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Assembly Change Friday 23 October in2cricket Free Magazine


Assembly Change Friday 23 October in2cricket Free Magazine ...

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									15 October 2009            Volume 3 Issue 32

Free Magazine Included                                                    Assembly Change
Redeemer and Our Saviour congregation (which                              Friday 23 October
worships in Redeemer Chapel) are excited by
the partnership we have with parents. We are                              Due to 96five’s visit on Friday 23 October,
therefore delighted to give you the latest copy                           2009, there will be no Assembly on this day.
of “Faith Family” magazine.
May God richly bless you as you do the wonderful work of raising          Junior School Access
your children in love. Pastor Matt Thomas, Chaplain
                                                                          With the Multi Purpose Centre well under
                                                                                  way, I would like to remind you that
Student Free Day - Monday 19 October                                              there is no access to the Junior
Next Monday 19 October is a student free day at Redeemer Lutheran                 School for parents or students via
College. Teachers across all three sub-schools will be involved in                the top of the school (closest to
meetings with teachers from other schools.                                        Rochedale Road).

                  The Junior School focus will be on meeting with         Heavy trucks and machinery will be moving
                  teachers from other Lutheran schools to share           around in this area. Please use the route of
                  successful strategies, units of work and assessment     going via the Middle School undercover area
                  techniques. Bethania Lutheran Primary School and        and along the Junior School concrete path.
                  Redlands Faith Lutheran College staff will meet
                  with our teachers to share and discuss features of
student work, so that we can continue to implement best practice in       Adopt-A-Cop
our delivery of the curriculum, whilst meeting the diverse needs of
our students.                                                             Our resident Adopt-a-cop,
                                                                          Mr Jon Lavin spent Tuesday
Mrs Karen Rowlands, Acting Head of Learning and Teaching P-9              13 October speaking to Years
                                                                          3, 4 and 5 students about fair
Library News                                                              play, appropriate play
                                                                          behaviour, team sports etc.
Book Fair
Come and visit our Book Fair in the Junior School                         We thank Mr Lavin for his
Library from 26-30 October, where you will find a                         time over the last couple of weeks in
great range of books and gift ideas for Christmas.                        discussing these topics and reminding all
                                                                          students from all year levels about
Students will have the opportunity to complete a ‘wish list’ during       appropriate play.
their usual class borrowing times or during their lunch break on
Thursday 29 and Friday 30 October. Parents are also welcome to
view and purchase books with their children before school from            in2cricket
8.00am to 8.45am and after school from 3.15pm to 3.30pm.
                                                                          The in2cricket program will
Alternatively, you can return your child’s ‘wish list’ with the correct   commence next Tuesday
money OR with your credit card details written on the reverse of the      20 October, from 3.15pm to
wish list. These payments should be sent in an envelope with your         4.15pm for those students
child’s name, class and amount enclosed, to the Library or Junior         who have registered their
School Office.                                                            interest and returned their
                                                                          permission forms. If you would still like to
During Book Week, the Library is also looking for volunteers to assist
                                                                          participate, please email Mr Geoff Logan at
with the before and after school sessions. If you are available and
                                                                 or alternatively
would be happy to lend a hand, please contact the Library or leave
                                                                          you can leave your child’s name at the Junior
your name at the Junior School Office.
                                                                          School office.
Bramble Bay Book Stall At Redeemer Fair                                   Cost for a participant’s kit (which includes,
Here is your opportunity to donate a book to the Junior School            bat, ball, hat, t-shirt and Milo give-aways) is
Library. At this stall you will have the opportunity to choose a book     $45.00.
and a Thank You label will be placed in the front cover with your
name on it to acknowledge your contribution, OR you may like to           Students can bring sports shoes to change
purchase a book for your family with the commission going to the          into at the end of the school day and will
Library. Many thanks for your generosity. Look for the Bramble Bay        need to meet Mr Logan at the top of the
sign at the Fair.                                                         oval, between Year 1 and the toilet block.
Redeemer Fair                                                      Term 4 Student Activities:
