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					CABINET         :    23 FEBRUARY 2009




1.0   Introduction
      This report provides an update on the Council’s key regeneration
      programmes and strategic projects and a position statement as preparations
      are finalised for the transfer of ongoing responsibilities to the new unitary

2.0   Council Strategic Priorities
      Measures outlined support the delivery of the Council Strategic Priorities :
         Delivering Economic Prosperity for All
         Protecting and Transforming the Local Environment.

3.0   Recommendation
      It is recommended that Cabinet Committee:

3.1   Endorse recent decisions requested under the ‘Business as Usual’ process
      to the new County Council for the partial allocation of the District Council’s
      capital receipt from Portland Park with :
      a) £6m in support of the future delivery of the emerging Ashington town
      centre master plan. Cabinet is also being asked to support bids to One
      Northeast for a matching sum.
      b) £750,000 in the form of a conditional grant, offered to the Newbiggin
      Heritage Partnership towards the planned Newbiggin Maritime Heritage
      Centre project.
3.2   Note the outcome of the recent tender exercise for capital works to the
      Market Place, Bedlington and support the request, currently with the new
      County Council, for an additional £60,000 from the District Councils capital
      balances to enable the contract to proceed without delay.
3.3    Endorse the application for £1m grant by the Council to the ‘Sea Change’
      fund in support of the Newbiggin Maritime Heritage Centre.
3.3   Note progress on the Working Neighbourhoods Fund commissioned
      programme and support the request submitted to the new County Council to
      recycle projected 2008/09 under spend of £150,000 on the extension of
      current specific services, with delegated authority to the Chief Executive
      following appraisal and recommendations.
3.4   Note progress on the Investing in Communities Programme and endorse the
      proposed extension in time in the grant agreement to Wansbeck CVS to
      manage the completion of the Programme by December 2009.
3.5   Note progress on the Go-Wansbeck Programme and key issues going
3.6   Support the principle of entering into a Memorandum of Understanding with
      ONE, new County Council and the Housing and Communities Agency (HCA)
      in regards to partnership working in Ashington Town Centre with delegated
      authority to the Chief Executive.
3.7   In the light of limited resource availability from the HCA in 2009/10 to support
      the planned Ashington Coalfield Action Zone, that the Council seeks approval
      from the new Council to allocate an additional £50,000 from existing Council
      regeneration budgets to meet feasibility work and pump priming costs under
      the partnership with the HCA.

4.0   Background

4.1   Town Centre Initiatives
4.2   Bedlington conservation area Townscape Heritage Initiative (THI)

       Since the report to Cabinet in June 2008, the Bedlington Conservation Area
      THI Partnership, has been formed, meeting for the first time in December.
      The THI programme will run to 2013 and it is expected that the final £200,000
      funding, from the Local Transport Fund, will be approved by the County
      Council in February, completing the full budget of £1,654,000.

      Meetings have been held with owners of ‘priority buildings’ identified for
      restoration, and despite the difficult economic conditions, there remains
      strong interest and it is expected that work will start in late Spring on the
      renovation of three buildings.

      The revamp of the Market Place is an early THI priority. Fourteen
      Expressions of Interest were received from contractors in November 2008,
      and four shortlisted and invited to tender. Due to tenders coming circa 20%
      above budget there has been an urgent requirement to make adjustments to
      the design scheme / materials to come closer to approved budgets. At the
      time of preparing this report, project budget appraisals have yet to be
      finalised. It is requested, however, that a projected gap of £60,000 be met
      from Council uncommitted capital balances. If approved, contracts will
      proceed to be let in February with work commencing on site late March and
      completing late summer.

4.3   Bedlington Enterprise Centre and new Tesco Store.

      Following Cabinet’s approval to accept Tesco’s offer for land at the ‘gap site’
      on the Market Place and to enter into Development Agreement, negotiations
      have progressed to produce a suitable building design for the store and also
      new enterprise / small retail units that would be passed on a long peppercorn
      lease to the Council in support of the Go-Wansbeck Programme. Tesco’s
      public consultation exercise on the full design scheme in November
      highlighted very strong public support for the proposed development. Since
      then negotiations have stalled somewhat in regards to the proposed head
      lease and Development Agreement. It is now hoped that the Agreement can
      be concluded before the end of February, a verbal update will be made to
      Cabinet. If so, a planning application will follow shortly afterwards. Handover
     of the new enterprise offices and small retail units is not expected until early

4.4 Go Build on Your Heritage – Newbiggin by the Sea
    Since the project launch in September 2007, nine commercial property
    improvement schemes have been or are now nearing completion. A further
    six schemes are being progressed and are expected to submit for grant
    support in coming months, with further interest still evident.

     Landscape architects Ian White Associates (IWA) have been engaged to
     draw up an action plan for appraising and implementing improvements to the
     streetscene in Newbiggin, focusing on the retail core of Front Street / Bridge
     Street. The action plan will prioritise the Council’s £100,000 matched funds
     as part of the Vibrant Town Centre’s initiative (CAB06/08 refers) together
     with £50,000 available from existing allocations in relation to the Bay
     environmental works.

