Needle(Guatemala)
Maxwell, Gilbert           Navajo Rugs
Mayer, Anita               Clothing from the Hands that Weave
Mayer, Anita L.            Handwoven Clothing, Felted to Wear
McCall’s                   How to Weave It
McCall's Crochet           Afghan Patterns
McEneely, Naomi            Compendium of Finishing Techniqies
McFadden, William          Wool
McGregor, Shelia           Traditional Scandinavian Knitting
McKay, Mary T.             The Centinela Weavers of Chimayo
McRae, Bobbi               Fiberworks Sourcebook
Meany, Janet               The Rag Rug Handbook
Meilach & Menagh           Exotic Needlework
Meilach, Dona Z.           Creating Art from Fibers and Fabrics
Meilach, Dona Z.           Modern Approach to Basketry
Meilach,D. & Snow, E.      Weaving Off-Loom
Meltzer, Marilyn           Weave It!
Meltzer, Steve             Photographing Your Craftwork
Menz, Deb                  Color Works; the crafter's guide to color
Menz, Deb                  Fiber Prep. & Multicolor Blending Techniques
Mera, H. P.                Pueblo Designs
Miller, Dorothy            Indigo From Seed to Dye
Milner, Ann                Ashford Book of Dyeing
Milner, Ann                I Can Spin a Different Thread
Mon Tricot                 Knitting Dictionary: 800 Stitches Patterns
Moorman, Theo              Weaving as an Art Form: A Personal Statement
Moorman, Theo--Signed      Weaving as an Art Form (1) sample weaving
Morgan, Gwyn               Traditional Knitting
Mosely,Johnson,Loening     Craft Design
Muller, Donna              Handwoven Laces
Murashina, Kumiko          Katazome - Japanese Paste Resist
Murphey, Edith             Indian Use of Native Plants
Murray, Rosemary           Practical Modern Weaving
Murray, Rosemary           The Essential Handbook of Weaving
Museet, Nordiska           Textilt Bildverk 1925 (Swedish)
Museum of Int. Folk Art    Portfolio of Folk Costume Patterns
Museum of N.M. Press       Navajo weaving Handbook
Museum of N.M. Press       Navajo Weaving Today
Mustard, Frances E.        Easy Dyeing
Musuem of Modern Art, NY   African Textiles and Decorative Arts
National Woolcraft Fest.   Pattern Book
New, Debbie                Unexpected Knitting
Nicholson, Heather         The Loving Stitch
Norbury, James             Traditional Knitting Patterns
Nordfors, Jill             Needlelace and Needle Weaving
Nye, Thelma M.             Swedish Hand Weaving
Nylen, Anna-Maja           Swedish Handcraft
Nyquist; Bourquin          Speed Warping
O'Connor, Paul             Loom-Controlled Double Weave
O'Connor, Paul             More Loom-Controlled Double Weave
Oelsner, G.                Handbook of Weaves
Osterkamp, Peggy           Winding a Warp: Using a Paddle
Owen, Rodrick              Braids, 250 from Japan, Peru, & Beyond
Patrick, Jane              A Handwoven Treasury
Patrick, Jane              Time to Weave
Pendleton, Mary            Looming Arts: Overshot Weave Series
Pendleton, Mary            Looming Arts: Double Weave Series
Pendleton, Mary            Navajo & Hopi Weaving Techniques
Penfield, Tracy            Bodywork for Weavers and Fiber Artists
Pennington and Taylor      American spinning Wheels
Pennington, David          Spinning Wheels and Accessories
Pennington, Fred A.        16 Harness Patterns
Phillips, Barty            Tapestry
Phillips, Mary             Step-by-Step Macrame
Pianzola, Maurice          Tapestry
Plath, Iona                Craft of Handweaving
Plath, Iona                The Handweaver' s Pattern Book
Polakoff, Claire           Into Indigo
Porcella, Yvonne           Plus Five, Ethnic Patterns
Posselt, E.A.              Technology of Textile Design
Powell, Marion             1000+ Patterns in 4,6,8 Hrns. Shadow Weaves
Pownall, Glen              Hand spinning and Hand Weaving
Procter, Richard           Surface Design for Fabric
Protus, Mary Jane          First Projects
Putman Dyes                The How to Dye Book
Pyysalo and Merisalo       Hand weaving Patterns from Finland
