9-10 June_ 2009 – Amsterdam

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					                                                                                      9-10 June, 2009 – Amsterdam

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                     EHI Retail Institute -
                  National Retail Federation -
Welcome_                                                                             Programme_

          Michael Gerling                                 David Hogan
          Managing Director,                SVP Retail Operations & CIO
          EHI Retail Institute                National Retail Federation                        Tuesday 9 June, 2009

Dear members, sponsors and friends of EHI and NRF,
                                                                                     8:00 am    Registration and Coffee/Tea
Welcome to the European Retail Technology Summit 2009, one of the
industry‘s most influential events in Europe designed specifically for retail IT
executives. Co-produced by two leading retail trade organisations - Germany‘s        9:15 am    Welcome and Introduction
EHI Retail Institute and USA‘s National Retail Federation - the Summit provides
a chance to test and redefine your assessment of the pan-European retail IT
landscape. The one-and-a-half day educational programme features retail prac-        9:30 am    Host Country Welcome – Positioning for the Global Economic
titioners and experts who will share their knowledge, insights and real-world ex-               Turnaround
perience on topics that are global, relevant and forward thinking.                              Providing this year’s Opening Keynote and Host Country Welcome,
                                                                                                SPAR International CEO Dr. Gordon Campbell will address how his
                                                                                                €27,5 billion global company is developing innovative business strate-
As a Summit delegate, you will learn about the latest ideas and trends in retail
                                                                                                gies to help weather the global financial crisis and meet new demands
technology, business process optimisation, and international IT standards - across
                                                                                                of fast-changing consumer habits worldwide. He will discuss how SPAR
many retail formats and sectors. This year’s event promises to provide many actio-
                                                                                                International, with more than 13,000 stores in 33 countries, is preparing
nable takeaways to implement immediately upon returning to your office.
                                                                                                now to emerge stronger, more competitive and profitable when global
We look forward to meeting you in Amsterdam!                                                    consumerism returns to more normalised levels.
                                                                                                Dr. Gordon Campbell, CEO, SPAR International, Netherlands

                                                                                     10:15 am   Store Operations and Security – Leveraging Business Intelli-
                                                                                                gence to Improve Security and Operational Efficiencies
                                                                                                Martin will describe how Tesco’s Central European business became
                                                                                                an early adopter of BI tools to attain immediate insights into question-
                                                                                                able activities and inefficient store processes. He will provide details
                                                                                                into these process risks that include fraud, energy waste and merchan-
                                                                                                dising inaccuracies, among others.
                                                                                                You will learn:
Impressions_                                                                                    •   How these BI tools allow substantially better use and control of
                                                                                                    already installed technology devices at the store
                                                                                                •   Why the provided efficiencies afford a quick ROI on initial capital
                                                                                                •   The common mistakes to avoid in assembling an effective store
                                                                                                    security strategy
                                                                                                Martin Kozlowski, Head of Security, Tesco Czech Republic and

                                                                                     11:00 am   Networking Coffee Break

                                                                                     11:30 am   Demand Management – Spurring Growth with Support of
                                                                                                Automated Forecasting and Ordering
                                                                                                Andrzej will describe how the Polish natura Drogerie beauty chain opti-
                                                                                                mised its replenishment processes with an automated forecasting and
                                                                                                ordering system. He will talk about why this implementation is critical to
                                                                                                the retailer’s preparation for future growth plans.
                                                                                                You will learn:
                                                                                                •   The keys to success for natura
                                                                                                •   Primary measurable benefits the Polish retailer has already achieved
                                                                                                •   natura’s additional objectives in implementing an automated fore-
                                                                                                    casting and replenishment system
                                                                                                Andrzej Uryga, Board Member and Commercial Project Director,
                                                                                                Drogerie Natura, Poland

12:15 pm   Business-IT Integration – How to Create, Manage, and Lead IT-               4:30 pm    ESLs – What’s In Store and Where to Go from Here?
           enabled Business Transformations                                                       Clemens will discuss his company’s award-winning electronic shelf la-
           During this session, Dave will review practical approaches to overcom-                 bel project at the forecourt retailer’s flagship De Lucht-West‘ conve-
           ing challenges faced by organizations in creating successful business-                 nience store. He will explain how the new ESL system enables the
           IT partnerships. This presentation will describe successful techniques                 store to execute flexible pricing during their 24x7 operations.
           and governance mechanisms that enable business improvements and                        You will learn:
           major transformations. Dave will draw upon his experience as CIO, Ma-
           jid Al Futtaim as well as his experience as Global CIO, Royal Ahold.                   •   How the retailer increased customer satisfaction with timely promo-
                                                                                                      tions supported by ESLs
           You will learn:
           •   About the Business-IT Integration Model and the implementation                     •   Specific pricing challenges Shell faces in a highly competitive market
               guidelines that led to a successful collaboration and positive envi-               •   Quantifiable metrics gained from ESL-based dynamic pricing vs.
               ronment for change                                                                     stores still using static pricing practices