     A draft Action Plan has been discussed with officers and will be subject to
     further consultation with the Newbiggin CAP and wider community. One
     proposal includes removing clutter (superfluous signage, street furniture,
     bollards, railings etc) and replacing / enhancing damaged elements which are
     to remain. To help identify such work officers and members of the community
     took part in a street survey on the 22nd January. Results of the survey will be
     available early February. Once available a further community meeting will be
     held. It is likely that modest improvements will take place prior to spring /
     summer season with more extensive work taken place following, so not to
     disrupt trade. This work is supportive of the action plan arising from the
     Scrutiny Committee Review in 2008.

     Branding and Image Building
     Incorporating the new Newbiggin branding, banners have recently been hung
     on lamp columns in Newbiggin to add vibrancy to the streetscene. Images
     reflect the ‘visitor offer’ of Newbiggin, focusing on themes such as retail,
     culture, heritage, leisure and nature.

     A new village visitor guide has been produced with 15,000 copies circulated
     to Tourist Information Centres, attractions and libraries across the sub –
     region, ready for the new season. The guide, which aims to draw more day
     visitors from a wider catchment to visit and shop in Newbiggin, was locally
     designed and endorsed by local groups.

     The Regeneration Team has been working with the Newbiggin Arts Forum in
     developing a merchandising project, again displaying the village brand, with a
     range of new products available in local shops such as beach balls, Frisbees,
     sweets and postcards. Any profits will go back into the project for further

     Pilot small retail business consultancy Project
     Retail and business development agency ‘BSupplied’ has been appointed to
     work with local businesses offering specialist retail advice and support. Five
   businesses are receiving this support with scope, subject to evaluation of the
   pilot, to extend for a further 12 months.

   Newbiggin Maritime Centre
   A Sea Change ‘Wave Two’ grant application of £1million for the proposed
   Newbiggin Maritime Centre was submitted by the Council on 5th January
   2009 (CAB06/08 refers) on behalf of the Newbiggin Heritage Partnership
   (NHP). A decision is expected in April.

   The Council has recently received confirmation from the new County Council
   that it is able to make a conditional offer of capital support to the NHP. The
   conditional grant of £750,000 is offered subject to an independent
   assessment of the business case and economic impact assessment of the
   project ( Cabinet, CAB06/08 refers). NHP have appointed a consultant to help
   raise the full budget required of £3.2m by late summer / early Autumn - by
   which time the prospects of this project proceeding or not, may become

4.5 Ashington Town Centre.

   Asda plan to start constructing their new store on Portland Park in the spring
   with the aim to commence trading by Christmas 2009. They are to enter into
   a Local Employment Partnership with the Council and Job Centre Plus to
   help maximise the take up of jobs from local residents.

   A feasibility study looking at the market potential and ideas for suitable
   adaptation of the former Co-operative Department store is commencing in
   February 2009 and is expected to complete in the Spring. This imposing and
   Grade 2 listed building has now been vacant for 3 years and in the current
   property market and for the foreseeable future, it’s very unlikely to be
   acquired and re-developed by the private sector. The study will examine
   options ranging from ‘do nothing’ to public sector led solutions with
   associated cost/ benefit and risk assessments.

   A further exercise, planned to commence in March, with the appointment of
   landscape architects, will examine options for continued public realm
   improvements with a focus on Lintonville Terrace, Station Road and John
   Street – linking to the proposed new College site.

   The commercial shopfront improvement grant support scheme is ongoing,
   supporting 13 businesses so far in 2008/09. A further £200,000 from ONE is
   allocated to continue this scheme over the next 2 years. Members are
   informed that the Woolworths store has recently been acquired by Herons
   Frozen Foods and efforts will be made to work with them to secure
   improvements to this distinctive ‘art deco’ building.

   As part of the Section 106 Agreement with Asda a number of environmental
   improvement schemes will be implemented over the next 2 years including
   on the Rotary Parkway approach to the town centre. Support for animation
      and marketing is also included. Recent shoppers surveys highlight strong
      community interest in attracting more and better markets to the town. A
      continental market will be returning on 26-27th March.

      An independent design/ layout review, together with traffic modelling
      exercises, has helped inform emerging ideas for a revised town masterplan,
      focussed on the area covered by the outline planning application submitted
      sometime ago for the current Asda site and neighbouring land, by developer
      Terrace Hill. This application is being appraised in the light of this work and
      also the planning restrictions on access imposed following the planning
      consent for the Asda development on Portland Park. A report on this
      application will be presented to the Regulatory Committee in March.