Quinn, Celia               Yarn, A Resource Guide for Handweavers
Raven, Lee                 Hands on spinning
Reagan, Jeanie             Want Natural Colour?; a how-to guide…
Redman, Jane               Frame-loom Weaving
Redwood                    Backstrap weaving of Northern Ecuador
Regensteiner, Else         A Weaver’s Study Course
Regensteiner, Else         The Art of Weaving
Reichard, Gladys A.        Weaving a Navajo Blanket
Reiter, Mary Jo            Weaving a Life-The story of Mary Meigs Atwater
Revault, Jacques                Designs & Patterns: N American Carpets & Textiles
Rex, Chris                      Comfort Clothes
Rhodes, Mary                    Small Woven Tapestries
Rhodes, Tonya                   14 Color Related Decorating Textiles
Risley, Katherine               Wool: how we may learn about it.
Ritch, Diane & Wade             Ikat, an Introduction
Rivers, Victoria                The Shining Cloth
Roberts, Luise                  1000 Great Knitting Motifs
Robertson, Seonaid              Dyes from Plants
Robin & Russ handweavers        Warp and Weft/with samples/ 1976-1983
Robson, Deborah                 Handspun Treasures From Rare Wools
Rodee, Marian                   Hand weaving of the Southwest
Rodier, Paul                    Romance of French Weaving
Rogers & Stanley, eds.          In Celebration of the Curious Mind
Ross, John T.                   Knitters, Crocheters, Weaver's & Spinners Travel
Ross, Mabel                     The Essentials of Yarn Design for Handspinners
Roth, Bettie                    Handbook of Tables for Weavers, Spinners & Dyers
Rough, Joan Z.                  Austrailian Locker Hooking
Russell, Carol                  Tapestry Handbook
Russell, Elfleda                Off-Loom Weaving - a Basic Manual
Ryall, Pierre                   Weaving Techniques for the Multiple Harness Loom
Sakiestewa, Ramona              Patterned Dreams
Sample Book                     Inkle loom; card weaving; double weave--Samples
Sample Book                     Pro Chemical & Dyes-Pro Wash Fast Acid Dyes
Sample Book                     Pro Chemical & Dyes-Pro Wash Fast Acid Dyes-2
Samuel, Cheryl; Carol Higgins   Gentle Dyes
Sandberg, Gosta                 Indigo Textiles, Technique and History
Sanders, Nadine                 Theme and Variation: More weaving that Sings
Sarff, L. & Harem, J.           Symmography
Sawyer, Alan R.                 Tiahuanaco Textile Design
Schoeser, Mary                  World Textiles
Scorgie, Jean                   Weaver's Craft Issues:1-20
Scottish Woolen Council         Scottish Wool Cloth Sample Book
Seagroatt, Margaret             Rug weaving for Beginners
Searles, Nancy M.               Technique of Freeform Design
Selander, Malin                 Swedish Swatches; Yellow, Blue, Red, & Green
Selander, Malin                 Swedish Swatches Blue Series
Selander-Malen                  Swedish Swatches Blue Edition
Selk, Karen                     Sumptuous Silk Clothing
Shaw, George                    Knots, Useful and Ornamental
Shaw, Robin and Jennifer        Batik
Shelp. Wanda Jean               Eight Shafts, a Place to Start
Shuttle Craft                   Shuttle Craft Bulletin: February 1958
Shuttle Craft                   Shuttle Craft Bulletin: May 1960
Shuttle Craft                   Shuttle Craft Bulletin: June & July 1960
Shuttle, Spindle and Dyepot     Shuttle, Spindle and Dyepot
Sibbett, Ed Jr.                 American Indian Cut and Use Stencils
Siler, Lyn                       The Basket Book
Simmons, Max                     Dyes and Dyeing
Simmons, Paula                   Spinning and Weaving with Wool
Skjoldebrand, Ingerlise          Treasure Chest of Swedish Weaving
Skowronski, H; S Tacker          Doup Leno, A system for Loom-controlled Leno
Skyloom Fibers                   Innovations in Fiber II
Slaney, Deborah                  Wonders of the Weavers; 19th Century Rio Grande
Slater, Elaine                   NY Times Book of Needlepoint
Slentz, Mingon                   Weaving on Driftwood Looms
