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									                                                                  Department of Health
                                                                   and Human Services
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Medical Physicist
>>What is Medical Physics?                                         How do these professionals
Medical physics is a branch of physics concerned with              work in DHHS?
the application of physics to medicine. The work requires          Medical Physicists in the Department of Health and Human
specialised scientific training, knowledge of relevant clinical    Services work in the WP Holman Clinics at Launceston General
principles, and sound computational skills. Medical physicists     Hospital and the Royal Hobart Hospital.
work in many areas of health and medicine including radiation
therapy, nuclear medicine and medical imaging, biomechanics,       What qualifications are required
radiation monitoring, and scientific analysis of medical data.
Their responsibilities range from commissioning and validating
                                                                   to practice?
systems used to treat and diagnose patients to providing           Medical Physicists must hold a recognised qualification from
advice and assistance in physical and computational matters to     a tertiary institution and have experience gained in the medical
medical and other staff.                                           environment under supervision.
                                                                   In Australia and New Zealand medical physicists are
Where do Medical Physicists                                        strongly encouraged to sit examinations conducted by the
work in Tasmania?                                                  Australasian College of Physical Scientists and Engineers. These
                                                                   examinations lead to accreditation in the respective specialities
Medical Physicists work in public hospitals.
                                                                   of medical physics.
                                                                   Similar processes are in place in other countries.

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