      A draft regeneration masterplan funded by ONE, is nearing completion with
      further public consultations to be arranged, most likely in the Spring. This
      masterplan proposes to focus investment, on re-developing specific areas of
      land between Lintonville Road and Reiverdale Road, with Reiverdale Road
      itself, as proposed in the District Local Plan, extended to link through to
      Rotary Parkway. Implementation of the masterplan is likely to take several
      years and in current market conditions there is added uncertainty, which
      gives rise to an increased role for the public authorities in regards to land
      acquisition, public infrastructure investment and potentially ‘gap’ funding the
      private sector. To support the indicative budget required of £12m, the
      Council is being asked to allocate £6m being from the Portland Park capital
      receipt and to bid for a matching contribution from ONE to support the
      delivery of the emerging plan over the next few years. A Memorandum of
      Understanding is being prepared setting out respective roles in delivering the
      masterplan to which both Councils, ONE and HCA are being asked to sign
      up to.

      Despite the recession and generally bleak economic forecasts, an updated
      retail market assessment for Ashington in January 2009, still concludes that
      demand is likely to exist, should provision be made, for larger retail units than
      those that the town can currently offer. The challenge remains as previously
      reported to Cabinet to tackle Ashington’s underserved retail market by
      expanding the amount of retail floorspace.

4.6    Area Based Grant Programmes

      Go-Wansbeck - Overview

       Notwithstanding the announcement that the recession is official, the Go
      Wansbeck programme continues to meet with a strong response from pre
      starts and actual start-up businesses from within the District and enquiries
      from potential incomers from further afield.

      A major factor has been the outstanding success of our BizFizz community
      based coaches who have rapidly established a formidable word of mouth
      reputation for dispensing practical advice about starting and running a
      business. Plans are underway to increase the capacity of the programme to
offer this kind of unrationed basic advisory support to start-up and existing
new and very small businesses to complement and facilitate access to the
more structured mechanisms available from Business Link. Start up case
studies and also full details of the Programme services are featured on

The Go Wansbeck Business Support Office also reports high rates of enquiry
with a particularly strong surge in January. This coincides with the resumption
of Go Wansbeck TV advertising which is increasingly cited along with word of
mouth as the reason for visits to our website. Appendix 2 provides an
analysis of enquires over the year to date.

Demand for our flexible grants and loans remains strong.

Visible evidence of the success of our ‘property gap funding’ for private sector
developers of business accommodation is there for all to see on North
Seaton Industrial Estate with a choice of workshop and office accommodation
at or nearing completion by E.J. Stone and Spencer Developments (the
former Lite-On site). Stone’s development is filling up rapidly and Spencer will
officially open in February. Partnership Projects plan a major investment of
30,000sq ft of offices on Ashwood Business Park.

The Wansbeck Enterprise in Education Network has continued to work
energetically with schools across the District to great effect. In November the
Rio Tinto Alcan Wansbeck Business Awards, hosted by St Benet Biscops
Catholic High School in collaboration with the Wansbeck Business Forum
attracted over 400 people and illustrated just how far the District has come in
forging links between local businesses and schools.

The Vibrant Town Centres activities, led by the District Council ,are described
elsewhere in this report. Investment in our town centre’s remains a key
programme objective.

On the down side, we have curtailed the pilot STEPS (self belief and
enterprising behaviour) programme because of underperformance in terms of
numbers going through and lack of employment and self-employment

Also, at this stage of our negotiations with ONE, it appears unlikely that we
will be able to recommend to the Go-Wansbeck Board that we progress our
application for ERDF support due to the increasingly onerous funding
restrictions and financial risks to the Council as the accountable body.

The initial 2 year term for private sector representatives on the Go-Wansbeck
Board ended in January. An election process has seen strong local interest
with 18 local business nominations. A Selection Panel involving the GO-NE,
District Council (Chief Executive) and Wansbeck Business Forum have
assessed and short listed 7 candidates for 5 positions. . A verbal update on
the outcome of this exercise will be reported to Cabinet. Due to LGR in
Northumberland, there will also be changes in Council representation and this
   matter has been brought to the attention of senior officers at the new County

   Appendix 1 summarises the Programme outputs and financial commitments
   in 2008/09.

   Due to delays in progressing the pilot ‘ASTEC’ project ( currently dependent
   on a funding decision by ONE) and also the conclusion of the Development
   Agreement between the Council and Tesco, significant capital resources are
   to now planned to carry forward into 2009/10.

4.7 Safer Stronger Communities Fund and Cohesion Fund 2008-09

   The above two funds were combined to support the ‘Investing in
   Communities (IIC) Programme’. The £462,000 budget was offered under a
   grant agreement to Wansbeck Centre for Voluntary Services as lead partner.

   The IIC Programme, was approved under delegation and is designed to
   maintain and further develop capacity amongst the local voluntary and
   community sector. It is delivered by joint working between Wansbeck Centre
   for Voluntary Service, Wansbeck Voluntary and Community Sector Network,
   Wansbeck District Council and Wansbeck Initiative Executive Team, working
   closely with Northumberland County Council staff involved in planning future
   ‘locality’ partnership working arrangements.

   It is forecast that circa £125,000 of 2008-09 resource will carry forward as a
   commitment into 2008/09 to complete the Programme.

   It remains unclear at the time of presenting this Report as to whether the new
   County Council will utilise the Safer Stronger Communities Fund allocation of
   £258,000 in 2009/10 for the Wansbeck area to continue to support the
   infrastructure needs of the local voluntary and community sectors.