Small Format Frontiers           CD Rom Tapestry Exhibit
Smith and Walker                 Feltmaking - The Whys and Wherefores
Snow, Marjoriie, William Snow    Step by Step Tablet Weaving
Sommer, Elyse; Mike Sommer       New Look at Crochet
South Maid                       Special Doilies for Special Times
Spark, Patricia                  Scandinavian Style Feltmaking
Spect and Rollins                Creating With Card Waving
Spin-off                         Index 1977-2000 and Resource Directory
Spin-Off                         Spin-Off
Spring, Christopher              African Textiles
Spurgeon, Caroline M.            Weaving a Miniature Navajo Style
Stalberg, Ulla                   Decorative art weaving
Stanfield, Lesley                The New Knitting Stitch Library
Stevenson, George                Weaving with Coconut Palm
Stitch 'n Sew 1981               Pattern: Crochet Bag
Stockton, James                  Designers Guide to Color
Storer, Marylou Ozbolt           Sectional Warping, tips and tricks
Stove, Margaret                  Creating Original Hand-Knitted Lace
Straub, Marianne                 Hand Weaving and Cloth Design
Stribling, Mary Lou              Crafts from N. American Indian Arts
Strickler, Carol                 Portfolio of American Coverlets, No.1
Strickler, Carol                 Portfolio of American Coverlets, No.2
Strickler, Carol                 Portfolio of American Coverlets, No.3
Strickler, Carol                 Weaving in Miniature
Strickler, Carol, editor         A Weavers Book of 8-Shaft Patterns
Sugar, Marie                     The Complete Natural Dyeing Guide
Sullivan, Donna                  Color Interactions for Hand Weavers
Sullivan, Donna                  Summer & Winter: A weave for all seasons
Sundbø, Annemor                  Everyday Knitting
Sunset                           Macrame Creative Knot-tying
Sunset Books                     Weaving Techniques and Projects
Sutton, Ann                      Color and Weave Design
Sutton, Ann                      Ideas in Hand weaving
Sutton, Ann                      Tartans
Sutton, Ann                      The Structure of Weaving
Sutton, Ann; Peter Collingwood   The Craft of the Weaver
Svinicki, Eunice                 Step by Step Spinning & Dyeing
Swansen, Meg                     A Gathering of Lace
Swanson, Karen                  Rigid Heddle Weaving
Swett, Sarah                    Kids Weaving
Taber & Anderson                Backstrap Weaving
Tacker, Harold; Sylvia Tacker   Band Weaving; The techniquest, looms, and uses
Tallarovic, Joanne              Rep Weave and Beyond
Taylor, Kathleen                Knit One, Felt Two
Teal, Pete                      Hand Woolcombing and spinning
Textile Arts Index 1950-1987    (Reference only: Not to be checked out)
The Needlecraft Shop            Captivating Crochet
The Needlecraft Shop            Crochet on the Double Made Easy
Thorpe, Heather G.              A Handweaver's Workbook; a Step by Step Guide
Thorpe,A. & Larson, J.L.        Elements of Weaving
Threads                         Threads
Thresh, Christine               Spinning with a Drop Spindle
Thresh, Robert; Christine       Introduction to Natural Dyeing
Tidball, Harriet                Handloom Weaves
Tidball, Harriet                The Weavers Book
Tidball, Harriet                Monograph 1: The Double Weave Plain &
Tidball, Harriet                Monograph 2: Surface Interest; Textiles of Today
Tidball, Harriet                Monograph 4: Woolens and Tweeds
Tidball, Harriet                Monograph 5: The Weavers Book of Scottish
Tidball, Harriet                Monograph 6: Mexican Motifs
Tidball, Harriet                Monograph 7:Contemporary Satins
Tidball, Harriet                Monograph 9: Undulating Weft Effects
Tidball, Harriet                Monograph 10: Merry Christmas, Handweaves
Tidball, Harriet                Monograph 11: Handwoven Specialties
Tidball, Harriet                Monograph 12: Contemporary Tapestry
