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									VENUE                                             If you would like more information please
The Australia Cup will be held at the             contact: Kerry Boden at ACT Little Athletics
Queensland Sports and Athletics Centre            - Phone: 6247 1296
(formerly ANZ Stadium) in Nathan Brisbane
(next to Griffith University).

  DATE:         Saturday 7 February 2009
                                                  DON’T MISS YOUR
COST                                              OPPORTUNITY TO
All costs associated for the trip are to be met
by individual athletes (expected to be around     REPRESENT THE                                   AUSTRALIA
$500). Air and ground travel and                     ACT AT THE
accommodation will be arranged by
ACTLAA. Reimbursement of these costs will          HIGHEST LEVEL                                     CUP
be levied on those athletes with payment
                                                      IN LITTLE
required well before travelling. This will be                                                    Inter-State Match
advised at a later date.                             ATHLETICS
Uniforms will be provided by ACTLAA.
                                                                                                  7 February 2009
                                                      GET YOUR
                                                   NOMINATION IN                                 AN OPPORTUNITY
                                                  SO THAT YOU CAN                                 FOR UNDER 14
                                                   BE CONSIDERED                                  ATHLETES TO
                                                   FOR SELECTION                                 REPRESENT THE
                                                          ACT Little Athletics Association
                                                    Phone: (02) 6247 1296 Fax: (02) 6247 1297
WHAT IS THE AUSTRALIA CUP?                       SELECTION OF UNDER 14 TEAM                   EVENTS CONDUCTED (to be
                                                 MEMBERS                                      confirmed):
The Australia Cup is a Team’s competition
between a small number of Open Age male          • Athletes who wish to be considered for          Girls          Boys
and female athletes from each of the States.       selection must submit a completed
There is competition in individual events and      nomination form to the ACTLAA              1.   100m            100m
then combined for the 4X100m relay, with the       Office by Friday 6 December 2008.          2.   200m            200m
winning team being the one that scored the                                                    3.   400m            400m
most points.                                     • To be eligible for selection, an athlete   4.   800m            800m
                                                   must be a member of ACTLAA in the          5.   Long Jump       High Jump
The Australia Cup has been expanded to                                                        6.   Discus          Shot Put
                                                   Under 14 age category.
include an Under 14 Team (as well as the                                                      7.   4x100m relay    4x100m relay.
Open Team) from each of the States. While
the Open Team will be selected by the Senior     • Team selection will be based on recent
State Athletics Association, the Under 14          verified performances by athletes for
Team will come from and be selected by the         their nominated event (s).
State Little Athletics Association.
                                                 • Athletes are asked to submit a verified
This is a wonderful opportunity for selected       record of their most recent
Under 14’s to represent the ACT at an exciting     performances. (This could be by
interstate competition along with their fellow     reference to results on relevant
State Senior athletes.                             websites).

• The Australia Cup will be conducted            • There will be 5 girls and 5 boys (i.e. a
  under IAAF Rules – not Little                    total of 10 athletes) only selected.
  Athletics modified rules.
                                                 The selection panel will have the sole
                                                 discretion on the selection of athletes.

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