   The current programme includes:

    Support for our six Community Area Partnerships (secretariat, meeting
   costs, development and action planning). CAPs have now all produced their
   own Action Plans following a six month community planning process.
   Projects and actions are being picked up to ensure that the community voice
   is being acted upon. A small amount of funding will be used post March to
   support the CAPs in the transition phase around moving to Community
   Forums. Further community development support will be required however
   and it is unlikely that the new authority will be able to provide this, given the
   financial constraints. Without this support it will be very difficult for the CAPs
   to continue and it is felt that their valuable contribution should be maintained.

    Support for the community and partnership website - Wansbeck Online It has been agreed with the District and County
   Council that Wansbeck CVS will oversee the website for the 2009-10 period.
  The site will be moved to a new host (off the Council server) to enable the
  community and partners to continue to access and amend the site. The site
  contains all six CAP websites, as well as the community directory.

   Funding of £160,000 has supported the continuation of the Sustainable
  Communities Fund. Large grants up to £15,000 have been administered
  by the Regeneration Team and small grants up to £5,000 by Wansbeck CVS.
  In total this fund has benefited 30 local groups with much needed grant
  support to upgrade buildings, provide training, improve access and provide
  new equipment. Appendix 3 provides a summary of all grant awards.
   A Participatory Budgeting pilot scheme was developed (and part of a
  national set of pilots) to inform the future approaches on how local people
  can influence and help determine how public funds are spent. This will
  become a statutory duty for local authorities in a few years time. £60,000 is
  being made available for local people to make decisions on. A panel of local
  people has been working with a consultant and the IIC team to prepare the
  guidance and criteria, local groups have submitted expressions of interest
  during January. The ‘big decision day’, when local groups decide on who will
  receive funding, is on 28 February.
   Support for the Wansbeck Voluntary and Community Sector Network,
  which is a forum for developing a strengthening the local VCS and its input
  and influence into policy developments and partnership working. Around 120
  organisations are members. The Network and CVS have been actively
  involved in work to develop the new Area Partnerships and the VCS
   Newly developed VCS Organisational Health Checks, delivered by
  Wansbeck Voluntary and Community Sector Network, have helped identify
  development and support needs of VCS organisations and assist them to
  become more sustainable. Network Team members have carried out
  interviews and supported organisations to access additional support.
   Funding has supported the updating of the detailed Data profiles of
  community areas in Wansbeck to increase knowledge and awareness of
  trends and issues. These will be added to the Northumberland Infonet
  website to show a statistical picture over time of communities in Wansbeck
  on a range of themes e.g. benefit claimants, education, crime and health.

4.8 Working Neighbourhood Fund Programme 2008/09.

  The Council’s £2.3m 2008/09 Working Neighbourhoods Fund (WNF) budget
  was fully commissioned by September supporting 22 projects, including the
  Wansbeck Initiative Executive Team that has programme managed this
  resources on behalf of the Council. 10 project will be ongoing until then end
  of 2009/10 with the remainder coming to an end at 31 March 2009. However,
  a request has been made to recycle £150,00 of projected budget under
  spends to potentially extend a few projects, until the new Council’s
  commissioning framework for WNF is adopted and implemented. The list of
  grant awards from the WNF budget is shown in Appendix 4.

  Indications are that the bulk of the 2009-11 WNF grant of £8m will continue to
  be allocated by the new Council to support the tackling of worklessness with
      a strong emphasis on the South East of the county. Part of this resource,
      approximately £1.8m, is being allocated to support an in-house Employability
      Team within the Regeneration Service of the new Council. Under this
      structure It’s planned to continue with a ‘Work Placement Programme’ type
      function - similar to what this Council currently offers; a strategy and
      partnership function, picking up the current ‘Removing Barriers to Work Unit’
      / District Council Regeneration Team services; and continuation of several
      activities from the current Wansbeck Works partnership service - including a
      team of Employment Advisors that will be outreach based.

      Of particular note is the flagship Wansbeck Works model of partnership
      working that has seen the Council, Care Trust, Job Centre, LSP and
      Voluntary sector partners take a holistic approach to supporting workless
      clients on pathways to employment and training. It is hoped in moving
      forward, that many of the lessons learnt through this partnership and strong
      local networking and relationships between local delivery partners will not be
      lost, especially at a time of rising unemployment. Appendix 5 summarises
      the performance of Wansbeck Works.

  4.9 Ashington Coalfield Action Zone

      Members may recall that English Partnerships (now subsumed within the
      Housing and Communities Agency) identified Ashington as one of 4 ‘Coalfield
      Action Zone’ pilot areas and invited the Council to work collaboratively on a
      plan of action. Unfortunately, progress to date has been limited, hampered in
      part by the HCA not receiving predicated capital receipts, on which the
      programme is dependent, due to the economic downturn. Consequently, it
      appears that 2009/10 will be a year of further detailed investigation and
      action planning with implementation to follow in future years and before 31
      March 2012. Whether what transpires is a multi million programme remains
      uncertain. The Council has already committed £106,000 from LABGI receipts
      as matched funds and it is proposed that a further £50,000 from
      Regeneration fund balances be allocated to assist with development and
      feasibility work in 2009/10 and help match fund future joint projects with the

      It is understood that under an emerging Agreement on partnership working
      between the HCA and the new County Council that Ashington has been
      identified as a joint priority area within Northumberland.