           •   Techniques for sharing decisions and accountability between busi-                  Clemens van Hulten, CEO and Owner, Shell De Lucht Petrol
                                                                                                  Stations, Netherlands
               ness and IT
           •   His views on how to balance enterprise-wide requirements for inte-
               gration versus operating unit requirements for uniqueness
                                                                                       6.30 pm    Canal Cruise Party
           Dave McNally, SVP and CIO, Majid Al Futtaim Group LLC, UAE

1:00 pm    Networking Lunch

2:30 pm    Store-level CRM – Implementing Business Rules Management at                            Wednesday 10 June, 2009
           During this session, Alain will explain why and how Yves Rocher
           has leveraged the power of a Business Rules Management Sys-
           tem (BRMS) to drive superior customer service at the till. He will          8:00 am    Registration and Coffee/Tea
           discuss how the integrated solution at the point of sale reduces
           time to market for hundreds of promotional offers every month.
           You will learn:                                                             8:30 am    Urban Outfitters – Delivering a Strategy for Success
           •   How to improve personalisation at point of contact for high custom-                Calvin will provide an overview of this highly successful US-based spe-
               er satisfaction                                                                    cialty retailer and how they achieve strategic differentiation in a crowd of
                                                                                                  competitors. He will discuss the retailer’s business objectives and sup-
           •   About the unique experience provided by BRMS at POS
                                                                                                  porting IT initiatives that have enabled Urban Outfitters’ international
           •   What added benefits can be attained from an innovative loyalty                     success.
               program on rewritable loyalty cards                                                You will learn:
           Alain Grosse, Multi-Brand Market IT Director, Groupe Yves Rocher,
           France                                                                                 •   Urban Outfitters’ unique approach to deliver a compelling customer
                                                                                                      experience and product offering
                                                                                                  •   Their overarching business objectives for sustained growth
3:15 pm    Store Execution – Enabling Superior Customer Satisfaction with
           SOA-enabled Devices                                                                    •   IT’s strategic alignment and key initiatives
                                                                                                  Calvin Hollinger, CIO, Urban Outfitters Inc., USA
           Andreas will discuss how REWE has leveraged the ARTS SOA Blue-
           print for Retail to pilot a new scale system for improved fresh item man-
           agement and other scale-related processes. He will explain how, long        9:15 am    Multichannel Marketing Integration – Infrastructure Made Simple
           regarded as a simple device, the scale has evolved to the most impor-
           tant operational and communication platform for the fresh category.                    During this session, Nico will describe how IT supports a successful
                                                                                                  marketing and loyalty program via their three sales channels: stores,
           You will learn:                                                                        ecommerce and call centre. The department store retailer’s effective
           •   How this evolution can optimise fresh item management, influence                   infrastructure is based on industry standards and a smart mixture of
               customer behaviour, improve the shopper and store associate                        home-grown and bespoke applications.
               experience and provide true competitive differentiation                            You will learn:
           •   About integrating content management, digital signage and coupon-                  •   How a standardised IT strategy brings de Bijenkorf department-
               ing to enhance store execution                                                         stores a competitive advantage
           •   Why the choice of the right architecture is crucial for a successful               •   Nico’s vision of right-sourcing development
               long-term implementation of these processes
           Andreas Volp, Store CTO, REWE, Germany
                                                                                                  •   de Bijenkorf’s approach to networking and centralisation
                                                                                                  Nico Wartenbergh, Head of IT, de Bijenkorf, Netherlands

4:00 pm    Networking Coffee Break
                                                                                       10:00 am   Store Innovation – Delivering an IT-enabled Customer Experience
                                                                                                  Carlo will discuss how Deutsche Telekom enhanced the shopping ex-
                                                                                                  perience at their stand-alone The Telekom Shop stores, which serve
                                                                                                  approximately 55 million customers annually. He will explain how the
                                                                                                  company strived to provide an interactive, experience-oriented pre-
                                                                                                  sentation of innovative solutions, especially for more sophisticated
                                                                                                  products and services.