                                                                   Monday         12   Chess Club
Grocery Wheel                                                      Monday         12   Debating Club
Our Junior School Redeemer Fair                                    Monday         12   Junior Strings, 7.45am
organiser, Mrs Dee Norris, is looking for
volunteer parents to help for an hour with the Junior              Wednesday      14   Chapel
School Grocery Wheel on Saturday 24 October. If you are            Wednesday      14   Library Access (second break only)
able to help, please leave your name, phone number and             Thursday       15   Junior Concert Band, 7.45am
the time you would like to volunteer with                          Thursday       15   Junior Choir (Years 3-4)
Mrs Nikki McKenzie in the Junior School Office, or                 Thursday       15   Smart Bods (Year 4/5 boys)
alternatively, you can phone Mrs Dee Norris on 3804 0884
                                                                   Thursday       15   Library Access (second break only)
or 0439 538 355.
                                                                   Friday         16   Assembly
Stall Volunteers                                                   Friday         16   Smart Bods (Year 4/5 boys)
Can you help? We are in urgent need of stall volunteers on         Friday         16   Christian Dance (Year 5)
the day of the Fair only. Please contact Mrs Natalie Pashen        Friday         16   Library Access (second break only)
on 0418 875 395 TODAY if you can help.
                                                                   Coming Events: October
Performance Times & Dress Requirements                             Monday         19 Student Free Day
    Class       Performance Time              Wearing              Thursday       22 Tea and Tours, 10.30am—11.00am
                                         Black pants/skirt and     Friday         23 96.5FM ‘Family Show Outside
    Year 5             3.10pm            black or white shirt                        Broadcast’, 6.00am—8.30am,
    Year 4             3.20pm           Black or dark clothing                       Fred Davey Oval
                                                                   Friday         23 Junior TAS Ball Games Carnival,
                                         Cultural costume or
    Year 3             3.25pm                smart casual                            9.00am—2.00pm, Stolz Oval
    Year 2             3.30pm                Dress uniform         Friday         23 Final day for JS Booklist Orders
                                                                   Saturday       24 Redeemer Fair, 3.00pm—8.00pm
    Year 1             3.40pm                 House shirt
                                                                   Wednesday      28 Readers Cup (selected Year 5
                                             Plain coloured                          students), 8.45am—11.00am
     Prep              3.45pm           t-shirt (any colour) and
                                           sports shorts/shoes
                                                                   Coming Events: November
                                                                   Monday          2 P & F Meeting, 7.30pm A Block
Operation Christmas Child                                          Wednesday       4 Musica Viva Presentation, Year 1-5
Each year Redeemer is involved in “Operation Christmas             Tuesday        10 Junior School Music Concert,
Child”. This is where we collect goods in a shoe box for a                           6.30pm
child of a specific age group and then distribute them to
third world countries. This year, the countries will be New        The full college calendar can be found online at:
Guinea or Vietnam.                                          
Each class across Redeemer is responsible for filling one          2009 Term Dates
box. We understand that this year there have been many             Term 4: Concludes Tuesday 1 December
occasions where families have donated goods towards the
school or towards our community. However, if you would             Junior Blue Online
like to help, some examples your child could donate could          Junior Blue can also be read online every Thursday
be:                                                                at:
TOYS: Soft toy, teddy bear, doll, finger puppet, yo-yo,
building blocks, tennis balls, jigsaws, cars, mouth organ.         Junior School Prayers
                                                                   Each morning the Junior School staff meet for a
EDUCATIONAL SUPPLIES: Felt pens, pencils, sharpener,
                                                                   short devotion. During this time we pray for the
colouring book, note book, dot-to-dot book, crayons,
                                                                   different Junior School children and their families.
eraser, pencil case, stickers.
                                                                   This week we have prayed for:
HYGIENE ITEMS: Toothbrush, toothpaste, hairbrush, comb,
hair-clips, scrunchies, soap (in a sealed bag), face washer.       Viahn Pulikottil (P)        Kosta Vouloukos (1)
                                                                   Pacey Mazzer (1)            Lachlan McNiven (2)
OTHER: Wrapped hard lollies (in a sealed
                                                                   Roshni Thomas (3)           Mikaela Logan (3)
plastic bag) e.g. chupa-chups and
lifesavers, socks, underwear, sunglasses,                          Amanda Liu (4)              Miren Mochrie (4)
caps, beanie, sandals, bangles, necklaces.                         Charlotte Lucas (4)         Anna Terry (4)
                                                                   Hans Chang (5)              Jacob Goy (5)
**We also need gold coin donations so
we are able to post the boxes.

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