 5.0 Implications

5.1   Financial : Part allocation of capital receipt from Portland Park sale as
      detailed in this report. Part re- profiling of Stronger, Safer Communities,
      Cohesion, LEGI and WNF 2008/09 resources into 2009/10 as outlined.
      Requests allocation of uncommitted Regeneration budget for the Ashington
      CAZ as outlined.
5.2   Legal : None.
5.3   HR: None
5.4   Policy: Supports the Council Strategic Priorities ‘Delivering Economic
      Prosperity for All’ and ‘Protecting and Transforming the Local Environment’.
5.5   Equality & Diversity: None
5.6   Community Safety: None.
5.7   Service Delivery: Will be impacted upon by LGR. Programmes are dependent
      on continued resource commitment, focus and staffing capacity of the new
      County Council. Also tightening of budgets amongst other public regeneration
      agencies is a growing threat to local regeneration plans.
5.8   Risk: Considerable across the range of programmes and projects. The new
      Council’s Director of Place and Head of Regeneration have been briefed on
      Wansbeck’s Regeneration Programmes. A schedule key decisions prior to
      31.3.09 has been prepared and also list of ongoing project commitments as
      part of a Transition Action Plan.
5.9   Environmental Impact : Sustainability assessments are undertaken on major
      capital projects, several measures are specifically designed to improve the
      quality of the built environment in town centres and to prolong the life of
      conservation area commercial buildings.


      1. Go-Wansbeck Programme Budget and Performance Outputs

      2. Go-Wansbeck Business Support Office – Enquiries April 2008-Jan 2009.

      3. Sustainable Communities Fund – List of Grant aided organisations

      4. Working Neighbourhood Fund Budget 2008/09.

      5. Wansbeck Works – Key Performance Outputs

REPORT AUTHOR: Ray Browning, Regeneration Manager
Appendix One
Go Wansbeck Programme – Budget

                                             Current Commitment               Actual Spend by
                                                                                 Quarter 3
                                                       2008/09                    2008/09

Programme 2008/09                            Capital         Revenue        Capital   Revenue

Creating an Enterprise Culture - Changing
Go Wansbeck Steps Forward Programme                               153,600                53,350
(Self Belief and Enterprising Skills)
WEEN                                                             290,600                183,651
The Wansbeck Credit Union                                         105,704                72,826
Biz Fizz (national costs)                                         26,244                 26,000
Biz Fizz Coaches (NECC)                                           112,908                71,684
Enterprise Gateways - WEEN                      94,500
Enterprise Gateways                                                10,000                 5,802
Work Stream Sub-total                          94,500            699,056         -     413,313
Removing Barriers to Start Up
Flexible Funding – Start Ups                   108,240            177,760               114,725
Young Enterprise Skills *                                         175,794                76,309
Business incubation Mentor Service *                              96,000                 63,844
Work Stream Sub-total                         108,240            449,554    105,057    254,878
Fostering Business Growth
Flexible Funding – Business Growth                                95,000    194,797      69,077
Mentoring                                                         80,000                 56,022
Admin Budget for Wansbeck Business                                72,988                 52,997
Wansbeck Business Account Manager                                  77,011                68,540
 Inward Facing Business Development                               79,844                 54,117
 Outward Facing Business Development Co-                           35,818                26,585
 Premises Co-ordinator                                            40,040                 22,911
WBSC (Core Centre Costs)                                          152,831               106,389
Wansbeck Business Forum                                           120,561                76,537
Business Growth Mentor Service                                    85,800                 57,007
Work Stream Sub-total                         255,000            839,893    194,797    590,183
Creating a Better Business Environment
Wansbeck Business Premise Scheme                                            295,604
Wansbeck Northumberland (Go Wansbeck                              160,000               111,722
Vibrant Town Centres                                              40,000     35,512      62,384
Astec - Development Costs                                                    13,875
Work Stream Sub-total                       1,517,000            200,000    344,991    174,107
Programme Management
LEGI Programme Mgt                                               193,439                   £
Monitoring and Evaluation                                        88,988                    £
Enterprise Opportunities Fund                                    80,000                    £
Work Stream Sub-total                                                                    174,914
Total                                             1,974,740   2,550,930      644,844    1,607,394
Revised Budget Allocation following CSR 7         2,669,100   2,350,643
Working Neighbourhoods Fund*                                   181,800
Balance                                           694,360     - 18,487
  * The two WNF funded enterprise projects are programme managed by Go-Wansbeck to ensure co-
  ordination with other local enterprise activity.