Tidball, Harriet                Monograph 13:Thomas Jackson,17th & 18th
Tidball, Harriet                Monograph 16: Color and Dyeing
Tidball, Harriet                Monograph 17: Supplementary Warp Patterns
Tidball, Harriet                Monograph 18: Texture Structure and Analysis
Tidball, Harriet                Monograph 19: Summer & Winter & Other Two-Tie
Tidball, Harriet                Monograph 20:Two Harness Textiles;Loom-
Tidball, Harriet                Monograph 21: Two Harness Textiles; Open Work
Tidball, Harriet                Monograph 22: Brocade
Tidball, Harriet                Monograph 24: Contemporary Costume; Strictly
Tidball, Harriet                Monograph 25: Peru; Textiles Unlimited, Part 1
Tidball, Harriet                Monograph 26: Peru; Textiles Unlimited, Part 2
Tidball, Harriet                Monograph 27: Hand weaving Inkle Bands
Tidball, Harriet                Monograph 28: Weft Twining
Tigrschiold, Alice              Textilt Bildverk Swedish
Tod, Osma Gallinger             Designing and Making Handwoven Rugs
Tod, Osma Gallinger             Joy of Handweaving
Tod, Osma Gallinger             Rug Weaving for Everyone
Tomita, Jun & Noriko            Japanese Ikat Weaving
Tovey, John                     The Technique of Weaving
Tovey, John                     Weaves and Pattern Drafting
Trotzig, Lou Axelson             Weaving Bands
Ulster Folk Museum               Spinning Wheels
Universal School Handicrafts     Universal School Weaving Draft (1941)
Van der Hoogt, Madelyn           Complete Book of Drafting
Van der Hoogt, Madelyn           Handwoven Fabric Structure and Pattern
Van der Hoogt, Madelyn           The best of Weaver's; Twill Thrills
Van der Hoogt, Madelyn, editor   The best of Weaver's; Thick 'n Thin
Van Gelder, Lydia                Ikat II
Van Stralen,                     Indigo, Madder, Marigold
Varney, Diane                    Spinning Designer Yarns
Vinroot, Sally & Crowder         The New Dyer
Vogue Magazine                   Vogue Knitting
Voiers, Leslie                   Looking at Twills
Volbach, W.                      Early Decorative Textiles
Völker, Angela                   Textiles of the Wiener Werkstätte
Vollmer, John                    In the Presence of the Dragon Throne
von Rosensteil, Paul             Loom Construction
Walker, Barbara                  A Treaury of Knitting Patterns
Waller, Irene                    Designing with Thread; From fibre to Fabric
Ward, Michael                    Art and Design in Textiles
Wass; Murnane                    African Textiles; exhibit at the Elvehnem Art Center
Weavers                          Weavers Magazine
Weaving Workshop                 Weaving Workshop for Teachers vol. 1
Weaving Workshop                 Weaving Workshop for Teachers, vol. 2
Weigle, Palmy                    Color Exercises for the Weaver
Weigle, Palmy                    Double Weave
Weigle. Palmy                    Ancient Dyes for Modern Weavers
Weiland, Barbara                 Needlework Nostalgia
Weir, Shelagh                    Spinning and Weaving in Palestine
Wellington Woolcraft             More Fiber Facts
Wertenberger, Kathryn            8, 12,….20
Wertenberger, Kathryn            Weaving Samples
West, Virginia                   Designer Diagonals; patterns for bias clothing
West, Virginia                   Finishing Touches for the Handweaver
West, Virginia                   Weaver’s Wearables;40 original designs
West. Virginia                   Swatch Book
White, Mary                      How to do Bead Work
Whiting, Gertrude                Old Time Toys and Tools of Needlework
Wilcox, Donald                   New Design in Stitchery
Wilcox, Donald                   New Design in Weaving
Wilcox, Donald                   Techniques of Rya Knotting
Wilcox, Michael                  Blue and Yellow Don't Make Green
Willoughby, Janet                AJRAKH :mordant resist, batik & tie dye
Willoughby, Janet                The Ikats of Sumba (56 min.)
