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Al Gomes News : CeyJay
"Everyone loves my CD. It's awesome. I'm very, very pleased with it. I am eternally

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Drawn & Quartered
John and Matt Calestino: "You made our day. It's so pro. Everyone loves it. If you
weren't doing this, I don't think we would ever have had the opportunities we've had"

Al Gomes And Music Business : Buz Bergmark
I'm really, really impressed. The mastering is dynamite. The artwork for my CD knocked
me out."

Al Gomes Carl L.
"Great job all around. What a blast!"

International Music ~ Al Gomes Lynn McKenna
"Congratulations to Al and A. Michelle and all the artists. The work is always rich with
all kinds of human joy and energy. You have achieved incredible levels of inspiration.
And it's so much fun to watch Big Noise creating this universe. Amazingly elegant and
loaded with coolness! Your work is blessed. Al and A. Michelle let musicians
concentrate on what we're supposed to be doing - making music!"

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