Programme Budget 2007/08 Outturn Position

      2007/08                   Bid Budget              Expenditure                Balance
    LEGI Capital                £1,038,000               £1,054,193                £-16,193
   LEGI Revenue                 £1,878,629               £1,857,079                £21,550
       Total                    £2,916,629               £2,911,271                 £5,358

Programme Budget 2009/11

                                 2009/10                  2010/11
    LEGI Capital                 £939,916                 £952,220
   LEGI Revenue                 £2,896,475               £3,747,780
       Total                    £3,836,391               £4,700,000

Go-Wansbeck Programme Core Outputs Measures to Quarter 3 08/09

                                                 Delivery Plan
                                                   Targets          Actual to end of
               Output                              2008/09            3rd quarter
 No of people assisted                               1151                 701
 no of SME's assisted                                 354                 339
 No of business start-ups                             84                   80
 No jobs created                                      156                 243
 No of jobs created for Wansbeck
 residents                                             49                   95
 No of school age children
 participating in enterprise
 activities                                          5000                  4267
 New and improved business
 floor space (sq ft)                                 58364                 50147

 No of people within the 30% most deprived Super Output Areas assisted                 670
       Go-Wansbeck Business Support Office                         Appendix Two

                         Enquiries received 2008-9
Trading Status            Apr May Jun Jul Aug          Sep   Oct    Nov   Dec   Jan   Total
Pre-Start                  19    10    11 13      27    20    16     25    10    29     180
Existing Business           6    10      6 18     26    14    11     12     8    14     125
Total                      25    20    17 31      53    34    27     37    18    43     305
Means of Contact          Apr May Jun Jul Aug          Sep   Oct    Nov   Dec   Jan   Total
Phone                      17    11      8 19     35    25    20     24     9    28     196
Partner Referral            5      6     3   8     5     1     5      7     9     4      53
Web site/email              2      1     3   1     9     8     1      4     0     9      38
Letter                      0      1     0   0     0     0     0      0     0     0       1
Event/Meeting               1      0     1   0     0     0     1      1     0     0       4
Walk In                     0      0     2   3     3     0     0      0     0     2      10
Infopoint/crm               0      1     0   0     1     0     0      1     0     0       3
Total                      25    20    17 31      53    34    27     37    18    43     305
Referrals Out             Apr May Jun Jul Aug          Sep   Oct    Nov   Dec   Jan   Total
BizFizz                    11      6     5 11     18    14    14     17     9    21     126
Comm Prem Coord             4      1     2   6     7     4     3      9     2     8      46
BAC                         3      1     0   0     0     0     0      0     0     1       5
BLNE                        1      4     4   7    19     7     4     11     5     8      70
Bus Prem Scheme             0      0     2   0     2     1     0      0     0     1       6
Other Partners              2      3     1   3     6     1     5      1     0     3      25
No referral                 4      8     4   6     8    10     4      5     4     7      60
Total                      25    23    18 33      60    37    30     43    20    49     338
Source of Information     Apr May Jun Jul Aug          Sep   Oct    Nov   Dec   Jan   Total
Go Wansbeck Ad/PR           2      3     0   3    14     5     5      9     6     5      52
Fliers                      4      4     0   1     0     0     0      2     1     1      13
Partner Referrals           6      5     8 17     20    19    10     13     8    10     116
Internet                    3      2     4   6     6     5     4      4     2     9      45
Events                      1      1     1   1     0     0     1      1     1     0       7
Bank                        0      1     0   0     0     0     0      0     0     1       2
Unknown/Other               9      4     4   7    14     4     7      8     2    18      77
Total                      25    20    17 35      54    33    27     37    20    44     312
Location                  Apr May Jun Jul Aug          Sep   Oct    Nov   Dec   Jan   Total
Ashington                   7      9     9 11     20    17    12     13     4    13     115
Bedlington                  3      1     6   2    12     9     1      7     4     8      53
Newbiggin                   4      2     1   1     5     0     1      1     1     6      22
Guide Post/Choppington      2      0     0   1     5     0     0      1     1     2      12
West Sleekburn/Cambois      1      0     0   1     0     2     1      0     0     1       6
Stakeford                   0      2     0   1     1     0     1      2     1     3      11
Inward Investment           3      6     1 12      6     4     8     11     6     9      66
Unknown                     5      0     0   2     4     2     3      2     1     1      20
Total                      25    20    17 31      53    34    27     37    18    43     305
                                                              Appendix 3
Sustainable Communities Fund 2008/09 - Grant aided organisations
Wansbeck Sustainable Communities Fund - large grants administered by Wansbeck
District Council
Organisation                    Grant        Items

Dr Pit Welfare Bowling          4,433.25     Watering system for bowling green

Wansbeck & Cramlington          10,000.00    Materials & plant hire to install disabled fishing platforms
Angling Club                                 & access roads at the QE11 Park

Northumberland County           5,438.00     Volunteer recruitment & training project, to work with
Blind Association                            registered blind & partially sighted residents in Wansbeck

Ashington Rugby Club            4,332.00     Installation of a new boiler to provide heating and hot water
                                             to the clubhouse
                                             Training and capacity building to establish a new group in
Escape Family Support           8,000.00     Wansbeck.