Wilson, Erica                    Embroidery Book
Wilson, J.; Jan Burhen           Weaving You Can Wear
Wilson, Jean                     Pile Weaves
Wilson, Jean               Soumak Workbook
Wilson, Jean               Weaving is Creative
Wilson, Jean               Weaving is for Anyone
Wilson, Jean               Weaving is Fun
Wilson, Jean               Weaving You Can Use
Wilson, Jean               Joinings, Edges, & Trims
Wilson, Kax                A History of Textiles
Windeknecht, Margaret B.   Color and Weave
Windeknecht, Margaret B.   Monograph 30: Creative Monk's Belt
Windeknecht, Margaret B.   Monograph 31: Creative Overshot
Wingate, Isabel            Textile Fabrics and their Selection
Winslow, Heather           More on Moorman: Inlay Adapted to Clothing
Wisconsin                  Wisconsin Federation of Handweavers Sample Book
Wisconsin                  Wisconsin Federation of Handweavers Sample Book
Wisconsin                  Wisconsin Federation of Handweavers Sample Book
Wisconsin Weaver's Guild    4-Harness Wisconsin Weavers Guild Book 1
Wisconsin Weaver's Guild    4-Harness Wisconsin Weavers Guild Book 2
Wisconsin Weaver's Guild   8 Harness Hand Weaving Wisconsin Weavers Guild
Wittenberg, Barbara        Alternatives to the Fig Leaf– About woven clothes
Women's Day                The Story of American Needlework
Wong, Wucius               Principles of Color Design
Worst, Edward              Foot Power Loom Weaving
Wroth, William             Weaving & Colcha From the Hispanic Southwest
Xenakis, A. D.             The Xenakis Technique
Zawistoski, Patsy          Spinning Cotton, Silk & Flax
Zawistoski, Patsy          Spinning Wool: Basics and Beyond (90 min.)
Zielinski, Stanislaw       Encyclopedia of Handweaving
Zielinski, Stanislaw       Master Weaver - Vol 1
Zielinski, Stanislaw       Master Weaver - Vol 2
Zielinski, Stanislaw       Master Weaver - Vol 5
Zielinski, Stanislaw       Master Weaver - Vol 7
Zielinski, Stanislaw       Master Weaver - Vol 13: Pile Weaves, Rugs & Tapestry
Zielinski, Stanislaw       Master Weaver - Vol 14
Zielinski, Stanislaw       Master Weaver - Vol 16; Little Known Weaves
Zielinski, Stanislaw       Master Weaver - Vol 17: Resist Dyeing, Curiosities
Zieman and Fanning         The Busy Woman’s Fitting Book
Znamierowski, Nell         Step-by-Step Rugmaking
gs and Other Projects

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