           You will learn:
                                                                                       •   Venue :
           •   How the company envisions customer participation and experience             Dorint Hotel, Amsterdam-Airport, Netherlands
               as a vital part of its core business                                        Stationplein ZW 951, 1117 CE Amsterdam Schiphol-Oost (NL)
                                                                                           Phone: +31 20 5400-777
           •   About innovative trends in IT-enabled shop design
           •   Details on Deutsche Telekom’s showcase “Shop 2010”
           Carlo Bewersdorf, Senior Vice President Trade Marketing & Shop              •   Dates :
           Design, Deutsche Telekom, Germany                                               06/09/2009, 9:15 am – 5:30 pm (followed by Canal Cruise Party)
                                                                                           06/10/2009, 8:30 am – 1:00 pm (followed by Flagship store tour)

10:45 am   Networking Coffee Break
                                                                                       •   Conference language :
11:15 am   Improved Customer Experience and Associate Productivity –
           Bringing Back Office Functionality to the Front via Mobile
           Technology                                                                  •   Event pricing:
           João and Paulo will discuss how Sonae is developing its Mobile Portal,          499 Euro for EHI and NRF members (retailer or non-retailer)
           a platform for deploying business applications to mobile devices in the         999 Euro for non-members
           enterprise. They will explain how this new platform now puts Informa-
           tion in the hands of store employees on the store floor, allowing them to
           better serve the customer and to better serve themselves.                   •   Payment conditions:
           You will learn:                                                                 Participants from all countries have the possibility to pay by credit card (Visa,
                                                                                           MasterCard, American Express). Participants from Germany, Austria and
           •   How to provide access to core systems functionality anywhere and
                                                                                           Switzerland can also pay by bank transfer upon receipt of the invoice or online
               anytime without changing current systems
                                                                                           by GiroPay.
           •   Why this mobile platform simplifies the integration with backend            Attendance fees cover lunch on the first and second days of the event and
               corporate systems while delivering business agility and a consistent        coffee and refreshments during the event.
               user experience
           •   How Sonae’s Mobile Portal allows deployment of optimised func-
               tionality highly tuned for each specific business process, indepen-     •   Cancellation conditions
               dent from the back-end                                                      Registrations may be cancelled up to 14 days before the start of the event, but
           João Gunther Amaral, Director of Development and Innovation,                    a processing fee of €50 will be charged. If attendance is cancelled between
           Modelo Continente Hipermercados, S.A.(Sonae), Portugal                          14 and 7 days before the start of the event, half the fee will be charged, after
           Paulo Jose Riberio, Director, Modelo Continente Hipermercados,                  that and in the case of non-attendance, the full fee will be charged. If a paying
           S.A.(Sonae), Portugal                                                           replacement is found, the registration details will be changed without charge.
                                                                                           Payment of the participation fee must be made before the beginning of the
                                                                                           event. Subject to programme alterations.
12:00 pm   Mobile Retailing – Strategies for the Emerging Mobile Economy

                                                                                                                                                                               Subject to programme alterations
           Rover van Mierlo will discuss details of the innovative six-month mobile
           payments pilot he led for Schuitema’s C1000 supermarket chain. He           •   Registration:
                                                                                           Please use online registration or send back registration form.
           will explain how this pilot introduced the consumer to near field commu-
           nications (NFC)-driven applications for debit card payments and bottle
           returns via their mobile devices, to high shopper satisfaction.
           You will learn:
                                                                                       •   Accomodation:
                                                                                           A limited number of rooms in various price categories is available to the
           •   How the pilot showcased many of the possibilities of NFC and                participants.
               opened an array of new, integrated mobile functionality at the
                                                                                           For reservations please contact:
               retailer’s shop floor
                                                                                           Mr. Horst L. Bauer, H.U.T.-Hotelreservierungs- und Tagungsmanagement
           •   The quantifiable benefits provided to C1000 stores by NFC-enabled           GmbH, Cologne, Germany
               retailing, as well as pitfalls to avoid                                     Tel.: +49 (0) 221 94714-570, E-Mail:
           •   The appropriate steps to take to initiate an NFC-based mobile proj-
               ect and ensure its flawless operation
           Rover van Mierlo, Former Director, Logistics and Innovation,
           Schuitema NV, Netherlands, Chairman, Innovation Co-operation U.A.,

12:45 pm   Closing Remarks
                                                                                       Conference Organiser_
1:00 pm    Closing Networking Lunch

2:15 pm    Flagship store tour (limited space available)                               EHI Retail Institute GmbH, Spichernstr. 55, 50672 Cologne, Germany
           (until 5:00 pm)                                                             Phone: +49 (0) 221.57993-28 / -48, Fax: +49 (0) 221.57993-45 / -46
                                                                                       National Retail Federation, Liberty Place, 325 7th Street, NW, Ste 1100,
                                                                                       Washington DC 20004, USA, Phone: +1.202.783.7971, Fax: +1 202-737-2849

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