                                             Grass cutter to enable the Club to carry out grounds
Bomarsund Welfare               5,787.00     maintenance.
Cricket Club
                                             New equipment to help fit out the newly refurbished
Northumberland                  14,912.00    building at Station
Toy Library                                  Villa

                                             Running costs to deliver environmental training & peer
Get Hooked on Fishing           7,170.00     mentor training for
                                             young people in Wansbeck.
 Ashington Veterans Institute   14,045.00     Installation of a new heating system & new roof
                                             Installation of a new kitchen, flooring & blinds to St Aidan's
St Aidan's Pop In               9,297.68     Community
                                             New portacabin to be used as office accommodation &
Blyth Star Enterprises          14,068.28    staff/ volunteer
                                             rest room at Stakeford Nurseries
                                             New equipment to help expand the Club & cope with the
East Meets West Black           6,094.00     current
Belt Academy                                 demand

                                             Installation of a new kitchen, to delivery cookery lessons to
Choysez                         3,811.00     the young
                                             people attending Choysez

Bedlington Disabled Sports      2,170.00     New equipment to equip their new base, & help attract new
& Social Club                                members
                                             New equipment to help expand the Club & cope with the
Ashington Judo Club             1,440.00     current

Ashington Cricket Club          13,898.00    Drainage works to the cricket pitch to help reduce flooding

Total Grants 2008/09            124,896.21
Sustainable Communities Fund –small grant administered by Wansbeck CVS

                             Amount       Amount
Group                        Requested    Awarded
                                                       Start up costs to promote activities and
Friends of Gallagher Park    £   250.00   £   250.00   engage with a wider audience
                                                       Event in Gallagher Park to increase
Friends of Gallagher Park    £   499.30   £   499.30   support and involvement
                                                       Equipment and publicity materials to
North Seaton Ladies Club     £   441.98   £   441.98   increase membership
Newbiggin by the Sea                                   Training for 2 new assistant coaches and
Amateur Boxing Club          £   560.04   £   560.04   equipment for use by 30 young people
                                                       Move to new premises and to encourage
Newbiggin by the Sea Craft                             new members and sustainability, craft
Club                         £   960.00   £   960.00   materials and visits to craft fairs
Seaton Hirst Veterans                                  Recover snooker/ billiard tables to help
Insitute                     £ 1,111.55   £   500.00   club stay in the league and
                                                       Equipment to set up a new Youth Club in
The Zone Youth Club          £ 4,057.70   £ 1,750.00   Ashington
                                                       Decoration costs to help with the
                                                       improvement of a community building
Newbiggin by the Sea                                   used by Youth Groups, older people and
Salvation Army               £ 1,563.85   £ 1,563.85   disabled
                                                       Costs of professional charges for a long
                                                       term lease from One NE for land which
North Seaton Colliery                                  will have great benefits for the village and
Community Association        £   415.00   £   415.00   help with sustainability
                                                       The group brings together both able
                                                       bodied and disabled people for sports
North Seaton Warriors                                  activities, the grant for equipment to allow
Disabled Bowls Club          £   643.38   £   520.00   them to improve their activities
                                                       Training course to attract new members
                                                       and produce material for an exhibition. A
                                                       small amount of additional funding was
                                                       awarded to help with publicity and
Ashington Art Group          £   425.00   £   450.00   promotion
                                                       Tutor fees to encourage community
                                                       members, especially young people to
Strum 'N' Drum               £   420.00   £   420.00   learn to play a musical instrument
Ashington Amateur Boxing                               30 young people will benefit from the
Club                         £   710.99   £   500.00   purchase of new equipment
                                                       Emergency grant to save an event for 75
                                                       young people where there were problems
                                                       with expected funding. WCVS also helped
1st Ashington Scout Group    £ 6,600.00   £ 4,000.00   them find the balance from another funder
                                                       Room hire publicity and instructor costs to
                                                       maintain group momentum, while waiting
                                                       for the result of longer term funding bids
Circuits 4 Everyone          £   375.00   £   375.00   and increase income generation
Wansbeck Juniors Football                              Football strips and goal posts to allow 2
Club                         £ 5,987.00   £ 1,563.00   new teams to be established
                                                       To provide a mobile art gallery on at least
Keap Creative                £ 4,195.00   £ 1,000.00   12 occasions to promote the development
                                                        of art in the Newbiggin and surrounding
                                                        The society has purchased a wooden
                                                        building to hold meetings, money is
Ashington High Market                                   requested to cover running costs and to
Allotment Society            £ 2,222.53    £ 1,722.53   purchase furniture and fittings
                                                        To complete the refurbishment of the
Crossroads Church Coffee                                facilities and to fund a trainee through an
Shop                         £ 2,151.60    £ 2,151.60   NVQ course in Hospitality & Catering
                                                        Organisation recently converted into a
                                                        non-profit Social Enterprise - require grant
                                                        to pay for a consultant to help with
Real Food Works              £ 2,450.00    £ 2,450.00   developing a business plan
                                                        Purchase of sleepers to enhance the
Woodhorn Narrow Gauge                                   safety of the track and replacement of fuel
Railway                      £ 2,831.75    £ 1,000.00   tank
                                                        To develop activities for the young people
                                                        of North Seaton - An 8 week programme
North Seaton Community                                  of different activities incluidng urban
Centre                       £ 1,024.00    £ 1,024.00   dancing, cinema club
                                                        Hall and stage floor sanded and sealed
Newbiggin by the Sea                                    with heavy duty oil based polyurethane
Women's Institute            £ 1,731.00    £ 1,731.00   sealant
                                                        Purchase of a printer, bingo machine and
Get 2 Gether                 £   753.17    £   753.17   board games
                                                        Garden equipment (2 lawn mowers, 1
Blyth Star Enterprise                                   strimmer, 1 Hedge Cutter and protective
(Stakeford Nurseries)        £ 2,398.85    £ 1,735.00   clothing
7th Ashington Brownies       £ 1,070.00    £ 1,070.00   Visit to a farm and a trip to the theatre
Bomarsund Welfare            £ 2,420.00    £ 2,420.00   To help with costs of replacing flat roof
Ridge Terrace Allotment
Association                  £   250.00    £   250.00   To help with start up costs
The Sanctuary Wildlife
Centre                       £ 2,590.00                 To run a "Wild Things Roadshow
                                                        Development of promotional leaflet to
                                                        encourage people to visit the centre and
NHP                          £   500.00    £   300.00   Newbiggin
                                                        Computer and printer package which will
                                                        be used to keep members (elderly and
Hirst Over 60's Club         £   504.95    £   504.95   disabled) informed of planned activities
Ashington 50+ Club           £   423.00    £   250.00   Towards the costs of a Christmas outing
                                                        Help towards costs of running a target
                                                        golf programme for people living in
                                                        sheltered housing (elderly) in the
Rookie Sports                £ 1,960.00    £ 1,000.00   Wansbeck area
Newbiggin Colliery Estates
Community Assoc              £   520.00    £   280.00   Help with costs of a pantomime trip
TOTAL                        £ 55,016.64   £34,410.42
                                                                               Appendix 4
Working Neighbourhoods Fund Budget Allocations 2008/09

