1964– Topshop launched by 1974 – Topshop sets 1978– A boys and by taoyni


									   Market Context
                                                                                                                                                                     THINGS YOU DIDN’T KNOW...
   Responding quickly to emerging trends has been a key success factor
   for retailers such as Topshop, which has carved out a reputation for                                                                                              Up to 300,000 people now browse www.Topshop.com
   its ability to pre-empt the latest catwalk styles at affordable prices and                                                                                        during peak trading times.
   with the shortest possible lead times.
        The UK market for women’s clothing is forecast to grow by                                                                                                    Topshop sells 30 pairs of knickers every minute and more
   almost 10% between 2003 and 2008 to reach a value of nearly £12.8                                                                                                 than 33,000 pairs of jeans every week.
   billion.Tops will remain the largest sector contributing a value of £2.9
                                                                                                                                                                     Topshop’s celebrity customers include Gwyneth Paltrow,
   billion by the year 2008, accounting for almost 23% of value sector
                                                                                                                                                                     Kate Moss, Liv Tyler and Lizzie Jagger.
   share (Source: Euromonitor).

   Achievements                                                                                                                                                       To maximise the popularity of the site,Topshop communicates
   Topshop has undergone a transformation since the mid 1990s,                                                                                                    every week with its loyal customer database of 150,000 subscribers
   blossoming from ‘cheap and cheerful’ for the nation’s teenagers to a                                                                                           through the Style Notes newsletter informing them of everything
   seriously cool, trendsetting brand.                                                                                                                            new on the site. Response rates are up to 25%, showing that the
        It has become a high street retail phenomenon, enjoying a huge                                                                                            Style Notes are an eagerly awaited weekly event for online shoppers.
   growth in sales and creating a distinctive personality with an individual                                                                                                                                                                       Topshop has earned celebrity endorsement, reflecting its reputation
   brand mix. It continues to headline in nearly every fashion title and                                                                                          Personality and Goals                                                        as a high street fashion Mecca.
   broadsheet, establishing a reputation for bringing innovation and style                                                                                        Topshop is a fashion emporium that blends cutting-edge style with                At the core of the brand is a respect for creativity and innovation
   to the high street.                                                                                                                                            affordability. Loved by fashionistas, models and celebrities alike,          in every form. Creativity is the engine that fuels the success of Topshop.
        Topshop has become a multi-award-winning brand, carrying off                                                                                              Topshop has evolved into a fashion label that epitomises up-to-the-
   numerous industry gongs. Most recently, it won Customer Service                                                                                                minute affordable fashion.                                                   www.Topshop.com
   Initiative of the Year for its new Topshop To Go service at the Retail
   Week Awards 2005.The past year has also seen it win awards from
   magazines including Company, In Style and Time Out.
        The driving force behind the transformation of Topshop is the
   team led by brand director Jane Shepherdson, who has been rated as
   one of the fashion industry’s most influential figures. As well as the
   expertise of buyers and designers, the team relies on gut instinct to
   introduce elements they feel are right for the brand. With 300 UK
   stores and a further 67 international stores, this is a philosophy that
   seems to be paying dividends.

   Products and Services
   The Topshop website is a key element of the brand’s strategy. Having                  April 2005 saw www.Topshop.com launch its new look, with
   started from a back room in Topshop's flagship store at Oxford                    must-have products on the home page, a most-wanted item updated
   Circus with just one person picking and dispatching orders from the               daily and limited edition pieces available from flagship stores. Now, the
   store’s stock room, this has all changed.                                         site is updated every week with more than 100 new products.

HISTORY          1964 – Topshop launched by                           1974 – Topshop sets                                1978 – A boys’ and young men’s           1992 – Topman and Topshop                        1998– Six years later, the flagship store is                       2005 – www.Topshop.com
                 parent company, The Arcadia                          up as a standalone                                 version, Topman, is introduced and       combine forces at 214 Oxford Circus              reopened as a stunningly refurbished flagship                      gets a new look and is now
                 Group, which dates back to                           retailer, catering for                             in 1982, Top Girl, for 9-14 year-olds,   to create the world’s largest fashion            store, welcoming in excess of 200,000 shoppers                     updated each week with more
                 1900.                                                13-25 year-olds.                                   arrives.                                 store.                                           every week.                                                        than 100 new products.

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