             Project                Lead organisation         2008/9      Spend to
                                                            allocation   date (April –
                                                                 £       Dec 2008) £
Phase 1: April 2008 – March 2009
Wansbeck Initiative Executive    Wansbeck Initiative       159,000       84,343
Removing Barriers to Work Unit   Northumberland County     20,000        15,930
Create                           Castle Morpeth and        88,000        76,943
                                 Wansbeck CVS
eVolve – Young People in         Castle Morpeth and        120,120       69,803
Volunteering                     Wansbeck CVS
Learning Employment Skills       Northumberland Fire &     142,760       108,170
(Fired Up)                       Rescue Service
Wansbeck on Wheels               Working Links             65,900        35,437
Public Sector Work Programme     WDC                       146,340       69,050
East Ashington Development       East Ashington            55,500        35,456
Trust                            Development Trust
Women’s Health Advice Centre     Women's Health Advice     130,000       86,888
Wansbeck Tier Two Outreach       Sorted! NCC               42,500        10,499
Wansbeck Works                   Acumen Community          271,000       122,481
                                 Enterprise Services Ltd
Business Incubation Mentor       Northumberland Business   96,000        63,844
Service                          Services Ltd
Business Growth Mentor           Northumberland Business   85,800        57,007
Service                          Services Ltd
Phase 2: October 2008 – March 2010
Community Sports Network         WDC                       24,706        12,350
(Funding Oct 08-Dec 09)
Let’s Work                       Barnardo’s                52,521        5,739
Education Training               ESCAPE Family Support     9,659         2,205
Employability Link Worker
Partners in Supported            Wansbeck Centre for       31,525        4,333
Volunteering                     Volunteer Services
Families Work                    WDC                       52,988        11370
Passport to Care                 Age Concern               22,555        4,434
Financial Inclusion and          Wansbeck Homes Ltd        17,386        978
Worklessness Co-ordinator
Fitness Works                    WDC                       52,900        14,250
                                                                         Appendix 5
Wansbeck Works – Key Performance Indicators

From April 2008 Wansbeck Works has assisted:
 1,013 local residents of Wansbeck (2,493 since April 2007); of which
 330 have been supported into employment (714 since April 2007).

                                  Outputs 2008-09
 Funding Source
 Regeneration       Number of people helped into work – job entries      72
                    Number of client registrations                       205

                    Number of people going into training or education    51

 Programme          Number of people assisted to get a job               599

                    Number of people assisted in their skills            166

                    Number of job entries                                176

 Neighbourhoods     Number of people assisted to get a job               211
                    Number of job entries                                82

                    Number of people assisted in their skills            58